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   Pedigree Policy: Each participant has been asked to submit his own pedigree and all effort is being made to present the pedigrees as received. As one would expect, this administrator will not alter any pedigree. However, I may add notes or comments (before, within or after a pedigree chart) in parenthesis and signed, i.e. (“HJ”). Whether short or long, famous or not, each pedigree is of equal importance in trying to solve the problems of genealogical research where records have been lost or have not existed.

Note: The four participants, 14467, 46424, N15769 & N58410, shown below match exactly! However, their pedigrees do not show a common link



Kit # 14467 

I hope anyone reading this pedigree will understand that absolute proof cannot be found for the link between William Johnston and Gilbert Johnstone.  We know Gilbert had a son named William.  Was he the William who died in 1786 and left a will in Anson Co, NC?  A genealogist has said he was the only William who was in the right place at the right time.  Hopefully, our Johnson DNA Project will help to sort this out in time. Beverly Johnson Chisolm (That part of the pedigree in question is highlighted. HJ)


James de1 Johnstone, b. about 1625 in Scotland

+ Margaret1 Douglas

└──­ James2 Johnstone, b. about 1645, d. 7 Jul 1672 in Scotland

       + Henrietta2 Douglas

       └── Capt John3 Johnstone, b. 3 Sept 1665 Newbie, Scotland, d. after 1715

               + Elizebeth3 Belcher, m. 1695

               └── Gilbert4 Johnstone, b. 1700 Dundee, Scotland, d. 1775 Cape Fear, Bladen Co.,  NC

                      + Caroline4 Johnstone, m. (his cousin) 1724 Armaugh, Northern Ireland

                      └── William5 Johnston, b. about 1730 Armaugh, Northern Ireland, d. 13 Oct 1886 in Anson Co., NC

                              + (--?--)5 Unkown

                              └── Hugh6 Johnson Sr, b. about 1747 in Anson Co., NC, d. 1789 in Newberry Co., SC

                                     + Elizabeth6 Thomas, of Newberry Co., SC

                                     └── John (Jonathan)7 Johnson, b. about 1778 in Newberry Co., SC, d. 1869 in Aiken Co., SC

                                            + Mary7 Cook

                                            └── Jesse8 Johnson, b. 13 May 1803 in Orangeburg Dist. SC, d. 16 Sept 1887 in Edgefield Co.,

                                                   + Judith Easley8 Toney, m. 1824 in Orangeburg Dist., SC

                                                   └── James B. T.9 Johnson, b. 8 Nov 1826 in Edgefield Co., SC, d. 21 April 1865 in Orangeburg Co., SC

                                                          + Elizabeth9 Jones, m. in 1848

                                                          └── William Arthur10 Johnson, b. 27 Feb 1851 in Orangeburg Dist., SC

                                                                  + Annie10 Harley, m. in 1873

                                                                  └── Estice Carlton11 Johnson, b. 1879 SC

                                                                         + Ethel11 Mack, b. 1881

                                                                         └── Duane Beverly12 Johnson, (Kit # 14467)

                                                                                + Nevelyn12 Mack




 Kit # 46424


Robert1 Johnston Sr., b. about 1730, d. before 1815 in Lincoln Co., NC

└─ Alexnder S.2 Johnston, b. about 1763, d. 1816 in Green Co.,GA

     + Nancy2 Scott, b. 18 Jun 1763, m. 16 April 1784, d. 18 Nov 1834 in Troup Co., GA

     └─ Sankey Thompson3 Johnson, b. 26 Oct 1800 in Green Co., GA, d. 19 April 1864 in Clay Co.,AL

          + (1)Pollard3 Andrews, m. 1821

          + (2)Rebecca Peterson3 Jones, m. 1825

          + (3)Elizabeth3 Evans, m. 1829

          └─ Ashbury Sankey Lee4 Johnson, b. 25 Jul 1835 in Troup Co., GA, d. 30 Dec 1862 in Dalton, GA

               + Sarah Elizabeth4 Thompson, b. 9 Feb 1832, m. 4 April 1853 Corinth, Heard Co.,GA

               └─ Ashbury Adelphus5 Johnson, b. 6 Mar 1861 in Troup Co., GA

                    + Ada5 Denham, b. 14 Nov 1866 GA, m. 3 Nov 1881 GA

                    └─ John Seaborn6 Johnson, b. 19 Dec 1888 in Upson Co., GA

                         + Janie Mae6 North, b. 5 Nov 1887 in Monroe Co., GA

                         └─ John Lamar7 Johnson

                              + Sara Rebecca7 Bussey,

                              └─ James Lamar8 Johnson, (Kit # 46424)

                                   + Ann8 Jones





Kit # N15769


Joseph Johnson b 1785 SC died Lee Co, AL. 
+ ApSeley(Abseny) b 1798 SC d aft 1874                 (note:  maiden name is Unknown)
└──Jesse Johnson b 1826 SC d in battle of chickamauga ca 1863?
       + wife is unknown
└──Monroe Johnson b 5 May 1857 AL

                  + L. Emma3 Phillips, b. 16 Aug 1858 in Butler Co., AL

                  └── John Jesse4 Johnson, b. 28 July 1884

                            + Mary Elizabeth4 Sims, b. 19 July 1888 in Butler Co., AL

                            └── Jesse John5 Johnson

                                      + Christine Lee5 Bradley

                                      └── Joseph Roy6 Johnson, Sr, (Kit # N15769)

                                                + Linda Gayle6 Jordan

Kit # N58410 



Joseph Thomas Johnson, b. 1832

+ Drucilla Kyle

└──John Lawrence Johnson, b.  1855, GA, d. abt. 1897, GA

         + Louisa Nash Mundy

         └── James Ovelton Johnson, b. 1883, Forsyth Co, Georgia, d. 1965, Forsyth Co. George
                   + Esther Elizabeth Lathem,
└── James Ovelton Johnson, Jr.
                             + Pauline Hall,
└── George L Johnson (Kit # N58410)








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