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1766 Census Records  -  Parish of Castletownroche,  Diocese of Cloyne,  County Cork
John Hoggan  -  papist
William Hoggan - papist

1831 Census - Dunboe Parish, Co. Londonderry
Hogg, James   pg.  8    Articlave Lower    Bldg# 8
Hogg, James   pg. 11    Articlave Lower    Bldg#83        notes -  a flax mill
Hogg, James   pg. 11    Articlave Lower    Bldg#84        notes -  a flax mill
Hogg, James   pg. 11    Articlave Lower    Bldg#85        notes -  corn mills
Hogg, Robert  pg. 10    Articlave Lower    Bldg#55

The Leitrim-Roscommon 1901 Census
Hogg, Mary Ann  F  age 64  widow
others in household - Henry  age24
Cloongowna,  Drum, Athlone South

Hogge, James   M    age 40  act.sgt RIC
others in household -  Ellen(30) wife/born Co.Mayo-Mary(8)-Kathleen(6)-John(4)
Abbey St.  Roscommon T.,  Roscommon, Ballintober South,  Roscommon

1851 Census Servant Strays
HOGGARTY       JOHN         IRL  LKS  Ref#9623
(small fee charged for complete listing)

1851 Irish Strays  -  found in other parts of the UK
HOGG           JOHN                    IRL   LKS   Ref#13819
HOGG           MARGARET       IRL   KEN   Ref#2178
HOGG           SARAH                 IRL   LKS   Ref#13820
HOGGARTY       JOHN             IRL   LKS   Ref#9623
(small fee charged for complete listing)

Hogg Wills and Deeds

land in Co. Donegal, Ireland, 1876:

Co. Monaghan Landowners 1870s

Co. Roscommon Landowners 1870s

Hoggs found in Cemetaries



Dublin City Directory 1850 -  found 3 Hoggs

Family History Library in Salt Lake
                  City. Films: 101011-25, 257841-3, 496361-95, 579477-8, 581925-33, 592932-44,
                  592952-4, 593622-49, 593653-8, 595358-70, 595937-8, and 823473-5.

HOGG   Gilbert Charles    Gardner   1905    Dublin
Film # 496391

HOGG    Henry, James   (Farmers)  1883   Gaybrook, WMeath
Film #  596898

HOGG    James (Esq)     1831  Gillstown, Rosscommon
Film # 496376

HOGG   William, merchant   1871   Dublin
Film# 496377

HOGG   William    1895     Dublin
Film# 595368

The National Archives of Ireland Search Engine
- John B Hogg, secretary of the Ballintober North Relief Committee, Roscommon County 1846 (5 entries regarding John B. Hogg)

Researchers searching for Hoggs in Ireland

Rev. Hogg and the Famine in in Co. Leitrim  1841-1851

Carolyn Hewitt  -  Alexander and Elizabeth HOGG (nee Stevens) were my gggg grandparents. Their
son William HOGG was born in 1862 at Kilrea, Derry, Ireland. He had a brother Samuel but I have no information on any other siblings or Samuel for that matter. William HOGG married Mary HIGGINS (born 25/9/1866) in 1888. Their children were Irene Stevens HOGG (my grandmother), Marguret
Evelyn HOGG and Janette May HOGG and Elizabeth HOGG

Becky - I am up against a wall trying to find the father of Washington Hogg (born
1842, married 3/19/1864 To Meranda Mount, in Indiana???) I believe his
father may be James Hogg born about 1812 in Virginia who married Avilla from
NY. Rumor has it that his father was an immigrant from Ireland named Remy/
Raney Hogg. Suggestions??

Clay Hogg's Family - Ireland>Iowa

Glenice Sveinson - i am looking for ancestors of James Hogg, emigrated from Armagh Ireland, married to Anne Shaw and settled in Turnberry township in Huron County Ontario

Charles S. Barton - Do you have any information on Daniel Hogg who arrived in this country around 1923? His wife Elizabeth Martha Steel Hogg and 10 of her 12 children arrived on December 13, 1924. Their two oldest Mary Jane (Mae) and Daniel, Jr. arrived sometime in the spring/summer of 1924. They settled in Southwestern Pennsylvania. While I have detailed information on the Hoggs from my grandfather/grandmother and their descendants, I do not have much on their parents or grand parents other than their names. The Hoggs emigrated from Balnamore, County Antrim, Ireland. To my knowledge both of my grandparents were born in Ireland. I am new at his and kind of hit a wall as far as tracing my ancestors. Any suggestions would be very appreciated.

Wendy Hogg Fabina - I am descended from Elizabeth Hogg, who immigrated from Northern Ireland ca. 1800 to Pennsylvania with her children . They eventually settled in Butler County, PA and are referred to as the "Slippery Rock Hoggs". My gg grandfather, William Ritchie Hogg left PA to go to Jackson County, Iowa abt 1860. His son, Robert, my
g grandfather, married and returned to PA in 1911, settling in Armstrong County. I have quite a bit of information from the time they came to America, am very interested in information regarding when their ancestry was in Ireland and Scotland.

Murray Barnet - William Hogg born and i think died in Ireland, exact locations and times are unknown at this stage. He married a Fanny Porter (same as above). They had one child that I know of and that was a Fanny Hogg. b.1860 Ireland, died 1940 Melbourne Australia. She had married in Ireland (somewhere) a William Taylor (1852-1915), he was born in Ireland somewhere and died in Kew Melbourne Australia, they came to Australia between 1885 and 1888 and going to Melbourne. Sorry I dont have more info on these people. Also i have a Edith Maud Hogg b. 1897 and died 1976. All I know is Australia for both events. But i think it may have been in Victoria, as she married a Traugott Noske (1866-1948) who was born and died in Victoria.He farmed in the Wimmera Region of Victoria

M.J.Donaldson - In researching my Donaldson family,I'd like to find out more about a Mgt. Hogg who came with the family in the 1700's from Ire./Scot. She lived with Thomas and Jean Thomas Donaldson her entire life,first in Chester Co.Pa. then to Washington Co.Pa. She is buried in the Donaldson family plot.Her stone reads 1758--1843 Faithful servant of Jean Donaldson. She is named in all of the familys wills,and she never married.Would you have any info on her.I'm still trying to locate the ship they came on. Many thanks if you could help.

Robert Torrance - My first Grandmother's maiden name was Rachel Reed Hogg, who married a Hugh Torrance, possibly in Derry Ireland. I have more info on Alexander Hogg who came to the USA in 1846.

Helen Thompson - Hogg Family connection in Donegal, Ireland 1800's? James Hogg, son of George Hogg of Selkirk

I was recently given details of part my family history ON MY FATHER'S SIDE by my father's first cousin, Charles Rogers. This has been put together by Samuel M. Fleming, part of the Hogg connection is is unclear, maybe you could enlighten me about George Hogg who married Jane Finley.

Excerpt from notes by Samuel M. Fleming on part of the Hogg family history is as follows:

" The first record we have of the Hogg Family is from Scotland where George Hogg married Jane Finley at Selkirk.

His son, James Hogg, came over to Ireland and married Jane Taylor of Coolbouy, Donegal.

Later records disclose that John Hogg - son of James and Jane owned a homestead and one hundred and twenty acres at Illistrin.

Sometime between 1860 - 1870 Charles Hogg inherited from his uncle, James Taylor, a farm (104 acres) and a farmhouse at Coolbouy, and outlying at Cloughro (66 acres); a dwelling house at Drumnahoe, and estates at Carronagh.

GEORGE HOGG Scotland married Jane Finley

JAMES HOGG his son married Jane Taylor, Coolbouy

JOHN HOGG Illistrin son of James and Jane married Margaret Torrens, Doen Glebe, Newmilles having issue four sons, James, Joseph, Charles (born 1839) John and three daughters, Jane (born 1840's), Margaret and Ana Liya.

JOHN HOGG JNR married Fanny Torrens and emigrated to America. His second wife was Catherine Park daughter Henery Park of Glencas Letterkenny.

JAMES HOGG married Elizabeth Torrens and emigrated to America.

MARGARET HOGG married William Henery Park, Glencas, and emigrated to America (no children).

ANA LIYA Liya never married.

JOSEPH HOGG He married Margaret Phillips, a lady of a good Annandale family in 1820.

JANE HOGG daughter of Margaret and John married James, son of the Rev Nathaniel P. Rogers, Gortnavern, having issue two sons and four daughters.

NB James Hogg (1770 - 1835) Scottish Poet, known as the "Ettrick Shepherd was one of our ancestors. I have so far benen unable to find out what relation he was to the James Hogg that came to Illistrin. Encyclopedia's that I have do not give names of other members of his family. There are also books in Windy Hall which have been by him. These don't help either. Maybe some of you could help me here. You might find his writings in the City Library"

If you are interested in any of the above can send you a photocopy of what I have.

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