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Administrator-  Lee Johnson

 Co-Administrator- Sherrie Boone



   Pedigree Policy: Each participant has been asked to submit his own pedigree and all effort is being made to present the pedigrees as received. As one would expect, this administrator will not alter any pedigree. However, I may add notes or comments (before, within or after a pedigree chart) in parenthesis and signed, i.e. (“HJ”). Whether short or long, famous or not, each pedigree is of equal importance in trying to solve the problems of genealogical research where records have been lost or have not existed.

Note: The exact connection between participants 3770, 8830, 30818, 66814, & 143430 &149633 is not known. However, because of the fact that their DNA matches exactly, these six pedigrees will be shown here on the same page and in the same format as they were presented to me. (LJ)



Kit number: 3770


Robert1 Johnson, b. 1643 VA

└─James R.2 Johnson, b. 1662 VA

  └─John3 Johnston, b. 1696 VA

    └─John4 Johnston II, b. 1724 VA

      └─John5 Johnson III, b. 1764 VA

        └─Jesse6 Johnson, b. 1793 NC

          └─Thomas E.7 Johnson, b. 1813 NC

            └─Thomas P.8 Johnson, b. 1852 GA

              └─James T.9 Johnson, b. 1877 TX

                └─Arvil L.10 Johnson, b. 1912 Brownwood, TX

                  └─Michael L.11 Johnson, b. 1950 NM (Kit # 3770)



Kit number: 8830


    Gilbert2 Johnson III

    └── Samuel3 Johnson, b. 1791, d. 1822

        └── Hugh R.4 Johnson, b. 1821, d. 1884

            └── Richard Olin5 Johnson, b. 1855,

                └── Hugh McGhee6 Johnson,

                    └── Richard Hugh7 Johnson, (Kit # 8830)




Kit number: 30818


           William2 Johnson, b. 1648 Surry Cty.,VA, d. 1709 Surry  Cty.,VA

   +Elizabeth2 (Grantham ?)

   └──Moses3 Johnson, b. 1696 Surry Cty., VA, d. 1763 Sussex Cty, VA

      +Mary Rose3 Collier

      └──Lewis4 Johnson, b. 1721 Sussex Cty, VA, d. 1786 Sussex Cty, VA

         +Elizabeth4 Moore

         +Mary4 Heron

         +Lucy4 Ezell

         └──Swanson5 Johnson, b. 1778 VA, d. 1831 Williamson Cty, TN

            +Martha "Patsy"5 Ezell

            └──Joseph R. "J.R."6 Johnson, b. 1812 Williamson Cty, TN, d. 1896 Perry Cty, TN

               +Martha6 Vestal

               +Mary E.6 ????

               └──James Lafayette "Fay"7 Johnson, b. 1873 Perry Cty, TN

                  +Sallee7 Franklin

                  +Lucy Ellen7 Franklin

                  └──Avin Euell "Buster or Buck"8 Johnson

                     +Edith Christine8 Meadows

                     └──Avin Euell "Bigfoot"9 Johnson Jr, (Kit # 30818)


Kit Number: 66814


Joshua Johnson, Sr.,  b. mid-1700's probably NC, but possibly VA. d. between 1810 and 1820 in SC

└── Joshua Johnson, Jr., b.  in NC, d. aft. 1863 in Early Co., GA
          + Candice Reaves, m.  1815, Horry Co, SC

    └── William P. Johnson, b. abt 1835 in Bibb Co., GA, d. 12/1861, Culpepper Courthouse, VA
                    + Delia Ann Duke, m. 12/30/1854

        └── Ben Hill Johnson , b. 12/18/1859, GA
                              + Margaret Tululah Ingram , m. 1/3/1878, Clay Co., GA

            └── Ben Terrell Johnson, Sr, b. 3/19/1889, Dickey, Calhoun Co., GA
                                        + Annie Kate Pickett

                └── Ben Terrell Johnson, Jr.
                                                  + Jewell Catherine Torbert
                                                  └── John Raines Johnson (Kit # 66814)
Additional info: Joshua Johnson, Sr could have been born in either VA or NC. I believe I have him on the 1790 and 1800 census in Duplin/Samson Co., NC. At least there is a Joshua Johnson listed on them. He moved to Horry Co., SC and died there between 1810 and 1820. His son Joshua, Jr. is listed on the 1820 census there. Then Joshua, Jr and most of his brother moved to Bibb Co., GA sometime between 1820 and 1830. In 1850 Joshua, Jr. is living in Baker Co., GA with his son William P. Johnson.(JRJ)



Kit Number: 143430


Thomas Johnston, b. 1800 to 1802, Northern Ireland, d. 1861, Pickering Township, Ontario, Canada
+ Elizabeth Gray (widow Gibson), m. 1843-1846, Ontario County?, Ontario, Canada

└── John Johnston, b. 1846 or 1847, Ontario County, Ontario, Canada, d. 11 March 1892, Mount Greenwood, Illinois, USA
       + Emma Butson, m. 24 May 1876, Reach Township (Ontario County), Ontario, Canada

   └── George Henry Johnston, b. 22 April 1877, Pickering Township, Ontario, Canada, d. 6 April 1972, Hinsdale, Illinois, USA
                + Martha Boezel, m. 2 May 1896, Chicago, Illinois, USA

       └── George Walter (later Walter George) Johnston, b. 13 July 1897
                         + Henrietta Minnie Martha Caroline Staack

           └── Walter George Johnston, Jr.
                                   + Elsie [surname omitted for privacy reasons]

               └── Walter Wesley Johnston

Additional info: Thomas Johnston's wife's first husband was Christopher Gibson, who died sometime between 2 September 1841 and 1 September 1846, after which she remarried to Thomas. She married Christopher Gibson in Armagn (do not know if this meant the county or the town) in Northern Ireland about 1833. They had at least three children in Armagh in Northern Ireland before coming to Canada by 1842 or 1843, when their son Christopher Gibson was born in Ontario. Their known NI-born children were Ellen Gibson (born 1834 or 1835), Thomas Gibson (born 31 May 1837), and James Gibson (born Armagh 1839 or 1840).



Kit Number 149633


Matthew de Johnstone, son of Adam of Johnstone (Scotland)

|_William de Johnstone (Abt 1357 Scotland)

    |_James Raymond de Johnstone (Abt 1377 Scotland)

        |_Henry Johnstone (Abt. 1400 Scotland)

            |_Ashel Johnston (Scotland)

                |_Thomas Johnston (Ireland)

                    |_Thomas Johnston, JR. (Abt 1630 Ireland – d. Ireland)

                        |_Jonathan Johnston (Abt 1654 Ulster, Ireland – Aft 1724 Ireland)
                           |_Jonab Johnston (Abt 1710 NC – Abt 1762)

                               |_Joel Johnson (Abt 1725 NC – Bef. 1778 NC)

                                   |_Richard Johnson (1755 NC – 1832 NC)

                                      |_William Johnson (1785 NC – 1816 NC)

                                          |_Leroy Ellis Johnson (1812 NC – 1882)

                                              |_Troy West Johnson (1859 NC)

                                                  |_Gerald V. Johnson (1893 GA)

                                                      |_Robert Lane Johnson (Kit number 149633)








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