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Administrator-  Lee Johnson

 Co-Administrator- Sherrie Boone



   Pedigree Policy: Each participant has been asked to submit his own pedigree and all effort is being made to present the pedigrees as received. As one would expect, this administrator will not alter any pedigree. However, I may add notes or comments (before, within or after a pedigree chart) in parenthesis and signed, i.e. (“HJ”). Whether short or long, famous or not, each pedigree is of equal importance in trying to solve the problems of genealogical research where records have been lost or have not existed.

Note: The first twelve markers of participants P002, 7292, 14130, 21284, 34517, 44726, 58683 & 69207 match exactly. Participants 7292, 21284, 34517, 44726, 58683, 69207 & 96888 have extended twenty-five marker exact matches! Participants 7292. 34517 & 44726 show a link in their pedigrees. The other pedigrees do not show a common link.  (HJ)





Kit numbers: 7292, 34517, 44726


    Zopher  Johnston

  └─Joseph  Johnson, b. 1751
Zopher  Johnson, b. 1Jun1787 PA., d.13Oct1844 Henry Co, Prairie Twp. (near Luray) IN

      +Elizabeth  Romine, b. 1789, m. 1810 VA, d. 1862

      ├─Alvey  Johnson, b. 5 Jan 1833

      │ +Fanny  Kittsmiller, b. 1839

      │ └─James Henry  Johnson, b. 19 Dec 1875

      │   +Clara E.  Thornburg

      │   ├─Frank Raymond  Johnson

      │   │ +Jessie Birdella  Brimhall

      │   │ └─Merrill Lewis  Johnson

      │   │   +Mary Frances  Farmer

      │   │   └─Wayne Eugene  Johnson (Kit # 34517)                              


      │   └─George Russell  Johnson,

      │     +Ruby  Constant

      │     └─James W. Johnson   (Kit # 7292)

                                +Virginia  Hardamon                                      



      └──John  Johnson, b. 12 Jun 1811in VA, d. 21 Mar 1889 in Henry Co, Prairie Twp. (near Luray) IN

         +Charlotte  Stephenson, m. OH

         └──Silas  Johnson,  b. 21 Jan 1844 in Henry Co, Prairie Twp., (near Luray)  IN

            +Julia E.  Pence,  m. 11 Mar 1880

            └──Loren  Johnson, b. May 1893

               +Arah Bell  Seese

               └──Conrad Loren  Johnson

                  +Anna Frances  Hardin

                  └──Harry Loren  Johnson

                     +Judi Sue  Shirk

                     └──Michael D.  Johnson, (Kit # 44726)


Kit number: 14130

   Stiven  Johnston

+Margaret  Garioch

  └John  Johnston

   +Marjory  Leighton

   └Gilbert  Johnston

    +Elizabeth  Vans (Vaus)

       +Elizabeth  Forbes 

    └Sir Alexander  Johnston

     +Agnes  Gloster, m. 1476

     └Sir William  Johnston, d. 9 Sept 1513, Battle of Floudon

      +Margaret  Meldrum

      └James  Johnston, d. 1548

       +Clara  Barclay

       └William  Johnston,  b. before 1513, d. 1547 Battle of Pinkie

        +Margaret  Hay

        └Sir George  Johnston, b. before 1547, d. circa 1593

         +Christian  Forbes

         └Sir John  Johnston, b. 1541 Caskieben, Scotland,d. 1613 Ardiharrall

          +Janet  Turing

          +Katherine  Lundie, m. 1597

          └Thomas  Johnston, b. 1598 Craig,  Aberdeen, Scotland, d. 1656 Dyce, Aberdeenshire, Scotland,

           +Elspet   Strachan, m. 1625 Craig, Aberdeen, Scotland

           +Marie Irvine, m. 1629

           └James  Johnston, b. 1656 Dyce, Aberdeen, Scotland d. after 1704

            +Jean  Ogilvie, m. 1691

            └William  Johnston, b. 1699, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, d. before 1762

             +Janet  Cumming, m. 1721 Spott Haddington, East Lothian, Scotland

             +Grizel  Cuming, m. 1746 St. Cuthberts, Edinburgh, Scotland

             └William  Johnston II, b. 1750 Waters of Leith, Edinburgh, Scotland

              +Elixabeth  Danskin,  m. 1779 St. Cuthberts, Edinburgh, Scotland

              └Charles  Johnston, b. 1781 Waters of Leith, Edinburgh, Scotland

               +Isabelle  Liston, m. 1826, Scotland

               └Charles  Johnston II, b. 1821 Waters of Leith, d. 1893 Auckland, New Zealand

                +Ann McLatchie,  m. 1843, Scotland

                └James Sinclair  Johnston, b. 1863 Waters of Leith, Edinburgh, Scotland

                 +Agnes Drummond  Cameron, m. 1884

                 └Ronald Peter  Johnston, b. 1894 Auckland, New Zeland

                  +Helen Gladys (Ellen)  Smith,

                  └Noel Ronald (Sunny or Johnny) Johnston,

                   +Myra Grace Grimwood,

                   └Mr. Desmond Keith  Johnston Esq, (Kit # 14130)

                    +Margaret Lummysdain                                           



Kit number:21284

 John (Jackson) Johnson, b. 1821

    └── William Lafayette Johnson, b. 1853

        └── John Currie Johnson, b. 1887

            └── Cecil Roland Johnson

                └── John Wilber Johnson, (Kit # 21284)





Kit number: 58683


David Johnston, b. Nov 1819, Indiana, d.aft. 1900,
+ Harriett

  └── Alfred  Johnston,  b. 1847 in NY

           +Louise  Johnson,  b. 1850 in NY

    └── Warren A. Johnston,  b. 1868 in NY

        +Virginia Price Harris, b. 8 Feb 1862 in Monterey, Appanose Co., Iowa, m. Oct 9 1888

        └── Ira Tucker Johnston, b. 1896 in Imusdale, Monterey, CA

            +Ethel Kathleen  Strachan

            └── Warren Keith Johnston

                + Camilla Elizabeth Hansen

                └── Scott Warren Johnston (Kit # 58683)


 Kit number:  69207
  Zopher Johnson
 +Azuba Blodgett
  └── James B. Johnson, b. 1844, d. 26 Sep 1900
      +unknown spouse
       └── Reverdy R. Johnson, b. 1866
           +unknown spouse
            └── Chester Johnson, b. 1903
                +unknown spouse
                 └── Ralph Reverdy Johnson (Kit # 69207)


 Kit Number 96888


Isaac Johnson, one of the 52 original proprietors of Middletown, Connecticut

└── Robert Johnson, b: 1696, Middletown, Middlesex, Connecticut, d: 1792, Harwinton, Litchfield, Connecticut

   └── Elisha Johnson, b: 1747, Middletown, Middlesex, Connecticut, d: 07 Mar 1839, Norwich, Hampshire, Massachusetts

                 + Sarah Blake, 10 Dec 1778, Connecticut

       └──Oliver Johnson, b: 29 Feb 1784, Harwinton, Litchfield, Connecticut, d: 18 Jan 1838, Monroe, Monroe, Michigan

                         + Elizabeth Disbrow, 23 Jul 1818, Raisin, Monroe, Michigan

          └── Charles G. Johnson, b: Abt. 1821, Monroe, Monroe, Michigan, d: Aft. 1897

                                   + Abigail M. Cobb, Abt. 1846

              └──Harry D. Johnson I, b: 08 Sep 1858, Monroe, Monroe, Michigan, d: 13 Apr 1921, San Diego, California

                                          + Lillie E. Studebaker, 28 Sep 1881, South Bend, St. Joseph, Indiana.

                 └──Harry D. Johnson II, b: 29 Jul 1882, South Bend, St. Joseph, Indiana

                                                  + Elsa A. Lichtenberg

                    └──Harry D. Johnson III (Kit # 96888) c/o John Page

Kit number: P002

       Alexander Johnson,  b. 1711

    └── James Johnson  b. circa 1738

        └── Alexander Johnson

            └── William Johnson, b. 1803

                └── Alexander Johnson Sr, b. 1824

                    └── Alexander Johnson Jr,  b. 1862

                        └── John William Johnson,  b. 1896

                            └── Cecil  Johnson,  (Kit # P002)


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