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On the Occasion of Our 30th Anniversary

Ella Martin Kennedy

For thirty years our ship has sailed
Through calm and troubled seas.
For thirty years we've kept the vows
We made on bended knees.

They have not all been full of smiles
Nor yet been full of tears.
And we are glad we shared them both
On the last thirty years.

Our fortune first was just the love
We had for one another
And a cozy little five room flat
With not a debt to bother.

And then the first year, Oh, what bliss
And, oh, what joy and laughter.
For down from Heaven the angels sent
Our darling little daughter.

And how we loved her baby ways
Her childish little prattle.
And she it was who held us close
In spite of every battle.

For though our hearts were joined in love
Our minds would sometimes wander.
And we would act as silly as
A goosie and a gander.

You married folks know how it is
Although you stew and squabble.
Back of it all is love true love
The quarrel is only a bubble.

For two short years our skies were blue
And then a cloud did gather.
For Death swooped down upon us all
And took away my mother.

I thought I ne'er would smile again
My heart was bowed in sorrow.
But once again the sun shown forth
Upon a glad tomorrow.

And two more years sped quickly by
When on a Tuesday night.
Our longed-for little son arrived
To make our home more bright.

His daddy greeted him with joy
And with what tenderness.
Most fathers think that only sons
Their homes can cheer and bless.

But now's my chance to say right here
When all is said and done.
It takes both kinds to make a home
A daughter and a son.

And while I am about it
I might as well say more.
And I challenge any one of you
To argue on this score.

I'm glad the Lord was good to us
And gave us one of each.
For our son has been a jewel
And our daughter's been a peach.

Of course, we never can forget
The darling little babe
Who stayed with us just two short months
And then passed on ahead.

The reason why we'll never know
While on this earth we dwell.
But when our ship has crossed the bar
It may be then our Lord will tell.

And round this time we also lost
A dear aunt and a sister.
Their going left a great big blank
And, oh, how we did miss them.

We moved one day to Edenwald
The place of joy and mirth.
And Howard will agree we thought
Twas the sweetest spot on earth.

Twas there our father came to spend
The last years of his life.
His presence blessed the children
And the husband and the wife.

Twas also there our little girl
When still within her teens.
Found Ray McCool a handsome youth
The idol of her dreams.

Without a word to anyone
They ran away and wed.
Through nine years now they have stayed in love
What better could be said.

They gave us Jack and Richard
And also little Jane.
And John and I in their young lives
Live ours over again.

We had to move to Yonkers
For Halsey to meet his fate.
And when he'd fully proved his love
May finally set the date.

I helped him with his wooing
For I was in love with her too.
And had I been a man and younger
I would have said to him "skidoo".

They've made us very happy
With lovely baby Joyce.
For her darling cuddling little ways
Make both our hearts rejoice.

This brings our story up to date
For the last ten years and a score.
Won't you now with us exhilarate
And wish us thirty more.

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