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James Hogg 

The Ettrick Shepherd -  Poet

James Hogg's Genealogy

The Scottish poet, James Hogg
was b. 9 Dec 1770 to Robert Hogg
and Margaret Laidlaw. He married Margaret Phillips 20 Apr 1820 in Selkirk, Scotland. They had five children, all born in Selkirk:

James Robert, b. 28 Apr 1821
Janet Phillips, b. 9 Jun 1823
Margaret Lydia, b. 18 Jan 1825
Harriot Sidney, b. 18 Dec 1827
Mary Gray, b. 21 Aug 1831

The house that James Hogg was born in was at Ettrick Hall, a few miles from St Mary's Loch.

Here, another statue commemorates his birth. He lived here for the first seven years of his life.

a print of Ettrick Hall as it may have been
when Hogg was born there -
thanks to Kevin Newton, Ettrick

The statue to the right is on  St. Mary's loch in Ettrick, Selkirkshire where his family lived later.  Unfortunately the house is no longer there but the statue of Hogg sits on the site. James Hogg's Monument stands almost opposite St. Mary's Cottage. It was dedicated on June 28th 1860, having been made by a Mr. Andrew Currie, FSA 1770, Ettrick, Selkirkshire - 21 November 1835

Poet known as the Ettrick Shepherd,  James Hogg spent most of his youth and manhood as a shepherd and was almost entirely self education.  He had learned, at his mother's knee, the great oral tradition of ballads and folklore of the Borders. And her father, "the far-famed Will O'Phaup" was reputed to have been the last man to converse with the fairies.

His talent for writing was discovered by Sir Walter Scott, who was then the sheriff of Selkirk.   It is said that James Hogg and his mother supplied Sir Walter Scott with material for Scott's "Minstrelsy of the Scottish Border"

Deathmask of James Hogg

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Hogg's Books

  • Scottish Pastorals (1801);
  • The Mountain Bard (1807);
  • The Forest Minstrel (1810);    
  • The Queen's Wake (1813); 
  • The Pilgrims of the Sun (1815);
  • Mador of the Moor (1816);    
  • The Poetic Mirror (1816);
  • The Brownie of Bodsbeck (1818);ed., The Jacobite    
  • Relics of Scotland (1819-21);
  • The Poetical Works of James Hogg     (1822);    
  • The Three Perils of Man (1822);
  • The Private Memoirs and Confessions
    of a Justified
    Sinner (1824);
  • Queen Hynde (1825);
  • Songs by the Ettrick Shepherd (1831);
  • A Queer Book (1832); Altrive Tales (1834);
  • The Domestic Manners and Private Life
    Sir Walter Scott (1834).
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    Books Available by James Hogg

    The Three Perils of Man
    The Three Perils of Man

    Confessions of a Justified Sinner...

    The Confessions of a Justified Sinner

    Tales of the Wars of Montrose (Collected...  

    Anecdotes of Scott  

    The Spy  





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