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Tracy Family Page

Nathan James Tracy , whose picture appears on this page, married Lucy Grout and their children were Gertrude Sarah, Emma Evangeline , Alzora Edith (Allie) and Mary Adeline Tracy, my great grandmother. We have recently discovered a cousin descended from Nathan's third marriage to Harriet Sloan and their daughter, Lillian Grace Tracy. She has collected a great deal of information on the Tracy family which can be found on her well-documented World Connect pages. You may also want to visit her website. One of her major sources was Kay Stiles, Fred Tracy Stiles' wife. I have recently connected with John Stiles, one of Fred Stiles' sons. He has shared with me mountains of information about the Tracy and Grout (Nathan Tracy's first wife, Lucy Jane Grout) families which I will incorporate, with John Stiles' permission, into my World Connect File

John Stiles mentioned a quest his mother was following to establish a connection from our families to Richard Warren, a Mayflower passenger. This is through the Tracy line, through Lucy Grout and her mother, Silence Babcock. Apparently the missing link is whether or not David Babcock, our ancestor, is the son of Mercy Spooner who was married to David Badcock/Babcock who was born in 1759 in Dartmouth, MA. Later I also learned of another ancestor who has been searching for this almost her whole life and she is getting on in years. I have developed a web page Mayflower Passenger Quest to see if someone might help us find proof of this connection.

Nathan Tracy

My great, great Grandfather, Nathan James Tracy,
Civil War Veteran

(b. 1834 d. about 1911)

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