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Administrator-  Lee Johnson

 Co-Administrator- Sherrie Boone



   Pedigree Policy: Each participant has been asked to submit his own pedigree and all effort is being made to present the pedigrees as received. As one would expect, this administrator will not alter any pedigree. However, I may add notes or comments (before, within or after a pedigree chart) in parenthesis and signed, i.e. (“HJ”). Whether short or long, famous or not, each pedigree is of equal importance in trying to solve the problems of genealogical research where records have been lost or have not existed.

Note: There appears to be a connection between participants 3820, 6439 & 66391 but not with 32640, 37648, 69599 & 133310.  However, because of the fact that their DNA matches exactly, these five pedigrees will be shown here on the same page and in the same format as they were presented to me. (LJ)




Kit numbers: 3820, 6439, & 66391


      Arthur Johnson b. 1587 Caskieben, Aberdeen, Scotland, d. 1641 Forrester Hill, Scotland

      +Barbara Gordon  b. about 1600, Newton, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, d 1680

      └─  Edward Johnson b. about 1640, d. 1704 in New Kent Co., VA.

              + Elizabeth Walker b. 1655, d. 1718 New Kent Co., VA

              ├── Anthony1 Johnson  b 1678 New Kent Co., VA

                    └─Thomas 2 Johnson Jr, b. 1694 in VA.

              │           └─Thomas Abner3 Johnson, b. 13 Feb 1757 in VA., d. 1823 in Cumberland Co., KY

                               +Joanna Mayes

              │                 └─William4 Johnson, b. about 1797, Cumberland Co., KY d. before 1850

                                     + Margret Craig

              │                       └─James5 Johnson, b. 14 Nov 1842 Fentress Co., TN

                                          + Sarah Catharine Austin md. 24 Sept 1868 in Overton Co., TN

              │                            └─Freland Thomas.6 Johnson, b. 14 Jan 1874 in Lexington, KY

                                               + Viola Ellen Gumfory b. 14 Jan 1878 in KY

              │                                 └─Amos Craig7 Johnson, b. OK

                                                     + Anna Mae Richardson

              │                                       └─Charles Craig8 Johnson, (Kit # 3820)


              └──Benjamin4 Johnson, b. 1701, d. before 1739

                       +Margaret4 Massey

                       └──Gideon William5 Johnson Sr, b. 1728, d. 1807

                                +Ursula5 Allin, b. 1728, d. before 1807

                                ├── Peter Benjamin6 Johnson, b. 1795, d. 1868

                                │       +Nancy6 Hubbard, b. 1763, d. 1855

                                │       └──Peter7 Johnson, b. 1795, d. 1868

                                │                +Elizabeth (Beady) T.7 Mobley, b. 1803, d. 1877

                                │                └──William Pillow8 Johnson, b. 1840,

                                │                         +Martha Ann Shacky8 Williams, b. 1850,

                                │                         └──Albert Sidney9 Johnson Sr, b. 1890,

                                │                                  +Nell9 Carmical, b. 1892,

                                │                                  └──Gene Covert10 Johnson, (Kit # 6439)

                                                                            +Barbara10 Heim,



                  └──William Johnson, b. 27 Dec 1749 in Henrico Co., VA, d. 8 Feb 1830 in Culleoka, Maury Co, TN

                           +Sarah McClaren, m. 4 Mar 1773 in Guilford, NC

                           └──William A. Johnson, b. 1789 in Rockingham, NC, d. circa 1852 in Purdy, McNairy Co, TN

                                    +Mary Griffin, m. circa 1810 in TN

                                    └──Milton Hugh Johnson, b. 17 Jul 1813 in Culleoka, Maury Co, TN, d. 17 Jun 1897 in  Humboldt, Gibson Co, TN

                                             +America J. Thomas, m. 2 Sep 1834 in Gibson Co, TN

                                             └──John P. Johnson, b. 15 Oct 1842 in Humboldt, Gibson Co, TN, d. Mar 1880 in Gibson Co, TN

                                                      +Harriet Emma Bigham, m. 24 Jul 1866 in  McLemoresville, Carroll Co, TN

                                                      └──Rogers Claudius Johnson, b. 23 Sep 1872 in Searcy, White Co., AK

                                                               +Mary Lou Williamson, m. 17 Sep 1906 in Jackson, Madison Co, TN

                                                               └──John Curtis Johnson

                                                                       +Theron Hazel Williamson

                                                                       └── John Curtis Johnson Jr., (Kit# 66391)



Kit number: 32640


           Anslem L.2 Johnson, b. 6 Jan 1802  in Lunenburg Co.VA, d. 23 Apr 1841 in Port William, Clinton Co.,OH

   +Mary Elizabeth2 Freeman, m. 14 Dec 1827 in Lunenburg Co.,VA.

   └──James Theodore Freeman3 Johnson, b. 18 Sept 1828

      +Marion C.3 Joiner, m. 27 Jan 1858

      └──Martin Ewing4 Johnson, b. 1862

         +Emma Jane4 Middleton

         └──George Estel5 Johnson, b. 19 Jan 1893

            +Viola Mae5 Houston

            └──Paul Richard (Bud)6 Johnson

               +Dorothy Elizabeth6 Supinger

               └──Larry Richard7 Johnson, (Kit # 32640)




Kit number: 37648


    Elisha Allison2 Johnson, b.15 Jun 1847 in Surry Co., NC, d. 18 Feb 1892

    +Barthenia Catherine2 Myers

    └── Jesse Ruel3 Johnson, b. 26 Nov 1885 Jennings Post Office, Iredell Co., NC, d. Statesville, NC

        +Dottie Lee3 Flecther

        └── Jesse Clark4 Johnson

            +Hessentine4 Borders

            └── Michael Ruel5 Johnson, (Kit # 37648)

                +Sallie Hannah5 Crews


Kit Number 133310


Thomas Johnston, b. 1598, Craig, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, d. 8/1656, Dyce, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
+ Mary D. Irvine

└── James Changes Johnson, b. 7/20/1656, Aberdeen, Scotland, d. 1716, Old Town, King William, VA
      + Jean Ogilvie m. 1672, VA

        └── John Johnson, b. 1675, New Kent, VA
            + Lucretia Massie m. 1700, Hanover, VA,

            └── Ashley Massey Johnson, b. 1710, New Kent, VA
                    + Martha Wooday, m. 12/12/1734, Kent County, VA

                    └── Robert Johnson, b. 2/8/1735, Hanover County, VA, d. 5/1808
                           + Virginia Ceclia Elmore, m. 1/19/1759

                           └── Thomas Johnson, b. 3/17/1761, New Kent, VA, d. 3/2/1850, Morgan, VA
                                   + Jane Brooks, m. 6/22/1785

                                   └── Hezakiah Johnson, b. 1/14/1808, Wake, NC, d. 1870, IN

                                           + Eliza Jane Green, m. 1808, Wake, NC

                                           └── William Harrison Johnson, b. 11/12/1840, Adams Township, IN, d. 9/9/1891
                                                   + Mary Shoemaker, m. 3/29/1859

                                                   └── Hezakiah Johnson, b. 4/18/1871, IN, d. 6/22/1950, Macomb, IL
                                                           + Marion Ruby Carleton, m. 10/9/1901

                                                           └── Joseph Edmund Johnson
                                                                   + Minnie Oleta Stanley
└── Sherrel Edmund Johnson (Kit # 133310)

Kit Number: 69599


John Johnson, b.1752, Louisa Co., VA, d.1834, Washington Co, MO
+ Agnes Clark, m. Campbell Co, VA
└── Josiah Johnson, b. 1774, Campbell Co, VA,d. 1859, Barry Co, MO
       + Mary Duckworth, m. 1807

   └── Uriah P. Johnson, b. 3 May 1817, Pendleton Dist., SC, d. April 1864
              + Evaline E. Horine, m. 1853, Washington Co, MO

       └── Uriah P. Johnson, b. 3 May 1817, Pendleton Dist., SC, d. April 1864
                      + Evaline E. Horine, m. 1853, Washington Co, MO

           └── Josiah Percy Johnson, b. 16 Jun 1886, Barry Co, MO
                              + Jewell I. Boucher

               └── Bruce Boucher Johnson, ,b. Barry Co, MO
                                      + Sally Young, m. Bextar Co, TX
└── Peter Devon Johnson (Kit # 69599)

 Kit # 156626


James Johnston

|_John Johnson, b. 1675

    +Lucretia Massie, md 1698, St Peters Parish, New Kent Co., VA

       |_John Johnson (Jr.), b. 11/1702, St Peters Parish, New Kent Co., VA, d. 1739

           +Elizabeth Ellyson, md 08/1725, Amelia Co., VA

               |_Jesse Johnson, b. Abt 1727, VA, d. 04/1790, Amelia Co., VA

                   +Elizabeth Watkins, md 08/1751, Cedar Creek, Hanover Co., VA

                      |_Thomas Johnson, b. 12/1760, Amelia Co., VA, d. 1823, Cumberland Co., VA

                          +Lucy Crowder, md 01/1793, Amelia Co., VA

                              |_Ichabod Johnson, b. 01/1801, VA, d. 1842, Cumberland Co., VA

                                  +Jane Stern Wood, md 10/1824, Amelia Co., VA

                                     |_Henry Robert Johnson, b. 11/1827, Cumberland Co., VA, d. 11/1878, Near Spencerville, Indian Territory

                                         +Catherine Harriett Wood, md 08/1848, Cumberland Co., VA

                                             |_Preston Brooks Johnson, b. 09/1857, Stoney Point Mills, Cumberland, VA

                                                 +Mary Virginia Yoakum, md 06/1880, Honey Grove, Fannin Co., TX

                                                     |_William Preston Johnson, b. 11/1895, Windom, Fannin Co., TX

                                                          +Selma Johanna Luckensmeier

                                                             |_William Preston Johnson Jr.  (Kit Number 156626)





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