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This page is always in progress. Check back often and be sure to hit refresh or reload to get the latest information.

Right now it's kind of plain looking. Hopefully, that will all change relatively soon. Keep in mind, that we both work, have children, and have many other interests as well. So bear with us. We will not forget about this as we are working diligently on our family tree.

I also want to point out that while we continue to work hard on this tree, we are not going to claim it all to be correct. There are some inconsistencies that haven't been worked out yet. Danny's ancestors are verified through Calvin Whitfield. Calvin's ancestors haven't been verified, but several people have confirmed it. There is some question about Cynthia's through the Moses Pullen's lineage with John Taylor. That part begins to get fuzzy.

We are however having a great deal of trouble with finding further information on Ludwig Ermel and Barbara Sheier. They immigrated from Austria, to the Regina region of Saskatchewan, Canada, when their children were teenagers. We have been unable to find a trace of them.

If you have any information on any of the family, please contact us!


  1. Given & Surname List. This is really incomplete, but I'm beginning another new project and we'll see how it goes. It's related to our Family Group Sheets.    New! 1/3/02
  2. Family Group Sheets. Try climbing our Family Tree. This is a new project. I noted how very confusing the page with our ancestors was. Only thing is, I have to hand key in EVERYTHING. So..... it'll be awhile before it's finished. If EVER. Just kidding. Check it out.    New! 1/3/02
  3. Surname List.    Updated! 12/2/01
  4. Ancestors of Cynthia D. Smith.    Updated! 12/2/01
  5. Ancestors of Danny R. Holden.    Updated! 11/25/01
  6. Our Scrapbook    Updated! 11/25/01
  7. Links    Updated! 12/2/01
  8. Contact Us.
  9. Eventually, I will put up another site for my graphics that I have designed. This background was taken from a picture of a real 1920 Texas census. It is free for personal (non commercial) use only. If you use it, I will ask that you provide a link to my site, contact me for information.
  10. Acknowledgements. Much thanks really must go to these folks who have provided and shared information with us without asking for a single thing in return.    Updated! 12/2/01
  11. St. Albans Lists FAQ.     Updated! 12/02/01

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