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   Pedigree Policy: Each participant has been asked to submit his own pedigree and all effort is being made to present the pedigrees as received. As one would expect, this administrator will not alter any pedigree. However, I may add notes or comments (before, within or after a pedigree chart) in parenthesis and signed, i.e. (“LJ”). Whether short or long, famous or not, each pedigree is of equal importance in trying to solve the problems of genealogical research where records have been lost or have not existed.

Note: The DNA twelve marker results of these twelve participants, 15090, 15823, 17795, 18237, 35020, 78450, N1821, N20763, N57652, 117602,  120198 & 156392 shown below match each other exactly! Also, the twenty-five marker results show 15823, 17795, 18237, 35020 N1821 matching exactly! The thirty-seven marker results show exact matches between 15823, 18237,  N1821 & 156392 and one mismatch between 35020 and 15823 & 18237. Participants 15823 &  18237 are known to be linked. (LJ)




Kit # 15090


    Hugh White2 Johnston, b. PA, (lived in OH until 1901) d. Houston, TX,… Family roots are in Annandale, Scotland

    +Janet2 Davis

    └── Robert Hugh3 Johnston, b. East Liverpool, OH, d. Wharton, TX.

        +Nerddie3 Lane

        └── Dr. Robert Hughes4 Johnston, (Kit # 15090)

            +Sarah4 (--?--)






 Kit #’s 15823.18237 (Note: Pedigree updated 16 Jan 2006 by Florence Johnston Jestor) HJ


William1 Johnston, b. c1790  (possible in VA or Carolinas)

+(--?--)1 Crosby, b. in  Maine

└──John2 Johnston, b. 5 Mar 1817 in Washington Co., PA, d. 1888 in IA

    +Sarah Ann2 Tope, b. Dec 1816 in OH, m. 18 June 1840 in Jefferson Co., OH

    └── William Alexander3 Johnston, b. 18 Jan 1841in Perry Co., OH, d. 1894 in SD

    ¦   +Mary Elizabeth3 Hoover, m. 10 Feb 1868 in IA

    ¦   └── Clarence Madison4 Johnston, b.5 Aug 1869 in Fayette Co., IA

    ¦       +Alice4 Cole

    ¦       └── William Timothy5 Johnston

    ¦           +Marion5 Richards

    ¦           └── Richard William6 Johnston (Kit # 18237)

    └── George Perry3 Johnston, b. 23 Oct 1847 in Perry Co., OH, d. 1899 Rapid City, SD

        +Elizabeth3 Mittelstedt, m. 16 Sept 1880 in West Union, Fayette Co., IA

        └── George Cleveland4 Johnston, b. 13 Jan 1889 in Lake Co., SD

            +Vesta Louise4 Lane

            └── George Edward5 Johnston (Kit # 15823)





Kit # 17795


    William2 Johnstone, b. 1788 Probably Dumfriesshire, d. 1836 Newstead, Nottinghamshire, England

    └── Thomas3 Johnstone, b. 1821 Newstead, Nottinghamshire, England, d. 1880 Utica, NY

        └── Walter Benjamin4 Johnstone, b. 1852 Utica, NY

            └── Alfred Lewis5 Johnstone, b. 1884 Utica, NY

                └──Douglas Edward6 Johnstone

                   └──Jeffrey Marwill7 Johnstone, (Kit # 17795)





Kit # 35020


               Unknown2 Johnston, b. Scotland, d. Londonderry, Ireland

    └──Robert (Red Robin)3 Johnston, b. about 1807 in Londonderry, Ireland, d. 1895

       +Mary3 McQueen, m. 1833 in Upper Canada

       └──James4 Johnston, b. 1860

          +Isabella4 Muir, m. 1885

          └──Clifford5 Johnston, b. 1895

             +Florence Robina5 Anderson

             └──Glen Aickens6 Johnston

                +Janina Irene6 Malesyzk

                └──Clifford Alexander7 Johnston, (Kit # 35020)

                                                                    + Mary Geraldine7 Casey                                 



Kit # 78450


Francis Johnston, b. circa 1805 in Ireland, d. 1851 in Ont, Canada

+ Frances Hud, m. circa 1825 in Ireland

└── Archibald Johnston, b. 24 Dec 1840 in Ont, Canada

         + Mary Jane Wallace, b. 23 Dec 1843 in Harvey Twp

         └── Alvin Arnold Johnston, b. 18 Apr 1875 in Harvey Twp

                   + Susannah Reber, b. 4 Dec 1880 in ON, Canada

                   └── William James Johnston

                             + Mary Fletcher

                             └── Lorne Alvin Johnston (Kit # 78450)


 Kit # N57652


John Johnston

└── Alexander Johnston

   └── Aurthur Thomas Johnston

               └── (Unknown) Johnston

                      └── Laurence K. Johnston

                             └── David Johnston (Kit # N57652)

Kit # N1821


  Charles2 Johnson, b. 1752 in County Fermanagh, Ireland d. 3 Mar 1845  Brock Twp, Ontario, Canada West

  └── Charles2 Johnston, b. 12 Aug 1800 Co Fermanagh, Ireland, d. 12 Aug 1881 Manvers Twp., Durham, Ontario, Canada

      +Margaret2 Irvine abt 1822 in Co. Fermanagh, Ireland

      └── James3 Johnston Jr, b. 1831 Hollowell Twp. Prince Edward Twp., Upper Canada

          +Susan3 Pory

          └── William Albert4 Johnston, b. 1890 in Glamorgan Twp, Haliburton Co., Ontario, Canada

              +Mary Barbara4 Willis

              └── Joseph Daunt5 Johnston, (Kit # N1821)




Kit # N20763


James1 Johnston, b. 1798 in Londonderry, Ireland

+Margaret1 Groves, m. in Londonderry, Ireland

└── James "Boggy"2 Johnston, b. 1827 Billings Bridge, Ontario, Canada

    +Sara Jane2 Rictchie, m. Ottawa Valley area, (assuming Billings Bridge?), Ontario, Canada

    └── Andrew3 Johnston, b. 6 Sep 1852, Billings Bridge, Ontario, Canada

        +Julia Ann3 Hall, m. Gloucester, Ontario

        └── Oliver Cleveland4 Johnston, b. 17 June 1888 Asessippi, Manitoba, Canada

            +Nellie4 Davis, m. Edmonton, Alberta

            └── Harvey Hall5 Johnston

                +Anne Adams5 MacKenzie

                └── Robert Harvey6 Johnston

                    +Francine6 Renaud

                    └── Oliver Renaud7 Johnston, (Kit # N20763)

Kit Number: 117602


Archibald Johnstone, b. 1815, Ireland, d. April 2 1902, Melita MB Canada
+ Margaret Gordon, m. Plantangenet Prescott ONT Canada

└── Alexander Johnston, b. 1849, Plantangenet Prescott ONT Canada
        + Janet Shane, m. Plantangenet Prescott ONT Canada

        └── Maurice Martin Johnston, b. 1889, Plantangenet Prescott ONT Canada
                + Edith Boskill, m. Richard SK Canada

                └── Harland  Johnston
                        + Joyce Topping
                        └── William Bradley Maurice Johnston (Kit # 117602)

Kit Number: 120198


Elisha Travis Johnson, b. 1844, GA, d. 1917, TN
+ Mary Elizabeth Stephenson,
└──Marcus F. Johnson, b. 1870, TN, d. 1945, TN
       + Eulalie Verdell,
       └── Henry Delmar Johnson, b. 1895
               + Rosie Connor

               └──H D Johnson
                      └──Richard Johnson (Kit # 120198)

Kit # 156392
Robert A. Johnson, b. 1828, d. 1863

+Mary Irwin

   |_Robert Irvin Johnson, b. 1852, Chester Co. PA

      +Emma Jane Cox

          |_Clem Leroy Johnson, b. 1890, Russelville, Chester Co. PA

              +Margaret Kurtz

                  |_Clyde Irvin Johnson

                      +Joyce Shoemaker

                         |_C. Michael Johnson

                             +Kathleen Gabriel

                                 |_Andrew Johnson (Kit #156392)







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