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Administrator-  Lee Johnson

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Pedigree Policy: Each participant has been asked to submit his own pedigree and all effort is being made to present the pedigrees as received. As one would expect, this administrator will not alter any pedigree. However, I may add notes or comments (before, within or after a pedigree chart) in parenthesis and signed (“LJ”). Whether short or long, famous or not, each pedigree is of equal importance in trying to solve the problems of genealogical research where records have been lost or have not existed.





Participants, 38659 & 39778, match exactly at the thirty-seven marker level! Participants N56120 & 103878  matches with 12 markers. However, their pedigrees do not show a common link! (LJ)

Kit # 38659

Thomas Johnson, d. about 1861 in Hawkins Co., TN
+ Elizabeth (--?--)
└── Stephen Johnson, b. about 1812 in TN or VA, d. before 1854    
           + unknown spouse    
└── Anderson G. Johnson, b. 23 Jan 1832 in IN, d. Sep 1864 in Hawkins Co, TN        
                  + Mahala Robinson, m. 8 Feb 1852 in Hawkins Co, TN        
└── Solomon S. B. Johnson, b. 26 Sep 1857 in Hawkins Co, TN            
                         + Nancy Jane (Jennie) Tishner, m. 30 Jul 1884 in Marion Co., IN
└── Harold Raymond Johnson, b. 29 May 1905 at Madison Co. IN
                                + LaVanchie Wilson
└──── Robert Eugene Johnson (Kit # 38659)


Kit # N56120

Gurden Recelus Johnson
└── William Jerome Johnson, Sr.
└─   └──Charles Arthur Johnson          
└── Authur Lee Johnson
└── Robert E. Johnson (Kit # N56120)



Kit #: 39778    

John Johnson Sr, b. in England, d. in England
└── John Johnson,  b. 1588 in England, d. 30 Sept 1659 Roxbury, MA
       + Mary  Heath  
└── Humphrey Johnson,  b. 1620 in England, d. 24 July 1692 Hingham, Plymouth Co., MA
              + Elinor Cheney,  m. 20Mar1643
└── Isaac Johnson,  b 18Feb1688 Hingham, Plymouth, MA, d 27May1735 Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA
                     + Abigail  Leavitt,  m. about 1690
└── David  Johnson,  b. 16 Oct 1692 Hingham, Plymouth Co., MA, d. 22 Feb 1773
                            + Rebecca  Washburn, m. 1719
└── David  Johnson Jr,  b. 8Aug1724 Bridgewater, MA
                                   + Suzanna  Willis,  m. 26May1743
└── Willis  Johnson,  b. 5Feb1744 Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA, d. 1808 Strafford, Orange Co.,VT
                                          + Jemima Smith, m. 5 Mar 1769 Westmoreland, NH
└──Abiatha Smith Johnson,  b 23Sep1792 Strafford, Orange,VT, d 31Jul1843 Hartsgrove, Ashtabuka,OH
                                                 + Sally  Avery,  m. 14Jan1816 Strafford, Orange Co., VT
└── Elijah  Johnson,  b. 1828 St. Albans, Franklin Co., VT, d. 30Jun1904 Hartsgrove, Ashtabula Co.,OH
                                                        + Hannah  Fitch
└──  Arthur Eugene  Johnson,  b. 28Jan1857 Hartsgrove, Ashtabula Co., OH
                                                                + Elizabeth Ann  Loveland,  m. 2Feb1878
└── Earl  Johnson,  b. 7Aug1880 Hartsgrove, Ashtabula Co., OH
                                                                       + Myrtie May  Watson,  m. 15Mar1902 Ashtabula Co., OH
└── Carlton Don Johnson Sr.
                                                                               + Marjorie Irene Lockyer
└── Carlton Don Johnson ,Jr., (Kit # 39778)


Kit #: 103858

Additional info: William A. Johnson is the earliest ancestor on my paternal line that I have been able to find.  His son, Roscoe, changed the spelling of his surname from Johnson to Johnston after he moved to Oregon in the early 1900s.  NOTE:  According to census records, William A. Johnson's father was born in Maine, his mother born in New Brunswick, now part of Canada. (HVJ)


 William A. Johnson
, b. abt 1833 New Brunswick, Canada, d. 16Sep1894 Tawas City, Iosco, MI
 + Matilda Rebecca Rawling
└──  Roscoe Conklin Johnson/Johnston,10Jul1872, Otisville, Genese, MI d. 24Feb1943 Toledo, Lincoln, OR 
         + Mabel Helen Weydemeyer, m. 1Oct1897 Tawas City, Iosco Co., MI 
└── Vernon Weydemeyer Johnston, b. 18 Mar 1903,Fortine,  Flathead, MT               
                 + Hope Sophronia Hackett, m. 1925 Siletz, Lincoln Co., Oregon            
└── Howard Vincent Johnston (Kit #: 103858)







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