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Administrator-  Lee Johnson

 Co-Administrator- Sherrie Boone



   Pedigree Policy: Each participant has been asked to submit his own pedigree and all effort is being made to present the pedigrees as received. As one would expect, this administrator will not alter any pedigree. However, I may add notes or comments (before, within or after a pedigree chart) in parenthesis and signed, i.e. (“HJ”). Whether short or long, famous or not, each pedigree is of equal importance in trying to solve the problems of genealogical research where records have been lost or have not existed.

Participants 21609 and 60145 are exact matches giving the likelihood the lines are connected within a generation or so of what is shown. Participant 10169 is a mismatch by one to 21609 and 60145 so, while it's possible the lines connect in the next previous generation, it is also possible to be a little further back.  Participant 23921 is a mismatch by 3 to 10169.  The connection if found will be in Ireland or Scotland prior to the families immigrating  to the US. (RJ)

Kit number: 21609

   Armstrong Johnson,  b. about 1785 VA, d. about 1831 OH
 + Elizabeth Chilcote,  m. 1Jan1831, Jefferson Co. OH
John P. Johnson,  b. 26Nov1831 Noble, Noble Twp. OH, d. 9Aug1899 Center Twp. Noble, OH
    + Rhanda Jane Mayfield, m. 27Sept1883 Doddridge Co., WV
Samuel Lewis Johnson,  b. 21Mar1892 Noble Twp., Noble, OH
                      + Louise Catherine E. Myers
Donald Lewis Johnson, (Kit # 21609) 
                                + JoAnn Renee Ebersole                       

Kit number: 23921

    Thomas Johnston
            └── Edward Ewing Johnston,  b.  in 1859 Randalstown, County Antrim, Ireland
George Johnston,  b. 8 March 1896 in Belfast, Ireland
Bryan Robert Johnston, (Kit # 23921)

In looking at the 1851 Irish census records I find a likely candidate for Thomas in Ballinderry Parish,Co. Antrim in the household of one Edward (widower) b.1800 - Thomas is listed as b.1833 (RJ)

 Kit number: 60145
Johnson, b. 12Feb1815 at Belmont Cc., OH, d. 12 Dec 1880 at Noble Co, OH
+ Florence M. Jones, m. 17Sep1837 at Morgan Co, OH
 └── Henry Thomas Johnson, b. 11Oct1840 at Noble Co, OH
       + Alice Davis, m. 24Nov1864 at Sarahsville, Noble Co, OH
        └── Mansel Sheridan Johnson, b. 28Jul1867 at Sarahsville, Noble Co, OH
              + Amy Ball Parry, m. 14Mar1891 at Sarahsville, Noble Co, OH
               └── Carl Scott Johnson, b. 1Apr1897 at Sarahsville, Noble Co, OH
                      + Leipha Myrtle Black
                       └── Wendell Dean Johnson, (Kit # 60145)
                              + Shirley Elizabeth Graham

Kit # 101639
 George Reed Johnson
, b.cir.1787 , Winchester, Virginia, d.22Nov1871, Buffalo Twp., Noble County, Ohio
+ Hannah Kackley, m.27Mar1813, Winchester, Virginia
 └── John K. Johnson, b.cir.1814, Winchester, Virginia, d. 29Apr1896, Dyson, Ohio
       + Elizabeth Holden McBride, m.1838
        └── John Luther Johnson, b.1May1856, Sarahsville, Ohio, d.14Apr1944, Columbus, Ohio
                + Leah Marie Van Meter
                └── Albert Melville Johnson
                         + Julia Estell Schenck
                           └── Robert Waldon Johnson
                                  + Dorothea June McCullough
                                    └──  Daniel Gregory Johnson, (Kit # 101639)

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