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Administrator-  Lee Johnson

 Co-Administrator- Sherrie Boone



   Pedigree Policy: Each participant has been asked to submit his own pedigree and all effort is being made to present the pedigrees as received. As one would expect, this administrator will not alter any pedigree. However, I may add notes or comments (before, within or after a pedigree chart) in parenthesis and signed, i.e. (“LJ”). Whether short or long, famous or not, each pedigree is of equal importance in trying to solve the problems of genealogical research where records have been lost or have not existed.

Note: The nine participants, 19708, 37464, N10959, N26671, 60575, 117783,  127519, 133224, 157030, & 154583 match exactly at the twelve marker level. However, their pedigrees as shown below do not show a common link. (LJ)



Kit number 19708


George T. Johnson, b. 1830 in SC

+unknown spouse

└── Abner Monroe Johnson, b. circa 1860, d. 1890 in OK

        +Molly Glover

        └── William Monroe Johnson, b. 1891 in TN

                 +Essie Saunders

                 └── Marland Monroe Johnson

                         +Bonnie Adamson

                         └── Michael Johnson, (Kit # 19708)






Kit number: N10959

Oral history says William came from Ireland with a brother and cousin with the British Army in the War of 1812- this must be wrong if his son was born in NH in 1803- and went AWOL after reaching Canada and hid out near Black Mountain, NH. Eventually, he stayed, one went south, one went west, and he never heard from them again.






William Johnson, b. in Ireland, d. in Jackson, NH (age 108 yrs)                                                                                  

+Betsey Hall, m. 2 Dec. 1802, Lancaster, NH

└── John C. Johnson, b. circa 1803 in NH, d. 1894 in Jackson, NH

        +Debra Smith

        └── John Wayland Johnson, b. 6 Oct 1851 in Jackson, NH, d. 21 Mar 1904 in South Harrison, ME

                +Addie M. Thompson, m. circa 1881

                └── Roy Everard Johnson, b. 24 Aug 1882 in Harrison, ME

                        +Jenny Estelle Deering

                        └── Joseph Myron Johnson

                                +Margaret Louise Jones

                                └── Dan Myron Johnson (Kit # N10959)

                                        +Karol Lynn Leasure



 Kit Number: N26671


Alexander Johnston
+ Mary Donnelly, m.1852, Dungannon, Tyrone, Ireland:

The family emigrated to the USA in 1895, later returned to Scotland and immigrated to Canada about 1912….Greg Johnston        



└── Francis Johnston, b. 1863, Glasgow, Scotland
       + Theresa McGuire, m. 1893, Glasgow, Scotland

         └──  Francis James Johnston, b. 1898, Lynn, Mass, USA,
               + Mary Harris

                    └── Francis Samuel Johnston
                      + Elizabeth Johnson
                      └── Greg Johnston, (Kit # N26671)



   Kit number: 37464


       Thomas5 Johnston, b. Poldean, d. 1594

    └James6 Johnston, b. of Willies, Stenrishill & Granton, d. 1635

     +Elizabeth6 Johnston

     +Janet6 Porteous, d. 1635

     └William7 Johnston, b. Granton

      +Anna7 Veitch, m. 1670

      └William8 Johnston, b. Granton

       +Christian8 Johnston, b. Ginthead, m. 1709

       └Robert9 Johnston, b. 1717 Neitherwood

        +Jane T9 Beattie

        └David10 Johnston, b. 1751

         +Marrion10 Fairrie

         └David11 Johnston, b. 1792

          +Jane11 Buchanan

          └David12 Johnston, b. 1821

           +Janet12 Aitken

           └Charles13 Johnston, b. 1864

            +Mary Carr13 Waigley

            └Col. Norman14 Johnstone M.B.E.

             +Cecilia14 Wellesley

             +Roshanna14 Wingfield-Stratford

             └Esme Edward Melville15 Johnstone, (Kit # 37464)  (Note: This pedigree is as reported by Lt. Col. Norman Johnstone, MBE)



Kit number: 60575


Stephen1 Johnson, b. about 1770 in Halifax Co., VA, d. after 24 Oct 1845 in Grainger Co., TN

+Alice/Alcie1 Dodson, b. about 1751in Lunenburg Co., VA, d. before 24 Oct 1845

└── James T.2 Johnson, b. 1800 prob. Hawkins Co., TN, d. after 1880 in IN

    +Happy Sally2 Goen, b. 1808 in NC, m. before 1830 in Hawkins Co., TN, d. after 1870 in IN

    └── Stephen B.3 Johnson, b. Mar 1833 in Hawkins Co., TN, d. 24 Oct 1901 in Bedford, Lawrence Co., IN

        +Louisa J.3 (Johnson), b. 1815 in TN, m. about 1859, d. after 12 Dec 1901

        └── Elisha G.4 Johnson, b. Oct 1861 in Jackson Co.,  IN

            +Minnie O.4 Underwood, b. between 1867 and 1870  IN, m. 27 Oct 1885 in Lawrence Co., IN

            └── Grover Theodore5 Johnson, b. 31 Dec 1892 Bedford, Lawrence Co., IN

                +Lola Mae5 Martin, b. 9 Jul 1902 in Flat Rock, McCreary Co., KY

                └── Delman Dean Aloysius6 Johnson

                    +Kathleen Ann6 Collins

                    └── David Michael7 Johnson, (Kit # 60575)

                        +Elizabeth "Betsy" Lorraine7 Stone


 Kit Number: 117783


Hugh W. Johnston, b. cir.1821, Ireland, d.cir.1863, Ireland
+ Grace

└──  John P. Johnston, b. cir.,1849, Ireland, d. 1903, Philadelphia, PA
         + Maria Rigney, m.cir.1870

         └──  Howard V, Johnson, b. 1880, Philadelphia, PA
                  + Mary McBride

                  └──  Thomas J. Johnson
                            + Genevive Kucerka

                            └──  Thomas J, Johnson
                                      + Grace Boyle
                                      └──  Michael Johnson (Kit # 117783)

Kit Number: 127519

Alexander Johnston, b. 1680, Ireland
+ Agnes Scott, m.1705, Ireland

└── Josiah Johnston, born date: 1712,location: Dublin, Ireland
      + Jane Jean Shaw, m.1734, Ireland
      └── John Johnston, b. 1735, Ireland, d. 1806, Washington, TN, USA
           + Esther Hamilton, m. 1755, Virginia, USA

               └── Samuel Hamilton Johnston, b. 9 Aug. 1766, Rockbridge, VA, USA, d.11 Aug.1845, Madisonville, Monroe, TN, USA
                 + Nancy Shaw, m. 1790, Washington, TN, USA

                       └── John Hamilton Johnston, b. 2 April 1792, Washington, TN, USA, d. 1868, Sweetwater, Monroe, TN, USA
                       + Kezia Rowan, m. 9 May 1815, Monroe, TN, USA

                               └── Samuel Hamilton Johnston, b. 24 Sept. 1818, Blount, TN, USA, d. 5 Nov. 1898, Louisa, IA, USA
                             + Mary A. Duncan, m. 30 Jan. 1840, Monroe, TN, USA

                                       └── Samuel Hawthorne Johnston, b. 20 March 1859, Short Creek, Louisa, IA, USA
                                   + Mary Amelia Minerva Dutton, m.30 Dec. 1880, Louisa, IA, USA

                                   └── Loyd Arleigh Johnston
                                         + Ruth Agusta Waddell,
                                         └── John Arleigh Johnston (Kit # 127519)

Kit Number: 133224

Additional info: James Johnston, the patriarch of this family, and his wife, Margarite, died leaving several small children. The orphans were all adopted out, with Edward Daniel Johnston retaining his last name. He ran away from his adopted home and went to Kansas when still a teenager. He never saw his siblings again or really knew where they were living.
  Our goal is to possibly find descendants of the other brothers of Edward Daniel.
  We are having a difficult time finding any type of paper trail for James and Margarite, so we hope to find other relatives who might be able to assist in our search.
  The children of James & Margarite are as follows: James, John, Thomas, Edward, William, Daniel, Margarite, Ellen, and Mary.(CEJ)




James Johnston, b. 1786, d. 1844
+ Margarite,

 └── Edward Daniel Johnston, b. 10/15/1837, Ithaca, NY
       + Laura Ann Tryon, m. 04/16/1863, Topeka, KS

          └── George Jason Johnston, b.2/06/1865, KS
             + Dora Elizabeth Smith
             └── Edward Jeremiah Johnston

                   + Myra Caroline Morton
                   └── Jerry Edward Johnston
                         + Marilyn Charlene Taylor

                                 └── Craige Edward Johnston (Kit # 133224)

 Kit # 157030


Hilas R. Johnson, b. 1843, d. Gallia County, OH

+Caroline E. Pritchard, md 9-04-1867, Gallipolis, OH

    |_Sheridan Ellsworth Johnson, b. 6-03-1879, Gallia County, OH, d. Columbus, OH

         +Bessie Mae Hale/Hales, md Gallipolis, OH

             |_John Ellsworth Johnson

                 +Grace Ruth Craig

                     |_Raymond Ellsworth Johnson

                         Virginia Johnson Myers (Kit Number 157030)

: Kit Number: 154583

George Johnson

 |_Miss Edmonston

     |_Thomas Johnson, b. 1754, Shippenburg, PA, d. 1819, Turkey Run, Monroe Co., WV

         + Mary Rankin 

              |_John Johnson, b. 1775

                  + Margaret Neel, Monroe Co., WV

                       |_William Owen Johnson, b. Monroe Co., WV, d. Monroe Co., WV

                           +Mary Elizabeth Riffe, Monroe Co., WV

                               |_John Robert Johnson, b. 1870, WV

                                   +Georgia Young, md 1897, md Hans Creek, WV

                                      |_William Robert Johnson, b. 1899, WV

                                          + Nellie Mae Shanklin

                                               |_Larry Allen Johnson (Kit Number 154583)


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