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Administrator-  Lee Johnson

 Co-Administrator- Sherrie Boone



   Pedigree Policy: Each participant has been asked to submit his own pedigree and all effort is being made to present the pedigrees as received. As one would expect, this administrator will not alter any pedigree. However, I may add notes or comments (before, within or after a pedigree chart) in parenthesis and signed, i.e. (“LJ”). Whether short or long, famous or not, each pedigree is of equal importance in trying to solve the problems of genealogical research where records have been lost or have not existed.

Note: Participants 35873 & 61770 show a common ancestor in their pedigree. The exact connection between participants 2638, 5552, 26696, 35873, 61770, 78360 & 42922 is not known. However, because of the fact that the first twelve markers of their DNA matches exactly, these six pedigrees will be shown here on the same page and in the same format as they were presented to me. (LJ)


 Kit number: 2638


           Michael2 Johnston, b. 1724, d. 1785

   +Euphemea2 Watson, b. 1729, m. 1750, d. 1770

   └──Thomas3 Johnston, b. 1768, d. 1851

      +Mary3 Wolverton, m. 1796, d. 1850

      └──William4 Johnston, b. 1797, d. 1881

         +Harriet4 Favill, b. 1797, m. 1819, d. 1868

         └──John F.5 Johnston, b. 1822, d. 1893

            +Janet5 Finch, b. 1826, m. 1846 Neenah, WI

            └──William Henry6 Johnston, b. 1847

               +Eva Glendora6 Rich, b. 1850, m. 1870,

               └──Henry Theodore7 Johnston, b. 1887

                  +Anne Read7 Bronson, b. 1889,

                  └──William Henry8 Johnston,

                     +Ethel Anne8 Williams,

                     └──Kim Blake9 Johnston,  (Kit # 2638)

                                                                                      +Marilyn Joyce9 Gardner





Kit number: 5552


    James2 Johnson, b. 1761

    +Mary2 Garner

    +Amey2 Lanier, m. circa 1807 Oliver, GA

    └── James Butler3 Johnson, b. 1810, d. 1860

        +Elizabeth3 Jeffries

        └── William Young4 Johnson

            +Wilhelmina "Willie"4 Brooks

            └── William Young5 Johnson II

                └── William Young6 Johnson III, (Kit # 5552)




Kit number 26696


               Joseph2 Johnston, b. 1804 Whitakers, NC, d. Whitakers, NC

    +Charlotte2 Mason, m. 26 Sept 1823, Halifax Co., NC

                       2nd   +Nancy2 Barfield, m. 27 Dec 1847, Edgecombe Co. NC

                       3rd    +Elizabeth2 Pope, m. 26 Jan 1860, Edgecombe Co., NC


    └── James Marion3 Johnston, b. 14 Feb 1842

        +Sallie Ann3 Cutchin, m. 15 May 1866 Whitakers, NC

        └── Edward Garland4 Johnston, b. 7 Nov 1871 Whitakers, NC

            +Lucy Bunn4 Arrington, m. 10 Nov 1896, Methodist Church, Rocky Mount, NC

            └── James Marion5 Johnston

                +Lucy Tayloe5 Bowers

                └── James Marion6 Johnston Jr., (Kit # 26696)

                    +Grace Elizabeth6 Markham


Kit number: 35873.61770


John1 Johnson, b. circa 1780 in VA, d. after 1850 in Morgan Co., VA

└── John2 Johnson Jr, b. 20 Aug 1816 in Morgan Co., VA, d. 21 Jan 1886 Morgan Co, WV

    +Eliza2 Cooper, m. 28 Oct 1845 in Berkley Co., VA

    └── Eldred F.3 Johnson, b. 21 Nov 1848 Berkley Springs, Morgan Co., WV, d. 1906 WV

        +Emmeline3 Waugh, m. 17 Oct 1876 in Morgan Co., WV

        ├── Paul Boyd4 Johnson, b. 1889 Berkley Springs, WV, d. Berkley Springs, WV

           └── Roscoe Vernon5 Johnson

               └── Gaylen S.6 Johnson, (Kit # 61770)

        └── Thomas Foster4 Johnson, b. 8 May 1894 in Morgan Co.,  WV

            +Bertha Mae4 Hovermale

            └── Ralph Foster5 Johnson, (Kit # 35873)








Kit number: 42922


       William2 Johnston Sr, b. 1648, d. 1719 in Isle of Wight, VA

  +Sarah2 Griffeth

  └─Benjamin3 Johnston Sr, b. about 1693 in Isle of Wight, VA, d. 1767 in Southampton Co., VA

    +Mary3 (--?--)

    └─Jacob4 Johnston Sr, b. about 1714 in Isle of Wight, VA , d. 11 Dec 1781 in Edgecombe Co.,NC

      +Mary4 Waller

      └─Jacob5 Johnston Jr, b. 1744 in Southampton Co., VA, d. April 1808 in Jones Co., NC

        +Mary5 Randall, m. about 1767 in Edgecombe Co., NC

        └─Col Amos6 Johnston, b. about 1772 in Dobbs Co., NC, d. June 1829 in Muary Co.,TN

          +Elizabeth6 Preston, m. 13 April 1802 in Onslow Co., NC

          └─Lewis S.7 Johnston, b. 1806 in Columbia, Maury Co., TN, d. 10 Dec 1861in Smith Co., TX

            +Zelida A. M.7 Wortham

            └─Lemuel A.8 Johnston, b. 1836 in Monroe Co., MS, d. 5 Nov 1893 in Hunt Co., TX

              +Zelida L.8 Wortham, m. 12 Feb 1860 Wolfe City,  Hunt Co., TX

              └─Thomas Daniel9 Johnston, b. 8 Jan 1870 in Hunt Co., TX

                +Lise Frances (Fan)9 Warren, m. about 1896

                └─Lemuel Acker10 Johnston

                  +Verna10 Goodwin

                  └─William Joseph11 Johnston, (Kit # 42922)



 Kit Number 78360


Lewis Johnson, b. 8/14/1798
+ Martha Holcombe, m.10/19/1820

└──George W. Johnson, b.5/30/1824, SC, d.1/6/1900, Henderson Co. NC
        + Rebecca Ann Blocker, m. 9/19/1850, Asheville, Buncombe Co. NC

   └──Andrew George Johnson, b.4/30/1868, Flat Rock, Henderson Co. NC
               + Eliza Louisa Anderson, m.12/21/1883, Henderson Co. NC

      └──Charles Spurgeon Johnson
                       + Mary Pauline Capps

         └──Charles Spurgeon Johnson Jr.
                              + Lois Ann Dill

            └──Charles Lee Johnson (Kit #78360)

Kit number:27478


            George2 Johnston, b. abt. 1732  prob. Dryfesdale, Scotland

   +Jean2 Carruthers

   └──William3 Johnston, b. 18 July 1754 Dryfholm, Dryfesdale, Scotland, d. 29 Aug 1838 Mountpleasant, Applegarth, Dumfries, Scotland                                                                                                        

               +Helen3 Barton

      └──John4 Johnston, b. 5 Oct 1790 Mountpleasant, Applegarth, Dumfries, Scotland d. 30 March 1850,Sc.                                                                                                                                                                     

         +Henrietta4 Smith

         └──William5 Johnstone, b. 1826 Dumfries, England

            +Isabella5 Henry, m. Oct 1849 Nottingham, England

            └──John6 Johnstone, b. 1858 Nottingham, England

               +Ada6 Archer, m. Nottingham, England

               └──H. Alan7 Johnstone, b. 1894 Nottingham, England

                  +Dorothy7 Hooley,

                  └──William A.8 Johnstone, (Kit # 27478)








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