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Administrator-  Lee Johnson

 Co-Administrator- Sherrie Boone



   Pedigree Policy: Each participant has been asked to submit his own pedigree and all effort is being made to present the pedigrees as received. As one would expect, this administrator will not alter any pedigree. However, I may add notes or comments (before, within or after a pedigree chart) in parenthesis and signed, i.e. (“HJ”). Whether short or long, famous or not, each pedigree is of equal importance in trying to solve the problems of genealogical research where records have been lost or have not existed.

 Note: The twelve marker DNA results of the ten participants, N3212, N4090, N8983, N39371, N52228, 2639, 4149, 14841, 17300, & 91797 whose pedigrees are listed below match exactly!                          


 Kit Number: 2639

John Johnston/Johnson, b. 1742, d. abt 1825, Ripley Co., Indiana
+ Sarah ???, m. abt. 1766

 └── William R. Johnson, b. 1793, Montgomery Co., VA, d. 1874, Sullivan, Co. MO
       + Hannah Barnett, m. 1812, Montgomery, Co. VA

          └──  Robert B. Johnson, b. 1814 abt, Montgomery Co., VA., d. 1845, Ripley Co., IN
              + Catherine  Henderson, m. 1839, Ripley Co., Indiana

                   └──  William Wallace Johnson Sr., b. 1840, Ripley Co., Indiana, d. 1921, Sullivan Co., Missouri
                     + Violette Knight, m. 1877, Sullivan Co., MO.

                            └──  William Wallace Johnson Jr., b. 1878, Green City, Sullivan Co., MO.
                            + Vinnie L. Melton, m. 7/5/1900,  Milan, Sullivan Co., MO.
                                     └──  Andrew Edward Johnson
                                              + Earla Suprise,
                                              └──  Andy  Edison Johnson (Kit # 2693)


Kit number: N3212

       William2 Johnson, b. about 1760, d. May 1810 in Bulloch Co., GA.

        └─John3 Johnson, b. 1792 in Bulloch Co.,GA, d. 11Dec1865 in Emanuel Co., GA.

                   └─Furney4 Johnson, b. 1821 in Emanuel Co., GA, d. 13Aug1856 in Emanuel Co., GA

                       └─Benjamin L.5 Johnson, b. 22March1842 in Emanuel Co., GA

                            └─Benjamin Franklin6 Johnson, b. 23Aug1873 in Emanuel Co., GA.

                                 └─Burch Franklin7 Johnson

                                      └─ Clifford Berry8 Johnson Sr, (Kit # N3212)



Kit number: N4090


    William2 Johnson, b. 1839, d. 1853

    └── Thomas Henry3 Johnson, b. 16Feb1877

             + Edith3 Manchester

              └── Eric Halsted4 Johnson

                      + Dorothy4 Lac

                        └── Martyn5 Johnson (Kit # N4090)




Kit number: N8983


  Davie (David?)2 Johnson, b. between 1750 and 1760

  +German2 wife (?)

  └── David3 Johnson, b. 17Sep1763 in Morris Co., NJ, d. about 1850 in Knox Co., OH (AR war vet)

         + (1st)Mary3 Harrod, (2nd) Elizabeth (????), (3rd) Lucinda Carter

           └── Levie Harrod4 Johnson, b. 29Apr1789  d. 1872 in Appanoose Co., Iowa   (War of 1812)

                  +Agnes (Nancy)4 McCracken,

                  └── Samuel Harrod5 Johnson, b. 3Mar1814 in Knox Co., OH, d. 22Apr1869

                          + Mary Riggs5 Axtell, m. 26Mar1835 in Mercer Co, PA (at home of the Axtell’s)

                          └── Silas Lane6 Johnson, b. 6Sep1836 in Knox Co., OH, d. 15Mar1882 in Atchison, MO (Civil war vet)

                                 + Margaret6 Smith, m. 7Apr1838, d. 6 Mar 1893

                                  └── Silas Wilson7 Johnson, b. 1Apr1873 Atchison Co.,  MO (lived most of life in NE)

                                         + Dollie7 Martin, b. 11May1874, m. 23Sep1893

                                          └── Claude Roscoe8 Johnson

                                                 + Marjorie Rebecca8 Crosley

                                                  └── Gary Lee9 Johnson, (Kit # N8983)                  





Kit numbers N39371, 4149


Alexander Johnston , b. 1434 in Aberdeen, Scotland

+ Agnes Glostar

 └─William Johnston, b. 1460 in Fyvie, Aberdeen, Scotland, d. 1513 in Flodden Moor, Northumberland, England

         + Margaret Meldrum

          └─James Johnston, b. 1481 in Caskieben, Aberdeen, Scotland, d. 1548

                 + Clara Barclay, m. before 6Sep1521

                 └─William Johnston, b. 1513 in Caskieben, Aberdeen, Scotland, d. 1547 in England

                        + Margaret Hay

                         └─George Johnston, b. 1544 in Caskieben, Aberdeen, Scotland, d. 1593 in Caskieben, Aberdeen, Scotland

                                + Christian Forbes

                                  Arthur Johnston, b. 1587 in Caskieben, Aberdeen, Scotland, d. 1641 in Oxford, Oxfordshire, England

                                          + Barbara Gordon, m. 1625

                                          Edward Johnston, b. 1640 in Aberdeenshire, Caskieben, Scotland

                                              + Elizabeth Walker, m. 1677 in St. Peters Parish, New Kent Co., VA

                                               Arthur Johnson, b. circa 1691 in St. Peters Parish, New Kent Co., VA, d. 20 Jan 1759

                                                       + Margaret Phares (Faris?), m. 1748

                                                        └─Arthur Johnson Jr, b. 17Aug1747 in Agusta Co., VA, d. Mar 1823 in Grandview, Edgar Co, IL

                                                               + Elizabeth Harrison, m. 1770 in Harrison Co., WV

                                                               ├── Benjamin Johnson, b. 1Nov1786 in Shenandoah Co., WV (then VA), d. 7Jan1846 in Edgar Co, IL

                                                                     + Charity Farris, m. 5Sep1809 in Warren Co., OH

                                                                      Aaron Johnson, b. 17Feb1821 in Green Co., OH, d. 6Jun1893 in Dallas Co., IA

                                                                               + Sarah A. Taylor, m. 7Jan1846 in Edgar Co., IL

                                                                                Millard Fillmore Johnson, b. 7Jul1852 in Beecher, Will Co., IL

                                                                                         + Margaret "Maggie" Leona Fox, m. 7Jan1902 in Papillon, Sarpy Co., NE

                                                                                          Millard Fillmore Johnson Jr, b. 6Nov1902 in Schuyler, Colfax Co

                                                                                                  + Dorothy Ellen Jackson

                                                                                                   Harold "Harry" Victor Johnson

                                                                                                           + Beverly Ann Nelson

                                                                                                            Jeffrey Lance Johnson (Kit # N39371)




                                                                 |_Reuben Johnson Sr., b. 1777, VA, d. 6Nov1822, Scott Co., IN

                                                                    +Mary Lynch, md 28Feb1799, Harrison Co., VA

                                                                     |_Francis David Johnson, b. 28Aug1803, VA, d. 19Sep1891,Scott Co., IN

                                                                        +Margaret Wrighthouse, md 2Mar1826, Scott Co., IN

                                                                         |_Stephen Leonard Johnson, b. 12Oct1838, Scott Co., IN, d. 12Apr1929, Marion Co., IN

                                                                            +Mary Jane Hall, md  6May1869, Scott Co., IN

                                                                             |_Samuel Henry Johnson, b. 4May1879, Scott Co., IN, d. 1Dec1957, Tipton Co., IN

                                                                                +Ethel Leona Dailey, md 30May1903, Piatt Co., IL

                                                                                 |_Floyd Edward Johnson, b. 9Aug1911, Piatt Co., IL, d. 9May1962, Pinellas Co., FL

                                                                                    +Flora B. Johnson, md. 9Aug1930, Marion Co., IN

                                                                                     |_Edward Lee Johnson
                                                                                        |_Casey Edward Johnson (Kit #4149)



 Additional info: This in expansion of the pedigree already listed (Kit numbers N3971 and mine, 4149). I’ve conformed to
Jeff’s style to help with continuity. Besides, I think we differ on a few minor details as we get closer to old Virginia, as well as the
Aberdeen folks, so I’ll abide by his findings for now.CJ



Kit number: 14841


    Moses2 Johnson, b. 1746 NY, d. 1828 AL

    + Elenor2 Havis, b. 1753 NY, m. 1766 NY, d. 1837 AL

    └── Isaac M.3 Johnson, b. 1780 VA, d. 1867 AL

            + Frances3 Massey, b. 1783 NC, m. 1803 TN, d. 1835 AL

             └── Jacob4 Johnson, b. 1804 TN, d. 1859 AL

                    + Saritha4 Fletcher, b. 1807 SC, m. 1830 AL, d. 1896 AL

                     └─ Robert Finley5 Johnson, b. 1839 AL

                             + Adeline F.5 Russell, b. 1841 AL, m. 1869

                              └── Rollin Lee6 Johnson, b. 1872 AL

                                     + Mattie Lee6 Cross, b. 1870 AL, m. 1895

                                       └── Rollin Lee7 Johnson Sr

                                               + Haynie Elizabeth7 McCoy

                                                └── Rollin Lee8 Johnson Jr  (Kit # 14841)

                                                        + Rhonda H. Lacey8




Kit number: 17300


    John2 Johnson

    + Sarah2 (--?--)

     └── Williiam R.3 Johnson, b. circa 1793 VA, d. 1871 Greencastle, Sullivan Co., MO

             + Hannah3 Barnett, m. 1812, Montgomery Co.,VA

               └── Davis W.4 Johnson, b. 1824 IN

                      + Margarette C.4 Beall, m. 5Aug1850, Ripley, IN

                       └── George William S.5 Johnson, b. 1862 Greencastle, Sullivan Co., MO

                              + Nellie Lee5 White, m. 1885 Union, Union Co.,OR

                               └── Vernon William6 Johnson

                                       + Leta Lodell6 Wirth

                                        └── George Alonzo7 Johnson (Kit # 17300)

                                                + Clarice Anne7 Daniels,



Kit # N52228


  Solomon Johnson1, b. 1615, England, d. 1787 Marlboro, MA

  + Eleanor, b. England

    └── John Johnson2, b. 1635, England, d. 4 May 1713, Marlboro, MA

            + Deborah Ward, m. 19 Nov. 1657

              └── Daniel Johnson3, b. 1675

                      + Deborah Lamb, m. 23Dec1697

                        └── Daniel Johnson4, b. 1709, d. 2Jun1763

                                + Sarah Holland, m. 24Mar1736

                                  └── Stephen Johnson5, b. 7Mar1750

                                          + Catherine Smith, m. 28Nov1793

                                            └── John Johnson6, b. 24Jan1794, Shrewsbury, MA, d. 25Aug1831, Shrewsbury MA

                                                    + Jemima D. Wesson, m. 1816

                                                      └── John Wesson Johnson7, b. 21Jun1822, d. 29Aug1898, Westboro, MA

                                                              + Ann Davis Boynton, m. 18Jul1846

                                                                └── John Franklin Johnson8, b. 5Mar1854, Shrewsbury, MA, d. 12Dec1923, North Grafton, MA

                                                                         + Mary Lizzie Derry, m. 18Jan1881, Westboro, MA

                                                                           └── Raymond Franklin Johnson9, b. 24Oct1890, North Grafton, MA

                                                                                   + Beatrice Lillian Hargraves

                                                                                     └── Harold Graham Johnson10

                                                                                             + Ruth Avis Moorehouse

                                                                                               └── Paul Curtis Johnson11, (Kit # N52228)

Kit number: 88293


  John Johnson, b.bef. 1710 Killingly CT. d. aft14Oct1759, Killingly, CT

 + Unknown

   └── Uriah Johnson b.1710-1720, d.11Aug1787 Williamstown, MA

        + Huldah Sabin b. 2Jun1719

           └── David Johnson, b. 9Mar1749 Killingly, CT d.7Dec1836 Williamstown, MA

               +  Sarah Eaton b. 14Apr1754, d. 28Nov1811

                  └── William Warren Johnson, b. 22Dec1785 Williamstown, MA d. 24May1830
                      +  Nancy Whitaker, b.28Jun1788 d. 27Nov1881 Grand Rapids, MI

                         └── Welcome Whitaker Johnson, b.26Oct1817 Williamstown, MA, d.1Aug1900 Grand Rapids, MI

                              + Sylvia Flint, b.17Mar1815 Oneida Co., NY d. 27Apr1863 Homer, MI

                                └── Dewitt Clinton Johnson, b. 27Apr1844 Dundee, MI d. 19May1933 Montebello, CA

                                     + Susan Carolyn Hunt, b.21Oct1845 W. Gwilliamsbury, Ontario d.21Nov1880 Saranac, MI

                                        └─ Lake Michigan Johnson, b.18Aug1874 on Lake Michigan, d.2Feb1905 Phoenix, AZ

                                          + Annetta Lulu Cruzen, b.18Sep1876 Oskaloosa, IA, d.9Dec1955 Carmel, CA

                                             └─ Lake Clifford Johnson, b.1903 Oskaloosa, IA

                                               + Ruth Elizabeth Harwood, b.1905                      

                                                  └─ Lake Harwood Johnson

                                                    + Janet Gertude Ruth
                                                      └─ Harwood Alan Johnson, (Kit #  88293)
                                                        + Tracy Jean Kreizinger





Kit # 91797


  David Johnson1, Sr., b.1739,

  + (Unknown)

  └── John Johnson2,  circa 1770, circa 1824, Bullock (Presently Emanuel) Co. GA.

           + (Unknown)

           └── Seaborn Johnson3, b. circa 1801, d. 4Mar1844, Emanuel Co. GA.

                     + Mary Ann B., m. circa 1820-23.

                     └── Emanuel B. Johnson4, b. 2Jul1821, Emanuel Co. GA, d. 7Mar1885, Emanuel Co. GA

                               + Rebeka Ann McClendon, m. 7Jun1850, Emanuel Co. GA.

                               └─Gustave Beauregard Johnson5, b.12Aug1861, Johnson Co GA, d. 1Nov1925, Pulaski, Candler Co. GA

                                       + Ella Viola Moore, m. 3 October 1882

                                       └── Russell McKinnley Johnson, Sr,6

                                                  + Lavinia Agusta Hopper

                                                  └── Russell Mckinnley Johnson, Jr,7



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