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26 October 2002

Just found out that the Mormon site has put Canadian and UK census for 1881 and the US census for 1880 online. Click here.

22 November 2001

I still remember the first day that I was connected to the internet.

3 March 2001

Lots of new stuff happening.

Janice has sent in 9 issues of the Hogg Scrapbook.

Yesterday I spent 9 hours updating the site, adding new researchers etc. So check out your favourite archives.

I have decided that I will no longer be adding the researchers to the researchers page. From now on, researchers will only be listing on the archive page for the area that they are researching. Sorry but it seemed like a lot of duplication to me. Let me know if this is a bad idea.

When I first started the Hogg site, with the Surname Web, I used their archive template which included all the US states. At the time I added the Canadian provinces as I am most familiar with Canada and as of yesterday, I have been separating the Scottish info into Scottish Counties. I will continue to add counties as I go but it may take some time to get them all done. At this point, I have added


East Lothian




11 February 2001

Added a new page "Origins According to James Hogg and The Legend of Lucky Hogg & Sir Michael Scott"

31 January 2001

Richard Hogg sent me some info and a photo of his father, Derek Hogg, who was a professional footballer in England.

13 January 2001

Just got word that Sheila Hale has put two scrapbooks online which were made by Isabella Hogg Freeman in Newcastle, England which were dated 1833 and 1835. Another wonderful glimpse of history.

27 December 2000

Janice Brooks-Headrick contacted me today, very excited. She has come across old scrapbooks containing information from Robert Hogg, possible nephew of James Hogg (the Ettrick Shepherd). I have added a new page with the first in a series from these scrapbooks.

26 November 2000

I have updated James Hogg - The Ettrick Shepherd's Genealogy site. I have just found some sources
and several new family members. I have also updated the downloadable gedcom file.

25 November 2000

I have updated the Famous Hoggs page. I am really excited to have discovered "Smokey Hogg" a blues musician.

As this page was getting long, I separated it into three pages.

24 September 2000

I must apologise for being so behind in updating this site. Work has kept me so busy that I rarely have time these days.

20 March 2000

I would like to thank Ann Jensen for the 17 emails she has sent us with information about Hogg families. I have created a new page for Monumental Inscriptions in Berwickshire for the long list that she has provided us.

The rest of the info sent has been placed on the appropriate archive page.

Thanks to Jamie Dixon for the transcriptions of Hoggs buried in Mountview Cemetery, Cambridge (Galt) Ontario. They are on the Ontario Archive page

If you are new to us and are looking for info about someone, the first place to look is in the Archive.

I received an email from Lani in Seattle that The Ninth James Hogg Society Conference is to be held in July, from
Wednesday 5th to Friday 7th, in the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, I have placed all the information sent on the main page. If anyone has any more info about this, please email me.

7 February, 2000

Added a page for Selkirk, Selkirkshire, Scotland Old Parish Register births and baptisms. 1697-1766

4 January, 2000

Since our site is getting so big, I thought it was time for a page on which I can leave messages to you about any changes or additions to the site.

The number one change is that I am in the process of moving the site to Rootsweb at the following 

Because it has been a massive job transferring all the files over and renaming all the internal links, I am sure that you may find some links that don't work or that take you back to the angelfire site. If this happens please contact me and let me know about it. email

For those of you who have an interest in James Hogg - The Ettrick Shepherd, we now have a photo of his death mask.

We have a new page on the heraldry of the Hogg family. Take a look.

A personal note: I would like to thank everyone who has contributed images, transcriptions, information, support, and research information. When I talk about this website with friends, I find myself referring to OUR site. That's the way I think of it.... that it belongs to all of us.

Monica Hogg



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