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Miller Marriages

- Canada - United States -

Ontario, Canada
Joseph Miller__and__Sarah Ann Skinner__Date: March 18, 1839__Ontario, Canada.

United States
Califorina - Illinois - Kentucky - Missouri - North Carolina - Tennessee - Virginia -
San Diego County, Califorina
Fay Eloise Miller__and__Leslie Reed Mason__Date: 1918__San Diego County, Califorina.

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Christian County, Illinois
John Miller__and__Sarah Oller__April 15, 1873__Christian County, Illinois.
John B. Miller__and__Sarah J. Hardin__Nov. 24, 1862__Christian County, Illinois.

Clark County, Illinois
Amanda Miller__and__James Burnham__Date: October 4, 1874__Clark County, Illinois.

Edgar County, Illinois
George Walker Miller__and__Emma Wilkinson__Oct. 29, 1884__Edgar County, Illinois.
John Miller__and__Sarah Jane Bales__Sept. 2, 1880__Edgar County, Illinois.

Effingham County, Illinois
John Miller__and__Sarah Jane McCassland__Sept. 29, 1886__Effingham County, Illinois .

Franklin County, Illinois
John Miller__and__Sarah A. Stricklin__Aug. 18, 1873__Franklin County, Illinois.

Hancock County, Illinois
John Miller__and__Sarah E. Oakes__March 4, 1858__Hancock County, Illinois.

Henry County, Illinois
John Miller__and__Sadie Evans__March 30, 1890__Henry County, Illinois.
Martha Jane Miller__and__Thomas E. Cordes__Sept. 20, 1883__Henry County, Illinois.

Johnson County, Illinois
Allen H. Miller__and__Louisa A. Gibson__Feb. 25, 1880__Johnson County, Illinois.
Amanda Miller__and__William J. Jones__Nov. 22, 1869__Johnson County, Illinois.
Armitta E. Miller__and__Fielding Smith__Oct. 26, 1873__Johnson County, Illinois.
Auveraly C. Miller__and__Thomas D. Pearce__Nov. 26, 1874__Johnson County, Illinois.
Benjamin T. Miller__and__Isabella Jones__Nov. 22, 1878__Johnson County, Illinois.
C. P. Miller__and__Green Simpson__Oct. 28, 1880__Johnson County, Illinois.
C. W. Miller__and__[Mrs.] Margaret Brooks__Jan. 13, 1881__Johnson County, Illinois.
Calvin M. Miller __and__R. A. Benson__Nov. 15, 1874__Johnson County, Illinois.
Elizabeth J. Miller__and__William Hodges__Oct. 10, 1867__Johnson County, Illinois.
Elizabeth V. Miller__and__George Mitchel__Oct. 8, 1874__Johnson County, Illinois.
Elizia A. Miller__and__John R. Hooker__Sept. 2, 1895__Johnson County, Illinois.
Emely C. Miller__and__George Parker__May 10, 1868__Johnson County, Illinois.

Lee County, Illinois
John Miller__and__Anna Palmer__June 2, 1855__Lee County, Illinois.
John A. Miller__and__Eliza J. Bonny__June 5, 1856__Lee County, Illinois.

Macon County, Illinois

  1. Abraham Miller and Mary Hanks; Aug. 2, 1838, Macon County, Illinois.
  2. John Miller and Charlotte Cox; Nov. 8, 1866, Macon County, Illinois.
  3. John F. Miller and Laura E. Peddicord; June 30, 1859, Macon County, Illinois.
  4. Nannie A. Miller and Aaron D. Averitt; Nov. 8, 1868, Macon County, Illinois.

Mason County, Illinois
John Miller__and__Mary Ann Montgomery__Jan. 10, 1856__Mason County, Illinois.

Massac County, Illinois
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Alonzo Miller__and__Sarah E. Snook__Sept. 30, 1880__Massac County, Illinois.
Amand Emily Miller__and__Zelotas Purdy Ogilvie__Dec. 21, 1887__Massac County, Illinois.
Annie Miller__and__William E. Thompson__Sept. 11, 1892__Massac County, Illinois.
Brown Miller__and__[Mrs.] Maggie Dawson__July 19, 1875__Massac County, Illinois.
Carrie Miller__and__Clay G. Lemon__Aug. 16, 1900__Massac County, Illinos.
Charles E. Miller__and__Addie Campbell__Jan. 23, 1898__Massac County, Illinois.
Dan Miller__and__[Mrs.] Nora Heideman__Oct. 26, 1898__Massac County, Illinois.
Delila Miller__and__James H. Holmes__April 20, 1868__Massac County, Illinois.
Ed Miller__and__Minervie Majors__Nov. 9, 1898__Massac County, Illinois.
Edward Miller__and__[Mrs.] Oma M. Scott__May 3, 1900__Massac County, Illinois.
Effie M. Miller__and__S. J. Alexander__Sept. 23, 1897__Massac County, Illinois.
Elizabeth J. Miller__and__Slas M. Cagle__Feb. 22, 1857__Massac County, Illinois.
[Mrs.] Elizabeth Miller__and__Daniel J. Hutton__Jan. 10, 1894__Massac County, Illinois.
Ella Miller__and__Thomas Helton__Nov. 3, 1890__Massac County, Illinois.
Ellen Miller__and__George Anderson__Jan. 5, 1876__Massac County, Illinois.
Ellen E. Miller__and__William J. Starks__June 22, 1879__Massac County, Illinois.
Emma C. Miller__and__William D. Miller__April 10, 1893__Massac County, Illinois.
Estella Miller__and__Elmer P. Griffith__Sept. 30, 1897__Massac County, Illinois.
Martha Jane Miller__and__Nathan McBride__Nov. 15, 1894__Massac County, Illinois.
Susey Miller__and__David Jones__Date: Feb. 7, 1895__Massac County, Illinois.

McDonough County, Illinois
John W. Miller__and__Louisa Ann Russell__April 7, 1859__McDonough County, Illinois.

Morgan County, Illinois
John H. S. Miller__and__Sarah I. Pike__June 3, 1866__Morgan County, Illinois.

Ogle County, Illinois
John F. Miller__and__Sarah Peters__Feb. 19, 1865__Ogle County, Illinois.

Peoria County, Illinois
John Miller__and__Teressa Nerbeth__Aug. 1, 1854__Peoria County, Illinois.
John M. A. Miller__and__Harriet Robinson__March 17, 1852__Peoria County, Illinois.
John Nelson Miller__And__Eliza Slane__Feb. 3, 1847__Peoria County, Illinois.

Pike County, Illinois

  1. Nancy Miller and Joshua Hanks; Nov. 18, 1852, Pike County, Illinois.

Randolph County, Illinois
Martha Jane Miller__and__John Nicholson__Sept. 14, 1869__Randolph County, Illinois.

Sangamon County, Illinois
John Miller__and__Louisann Clements__Nov. 24, 1842__Sangamon County, Illinois.
John Miller__and__Mary Norred__July 14, 1842__Sangamon County, Illinois.
John Miller__and__Wilhime Satterly__Feb. 8, 1837__Sangamon County, Illinois.
John Miller__and__Polly Surcey__July 5, 1835__Sangamon County, Illinois.
John Miller__and__Martha C. Wilburn__March 31, 1841__Sangamon County, Illinois.
John Jacob Miller__and__Sarah Likens__July 23, 1854__Sangamon County, Illinois.

Shelby County, Illinois
John Miller__and__Sarah J. Leffler__May 30, 1867__Shelby County, Illinois.

Stark County, Illinois
John Miller__and__Sarah Shuts__Feb. 15, 1856__Stark County, Illinois.
John Miller__and__Hannah Swank__Sept. 15, 1850__Stark County, Illinois.

Warren County, Illinois
John C. Miller__and__Sarah J. McCoy__Sept. 10, 1873__Warren County, Illinois.

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Daviess County, Kentucky

  1. James A. Miller and Frances T. Berry; Nov. 10, 1853, Daviess County, Kentucky.

Franklin County, Kentucky

  1. Allen Miller and Susan Berry; Jan. 23, 1820, Franklin County, Kentucky.
  2. Hannah Miller and David Jones; April 8, 1830, Franklin County, Kentucky.

Hardin County, Kentucky

  1. Margaret Miller and Samuel Miller; July 23, 1793, Hardin County, Kentucky.   

Hopkins County, Kentucky

  1. Elizabeth P. Hanks and Jacob T. Miller; Oct. 9, 1847, Hopkins County, Kentucky. 
  2. Mary Ann Miller and Alfred C. Sisk; Nov. 12, 1840, Hopkins County, Kentucky.

Lawrence County, Kentucky

  1. Hannah Miller and Alfred Berry; Jan. 28, 1850, Lawrence County, Kentucky.
  2. Martha Miller and Wiley Berry; July 8, 1838, Lawrence County, Kentucky. 

Lyon County, Kentucky
J. F. Miller__and__Rachel Moore Bennett__Date: March 1, 1894__Lyon County, Kentucky.

Montgomery County, Kentucky
Fanny Miller__and__Thomas Jones__Date: Feb. 4, 1813__Montgomery County, Kentucky.

Muhlenberg County, Kentucky
Betsy Miller__and__Frederick Brown__Date: Aug. 6, 1812__Muhlenberg County, Kentucky.
Catherine Miller__and__Robert Patton__Date: Sept. 24, 1812__Muhlenberg County, Kentucky.
Elizabeth Miller__and__Sikes Garris__Date: Dec. 5, 1823__Muhlenberg County, Kentucky.
Federick Miller__and__Mary Durell__Date: March 26, 1808__Muhlenberg County, Kentucky.
James Miller__and__Juliet McCleland__Date: March 23, 1824__Muhlenberg County, Kentucky.
Joseph Miller__and__Sarah Kemper__Date: Nov. 9, 1822__Muhlenberg County, Kentucky.
Judah Miller__and__Abraham Taylor__Date: March 1803__Muhlenberg County, Kentucky.
Philip Miller__and__Polly Hanes__Date: Feb.1809__Muhlenberg County, Kentucky.
Polly Miller__and__Adam Shank__Date: Dec. 20, 1823__Muhlenberg County, Kentucky.
Sarah Miller__and__Alexander Keith__Date: July 12, 1819__Muhlenberg County, Kentucky.
Susanna Miller__and__James Millard__Date: Aug. 1801__Muhlenberg County, Kentucky.

Pulaski County, Kentucky

  1. Charles Miller and Elizabeth Berry; April 3, 1804, Pulaski County, Kentucky.

Washington County, Kentucky
Malinda Miller__and__Banister Jones__Date: March 21, 1822__Washington County, Kentucky.

Camden County, Missouri
John J. Miller__and__Cora E. Holland__Date: 1911__Camden County, Missouri.

North Carolina
Ally Miller__and__Paul Goodman__Date: May 24, 1822__Cabarrus County, North Carolina.
Cansaid Adda Miller__and__William Girtman__Date: July 1890__Elk Park, North Carolina.
Elizabeth Miller__and__Wm. Burnham__Date: September 2,1855__Wayne County, North Carolina
Nelley Miller__and__Albert G. Jones__Date: April 27, 1848__Chowan County, North Carolina.
Nelly Miller__and__James Anderson__Date: Oct. 3, 1801__Rowan County, North Carolina.
Priscilla Miller__and__Winfield Mason__Date: 1808__Mecklenburg County, North Carolina.
Silva Miller__and__Patrick H. Anderson__Date: June 15, 1866__Rockingham County, North Carolina.

- Blount - Carter - Loudon - Sullivan -
Blount County, Tennessee
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Abraham Miller__and__Elizabeth Cannada__Date: Jan. 8, 1822__Blount County, Tennessee.
Andrew Miller__and__Sally Scott__Date: Sept. 23, 1813__Blount County, Tennessee.
Ann Miller__and__James Boyd__Date: July 25, 1797__Blount County, Tennessee.
Benjamin Miller__and__Naoma  Lewis__Date: Jan. 4, 1827__Blount County, Tennessee.
Cullinus Miller__and__Polly Sloan__Date: Oct. 22, 1800__Blount County, Tennessee.
Eliza J. Miller__and__Albert P. Early__Date: Aug. 16, 1838__Blount County, Tennessee.
Henry Miller__and__Miss. Z. M. Fagg__Date: Jan. 2, 1855__Blount County, Tennessee.
Isabella Miller__and__Baldwin Harle__Date: Feb. 13, 1800__Blount County, Tennessee.
James Miller__and__Scynthia Anderson__Date: Dec. 1829__Blount County, Tennessee.
James M. Miller__and__Mary Glass__Date: March 4, 1841__Blount County, Tennessee.
John Miller__and__Sally Wood__Date: Aug. 5, 1801__Blount County, Tennessee.
John A. D. Miller__and__Dorcas Hammintree__Date: Sept. 20, 1833__Blount County, Tennessee.
John K. Miller__and__Rhoda Kirby__Date: Oct. 23, 1849__Blount County, Tennessee.
Malinda Miller__and__Wm W. Glass__Date: Jan. 4, 1838__Blount County, Tennessee.
Martha Miller__and__John Hannah__Date: Sept. 5, 1796__Blount County, Tennessee.
Nancy A. Miller__and__John Armstrong__Date: Aug. 31, 1852__Blount County, Tennessee.
Polly Miller__and__David Kerr__Date: Oct. 27, 1820__Blount County, Tennessee.
Rebecca Miller__and__William Francis__Date: Oct. 19, 1801__Blount County, Tennessee.
Rebecca Miller__and__John Rhea__Date: March 3, 1800__Blount County, Tennessee.
Wm R. Miller__and__Mary C. Jackson__Date: May 1, 1845__Blount County, Tennessee.

Carter County, Tennessee
- Abigail - Benjamin - Catharine - Caty - Daniel - Elizabeth - Eve - George - Jacob - James - John - Mary - Samuel - Solomon - Susannah -
Abigail Miller__and__David Holley__Date: Aug. 14, 1823__Carter County, Tennessee.
Benjamin Miller__and__Mary Boren__Date: Jan. 4, 1806__Carter County, Tennessee.
Catharine Miller__and__Christian Harr__Date: Aug. 16, 1817__Carter County, Tennessee.
Caty Miller__and__Isaac Carroll__Date: Oct. 20, 1822__Carter County, Tennessee.
Daniel Miller__and__Margaret Rowan__Date: April 12, 1810__Carter County, Tennessee.
Elizabeth Miller__and__Samuel Stover__Date: Aug. 3, 1804__Carter County, Tennessee.
Eve Miller__and__Jesse Gentry__Date: Aug. 31, 1823__Carter County, Tennessee.
George Miller__and__Alyda Stover__Date: Jan. 19, 1805__Carter County, Tennessee.
Jacob Miller__and__Magdalean Hoke__Date: March 21, 1797__Carter County, Tennessee.
Jacob Miller__and__Nancy Oaks__Date: June 6, 1800__Carter County, Tennessee.
Jacob Miller__and__Rachel Justice__Date: May 28, 1824__Carter County, Tennessee.
James Miller__and__Catherine Lay__Date: Jan. 27, 1812__Carter County, Tennessee.
John Miller__and__Sarah Smith__Date: Sept. 19, 1812__Carter County, Tennessee.
John Miller, Jr.__and__Catheren Miller__Date: April 17, 1797__Carter County, Tennessee.
Mary Miller__and__William Davidson__Date: Jan. 22, 1799__Carter County, Tennessee.
Mary Miller__and__William Brown__Date: Aug. 14, 1824__Carter County, Tennessee.
Samuel Miller__and__Anney Mcfall__Date: Dec. 19, 1820__Carter County, Tennessee.
Solomon Miller__and__Barsheba Reasoner__Date: April 22, 1813__Carter County, Tennessee.
Susannah Miller__and__Daniel Shelley__Date: June 10, 1808__Carter County, Tennessee.

Loudon County, Tennessee
Harmon Miller__and__Martha  C. Burnum__Date: Aug. 28,1881__Loudon County, Tennessee.

Sullivan County, Tennessee
Abraham Miller__and__Mariah Boling__Date: Jan. 15, 1866__Sullivan County, Tennessee.

Bedford County, Virginia
John Miller__and__Susanna Anderson__Date: Sept. 22, 1783__Bedford County, Virginia.

Orange County, Virginia
Mary Miller__and__Benjamin Anderson__Date: Oct. 14, 1806__Orange County, Virginia.

Washington County, Virginia
John Miller__and__Catharina Rosenbalm__Date: Oct. 12, 1802__Washington County, Virginia.