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Administrator-  Lee Johnson

 Co-Administrator- Sherrie Boone



   Pedigree Policy: Each participant has been asked to submit his own pedigree and all effort is being made to present the pedigrees as received. As one would expect, this administrator will not alter any pedigree. However, I may add notes or comments (before, within or after a pedigree chart) in parenthesis and signed, i.e. (“HJ”). Whether short or long, famous or not, each pedigree is of equal importance in trying to solve the problems of genealogical research where records have been lost or have not existed.

  Note: The seven participants below match exactly at the 12 marker level.  The five participants shown below match perfectly at the twenty-five marker level! 18582, 21549 & 38632 share a common ancestor as shown in their pedigree. However, there are five mismatches when 18582 & 21549 are compared with 45769 at the thirty-seven marker level. Participant 118885, 4569, 125968, & 133061 shows no common ancestors in the pedigree with the other participants, respectively (LJ)



Kit numbers: 18582.21549.38632


Benjamin Johnson, b. circa 1744 in VA, d. 22 Mar 1814 in Abbeville Dist., SC

+Elizabeth Gaines, m. circa 1784 in Culpepper, VA

└── James G. Johnson, b. 11 May 1788 in Wilkes Co., NC, d. 27 Aug 1858 in Abbeville Dist., SC

    +Lucinda Bolling, m. 11 Oct 1809, Abbeville Dist., SC

    └── Samuel Valentine Johnson, b. 31 Jan 1819 in Abbeville Dist, SC, d. 6 Feb 1868 in Augusta, GA

        +Ellen R. Nagel, m. 25 May 1852 in Hamburg, Aiken Co, SC

        ├── Charles Valentine Johnson, b. 4 Aug 1863 in Aiken, SC, d. 3 Jan 1931 in SC

           +Sallie Sarah Permelia Redd, m. circa 1888 in Aiken Co., SC

           ├── Charles Preston Johnson, b. 6 Aug 1893 in Aiken Co., SC

              +Leila Gertrude Anderson

              └── Hubert Eric Johnson

                  +Mary Ann Wood

                  └── Allen Preston Johnson, (Kit # 18582)

                          +Charlene Wilkie

           └── Jesse Lee Johnson, b. 25 Apr 1899 in Aiken Co., SC

                   +Quennie May Wingard

                   └── James A. Johnson Sr. (Kit # 21549)

        └── William Pagette Johnson, b. 4 Mar 1854 in Hamburg, SC

                +Melissa Jane Goodwin, m. circa 1880 in Oconee Co, SC

                └── William Berry Vallentine Johnson, b. 14 Aug 1883 in Oconee Co, SC

                         +Essie M. Glaze

                         └── Joseph A. Johnson (Kit # 38632)

Kit number: 45769


William1 Johnson, b. circa 1778, d. before 25 Oct 1842 in Green Co. TN

+(2)Polly1 Cameron, m. 2 Feb 1840 in Green Co.,TN

+(1)Nancy1 Morgan, m. 8 Nov 1811 in Green Co., TN div. 10 Jul 1840 in Green Co., TN

└─Robert Henry2 Johnson, b. circa 1812 TN, d. 19 Feb 1885 in Jefferson Co., IL

  +Catherine2 Smith, m. 1834

  └─Enoch Sanford3 Johnson, b. July 1835 in Green Co.,TN

    +(2)Mary Ellen Edginton Rogers3 Mayhew, m. 1883 Shiloh, IL

    +(1)Elizabeth Jane3 Johnson, m. 18 Aug 1857 in Hamilton Co., IL, d. 23 Apr 1882 in Hamilton Co., IL

    └─Lawrence Lemuel4 Johnson, b. 27 Aug 1871 Macedonia, Franklin Co., IL

      +(2)Ida Link4 Allen

      +(1)Malissa Caroline4 Allen, m. 25 Nov 1891in Hamilton Co., IL

      └─Carl Calvin5 Johnson, b. 9 June 1903 in McLeansboro, Hamilton Co.,IL

        +Wilma Roberta5 Jenkins

        └─Lynn Douglas6 Johnson, (Kit # 45769)

          +Constance Ruth6 Bachmann               

Kit Number: 118885


George Allen Johnston, b. 11/01/1798, TN, d. 1847, Boone Co., MO
+ Jane McDow, m. 04/04/1827, MO

└── Adolphus Boone Johnston, b. 09/29/1843, Boone Co., MO
       + Amanda Jane Johnson, m. 06/1865, MO

         └── Thomas Allen Johnston, b. 02/13/1873, Camden Co., MO
              + Martisha Kayes, m. 01/01/1896, Morgan Co., MO

                  └── Adolphus Warner Johnston, b. 11/18/1899, Camden Co.
                     + Frances Ellen Yadon

                            └── Donald Warner Johnston (Kit # 118885)
 Kit Number: 125968


Daniel F. Johnson, b. 12/29/1806, Pennsylvania, d. 10/18/1894, Maroboro, Stark Co. Ohio
+ Unknown,

└── William Alison Johnson, b. 12/28/1832, Uniontown, Fayette Co. PA, d. 4/14/1907, Coraopolis, Allegheny Co. PA
         + Elizabeth Ann Hawkins, m.  12/25/1860, Charleston, Clark Co. Indiana

         └── William Jefferson Johnson, b. 12/22/1861, Tennessee, d. 12/16/1894, Shelbyville, Kentucky
                  + Susan Jane Berry, m. 5/20/1886, Louisville, Jefferson Co. Kentucky

                  └── Roy L. Johnson, b. 8/26/1890, Kentucky
                          + Anna Elizabeth Stout

                          └── David Alton Johnson
                                  + Lorraine Lawn

                                  └── Roy E. Johnson (Kit # 125968)

Kit Number: 133061



Edward Johnson, b. 1788, Culpeper Co. VA , d. 1863, Wood Co. VA
+ Eleanor Dils, m. 1814, Wood Co. VA

└── Alfred Johnson, b. 1815, Wood Co. VA, d. 1862, Marion Co. MO
        + Margaret Neale, m. 1837, Wood Co. VA

            └── John A. Johnson, b. 1838, Wood Co. VA, d. 1878, Marion Co. MO
                + Susan Skinner,m. 1862, Marion Co. MO

                      └── James William Johnson, b.1863, Marion Co. MO, d.1908, Atoka Co. OK
                        + Nancy Jane Veirs, m.1900, Chariton Co. MO

                        └── Roy S. Johnson

                               + Garnet Dewitt

                                           └── Charles M. Johnson

                                         + Genevieve Swiney
                                          └── Charles M. Johnson, Jr. (Kit # 133061









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