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Administrator-  Lee Johnson

 Co-Administrator- Sherrie Boone



   Pedigree Policy: Each participant has been asked to submit his own pedigree and all effort is being made to present the pedigrees as received. As one would expect, this administrator will not alter any pedigree. However, I may add notes or comments (before, within or after a pedigree chart) in parenthesis and signed, i.e. (“LJ”). Whether short or long, famous or not, each pedigree is of equal importance in trying to solve the problems of genealogical research where records have been lost or have not existed.

Note: Participants 2722.2723 & 2724 claim descendency from a common ancestor on their pedigree charts, however there is a two count mismatch at loci # 8. Six of these Seven participants (excepting 2724) match exactly at the twelve marker level!  However, at the twenty-five marker level, 2722 (Grant W. Johnson) shows two mismatches with 2724.  Kit numbers 97296 & 135091 seem to descend from a common ancestor, and may also link with kit 138130.  Kit numbers N18375 & 158399 match at the 37 marker level and show a common ancestor in their pedigrees.



Kit numbers: 2722.2723.2724


          George Washington (Wash)2 Johnson

    +Effie2 Blackwell, m. MS

    ├── William Thomas3 Johnston, b. 1865 Stringer, Mississippi, d.  Shreveport, Louisiana

    │   +Frances Melvina3 Dykes, m. 1887 Stringer, Mississippi

    │   └── Francis4 Johnston, b.  Pelican, Louisiana

    │       +Fannie Bell4 Givens, m.

    │       └── Richard Francis5 Johnston, (Kit # 2724)

          │           +Betty5 Nitschke                                           


    └── Albert Gallatin3 Johnson, b. 1867 MS

        +Martha Lou3 Buckley, m. TX

        └── Verner Houston4 Johnson, b. 1889 TX, d. TX

            +Ida Frances4 Wilkinson

            └── George Houston5 Johnson, b.  Pelican, LA, d. Santa Rose, CA

                +Vera5 Davis, m. Oak Grove, LA

                └── Grant W.6 Johnson, (Kit # 2722)

                    +Catherine6 Carl

                    +Toya Renee6 Roseveare

                                                                  └── Rod Johnson, (Kit # 2723)


Kit number: 21463


    Henry2 Johnson, b. 26 Sept 1810 NC, d.19 Jan 1879 NC

    +Eliza2 Truelove, m. 1833, Cumberland or Wake Co., NC

    └── John Avent3 Johnson, b. 24 Feb 1842 NC, d. 29 Aug 1889 NC, buried Pilot Mtn., Stokes Co., NC

        +Lousia Perlitha3 Williams, m. 6 May 1866, Stokes Co., NC

        └── William Pinkney (Pink)4 Johnson, b. 13 April 1869 Middlefork Twsp, Forsyth Co.,NC

            +Molly Ann4 Dorsett, m. 21 Jan 1891 Yadkin Twnsp,  Stokes Co., NC

            └── David Addison5 Johnson Sr, b. 26 Aug 1897, Stokes Co., NC

                +Mattie Lula5 Collins

                └──Donald Grady6 Johnson, (Kit # 21463)





Kit number: N18375


William1 Johnson, b. 16 Oct 1750 in Southampton Co., VA, d. 6 May 1830 in Warren Co., GA (Rev. War Veteran)

+Lucy Rosannah1 Reese, b. about 1761 in Southampton Co., VA

├── Aaron2 Johnson, b. 15 Jan 1785 in Southampton Co., VA, d. 15 Mar 1870 in Warren Co., GA

    +Susan A.2 Freeman, b. 20 Nov 1792 in NC

    └── Freeman3 Johnson, b. 26 April 1811in Warren Co., GA, d. Nov. 1891in Warren Co., GA

        +Jane3 Castleberry, m. 10 Dec 1835 in Warren Co., GA

        └── John Freeman4 Johnson, b. 11 Jun 1843 in Warren Co., GA, (Civil War Veteran)

            +Anna Marie4 O'Neil, b. 16 Aug 1857 in Warren Co., GA, m. 31 Dec 1874 in Warren Co., GA

            └── Seth Wesley5 Johnson, b. 30 Aug 1877 in Warren Co., GA

                +Eliza5 Ivey, m. 11 Jun 1898 in Warren Co., GA

                └── Ralph6 Johnson

                    +Mary6 Morgan

                    └── Ralph Donovan7 Johnson, (Kit # N18375)

                                                            +Loretta Lee7 Richey

Kit Number: 158399

├──Reese C. Johnson, b. 26 Aug 1792, Southampton, Virginia, USA, d. 28 Oct 1836, Warren County, Georgia, USA

       +Frances Fountaine Goza

          |_William Goza Johnson, b. 23 January 1817, Carroll Parish, Lousiana, USA, d. 20 Aug 1870, Warren County, Georgia, USA

              +Elizabeth Mitchel Aldridge, md 19 Aug 1838, Warren County, Georgia, USA

                 |_Columbus Fountain Johnson, b. 9 Oct 1850, Warren County, Georgia, USA

                     +Mary Elizabeth Thompson, md 1872, Warren County, Georgia

                        |_William Marvin Johnson, b. 8 Aug 1878, Warren County, Georgia, USA

                            +Eula E. English

                               |_Columbus Fountain Johnson
                                  +Margie Lucille Huff
                                      |_James Keith Johnson (Kit Number: 158399)



Additional info: Mary Elizabeth Thompson was the first wife of Columbus Fountain Johnson I.  CFJ’s second wife was Vandora Cason.


Kit Number: 97296


William Johnson, b. 1648
+ Sarah Griffeth, m. 1698, Isle of Wight, VA,

└──Thomas Johnson, b. 1680-1690, Isle of Wight, VA, d. 1744-1746
        + Sarah, m. 4/26/1739

        └──Thomas Johnson, b. 1710-1720, Isle of Wight County, VA, d. abt. 1781, Johnston County, NC
                + Elizabeth, m. bef. 1752, VA

                └── Obed Johnson, b. 1755, Southampton County, VA, d. 1832/33, Johnston County, NC
                         + Salley

                         └── William O. Johnson, b. 1790, Johnston County, NC, d. aft. 1850, Johnston County, NC
                                  + Birchet Bidda Lee, m. 9/23/1807

                                  └── Alexander William Johnson, b.2/13/1815, Johnston County, NC, d. 26/1908, Wayne County, NC
                                          + Emmaline Massengill, m. 2/24/1870, Wayne County, NC

                                          └── David A. Johnson, b. 2/20/1873, Wayne County, NC, d. 3/29/1904, Johnston County, NC
                                                  + Margaret Ann Summerlin, m. 2/11/1894, Wayne County, NC

                                                  └── Claude James Johnson, b. 10/7/1894, Mount Olive, Wayne County, NC
                                                           + Maude Lucile Johnson

                                                           └── David A. Johnson (Kit # 97296)

 Kit Number 135091


William Johnson, b. btn. 1648 and 1650, Isle of Wight VA, d. btwn 4/10 and 9/28/1719, Isle of Wight VA

+ Griffeth, daughter of Owen, d. before 1701 

└──Thomas Johnson, b. 1680-1690, Isle of Wight VA, d. btn. 4/25/1744 and 5/8/1746, Isle of Wight VA
        + Mary
        └──John Johnson, b. abt 1700-1710, Isle of Wight VA, btn February 26, 1779-November 28, 1780 Johnston County, NC
               + 2nd wife Elizabeth, bef. 5/7/1757

      └──Amos Johnson, b. abt. 1730-1735, Isle of Wight, VA, d. bef. May 28 1798, Johnston County, NC
                      + Mary, m. bef 5/3/1757, Southampton County VA

         └──Allen Johnson, b. abt. 1765-1770, Johnston County, d. bef. July 9 1845, Johnston County
                              + Peggy Whittington, m. 9/30/1791, Johnston County, NC

            └── Amos Johnson, b. 1799, Johnston County, NC, d. 4/27/1873, Johnston County,NC
                                       + Sarah “Sally” Tomlinson, m. 8/23/1819, Johnston County,NC

                └──Edmond Johnson, b. 1/18/1821, Johnston County, NC, d. May 7, 1907 Johnston County, NC
                                               + Elizabeth Lassiter, m. 9/24/1839, Johnston County,NC

                   └──Sir William Johnson, b. 10/12/1844, Johnston County, NC, d. November 18, 1902 Johnston County, NC
                                                       + Charity Allen, m. 4/13/1871, Johnston County,NC

                      └──Cunningham Johnson, b. 4/18/1884, Johnston County, NC, October 8, 1957 Wake County, NC
                                                               + Nellie Hardee

                         └──Harold Layton Johnson
                                                                      + Mary Jean Lee
                                                                      └── Russell Dale Johnson (Kit # 135091


Kit Number: 138130


William Johnson, b. Bef. 1800, Montgomery Co. NC
└── Needham Johnson, born date: 1755-65,location: NC, died date: ,location: 

         └── Obediah Obe Johnson, Sr., b. 1802-03, Montgomery Co. NC, d. Aft 1880, Jackson, Madison Co. TN
               + Nancy Mason
               └── Obediah O.B. Johnson, Jr., b. 1/22/1853, Madison Co. TN
                       + Caroline Cronder, m. 2/01/1870

                              └── William Burton Johnson, b. 2/20/1880, Madison Co. TN
                              + Mary Elizabeth Johnson, m. 1/24/1900, Madison Co. TN

                                        └── John Lee Johnson, b. 1901, Beech Bluff, Madison Co. TN
                                     + Avis Fanning,

                                                  └── Glenn Lee Johnson (Kit # 138130)








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