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FUCHSIA COLOR IS Tony L. Johnson, Peggy Johnson and Lee Johnson’s Relations mostly: Burton Farmer & Hatcher RELATIONS


GREEN IS KNOWN MICHAEL JOHNSON DNA INFORMATION AND CONNECTING INORMATIONHaplogroup I  -The I, I1, and I1a lineages are nearly completely restricted to northwestern Europe. These would most likely have been common within Viking populations. One lineage of this group extends down into central Europe. Haplogroup I dates to 23,000 years ago or longer. Lineages not in branches I1a, I1b or I1c are found distributed at low frequency throughout Europe  Group White Oak

Purple is my Cousin Joe Matlock’s Research

Haplogroup I  -The I, I1, and I1a lineages are nearly completely restricted to northwestern Europe. These would most likely have been common within Viking populations. One lineage of this group extends down into central Europe. Haplogroup I dates to 23,000 years ago or longer. Lineages not in branches I1a, I1b or I1c are found distributed at low frequency throughout Europe Group Sessile Oak  Maroon is the assigned color: Researchers are Avin Euell Johnson: John Kenneth Johnston: Terry Merrell Johnson: Dean Allen Johnson: Richard Johnson: Michael Lee Johnson: John Raines Johnson: Eugene F. Johnson: Robert Leonard Johnson: William Jefferson Johnson: Richard Karl Johnson: Robert Hugh Johnston: Jeffery M. Johnstone: David Keith Johnston: Lorne Alvin Johnston: William Bradley Maurice Johnston: Clifford Alexander Johnston: Richard William Johnston: Joseph Duant Johnston: George Edward Johnston: Philip Sherman Johnston: Oliver Renaud Johnston: David F. Johnston: E.D.L. Johnston: Robert Edward Johnston: Robert J. Johnston: Nancy Breidenthal

Group Leader: Jeffery Johnson e-mail at:


Olive is the DNA LINE Researchers Leonard Johnson Todd A. Johnson: Carl Johnson: Roger Johnson: Paul Martin Johnson:: Bill Johnson: Damon Bruce Johnson: Henry Belt Johnson: Richard Gerald Johnson Jerry Johnson,

Haplogroup I2A -This subgroup of Haplogroup I is found within the Balkans countries at it's greatest frequency and diversity. These countries probably harbored this subset of Haplogroup I as a refuge during the Last Glacial Maximum. Group PIN OAK

Group Leader is: Leonard Johnson


Indigo Color is: Haplogroup 12a Researchers Carl Johnson (brother of Charlotte JOHNSON) and  James Clifford Johnson: This subgroup of Haplogroup I is found within the Balkans countries at it's greatest frequency and diversity. These countries probably harbored this subset of Haplogroup I as a refuge during the Last Glacial Maximum. Group Burr OAK Group Leader: Charlotte JOHNSON  email:



Lime is the Color assigned to this DNA GROUP OF JOHNSON RESEARCHERS and will be added to Current Files of Johnson and Allied Families in Faquier Co. Va. Halifax Co. Va. Pittsylvania Co. Granville Co. NC


Haplogroup R1b1   -Haplogroup R1b is the most common haplogroup in European populations. It is believed to have expanded throughout Europe as humans re-colonized after the last glacial maximum 10-12 thousand years ago. This lineage is also the haplogroup containing the Atlantic modal haplotype . Group Elm

Julian Bentley Johnson James Granville Johnson <> Judy: For William Thomas Johnson  <>Floyd Junior Johnson: Ronald K. Johnson<>

Group Leaders is



Gold is the Color for descendants of Colonel Richard Johnson

Lead researcher: Bonnie Flyhte e-mail is


Turquoise is the DNA of Jeffery Michael Johnson

Haplogroup E3a - Haplogroup E3a is an Africa lineage. It is currently hypothesized that this haplogroup dispersed south from northern Africa within the last 3,000 years, by the Bantu agricultural expansion. E3a is also the most common lineage among African Americans

Group Leader is


My Notes On This Group: The Roman Empire was the first to use troops all over the world they left blood groups ever where they went from Countries of Africa to England: The Roman Empire was one of the VAST spreading Empires in the World to first use troops of other Countries it conquered. The use of using other troops from Conquered Countries spread with each developing Empire.


Red is the County lines and Parish Lines: These lines can and will change people in a County or in a Parish. This is to serve as a Time line to show changes, in lines or in changes where families moved to from this area.


Teal is being used for Quaker dates, these are not the same as the Julian Calender for all the other information, these need to be transcribed to be used in a Julian Calender.


Quaker dates have not been translated Before the 1752 calendar change, the first month of the year was March. From: Mary E. Stewart  


In 1752 the new year began to be counted from Jan 1. Before that it ran from March 26-March 25, Julian Calender changed. So a date in July 1750 would be earlier in the same "year" as one in Feb 1750 (which once 1752 rolled around, would be thought of as the next year). From: Barbara Schenck


Rose Color is for Haplogroup R1b1   -Haplogroup R1b is the most common haplogroup in European populations. It is believed to have expanded throughout Europe as humans re-colonized after the last glacial maximum 10-12 thousand years ago. This lineage is also the haplogroup containing the Atlantic modal haplotype . Researchers matching this DNA ARE; James Russell Johnson, Samuel Frank Johnson, C. Thomas Johnson and Stephen Alexander Johnson

Group Leader is

Haplogroup E1b1b1: This lineage is estimated to have originated in north-eastern Africa about 23,000 years ago. Some of its branches exited Africa during the Paleolithic, and today it can be found in Europe, the Middle East, and north and east Africa. Lines of LBJ coming off Samuel E. Johnson Descendants. Researchers are David F. Johnson, Brett Kerry Johnson: Orange Color:


Haplogroup R1bi is the most common haplogroup in European populations. It is believed to have expanded throughout Europe as humans re colonized after the last glaciail maximum 10-13 thousand years ago. This lineage is also the haplogroups containing the Atlantic modal haplotype: Group is Aspen; Color is Light Orange Researchers are Jane Johnson Williams, James Johnson born Ca 1718 died 1785 Brunswick Co. Va.

Group Leader is


Haplo groups R1b-R1b1C is the most common haplogroup in European populations. It is believed to have expanded through out Europes as humans re colonized after the las glacial maximum 10-12 thousand years ago. This lineage is also the haplogroups containing the Atlantic modal haplotype. Group is Black Oak: Color is Brown: Researcher is Dean Johnston: Thomas Johnson reside Pits.Co Va 1776 moved to Washington Co.

Group Leader is


Plum Color is Haplo group I2b1 Group Cherrybark Oak I2b:  The I2b lineage likely has its roots in northern France. Today it is found most frequently within Viking / Scandinavian populations in Northwest Europe and extends at low frequencies into Central and Eastern Europe. Researchers: Daryl Keith Johnson, Larry Dean Johnson, Mark Younger Johnson

Group Leader: Valerie Johnson


Blue-Grey is being used to show where German Dutch and Holland families lived and those connected to these families


These files come from numerous Johnson-Johnston-Johnstone-Jonson-Jonston researchers and Sent to Tony L. Johnson who compiled the information” Please share with Other researchers”


Report made by Tony L. Johnson a descendant of Hudson Johnson and Agness Johnson of Bartons Creek, Dickson Co. Tn, Big Creek Hawkins Co Tn and Buffalo Creek of Henry Co. Va.


The link to the Johnson/Johnston/Johnstone DNA Project is:

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The link to the J/J/J Research site is:

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1748  born Carlton Nunn (b. 1748 Orange Co NC md to Priscilla Moore sister to Taffanus More md to Willliam Hudson. Priscilla was also md to Elijah Stone. Her grandparents were George Farrar and Judith Jefferson From: peg zaremba


Carlton Nunn

Might have lived in Orange Co NC was born 4 years prior to Orange County being Formed.

Elijah Stone

George Farrar

The Farrar surname ho doe this connect to Ceciley Reynolds Bailey Jordan Farrar and her husbands?

Judith Jefferson

Notes the families of Thomas Jefferson were raised on Tuckahoe Creek

Dickson Co Tn Connections

I found another Dickson co person born in Orange Co Nc, James Tatum- I have his parents as John Tatum and Mary Wright from Spotsylvania VA

a William Tatum Jr. (Maybe the grandson of John and Mary) md to Elizabeth Richardson (born in NC) dt. of Thomas and Winifred (I think Johnson) Richardson. William Jr. and Elizabeth moved to Johnson Co Ark. per the 1850 census. peg zaremba

John Tatum

Mary Wright

1752, Orange from Bladen, Granville, and Johnston


1754:  Micajer Bunch son of Gedion is listed in 1754 Orange County, NC tax list of Gedion Macon in the household of John Stoud who paid a tax for Micager Bunch and Lydia Bunch possibly his daughter and son in-law?  (Jack Goins)


1755:   Orange County, North Carolina, tax list several families who either they are their forefather once lived on the Pamunkey River in Louisa County, Virginia and who eventually migrated to Hawkins County, TN and became know as the Melungeons. (Jack Goins)
Gidean Bunch 1 tithe (mulatto)
Micajer Bunch 1 tithe (mulatto)
Moses Ridley (Moses Riddle) 1 tithe and wife Mary (mulattoes)
Thomas Collins 3 tithes (mulatto)
Samuel Collins 3 tithes (mulattoes)
John Collins 1 tithe (mulatto)
Thomas Gibson 3 tithes (mulatto)
Charles Gibson 1 tithe (mulatto)
George Gibson 1 tithe (mulatto)
Mager Gibson 1 tithe (mulatto)

1755 Partial Orange County North Carolina tax list from Flat River area: John Collins, Micajer Bunch, Gedion Bunch, Moses Ridley, Thomas Gibson, George Gibson, All listed mulatto.  (webtimeline JG)





Orange County

No Township Listed




Orange County

No Township Listed




Orange County

No Township Listed




Orange County

No Township Listed




Orange County

No Township Listed




Orange County

No Township Listed




Orange County

No Township Listed




Orange County

No Township Listed





Orange County

No Township Listed




Orange County

No Township Listed





Orange County

No Township Listed




Orange County

No Township Listed



Orange county Roll Orange county Tithes


1755 J525  Henry JOHNSON                   N/A  N/A N/A 

1755 J525  John JOHNSON                    N/A  N/A N/A  Tax Roll

1755 J523  Charles JOHNSTON                N/A  N/A N/A  Tax Roll

1755 J523  John JOHNSTON                   N/A  N/A N/A  Tax Roll

1755 J523  John JOHNSTON                   N/A  N/A N/A  Tax Roll

1755 J523  Thomas JOHNSTON                 N/A  N/A N/A  Tax Roll

1755 J523  William JOHNSTON                N/A  N/A N/A  Tax Rol


1755 tax List of Orange County NC compiled by William Perry Johnson

His Notes: Orange County NC was formed in 1752 from Parts of Bladen, Granville and Johnston Counties in NC. From 1752 until 1770 Orange County embraced an area approximately 72 miles long and 50 miles wide, 3,6oo square miles or 2,304,000 acres.

In 1755 there were close to 1,200 families enumerated by the tax collector or on an average one family per ever three square miles of 1,920 acres. The County extended from The Virginia North Caolina Border (State lines) on the North to Cumberland County now Moore County NC on the South and from Granville and Johnston (Parts now Wake County) on the east to Rowan County, which is now Rockingham, Guilford and Randolph Counties on the West.

Prior to 1770 Orange County took in all of the Present day Counties of Orange: CASWELL, Person, Alamanace, Chatham and most of Durham, small parts of Wake and Lee Counties. The eastern third of Rockingham, Guilford and Randolph.

This 1755 tax list is the earliest one extant for Orange County the next one being dated 1779. ( File # T.O. 105.1 State Department of Archives and History, raliegh NC)

The following will be only a partial listing of this 1755 Tithable lists with the surrounding neighbors of the known Johnson- Johnston Families and surname known to connect to us.

James Dickey Esq.

John Conner

David Steele

James McGown Senr.

Henry Brewer

John Powell wt Jack, Guil & Jean Negores

Elias Powell with Negro Jack

Nathaniel Kimbrough wt negores

James Randolph Robert Born 1742, in Brunswick County, Virginia, son of John and Mary (Gower) Robertson, James Robertson at the age of eight came to North Carolina with his parents in 1750. After a short stay in old Granvile (now Vance) county, they removed to Wake (then Johnston) County and settled on the 320 acre plantation which John Robertson had purchased from Nathaniel Kimbrough on the south side of the Neuse River across the river from what now is the Shotwell Community. The survey plat of the plantation was made by Richard Caswell in 1750.


Brayton also cites the will of Mark Robertson, Davidson Co., TN [then NC], Will Book 1, p. 53, which names Mark's siblings and their children. In listing the children of John and Mary Robertson, Brayton gives the following credit: "Information concerning the children listed below is taken from Harllee, vol. 3, p. 2471 et ff." ("Kinfolks" by William Curry Harllee. New Orleans, LA: Search& Pfaff, Ltd., 1937).

After the Battle of Alamance in 1771, many North Carolinians refused to take the new oath of allegiance to the Royal Crown and withdrew from the province. Instead of taking the new oath of allegiance, James Robertson, in 1771, led a group of some twelve or thirteen families from near where the City of Raleigh now stands to the headwaters of the Watauga River beyond the Blue Ridge Mountains into what then was Indian Territory where all of the land belonged to the Cherokee Nation.

1753, Oct. 30 Kimbrough, Nathaniel    Acres 640, No. 118  74-K On both sides of Neuse River

1760 Aug 19 : pg 188][Miscellaneous Land Office Papers] 6046 Nathl Kimborough plat dated 19 August 1760 400 acres in Orange County on horsenapp branch (which is) the Waters of Crabtree, joining Kimbroughs line and both sides of the Main fork of Horsenapp CC: Wm Cardon, (?)Martin Dunn W Churton Survr (2 copies of plat in file)

1763, Jan. 1  Kimbrough, Nathaniel  Acres 431, No. 130  74-K On the north aide of Crabtree Creek, on the head of Sycamore Creek

1763 Jan. 1,, land grant to a Nathaniel Kimbrough of 431 acres in Johnston Co on the north side of Crab Tree Creek on the head of Sycamore Creek, joining William Holifield and Kimbroughs  line..   

1763 Jan 1: pg 203][Patent Book 14] 3230 pg. 224 Nathaniel Kimbrough 1 January 1763 431 acres in Johnston County on the N side of crab tree creek on the head of sycamore Creek, joining William Holifield and Kimbroughs line OR: /s/ Nath Kimbrough Wit: Ben Hardy, Philip Pritchard surveyed 28 December 1762 SCB: William Turner Thomason, William Carden Theops Hunter Surveyer.

1755-1773 Officers for which Commissions are to Issue Johnston Regiment  Rank Nathaniel Kimbrought

John Dennis

James McGowan Jr.

Samuel Nelson


Capt. John Nelson b. abt 1744 m. 19 June 1764 Levinia Selina McCuistion in Rockingham Co., N.C.

Children: Elizabeth (m. James Holland, bro. of Thomas Holland); Jane Nelson (ours) m. Thomas Holland; John Nelson Jr.;Moses;Sarah; Levinia m. James McAdams Jr.; Nancy

Capt. John Nelson died trying to cross a flooded river going home to Guilford Co., N. C. after the Rev. War was over.

His wife, Levinia McCuistion Nelson moved to Tennesee with most of her children and died in Davidson Co., Tn.

Robert Cate Sr.

Elias Downes

James Moss

William Churton wt Negro Ton

Thomas Nelson

John Jackson

Benjmn Cate

John King

surname found in Humphreys County intermarried to my families

William Bogan

Thomas Wiley

surname found in Humphreys County intermarried to my families



Charle Davis

Joseph Buckingham

William Piggot (Peggot)

Nathaniel horn

Richard Sidewall

Isaac Greson

Jeremiah Piggott

Benjamin Piggott

Paul Prock

John Sidewall

John Stanfield

Joshua Griffin

Samuel Walker

Craft Hanualt

John Johnson

Joseph Trotter

Charles Morgan

Thomas Law ( Low) Jr

John Stedom

Jacob Hayes

Joseph Breed

Peter Starns

Joseph Sweany

William Leacy

Walter Holms

David Moat


Daniel McDaniel

Samuel Chapman

Lodwick Sewing (sic)

Conrod Low

William Brown

William Nelson

Aaron Jones

Adam Trolinger

Nicholas Butts

Conrad Straider

CHristian Morris

Gasper Prarr

George Clap

Zachariah Cox

Tetter Leaney (Fetter)

Edwardd Cater

Joseph Malchunk

Enoch Lewi

John Johnson

Thomas Davis

Francis Day

James Ellet

James Burney

Robert Davis

James Latta

James Denny

Moses Ridley with his wife & mulattoes

Henry Mayner with Peter & negroe

William Harten

Matthew Matiese

Ephraim West

Henry Gould

John Burd

Thomas Carpenter


John McComb

James Mc Adam

JAMES MCADAMS SR. b.Lunenburg Co.,Va. m. Rebecca Hill d. Orange Co., N.C.

Children: Rebecca; Engess; Joseph; Elizabeth; Anne; Susan & James McAdams Jr. (ours) b.1772 N.C. m. Levinia Nelson (sister of Jane Nelson Holland)

d. bef.1830 probbly Bedford Co., Tn.

Dau. Sarah  Mc Adams m. John Trollinger of Bedford Co., Tn.

The McAdams; Trollingers; McCuistions & Hollands all moved from the Guilford/Rockingham/Orange counties of N.C. about 1800 coming through Davidson Co., Tn. and Williamson Co., Tn. into Bedford Co.

ADAM TROLLINGER b.23 Oct. 1765 Haw River N.C. m. 15 Feb 1790 Allafair Wright d. 7 Feb 1831 Bedford Co., Tn.

Children:Elizabeth; John Trollinger (ours) m. Sarah McAdams; Henry; Jose[ph; Margete; Adam Jr.; Ruth; Jac Akers Trollinger.

 Mary Holland <> Researcher of F amilies in Humphreys and Williamson County Tn.

William Jack

Frances Henderson

James Roney

Robert Tea

Andrew Bridget

John Boid Sr

James Murray

John Boid

James Barnhill

William mc Teachy

Edward Brandon

John Robertson

Isiah Watkins

James Allison

John Mills

Henry Key

Henry Johnson

William Baker

James Forster Jr

John Stuart

John Marsh

Jacob Mosely

Thomas astin

Jacob Bleacher wit Ned a negro Obediah, Terrel with 3 negores William, march, James, William March Sr.

Mark Morgan with Rafe & James, Nell, Cate Jude Cloe negores

Robet McOnel

Robert Patterson

James Forester Sr. with 1 negoro wench

William Forester

Joseph Ward with Roger Jenny & nancy, negores

Hugh Wood

Stephen Phillips

Thomas Johnston

Richard Braswell with his son & 1 negor

William Tomlin

John Tomalin

William Murphie

John Robertson

Richard barnet

James Kenady

David Kenedy

Henry Goff Sr.

Moses Gwinn

William Browning

John Manner

John Landrum St. with sone and 1 negor


Bagel Brasher

Bazel brasher & s

Thomas Lindly & son

William Offi ?

John Phillips

David Phillips

William Howlet

Thomas Sclater ( ?)

John Sclater

Timothy Terrel & son with Primis, Abram, Peter, Dolls & Nancy negores

William Blackwood

Samuel Farmer

name found in Humphreys County intermarried to my families also intermarried into Families of Wm Hathcer b. 1613

William Ward

name found in Humphreys County intermarried to my families, also intermarried into Families of Wm Hatcher b. 1613

Zachariah Martin with Dubbon, Cloe & Jack negroes

John Johnston

William hopkins

William Morris

William, ?

John Hopkins

Robert Whitlock

John Thornton

My Notes: John Thornton is married to Sarah Eaton daughter of William Eaton who remarried Charles Johnson and had two sons with him William Johnson and Hugh Johnson

Hugh Beadley

George Greyson (gregson)

Solomon Alred

William Trogdon

My Notes: Trogodon is a name found in Humphreys County intermarried to my families

William Alred

James Lindly

William Johnston Constable with 2 multatoes

William Alred

Wilkeson Tannet

William Martin with Wall & ?

Charles Johnston

My Notes: he remarried the Widow of John Tornton on this list

Richard _wings

David McCormick

John Garear with John Laurance and a negore

Alexander Ottry & son

Samuel Dennis

Enoch Spinks

Macon Pigman

James Moss

Thomas Nelson & son

Francis Chancy

Note further down is William Craig and sons

also Robert Donaldson further down



William Sanders

Charles Boring

Francis Carne

Thomas Langly and 2 sons

John Bradford & son

Thomas Williams

William Killsay & 2 sons

George Rennals

Isaac Dotson

name found in Humphreys County intermarried to my families

Annaniar Alle and son

Griff Hogan

William Williams

Elijha Ostec ?

Robert Kilgore & 2 sons

William Boring with his 2 sons & 2 negores

Thomas Lapton

John Forde

another John Robertson appears a few more places down



John Tripler

Gideon Holyfield

Edward Southwell

Aaron Pinson

John Smith

Moses Hollis

Notby Hollis

John Dove

Edward Smith

William Henderson

Michael Joyce


name found in Humphreys County intermarried to my families

Thomas Lovelatty SR  & 2 sons

Hugh Porter & son

George Finley

John Brasher

John Pitman Esqr.

Richard Simpson with  Joseph, Lambert & 2 negroes

name found in Humphreys County intermarried to my families

Daniel McCullen & son

John Thrasher

Mark London

William Cox on Haw River

John Cox

Valentine Hollingsworth

Aaron Harling

Richard Copeland

Thomas Cat Sr.

Daniel Cain

Benjamin Gathan

ERA of 1776-1781

1755 Josiah Dickson's Return from Orange, 1755 List of the Field Officers, Captains, and Subalterns, in the Regiment of Orange with the Date of their Commissions and the number of Men in each Company, including Officers, which List when Compleat, is to be returned to his Excellency the Governor


Date 1755



No. of Men













Josiah Dickson

L. C.




Alex. Mabin





James Dickie





Aaron Pinson





Thomas Lapsley





Mark Morgan













Not Capable


Michael Dixon













Refused to


John Gordon
Laurence Rambo
James Hendricks



being Capt. of a
Troop of Horses
did not qualify.


Laurance Thompson





Joseph Bugg





David Miers





James Hilton





John Gray





Zachariah Martin Jr.





William Johnson





James Watson





James Bowie





Joseph Powell





Robert Harper















Robert Little



but by an Indispans
in the family could not
give notice so as to have
his Com. at the Muster




1756 Apr 13  James Nethery [also written Netherly] bought land in southern Orange County NC from William and Mary Johnston for 80 #; 490 acres on the south side of Haw River upon Cain Creek adjoining George Martin

1758 Jl 22 dated. Pages 239-240: William Barnes of Orange Co. N.C., North Carolinia to Joseph Warren Jr.. 170 acres on the south side of the Nottoway River Adj. the southward side of Blunts Swamp and Nottoway Indians, S: William Barnes (W) W: Howell Edmunds (signed), Henry Vaughn (signed), and Jacob Johnson (signed).

1758 July 22: Pages 239-240: WILLIAM BARNES of Orange County, North Carolina to JOSEPH WARREN JR dated 22 Jul 1758 170 acres on the south side of the Nottoway River adj. the southward side of Blunts Swamp and NOTTOWAY INDIANS, S: WILLIAM (W) BARNES, W: HOWELL EDMUNDS (signed), HENRY VAUGHAN (signed), and JACOB (signed)

1759 Aug 6: Orange Co. NC: Land sold to John Johnston: Below his lands are in Chatham Co. in 1774 and it notes his children

1774 Nov 8: Chatham Co., NC Deed Bk. A, 1771-1782  pg. 429, Nov. 8, 1774
Levy Johnston, Weaver, to John Johnston, for 117 pds., 164 acres on a
branch of Mud Lick Creek, joining Levy Johnston, a part of a larger tract granted by the Earl of Granville by his commissioner of Property, Francis Corbin and Joshua Badly (Hadly?) to John Johnston by deed bearing date 6 Aug., 1759 and registered according to Law
in ORANGE CO, of which then this was part in BK E,pg. 308, the sd John Johnston dying intestate his Eldest son Levy Johnston became lawfully seized of the same as heir and who sold the same to his brother John Johnston.
Signed: Levy (L) Johnston Wit: Benjamin (x) Landrom Jas. Finney
From: Jeremy Johnson

1774 Nov 8: Chatham Co., NC Deed Bk. B, 1775-1783
pg. 16, Nov. 8, 1774 Jesse Johnston to Levy Johnson, Weaver, 5 shillings and also for the further sum of 100 pds (odd way of phrasing?) 382 acres in the
Parish of Saint Mathew in Chatham Co., on a branch of Mud Lick Creek, a grant from the Earl of Granville by his att. Francis Corbin and Joshua Badley, patent dated 14 Aug. 1759 granted to John Johnston, and registered in the registers office, Bk. E., pg. 308. The sd John Johnston died intestate leaving the above mentioned Levy Johnston, his Eldest son who thereby
became legally seized in Fee of and in the sd 382 acres. Signed: Jesse
Johnston, Hannah Johnston, Wit: John Johnston, Benjamin Landrom From: Jeremy Johnson

1775 Jan 17: Chatham Co., NC Deed Bk. A, 1771-1782
pg. 426, Jan. 17, 1775
Levy Johnston to Jesse Johnston for 165 pds, 218 acres. Levy Johnston and Amey doth forever acquit... (land on Mud Lick Creek) part of land granted by John Johnston Sr. by deed from Earl of Granville, dated 6 Aug., 1759, and registered in
ORANGE CO., which, this was then a part. Bk. E, pg. 308. The sd John Johnston dying Intestate, his Eldest son, Levy Johnston became Lawfully seized of the same, who hath conveyed and sold the same to his brother LEVY (I believe the clerk meant to write Jesse here) Johnston for the above mentioned sum of Money. Signed: Levy Johnston,
Amey (x) Johnston, Wit' Joshua Hadley, John Johnston From: Jeremy Johnson 

1760 Aug 4  Land Grant book No 14 of Orange Co. NC. we find Derby Henly-640 acres, lying on both sides of Millstone creek.  Soon after receiving the Land Grant Darby applied for and got  permission to

build a grist mill at the head of Millstone creek.  With the help of his slaves and indentured servant or two, the mill was built of logs: a two storied structure that would serve his family and the surrounding

area with flour, cornmeal and bran for the livestock.

     In the newly laid out town of Hillsborough, N.C. Darby bought 2 lots, one acre each in size, and built a "Mansion House" on each for his family. From: Debra Johnson

1763 May 8  Thomas Robertson of Orange Co to Rbt Edge of Johnston Co NC 100A NS Neuse Riv, part of a tract granted to Jeptha Terrell 9 May 1757. S/Thomas Robertson. Wit George Reeves, James Johnson, Wm Hardin. DB D-1 Pg 229.

Thomas Robertson of Orange Co

Jeptha Terrell

Thomas Robertson.

George Reeves

James Johnson

Wm Hardin.

1764 Nov 15: Halifax Co., VA. Deed Book 5, page 249. John Lawson, Jr. of Orange Co. N. C. to Henry Hite of Halifax, 202 acres on S. Side of Dan River begining a the bank of said river and then south. No witnesses--Lawson's wife--Sarah.

1764 Nov 15: Halifax Deed Book 5, p 249 on 11-15-1764, John Lawson, Jr. of Orange Co. N. C. to Herman Miller for 146 lbs, 250.5a, on south side of Dan River, beg. on the river, thence south... All appurtenances thereunto belonging... Signed John Lawson. No witn. rec. 15 Nov. 1764. Susannah [sic] wife of Lawson (she was called Sarah in the other deed.)

1764 Nov 15: Halifax Co., VA. Deed Book 5, page 249. On 11-15-1764, John Lawson, Jr. of Orange Co. N. C. to Henry Hite of Halifax, 202 acres on S. Side of Dan River begining a the bank of said river and then south. No witnesses--Lawson's wife--Sarah.

1764 Nov 15: Halifax Deed Book 5, p 249 on 11-15-1764, John Lawson, Jr. of Orange Co. N. C. to Herman Miller for 146 lbs, 250.5a, on south side of Dan River, beg. on the river, thence south... All appurtenances thereunto belonging... Signed John Lawson. No witn. rec. 15 Nov. 1764. Susannah [sic] wife of Lawson (she was called Sarah in the other deed.)

Lawson are tied to the Rev. William Murrell Familes that moved with Hudson Johnson into Hawkins CO. Tn in 1783

1766 Sept 11: Married Hannah Hadley was born in Augusta Co, Va, February 26, 1749. She married Jesse Johnson in Cane Creek Mm, Orange Co, Nc, September 11, 1766. Jesse Johnson was born in Chester Co, Pa, July 10, 1745. son of John JOHNSON & Elizabeth; [per gene.recs. at Cane Creek MM,NC] 

Hannah Hadley

Daughter of  Joshua Hadley Birth 6 Mar 1703, Moate MM, West Meath Co, Ireland death 1760 Oct 21 Cane Creek MM Orange Co NC

1768 ERA: Rowan Co., NC records show Gideon Johnson witnessed a land deed from Perkins to Joel Warren, a distant relative of Ursula Allin, for 125 pounds VA money to sell 250 acres on the south side of the Dan River on the same day that Gideon Johnson bought his farm. Gideon Johnson's neighbors were James Gates and James Presnell of Orange Co., NC, who also bought land from Peter and Agnes Perkins in 1768.

1768 March 24, John DOWELL, Edmund FANNING, Francis NASH of Hillsboro to William JOHNSTON of Orange, merchant, ten shillings one penny, acreage blank, part of lot in Hillsboro on S side of King St. on E dividng it from Wm. NUNN & others, known as part of lot #6, part of a lot of land from Trustees of town of Childsburgh now Hillsboro to Enoch LEWIS 4 November 1754, Lewis to William REED 8 June 1757;signed: John DOWELL, Edmd. FANNING, Francis NASH; witness: P. HAWKINS; proved by HAWKINS
24 March 1769.
1768 March 25, John Dowell & William FEW of Orange to William JOHNSTON of same, twelve pounds, no acreage given, lot in Hillsboro, part of lot granted William CHURTON & Enoch LEWIS & by sundry conveyances to DOWEL & FEW, lot #6, fronting on King St., joins late dwelling house of John DOWEL, begin at E end of sd. houses, E 16 1/2 ft. to a stake, S 33 ft. W 16 1/2, N 33 ft. to beginning, name of John DOWEL given as John DANIEL in body of deed; signed: John Dowel, Wm. Few; witness: James THACKSTON; no probate record.
1768 March 25, Abner NASH, (no county given) to William JOHNSTON of Orange, merchant five shillings, part of lot #6, 121 square yards; signed: A. NASH; witness: James THACKSTON; proved by THACKSTON, 23 March 1769.

1768 Nov 9 Isaac Johnston and Susanna his wife of ORANGE CO. NC to Peter Rogers of Halifax Co. for 110 pounds 268 acres on Coleman's Cr. beg. at red oak thence south to pointers. All appurtenances: signed Isaac Johnson: Witness John J Warren William Warren, John Rogers Rec. June 15 1769 http://www/


1761 April 16 William Byrd of Charles City Co. to Issac Johnson of Halifax County 260 acres on Colemans Creek

Note Peter Hudson son in law of Joseph Johnson owns land on Colemans Creek and his wife is a Niece to an Isaac Johnson)

This also appears to match Isaac Johnson and wife Suzanna on Colemans Creek that move to Orange Co. NC:

These appear to be are descendants of Michael Johnson married to Sarah Watson daughter of Alice married frist to Henry Rowen and then to John Watson: reason we find several of Michael Johnson descendants on Colemans Creek in Halifax Co. Va.

1762 May 20 Isaac Johnson and Susanna his wife of Halifax Co to Zachariah Denny of Same 30 # 286 acres on Coleman's Crk north side of Hyco, begin at Robert Mans Lines...signed Isaac Johnson: Wit. Ton Dillard Jr., John Denny, William Hall. Halifax County VA Deed Book 3 page 281

Research note this appears to be the Isaac Johnson that goes into Orange Co NC with wife Suzanna, per deed Nov 9 1768.

Notes this Isaac Johnston was in Halifax County Va. Prior to moving to Orange Co. NC, what Creek or River did they move to in Orange Co. NC


Notes: Isaac Johnson tithes pd by Joshua Johnson when did Isaac Johnson son of Michael died and where? Joshua Johnson is a son of Isaac Johnson to Michael Johnson d 1718


1769  Nov. 5 Will of Samuel Yarbrough. Probated Apr. 1770
Will Book A., page 107, Orange County, NC:

IN THE NAME OF GOD AMEN the fifth day of November in the year of Lord 1769 I Samuel Yarborough of the County of Orange in the Province of North Carolina being sick and weak in body but of perfect mind and Memory thanks be given to God therefore, calling to mind the Mortality of my Body and knowing that it is appointed for all men once to Die do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament Principally and first of all I give and Recommend my Precious and Immortal Soul into the hands of God that gave it me and as for my Body I recommend it to the Earth to be Buried in a Christian like and decent manner and at the discretion of my Executors whom hereafter I shall appoint nothing doubting but at the general Resurrection I shall receive that same again by the mighty Power of God and at touching such worlly estate wherewith it hath pleased God to bless me in this life after my just Debts & funeral expenses are paid I give, devise & depose of the same as followeth VIZ.

IMPRIMIS I give and bequeath to my beloved Son William Yarborough that Tract of Land Lying in Amelia County whereon his grand Father formerly lived lying between Cold and Notaway and Likewise a Certain Tract of Land Lying on Tarr River Joyning to Robert Bumpas to him and his Heirs forever.
ITEM: I lend to my beloved wife Sarah Yarborough the Plantation whereon I now Dwell and the Part of Land belonging there too for and Enduring her Natural Life or Widowhood.

ITEM: I give and bequeath to my beloved Son Samuel Yarborough the one half of the Tract of Land I now live on the Lower End thereof but not disturbing or hindering his Mothere theron to him and his Heirs forever.
ITEM: I give and bequeath to my beloved Son John Yarborough the other Half of the said Tract or upper End thereof not disturbing or hindering his Mother on the above Conditions to him and his Heirs forever.

ITEM: my will and desire is that that Piece of Land that I removed from Lying on both sides of Mallory's Creek Adjoyning to the Tract I willed to my son William be sold and the money to come into the moveable Estate.

ITEM: my will and Desire is that my son William Yarborough have one Negroe Wench Named Hannah but not to be removed nor no share to be taken by him for her for the isuing year to him & his Heirs forever.

ITEM: I give and bequeath to my beloved Son Samuel Yarborough at his Arriving to the years of Twenty one One Negore boy nam.d Joe to him & his Heirs forever.

ITEM: I give and bequeath to my beloved Son John Yarborough one Negroe Man Named Sharper at his Arriving to the years of Twenty one to him & his Heirs forever.

ITEM: I give and bequeath to my beloved Daughter Elizabeth Yarborough One Negroe Girl Named Rachel at her arriving to the years of Eighteen or at the Day of her Marriage to her and her Heirs forever.

ITEM: I give and bequeath to my beloved Daughter Sarah Yarborough oen Negroe Boy Named Lewis at her arriving to the years of Eighteen or at the Day of her Marriage to her and her Heirs Forever.
ITEM: I give and bequeth to my beloved Daughter Lewcey Yarborough one Negroe Girl Named Anakin at her arriving to the years of Eighteen or at the Day of her Marriage to her and her Heirs Forever.

ITEM: I give and bequeth to my beloved Wife one Negroe Wench nam.d Beth to her and her Heirs forever And I also Lend unto her Two other Negroes a man Named Sam and a Wench Named Sue for and as long as she Continues a Widow but and if she Marrys then those two to be Equally Divided amongst the Children.

ITEM: my Will and Desire is that my beloved Wife have the use and Liberty of all Stock at her discretion and Likewise all my Houshold Furniture.

ITEM: my will and Desire is that my Estate be not appraised but that the Leagues be delivered in kind as they are mentioned.

ITEM: I make Constitute and Appoint my beloved Wife Sarah Yarborough and William Yarborough and John Bumpas Sole Executris of this my last Will and Testament Ratifying and Confirming this and no other to be my last Will & Testament.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF I have hereunto set my hand Seal the Day and Date before mentioned.
Samuel (Y) Yarborough (SEAL)
Signed Sealed & Delivered to be )
his last Will and Testament in )
Presence of )
/s/ Abraham Womack /Jun./ )
/s/ Issac Johnston )
/s/ James Evans )


1770 Guilford Co was formed from Rowan and Orange counties


1771 Wake Co. was formed from Orange Co.


1771 May 16 the MCeLyea Family arrived in Orange County NC ( McELyea's in transit by Clara Bell Hunter)

1776 Jan 10 Patrick Henry McElyea entered the Rev. war from Caswell County NC (Formed in 1777) see Rev. War Application

1777 Tax List of Caswell County NC Laughin McAlley and Patrick Mc Alley were taxed in St. Lawrence District. (they lived on Hico Creek in Caswell County NC) ( McELyea's in transit by Clara Bell Hunter)


My Notes My McElyea family is in Orange County NC then Caswell County NC prior to coming to Humphreys County Tn




1774, Rhoda Edwards, b. abt. Orange Co., NC; d. 1850-1860, Maury Co., TN; m. William Wilson BALL, son of James BALL, Sr., & Mary WILSON (d. Sept. 5, 1831, Maury Co., TN). 


She is daughter of John Edwards, Jr., son of John EDWARDS, Sr., & Mary STOKES, was born c.1730's, maybe in Virginia, and died between Dec. 1817 and Feb. 1818 in Orange Co., NC. He married Lucy Cate, possibly a daughter of Thomas CATE, Sr., & Rebecca SYKES. She died after 1817 in Orange Co., NC

Rhoda Edwards and William Wilson Balls Children

: James Ball (c.1794) m. Catherine COMER;

John Ball (c.1794);

Tandy Ball (c.1798) m. Margaret CRAIG;

Young Ball (c.1800) m. Margaret SPRINKLES;

Johnson Ball (c.1803) m. (1) Sarah PICKARD, (2) Eliza RHODES;

Elizabeth Ball (c.1804) m. Micajah SPRINKLES;

Ensley Ball (c.1805) m. Mary SPRINKLES


Rhoda Edwards Brother is on John Edwards


John Edwards, III, b. abt. 1762, Orange Co., NC; d. 1855, Lawrence Co., IN; m. Mary BURTON.  Listed in the census of Orange Co., NC, 1800 and 1810; Ashe Co., NC, in 1820; Lawrence Co., IN, in 1830, 1840, and 1850.  Had a large family; the 1820 census shows 14 children in his household.  Children: Elizabeth (1802) m. John DOWNS; Sarah (1805) m. Henry MILLER; John Edwards (1807); William Edwards (1809) m. Elvira JENKINS; Nancy (1811) m. Nathan FARMER; Charles Edwards (1815); Mary (1817) m. Burford DAVIS; Young Edwards (1818) m. (1) Mary, (2) Catherine BRINEY; Henry Edwards (1819) m. Caroline WHEAT; Frances (1821) m. William BOHANNON.


Researchers Notes: This family might be associated with Collins Creek in NC thru one Allen Edwards, b. abt. 1757 in Orange Co., NC; d. 1846-1850, Chatham Co., NC; m. Charity LAUGHLIN, daughter of Hugh LAUGHLIN (b. abt. 1755; d. after 1846).  Allen Edwards is identified as an heir of Hugh LAUGHLIN in a deed dated Oct. 30, 1796. (Orange DB 5:790.)


Collins Creek


1774 June 7 died William Blackwood: WILL OF WILLIAM BLACKWOOD

In the name of God, Amen, I, William Blackwood, of the County of Orange
and Province of North Carolina and parish of Saint Matthews thro the
abundant Mercy of God tho weak in Body, yet of a sound and perfect
understanding and memory do constitute this my last WILL AND TESTAMENT,
and desire it may be received as such.
I must humbly bequeath my soul to God my maker beseeching his most
gracious Exceptances of it thro the all sufficient merits and meditations
of my most compassionate redeemer Jesus Christ who gave himself to be an
attonement for my sins and is able to save to the utmost all that come
unto God by him seeing that he ever liveth to make Intercession for them,
and who I trust will not reject me and returning Penitent sinners when I
come to him for mercy in this hope and confidence I render up my soul with
comfort humbly beseeching the most blessed and glorious Trinity, one God
most holy, most merciful and Gracious to prepare me for the time of my
desolution and then to take me to himself into that peace and rest and
incomparable felicity which he has prepared for those that love and fear
his Holy Name, Amen, Blessed be God.
IMPRIMIS:  I give my Body to the Earth from whence it came, taken in full
assurance of its Resurrection from therein at the last day.
As for my Burial, I desire it may be in a decent manner at the discretion
of my Executors hereafter named.
As to my worldly Estate, I will and positively order that all my debts be
ITEM I : I give and bequeath to my dear and loving wife Elizabeth I give
her the third of all I now possess Excepting my land. A for my son James
and my son John and my daughters Martha, Mary, Jennet, Elizabeth and Ann,
each of them and everyone, to have one pistol and to my daughter, Ann, ten
pounds over and above her pistol and my land that I am now possessed of at
Newhope I gave and bequeath to my son William and to my daughter Margaret
I give one third of what I possess of my movable Estate. The remainder I
give to my son William after all debts and legacies are paid; and my
desire is that my wife Elizabeth live with my son William.
And, I constitute and appoint Charles Johnston and John Craig to be my
Executors of this my last Will and Testament, revoking and disannulling
all Will or Wills made to fore by me made Expecting and ordering my
Executors to see this fully completed and confirmed.
In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand & seal this Eighth Day of
October in the year of our Lord God, one thousand Seven hundred & Seventy
/s/  William Blackwood  his mark (Seal)
Signed, Sealed & Delivered 
    in presence of us:
Alex Mabana 
William Tate 
Mary Sample
Test      F. Nash C. C.
I, E. M. Lynch, Clerk Superior Court, Orange County, North Carolina, do
hereby certify that the foregoing is a true copy of the Last Will and
Testament of William Blackwood, deceased, as the same appears on record in
my office, same being recorded in WILL BOOK A, at pages 129, 130 and 131.
    WITNESS my hand and official seal this I4th day of October, 1958.
/S/  E. M. Lynch.


Saint Matthews Parish

John Craig

William Blackwood,

Chalres Johnston


1776 Aug. 17th, John Henley is found at a meeting of the Safety Council in Hillsborough, NC. complaining against impressment into service. (from Colonial Records of NC. Saunders Vol.

10-785); Proceedings of Safety Council, in Orange Co. in Hillsborough on Tuesday 27 Aug. 1776.              John Henly appeared before the Com, & complained upon oath that a certain Doctor Edward Bryan, Lt. of Light Horse lately appointed by Brig. Gen. Person to attend Militia under Col. Ramsey, did come to his home with eight of his men on Friday the 23rd of Inst. & there having procured an order signed by Capt. John Moore & Archibald Murphey, 2 members of this Com. empowering them to press SD. John Henly, John Barnet; that sd. Henly having found means of Bryan did with abusive Language demand Ten Pounds from thee wife of sd Henly as a fine for his refusal.  Sd. Bryan has advertized a reward for apprehending sd.  Henly dead or alive; for which reason he demands protection of this Com.

Resolved this Com. have utter abhorence to every attemp to force a free man into the service...John Henly ought and will be protected.   Com. to order comdg., officer of Militia which marched on the Indian expedition from Hillsborough Brigade to send sd. Bryan to this Board.  John Hogan Ch'n. From: Debra Johnson


1776-1783 Era: Johnson Womack served in the Rev. War per his application he married Annette Carpenter Womack, she was born in Orange Co., NC. Johnson Womack's RW pension app said he was born 1762 in Goochland Co., VA.


Annette Carpenter

Johnson Womack


Johnson Womack is the lines of ?


1776-1783 Era Capt. ______ Johnson, company commander, Chatham Co. NC Militia

(Capt. Joseph Johnson's Co Orange Co.(?) NC Militia) New Order of Battle based upon Battle of Camden Pension Statements (thru 01-03-04) by Charles Baxley

Note:  The primary source of this order of battle is pension affidavits given over fifty years after the battle.  Many Revolutionary War leaders went on to distinguished military service and the ranks given in those affidavits are often those achieved years after the Battle of Camden.


1779 J523  Charles JOHNSTON                N/A  N/A N/A  Tax Roll Orange county Tithes

1779 J523  Drury JOHNSTON                  N/A  N/A N/A  Tax Roll

1779 J523  George JOHNSTON                 N/A  N/A N/A  Tax Roll

1779 J523  John JOHNSTON                   N/A  N/A N/A  Tax Roll

1779 J523  Matthew JOHNSTON                N/A  N/A N/A  Tax Roll

1779 J523  Thomas JOHNSTON                 N/A  N/A N/A  Tax Roll

1779 J523  William JOHNSTON                N/A  N/A N/A  Tax Roll





1781 Durham Co. was formed from Orange and Wake Co.


1782 June 1 married John Caldwell, Martha Gattis; Charles Johnston


1782 Sept. 17 Richd. Abbot, to Mary Hufman bondsman   James Johnston


1784 April 6:  Peter Smith married Dolley Johnston: Witness: Samuel Whitesides


1785 May 7: Drewry Johnston or Drury Johnson: wife Rhoda R5656 NC Line: soldier married Rhoda Cole “Rody” in 1785 marriage bond signed 1785 May 7. In Orange Co NC . Soldier died in 1832 widow applied 1844 Nov 28 in Orange Co. NC age 82. One Sarah Cate made avvdt 1845 Feb 27 in Guilford Co. NC age 75 and stated she was at soldiers and wifes wedding. On 1853 Feb 10 in Orange Co. NC surviving heirs of widow were Irena Johnson, Henry Johnson, Pheby Jeffres. Pg 1861; 1855 Abstract of Rev. War Pension Files




[Methodology: Spelling, punctuation and grammar have been corrected in some instances for ease of reading and to facilitate searches of the database. Also, the handwriting of the original scribes often lends itself to varying interpretations. Users of this database are urged to view the original and to make their own decision as to how to decipher what the original scribe actually wrote. Blanks appearing in the transcripts reflect blanks in the original.]


[fn p. 2, copy of marriage bond dated May 7, 1785, given in Orange County, NC, by Drury Johnson and Thomas Browen to secure the marriage of Johnson to Rody Cole.]


 [On February 27, 1845, in Guilford County, NC, Sarah Cate, 75, gave testimony that she is the sister of Rhoda Johnson, widow of Drury Johnson, who resides in Orange County, NC; that her sister is the widow of Drury Johnson; that she, Sarah, was present at their marriage in 1785 by James Carrington, JP.]


 North Carolina, Orange County


On this the 28th day of November 1844, personally appeared before the undersigned one

of the Justices of the Court, of pleas and quarter sessions for said County, Rhoda Johnson, a resident of said County aged 82 years, who being first duly sworn according to law, maketh the declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the Act of Congress passed 7th July 1838.


That she is the widow of the late Drewry Johnson, who during the War of the Revolution

(as this Declarant has reason to believe & does believe) did serve the United States, as a private of Infantry in the Militia, after her marriage with the said Drury Johnson.


1st The said Rhoda Johnson has reason to believe and does believe that in the fall of 1778, there was a draft for 5 months Militia man, to serve the United States in the War of the Revolution, when this Declarant's husband, the aforesaid Drewry Johnson, was drafted to Serve in said tour, was marched from the Town of Hillsboro in the aforesaid County, to Salisbury, thence to Charlotte, thence to Rutherford's Camp in South Carolina and at the Cheraw Hills, was discharged & returned home, and in the foregoing tour was, she believes in a legally organized Corps.


2. This Declarant has reason to believe and does believe that in the fall of 1781, immediately after the Town of Hillsboro was captured by Colonel Fanning, September 1781. This Declarant's husband did volunteer for a Tour in the militia under Captain Hodges, Tinnin Colonel: in Butler Brigadier General -- the object in raising the troops was to rescue the Governor & the Troops which the Tories had surprised & captured in Hillsboro -- In this tour the troops were marched to near Wilmington & after remaining some time on the Cape Fear [River], returned home about Christmas following – having been absent in the Army about 3 months & 2 weeks. When he was discharged in the Town of Hillsborough & returned home, and in said tour, was called into the

Service by the proper authority.


3rd This Declarant remembers that some time in the early part of the year after the [battle of] Guilford [Court House] her deceased husband did volunteer a 3 months tour under Captain Guinn [Gwinn?] & Colonel O'Neal -- Butler Brigadier General, rendezvoused in the Town of Hillsboro were marched to Randolph, Grassy Island on the [?] and to Cross Creek, now


Fayetteville, thence to Pittsboro & were marched to Hillsboro and discharged by Colonel O'Neal.


In each of the foregoing tours, this Declarant has reason to believe and does believe that

her husband was in legally organized Corps & called into Service by Competent authority.


That as regards her Deceased husband's discharges from his tours, she has no knowledge

what has become of them.


This Declarant further states that her Deceased husband may have served in other tours;

but she does not recollect them -- and as to the foregoing Tours, they are as Correctly as she is enabled to state them, from what her in perfect memory furnishes her, and was she learns from those who were companions of her husband's in the Army.


The said Rhoda Johnson, further sets forth that she was married to the aforesaid Drewry

Johnson, to the best of her recollection in the year of 1785, that they were married by James Carrington Esquire and the aforesaid County of Orange as per Copy of her marriage Bond --


That her Deceased husband Drury Johnson died in the year of 1832. That she has not

married since, but still remains the widow of the aforesaid Drury Johnson.

That from old age & bodily infirmity is unable to attend to court to make this


Sworn to and subscribed the day & year first above written before me.

S/ Wm Lipscomb, JP S/ Rhoda Johnson, X her mark

State of North Carolina, Orange County


 On this 21st of November 1846 personally appeared before me John A. McMannen one

of the acting Justices for said County George Carrington1 a resident of said County aged 96 years and maketh oath that he was well acquainted with Drury Johnson Deceased Husband of Rhody Johnson who is now his widow, and that he well recollects that said Drury was a soldier in the Revolution the first tour said jury served was in the 9 months Militia That this deponent's brother James Carrington was Captain & Litle [Lytle?] was Colonel whether or not said Johnson served out the 9 months he is unable to say with certainty he will [well] recollects that said Johnson went in another tour of Duty and is under the impression it was a 6 months tour and thinks that McFarland was Captain & Mebane the Colonel, and in said tour said Johnson was with him at Ramsey's Mills on Deep River and in an engagement at Lindley's Mills N.C.

Sworn to and subscribed the day and date above written.

Before me John A. McMannen, JP S/ George Carrington, X his mark

State of North Carolina, Orange County


On this the 24th day of February 1845 Personally appeared before me Samuel N. Tate

one of the acting justices of the peace for said County George Carrington a resident of the said County & State aged 93 years, an United States pensioner who being Sworn according to law deposeth and saith that in the War of the Revolution he was in the United States service as a private soldier under Captain Mebane & General Butler.

This deponent was well acquainted with the late Drewery [Drewry or Drury] Johnson of

said County whose widow Rhoda is now applying for a pension -- Said Drewry Johnson to this Deponent's knowledge did serve the United States as much as 9 months as a private Soldier and under said Officers with this deponent during which time the Battle of Lindley's Mills was fought in the year 1781 And that this deponent remembers that the said Drewery Johnson was in the aforesaid Battle.


1 FPA S8185


The aforesaid Drewery Johnson has been dead about 12 years and left a widow Rhoda

surviving who has not since married but remains his widow.


 Sworn to and subscribed before me this 24th day of February 1845.


S/ Saml. N. Tate, JP S/ George Carrigan [sic], X his mark


Southern Campaign American Revolution Pension Statements


Pension application of Drewry Johnston R5656 Rhoda fn42NC\


 (Drury Johnson)


 Transcribed by Will Graves 10/28/08


Thomas Browen

Sarah Cate,

Rody Cole or Rhonda or Rhoda Cole

Samuel N. Tate



1787 May 11 Walter Alves, to  Emlia Johnston bondsman  John Hogg

1787 Mar 26: Married  Jno. Freeland, to Catherine Johnston bondsman Charles Johnston Orange County NC - MARRIAGES - Marriage Bonds D - J, Indexed by Groom

1780 March 4: Joseph Freeland, married to Anne Johnston 4 Mar. 1789 bondsman John Freeland

1785 May 7: Drury Johnston, married Rody Cole: Thomas Brownen

1787 May 11: Walter ALVES married Amelia JOHNSON  Orange Co. , NC

1788 March 4: James Johnston, married Margaret Craig: Baxter King

1789 Feb 17: Leonard Hayes, to Rachel Harrel; bondsman Charles Johnston

1789 Dec 5: John Johnson to Nancy Patton: John Patton


1790 Hillsborough District of Orange County


John NcDaniel

Barnet Lashley

Henry Edwards

John Edwards Jr

Thos Cate Jr

Wm Kirk

Mary Christmas

Janie Pratt

Thos King

James Gibson

Benj Nichol

Henry Pickett

Thos Holwoods Jr.

James Moore

James Roberts

Wm ray

Thos Thompson

James thompson

Wm Thompson

Thos Thompson Jr.

John Pais

Samuel McMulllin

John Powell

Wm Clending

Geo. Johnston

James Johnston

James Pain

Reuben Smith

David Smith

Wm Smith

 Jonathan Jones

Jeremiah McCracken

John Kennedy

Arthur Williams

Thos Howard

Aquilla Jones

Daniel McDaniel

Daniel Pugh

James McDaniel


1790 St. Marys District Orange County NC

James Cannaday

John Piper Sr

Wm. Wallace

James Woods

George Grisham

Thos Woods Sr.

Jonathan Dollar

James Fulton

Thos Roads

Aquilla Roads

Blayton Woods

Wm Dorsett

Henry Dunwoody

Richard Holloway

Benjamin Forester

Elizabeth Sears

Matthias Clinton

John Ragan

Joseph Townsley

Drury Johnston

John Chisenhall

Isaac Forrest

Edmond Forrest

George Hill

Thos Woods Jr.

Mordecai Sutherland

James Curry

Samuel Mays

Elias Turner

Henry Bunch

Abraham Whitacer

Nicholas Dunning

Levi Cole

John May

John Curry

Wm Riley

Wm Downs



1790 St. Thomas District Orange County NC


William Andrews

William Pendergrass

Wm King

James Blackwood

Peter Owen

John bradbury

Leonard partin

Wm Blackwood

Job Pendergrass

John Fann

Alexander Strayn

John Price

Geo johnston

Wm Burns

John Wilson

John Freeland

James Riggans

Nathaniel king

Alexr Rodes

Abijah Massie

John Hogan

Wm Lloyd

Chas King

james Gaddice

Saml Gaddice

John Scott

Stephen Lloyd

John Connolly

Fredk Lloyd

Daniel Stephens

Archibald Price

Benjamin Howell

Joseph Kirkland

Zacharia Bevill

David Hogan

Henry Ivey

Owen Llyod

John Caldwell

James Craig

James Lloyd

Other names of Interest on this List


Reverend George Reeves

Notes: Reverend George Reeves daughter Charlotte Reeves married James Randolph Robertson and they owned the Iron Furnace on Barton’s Creek in Dickson Co. Tn.

John King

Aaron Hunter

Hannah King

Thos. King

Samuel Craig

Notes: Capt Craig’s list of 1812 Humphreys Co. Tn

Ellinor Craig

John Craig

James Craig Sr.

Baxter King


1790 May 25: James Turner, married Rebeccah Clendening: John Johnston

1790 Aug 28: Johnston Jones, to Nancy Ball Richard Thompson

1791 Thomas Johnston, to Nancy Jones: Lewis Jones

1791 Aug. 25 John Comb,to Eliza Watson: John Johnston


1791 aug.25 Aron Combs,to Betsy Justice: John Johnston


1793 Born George Johnston:

Rev. George Johnston, one of the old and prominent citizens of Ripley, Tenn., and senior member of the firm of George Johnston & Co., furniture dealers, was a son of George and Jane (Thompson) Johnston, both parents being natives of Orange (now Alamance) County, N. C.  The father was born in 1793, the mother in 1798.  They passed their lives quietly on a farm, free from ostentatious display, and while firm believers in the doctrine of the Presbyterian Church, they never attached themselves to any local organization.  Four sons and a daughter were born to them, three now living.  The father died in 1827, and in 1831 the mother married William Russell, by whom she had four children.  In 1848 they moved to Arkansas, where she died in 1882.  The Johnston family are of Virginia stock, probably of same origin as Joseph E. Johnston's family.  Our subject was born in Orange (now Alamance) County, N. C., March 2, 1821.  His early life was spent on a farm; at seventeen he commenced to learn the cabinet-maker's trade, and after a two years' apprenticeship he worked as journeyman, until he commenced for himself in 1840.  The next year he married Elizabeth, daughter of Arthur Lindsley, born in 1819, by whom he had four sons and three daughters.  In 1848 he moved to Hardeman County, Tenn., and the next year to Lauderdale County, and worked at his trade, farmed and taught school until 1860, when he was elected county court clerk, and held the office ten years.  In 1839 he was converted, and united with the Methodist Protestant Church.  In 1845 he began to preach, and in 1847 was ordained deacon.  In 1851 he was recognized by the Memphis Annual Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church South, held at Paducah, Ky., as worth of the position in that church, and was ordained elder at the annual conference held at Jackson, Tenn., in 1856.  In 1878 he opened a furniture store at Ripley, Tenn., and has since done an active business.  In 1878 his wife died, and the next year he married, in Gibson County, Mrs. Pauline J. Smith, who was born in Rutherford County, Tenn., in 1825, and died in 1884.  Both wives were members of the Methodist Church South.  Mr. Johnston, has been an earnest student of theology nearly all of his life; his ministerial work has always been a free offering, and he is the oldest resident minister in the county of any denomination, and whilst he is a pronounced Methodist in his religious views, he lives in charity with all denominations of Christians.


1793 April 15 page 365 Deed Book 9 from Joseph Flippen to Pittsylvania Co. to John Johnson Jr. for 30 lbs a certain tract of about 100 acres of land in Pittsylvania Co. on the drafts of Middle Sandy Creek & bounded by Weatherfords old Order line. Anna Daniel, said Joseph Flippen said John Johnson. Signed; Joseph Flippen wit. Grief Barksdale, Robert Walters, Asa Thomas recorded April 15 1793:  

Notes: Flippens are connected to McAdoo or McAdows of Orange County NC (Rowan and its split Counties) They are also connected to the Scott lines off the Mayo Lines

NOTE:: Anne McDaniel's of Halifax CO. is the widow of William McDaniel's whose will was proved Jul 16 1778 in Halifax Co. Va: Grandson is Johnson McDaniel , Anne Mc Daniels is left 482 acres on Sandy Creek of Dan river to be used to pay William Mc Daniels debts.

NOTE first Thomas Deeds for Sandy Creek is a deed : Daniel (X) Tommus of Rollyey parish to John Tommus of Rolley in July 1740 the witnesses are Richard Ward and Elizabeth land is Southside Appomattox River and Big Sandy Creek:: see

NOTE: 1791-1801 Places Named in Patrick Co. SANDY CREEK
NOTE: 1749 Nov 17 This Sandy Creek is in Amelia CO. Deeds See Below in Prince Edward Co. Philip Thomas Deed.
NOTE:1753 Sandy Creek of Dann River in Lunenburg Co. Records: James Parrish Will
NOTE: 1778 Jan 27: sandy Creek deed in Amelia Co.Va: in Nov 1779 this is is Pittsylvania Co. See Joseph Jackson Jan 27 1778 Amelia Co; then in Pittsylvania Co in Nov 1778.

NOTE: 1809 Mar 28: Sandy Creek of Dan River is in Patrick Co. Deeds see below William Gaines
NOTE: AGAIN WEATHERFORD Line this is in early deeds in this report
NOTE: Asa Thomas and Peyton Thomas are sons of William Thomas and Joyce Thomas: See note at bottom of Pittsylvania Co. info.

1793June 5 Geo. Johnston married Mary Mulhollan Thos. Mulhollan

1795 March 14: Johnson Thompson married Sarah Johnston witness: Richard Thompson

1796 May 30: John Johnston to Izabel Craig: James Johnston

1796 Oct. 13: E: 21 William Johnson to John Saunders for 100 pds 125 A on Wolf Island Cr adj Patrick Wardlow, William Spiers former line, now John Harrisses,

Browder  Oct. 13, 1796  A. Philips

1797 Dec 16: John Johnston to Sarah Clark: Wm. Bowls

1798 Nov 19: Thos. Johnston to Nancy Fossett: Robert Fosett

1800 April 22: Wm. Jenkins, married Milley Harper bondsman T. Johnson

1800 May 06, John Johnston who, with James Johnston, witnessed the will of William CLENDENNIN of Orange Co., NC.

1800 Oct 10: James Johnston to Elizabeth Mason: James Mason

1800 Nov 3: Jeremiah Johnson to Nancy Forrest: Samuel Peeler

1801 Died : John Hudson (b, 1717 Hanover d. 1801 Orange Co NC md to Mary Green. He was the brother of Christopher Hudson md to Carey Byrd


Priscillia Farrar, dt of William and Pricilla Baugh Farrar.


Note--there is a John Hudson next to Augustine and Arminta Johnson Richardson in the 1820 Dickson Co Census, that I haven't been able to identify. Our Hudson Johnson's mother or grandmother had to be a Hudson. I'm sure there is a Hudson Johnson connection somewhere, but WHERE?- OK Tony, more Orange Co NC people

Notes Farrar surname is off Wm Farrar married to Ceciley Reynolds Bailey Jordan Farrar and her husbands. From: peg zaremba

1801 Jan 27: Luke Teer married Jeany Clendenin witness: John Johnston

1801 Oct 21: Larkin Howard, married Rachel Herndon bondsman Richard Johnston

1803 April 27: Wm. Johnston married Obedience Bobbitt: Willie Mangum

1803 Aug 25: Sam. H. Johnson married Mary Jane Rhodes: Wesley Neeley


1805 Feb 26: Robt. Johnston married Eliza Gibson: Ben Stevens


1805 July 26: Charles Hood married Patsey Johnston Bondsman James Douglas


1806 Born Ralph Barton b 1806, Orange County, NC m. Sarah Angeline Johnston


1808 June 10, Candace Johnson Holt is born to Joshua Holt and Elenor Cain Burrow about 1788 born in Orange Co., NC April 6, 1763. Elenor was the daughter of Jarrold Burrow and Elenor Cain. Elenor died December 24, 1852 in Shelbyville, Bedford Co., TN, at 89 years of age

1808 Oct 13 John Blackwood CRAIG, - 18 Jun 1885, son of Johnston Craig and Martha Blackwood. 
Nancy Gordon CRAIG, 1 May 1815 - 8 Sep 1902. (Wife of John Blackwood Craig)

John Blackwood Craig is the brother to my great-great grandmother, Eleanor Johnston Craig Gordon, and son of Johnston Craig and Martha Blackwood. He is also the grandson of Captain David Craig of Orange County, N.C.  
Nancy Gordon Craig is the daughter of John Gordon, Jr. and Mary Elizabeth
Tomlinson. She is also the niece of Jesse M. Gordon. 
Reference: An e-mail from: Dora Mai Gordon, author of, "Hawfield Craig's of
North Carolina" and my first cousin. The book can be found at the Mt. Pleasant Tennessee library

1809 May 21: Thos. Johnston married Mary McCulloch: Henry Shutte

1809 Wm. Johnson married Debby Morrison: Thomas Carter

1810 Richard Hensley and Sally Johnson on the Orange Co.  NC Census.


Notes: 1808 May 30 Sally Johnson to Richard Hensley


Notes: Richard Hensley must have been preaching and / or living in nearby Granville County for a time, for he married there. On 30 May 1808 he obtained a marriage bond in Granville County to marry Sarah Johnson. Sarah was born ca 1787/88 in North Carolina, perhaps in Granville County. I don't know who her parents were.

They were listed on the 1810 census in Orange Co, NC which borders Caswell County, and they remained here many years. (Note: I grew up in Orange County, North Carolina. Marty Grant). Their neighbors in 1810 were Stephen Ellis and Thomas Wilson. An "extra" older male was living with them, perhaps a younger brother of Richard or Sarah, or other relative or boarder. Richard1 Hensley Rev , born 9 Jan 1775 in Caswell Co, NC; died aft 1870 in Putnam Co, GA, son of John Hensley  and Rachel Cantrell .  He married on 30 May 1808 in Granville Co, NC Sarah Johnson , born 1787/88 in NC; died 1850/60 in Orange Co, NC.

1810 March 26: Benj. Johnston married Nancy Woods: A. Carrington

1810 July 4: Leigh Johnston married Patsy Collier: Harison Iving

1810 Oct 18: John Johnston Married Nancy Roach: Richd. Jones

1810 Nov 4: Benj. Johnston, Benj. married Nancy Woods: A. Carrington

1810 Nov. 30: Solomon Jacob, married Patsy Leathers Bondsman Wm. Johnson

1811 Jan 21: David Johnston married Polley Gibson: Richd. Jones

1813 Feb. 4 Bond  of Henry Dunkin (X)  of Johnson Co., Seamour Dunkin of Orange Co. and William Johnson of Granville Co. ... in case any debt or debts owing by John Duncan decd. shall be hereafter sued for ..., Henry Duncan shall refund and pay his salable? part ... out of the part or share of the personal estate of said deceased allotted & delivered to him. Wit. Robert C. Adams.

1813 July 29 Berry Johnson, married Nancy Hatwood bondsman David Andress

1813 Oct 29: Ludum White  married Margaret Dishon: Willis Johnson 
1813 Oct 29: Mark White married Elizabeth Duncan: Willis Johnson 

1814 July 20: Charles Johnson married Margaret Robson: John Robson

1815 Jan 15: Charles Turner married Katy Johnston witness: George Johnston

1815 Dec. 26 Robert Green, to Anne Johnson bondsman John Hobbs

1816 Geo. Johnston married Jane Thompson: Geo. Clancy

1816 Nov. 17: Jossah  Ridgen married  Susanna Johnston  witness:  George Coffner

1817 April 27: Gray Huckeby, married Patsey Johnston Bondsman Hugh Mulhollan

1820 Free Colored" Heads of Household in the 1820 North Carolina Census,

Jacob Johnston, 1002-201 Orange County page 292

1820 March 31,ORANGE COUNTY, NC - MISC - Dead Letter List from Hillsborough RECORDER LIST #1 as of  Vol. I, No. 9, Published 5 Apr 1820

George JOHNSON 3


1822 Era Died, Richard Stockard,
Born the 5th of July 1790, the eighth child of ten born to James and Ellender Trousdale Stockard, who married in 1755 and came from
Pennsylvania to Orange Co., N.C. and then to Maury County. James Stockard was a Revolutionary War soldier and died before 1822 in Maury County.

Richard Stockard's mother, Ellen Stockard was born in Scotland and died in Maury Co., in 1810.

Richard Stockard was married twice, first to Elizabeth Johnson on 23 Sept. 1818. They had a daughter named Sarah Ann Stockard (buried McClain Cemetery).

Richard Stockard's second wife the widow Cynthia McLean Hill (dau. of Ephraim and Polly Boyd McLean of Snow Creek.), 20 Oct 1836. Richard and Cynthia had a son named Samuel McLean Stockard the recipient of the famous "Stockard Letter by Alney Hite McLean". HUNTER CEMETERY (Historic)-MAURY COUNTY, MT PLEASANT, TENNESSEE

1823 Aug 11: Jonathan Welch married Mary Johnston: D. C. Johnston 

1824 March 17: Married Wm. Duskin, to Mary Johnston bondsman Geo. Johnston Orange County NC - MARRIAGES - Marriage Bonds D - J, Indexed by Groom

1826 Oct 9: Hiram Johnston married Thompson: A. H. Leonard

1826 Nov 9: Daniel Johnston married M. Dulenia Barton

1827 March 14: James Weaver married Polly Johnston: Teasley Pickett

1827 July 25 Henry Johnston married Barbara May 25 July 1827 Mattias Johnston

1828 abt BWesley Green Cheek Orange Co., NC; d. June 22, 1909, Chatham Co., NC; m. (1) Emeline JOHNSON, daughter of Jesse JOHNSON & Martha BUCKNER, abt. 1851 (b. Feb. 10, 1828; d. Feb. 1, 1866[?]);

m. (2) Elizabeth BUCKNER, daughter of Thomas JOHNSON & Frances JONES (widow of __ BUCKNER), Sept. 17, 1861 (b. Apr. 14, 1836; d. Mar. 23, 1910).


Elbridge Cheek (1852),

Milton White Cheek (1854),

Clinton Cheek (1855),

Wiley A. Cheek (1860),

Eli Crow Cheek (1862),

Wesley Doctor Cheek (1867),

Mary E. Cheek (1869),

Robert D. Cheek (1878).

1828 Jan 3: Levi Horton married Polley Whitehead bondsman Anel Johnston

1828 Jan 10: Willis Johnson married Katharin Amick: Peter Brown

1828 Feb 6: married John Elkins, to Elizabeth Strain bondsman Geo. Johnston

1827 Dec 12: Sanders Johnston married Beedy Mangum: Isham Brinkley

1828 May 1: James Hood, married to Amy Johnston Bondsman Thomas Anderson

1828 May 17: David Johnston married Mary Mebane: Eli Troxler

1828 Aug Turner Johnston married Priscilla Ashley Clarance :Ashley

1829 may 14: David Johnston married Salley Jones: Thos. Jones

1830 June 11: John Whitaker married Elizabeth Johnston: J. G. Blackwood 

1829 Sept 23: Saml Johnston married Margaret Burgwinn: Ed. Strudwick

1830 Sept 15: Ransom Johnston married Ann Loinberry: John Wason

1831 Sept 16: Ge. Johnston married  M. Eliza: J. Taylor

1832 Jan 4:  Wm. Russell married Jane Johnston witness: Wm. Russell

1832 Dec 5: Benj Johnston to Sally Cardin 5: John Holloway

1832 Dec 16: Stephen White to Isabella Johnston 
1833 Jan 19: Joseph Wells to Mary Johnson: Mebane Grahmas
1833 May 7: Married In Orange county, on the 7th inst., James Sloan, Merchant of this place, to Miss Sarah Johnson of Orange GUILFORD COUNTY, NC - NEWSPAPERS - The Patriot  1833 

1833 July 26: John Johnston to John Charity Tate: Robt. White

1834 Oct 23: Born: Sara Ann Stockard Kennedy Pugh Scribner WILLIAMS, 23 Oct. 1834 - 10 Sept. 1917. Sarah Ann  Stockard

(daughter of Richard Stockard and Elizabeth Johnson (b.5 July 1790 in N.C. - d. 6 Jun 1850; She is the tenth child of James & Ellender Trousdale Stockard (b. Scotland, mar. in Pa. in 1744; moved to Orange Co., N.C.); and Elizabeth Johnson; mar. 23 Sept 1813 Maury Co., Tn.);

Sarah Ann' Stockard’s father Richard is buried at Hunter Cemetery.

She married Weakley Gordon Kennedy, C.S.A. Pvt., (son of John & Barbara Gordon Kennedy of Pain Lick, Ky.)

W. G. Kennedy was a P.O.W. in St. Louis Mo.; died 21 March 1862, buried Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery in St. Louis, Mo.

Weakley and Sarah Ann's children are: Mandy Kennedy Christian, Robert Franklin Kennedy, James William Kennedy, John Jonas Kennedy, David O. Kennedy, and Victoria Ann Kennedy Pollock (Tom).

After the death of W.G. Kennedy, Sarah Ann married James Pugh who lived only 2 months, then she married Wesley Scribner a widow man from Illinois, they were married about 5 years when he died and later she married Caleb S. Williams one of the founders of the Mt. Joy Cumberland Presbyterian Church. She joined the church in 1883.

She had a half brother named Samuel McLean Stockard (The recipient of the "Famous Stockard Letter from Alney Hite McLean), the son of Richard Stockard and his second wife, the widow of John Hill; Cynthia McLean Hill Stockard (daughter of Ephraim McLean and Polly Boyd McLean; sister of John McClain(b. 1771 - 1881.), also buried at McClain Cemetery. (Our paternal Great Great Grandmother)  McCLAIN CEMETERY, LEWIS COUNTY-COUNTY WEST OF MAURY


1834 Oct 11: Sanders Johnson to Mary Riggs: Clayton Jones

1834 Oct 17: James Stockard married Mary Johnston witness: Wm. Holmes

1834 Nov 5: Daniel Roberts married Ellenor Russell witness: James Johnston

1834 Dec 8: Robert Thompson married Jane Johnston: Witness: Alvis Crawford

1833 Dec 14, Adam Ingold sold 0.56 acres on Stinking Quarter Creek to Joshua Johnson, both of Orange Co, for $10 (Guil DB 21, p393).

1835 Feb 19: Willie Johnston to Franky Day Chesley Bass

1835 April 9: Jones Jones to Rebecca Jones: Johnston Jones

1835 June 2: Robt. Jeffreys, married phoebe Johnston bondsman S. Piper

1837 April 12: Wm.Johnston to. Mary Fossett: Saml. Patton

1837 May 20: Fisher Johnston to Fanny Pearson: Zan Pearson

1838 May 15: Robert Johnston to Anne McPherson: Thos. Carter

1838 Hargess Johnston to Betsy Cole: Benj. Johnston

1838 Oct 25: James Johnston to Nancy Fossett: N. H. Blackwood

1838 Nov. 22: Green Harris, to Rhoda Johnston bondsman James Bullock

1838 Nov 30: Major Johnston to Elizabeth Isley: Joel Isley

1838 Dec 29: James Watson to Sarah McCauley: Johnston McCauley

1841 Mar 11, Person Chisenhall married Polly Carden wit: Witnessed by Benj Johnson, w. J. Taylor

1841 May 17: Geo. Johnston to Elizabeth Lindsey: John Johnston

1841 Aug 31: John T. Johnston toMary Thompson: Wm. Russell

1841 Sept. 11 John Russell married Sarah Johnston witness: Jno. Bingham

1843 Feb 22: Balaam Hornaday, married to Anna Johnston bondsman Wm. McPherson

1845 Feb. 4,  born Mary J. Wife of Allen R. Johnson she died  May 12, 1918 DEMASCUS CHURCH CEMETERY 522 DEMASCUS ROAD CHAPEL HILL, ORANGE COUNTY NORTH CAROLINA

1845 Oct 17: John R. Johnston toEliza E. Thompson: Wm. Thompson

1847 Aug 3: Teppo Johnson to Sarah Isley: Allen Boggs

1847 Oct 30: Duke Johnson to Jane Allen 30 Oct. 1847 Henry Web

1848 May 22: Bryant C, Smith married Prixcilla Johnston witness: H. Mangum

1849 Alamance co. was formed from Orange Co.

1850 Nov 20: Duncan Taylor married Mary Johnston witness: S. Garrard

1852 May born James Johnson, died  June 1930 ORANGE COUNTY, NC - CEMETERIES - Clover Garden Church Cemetery

Notes: Oct. 3, 1844 born  Sarah A. Cates, Wife of James Johnson  Nov. 9, 1913 ORANGE COUNTY, NC - CEMETERIES - Clover Garden Church Cemetery

1854 Dec 7: Eli Johnston to Mary Lane(col): J. R. Hutchins

1854 Sept 29: Geo. W. Jones to Denesha C. Johnston

1857 March 13 Murphey Smith married Frances Cheek witness: Jno. Johnston

1857 nov 6: Thos. Johnston to Mary A. Thompson: Henry Thompson

1858 Jan 7: Durell Johnston to Lucretia Carrington: Jno. Laws

1858 May 20 married Wm Day, to Rowan Johnson bondsman is Wm. Parrish Orange County NC - MARRIAGES - Marriage Bonds D - J, Indexed by Groom

 1858 june 10: John A Hendon, married to Margaret Johnston Bondsman Wm. Duskin

1860 Feb. 21 Wm Gaston, to Sarah Johnson bondsman  Duncan Taylor

1860 Aug 21: John Johnson to  Nancy A. Johnson: Zion Pearson

1864  Dec 9: Married Wm.Evans, to Elizabeth Johnson bondsman Haywood Day

1865 Nov 16: Moses W. Horner, married Clementine Johnston bondsman James Horner

1865 Nov 28: Henry Hogan, married to Aggy Kirkland Bondsman Charles Johnston

Johnson, Anderson Mary Turner

1867 March 2: Buck Johnson to Nancy Herdon: W. McCauley

1867 April 29: Robert Johnston to Sarah Swain

1867 May 24: Virgil Johnson to Louise Blacknal

1867 Dec 25: Daniel Johnson to Jane Couch (col)

1868 Jan 13: Sam. Johnson, Sam. Mary F. Bumpass (col)

1868 Feb 15: Henry Johnson to Selena Hester (col)

1868 Aug. 6, born George W. Johnson died Feb. 7, 1934 (one stone) DEMASCUS CHURCH CEMETERY 522 DEMASCUS ROAD CHAPEL HILL, ORANGE COUNTY NORTH CAROLINA

Johnson, Caleb Celey Morehead(col) 15 Aug. 1868 --- ----




Rev William MOORE ...Orange Co. no dates known.... married Elizabeth Johnson GRIMES Orange County NC - MISC - Miscellaneous MOORE Family Information



Here is some info on the Gwinn's (Mordecai and Alexander) in Orange Co., NC.

Mordecai died there, and Alexander and brothers moved to Sumner Co., Tn.  Alexander, and his son Alexander, then moved to Humphreys Co., Tn.


Orange Co., NC Patent Book 12, #2068, p.17
John Pitman, 15 March 1756, 550 acres in Orange Co., in the Parish of St. Matthew on both sides of Haw River, joining Little Creek, an Island, both sides of Travess's Creek, and (a point) below the mouth of Travess's Creek
Original Record: /s/ (the make of John Pitman) by Mordecai Gwinn with the following notation: "Mordecai Gwin By Virtue of a Power of Attorney recorded in the County Court of Orange, did in the Name of John Pitman sign and Subscribe the Deed and then seal and deliver the same as the Act and Deed of the sd Pitman."
Witnesses: Enoch Lewis, James Cary, Jr. surveyed 18 December 1753
SCC: Wm Pitman, Thomas Stagg W Clinton Surveyer
Source: "The Granville District of North Carolina 1748-1763," Vol. 1-5, HB Library


Orange Co., NC, Court Minutes
John Pitman to Mordecai Gwinn, 550 acres, deed of sale, witness Stephen Merrit, 13 Sep 1756

On October 10, 1776, a survey by John Butler, for Mordecai for 200 acres of land adjacent to Henry McCluer and William Harper, made for a land grant #383 on March 13, 1780.  On July 4, 1780, Henry McClure entered 400 acres on Guins Creek of the Haw River, bordering John Howell, James Thompson and Samuel Parks.


Orange Co, NC Land Entries 1778-1795
268. May 19, 1778 Saml James enters 240 [written over 200] ac on S side of Haw River; border: on N by Mordecai Gwin and on boh sides of Travers's Cr; includes his improvement; warrant issued Aug. 14. 1778.


p. 33
134, 40:377, entered 17 Aug 1778, issued 3 Sept 1779, entry no. 268, Samuel James, 240 acres, a tract of Land lying on Travises Creek a branch of Haw River Beginning at a Red oak Standing on the low Ground of Haw River between Sd River & Travises Creek Supposed to be in Givins line Running thence South Crossing Said Creek Sixty two Chains & a half to a Red oak Thence West Sixteen chains to a black Jack Thence South five Chains & a half to a white oak Thence West Seventeen Chains to a Red oak Thence North twelve Chains & a half to a black Jack Thence West five Chains to a white oak Thence North thirteen Chains & a half to a red oak Thence East one Chain to a black oak.  Thence North Twenty Six Chains to a Red oak Thence West Crossing the Sd Creek Eight Chains to a white oak Givens Corner Thence North Eighty Two degrees East forty Six Chains to the beginning, Containing Two hundred and forty acres, surveyed October 29th 1778 by James Smith D. S. for Maj. Thos Taylor, Jesse Philips & Saml Osburn SCC, on the south side of Haw River Bounded on the north by land of Mordecai Grim; on both sides of Traveses Creek, including his improvement.

Orange Co., NC, DB 2, p.162 12 Aug 1785
Edward Gwin to William Gwin
120 pounds for 100 acres, south side of Haw River, part of 540 acres entered in Lord Granville's office granted to John Pitman
Wit: William Hays, Chamberlin Hutson


Orange Co., NC, DB 4, p.302 7 Oct 1789
John Gwin and Sarah to William Harper and Elizabeth
100 pounds for 100 acres, east side of Haw River, on the west by said river, on the south by land formerly owned by Mordecai Gwin and land of Samuel Parks, on the east by land of William Harper, and on the north by land of Mordecai Gwin, deceased, being part of Two tracts, One of which Mordecai purchased of John Pitman and the other of the State of North Carolina and Conveyed to John Gwyn by a Deed bearing date the sixth day of February 1784 four
Wit: John Melvin Jurat, William Harper, Senr


Orange Co., NC, DB 5, p.712  Oct 1789
William & Elizabeth Harper to James Cook
100 pounds for 100 acres on east side of Haw River, part of two tracts, one of which Mordecai Gwyn purchased of John Pitman, and the other by the State of North Carolina and conveyed to John Gwyn by Deed bearing date the sixth day of January One thousand seven hundred and Eighty four. 
Wit: Archilbald Cook (Jurat), John Haney

Will Vol. A, page 330
In the name of God Amen I Mordecai Gwin being infirm in body, but in perfect Health, do make and ordain this my last will and Testament in form following, that is to say, I give and recommend by soul to Almighty God what gave it, and my body I recommend to the Earth to be decently [buried] at the discretion of my Executor.  And touching such worldly Estate which it hath pleased God to bless me with I will and bequeath in the manner following, and form.
After my lawful debts and funeral charges are paid, I do bequeath all my Land to be equally divided between my three sons, John, Alexander, & James, and my loving wife Elizabeth Gwin to live upon said Land during Widowhood, and afterwards to be rented out, till the said John, Alexander, & James Gwin are of age for their use.
I do likewise bequeath unto my loving Wife Elizabeth one third of my movable affects, and I do bequeath unto my Daughter Margret, one feather Bed, and bedding of cloths, and one cow Named Daniel, and one white faced heifer, and to have one saddle bought for her, and one spinning wheel bought, and five pounds in money.
I do likewise bequeath to my Daughter Jane one feather Bed, and bedding of cloths, and one cow named Blood, and a red heifer with white face, and to have one saddle bought, and one Wheel bought, and five pounds in money, and one calico gown to be bought.
And I do bequeath my son William one red heifer calf, and one sow and pigs, and  cach ten shillings, and I do bequeath unto my son Edward in cash one pound ten shillings, and I do bequeath unto my grandson John Gwin and Mordecai Gwin in cash ten shillings each, and I do bequeath to my Daughter Mary five shillings sterling and I do bequeath to my son John my young black Horse, and my plough, and I do bequeath to my loving Wife Elizabeth my bay mare, and I do bequeath to my Daughter Sarah, and Elizabeth five shillings sterling each.  And I do bequeath to my daughter, Margaret, my bald eagle horse.  And the remainder of my estate, after my Debts are paid, to be divided between my two sons James and Alexander, and I do leave my loving Wife Elizabeth and my son Edward Executor
Signed in presence of us   Mordecai his M mark Gwin {Seal}
Thomas his + mark Moore
William Gwin


Exec'r Qualified
William Gwin relinquished his Interest in this Will in Open Court and proves the Execution of the same


Orange Co., NC DB 2, p.162 Edward Gwin to William Gwin   12 Aug 1785
Indenture Both of Orange Co., 120 pounds for acres, N side of Haw River, bounded on N by river, mouth of spring branch at corner of Edward Gwin, part of tract of 549 acres in entrée in Lord Granville's office granted to John Pitman.
Wit: William Hays, Chamberlin Hutson    Aug Term 1785


Orange Co., NC DB 4 p.302 John Gwin & Sarah to William Harper & Elizabeth 
Indenture All of Orange Co., 100 pounds for 100 acres, E side of Haw River, bounded Gardner's, on south by land formerly the property of Mordecai Gwyn, Deceased, part of two tracts, one of which Mordecai Gwin ??? of John Pitman, and the other conveyed to John Gwin by State of NC dated 6 Feb 1784.
Wit: John Melvin, Jurat, William Harper, Senr   Feb Term 1790


Orange Co., NC DB 7, p.269 Alexander Gwin to James Wilson   15 Sep 1797
Indenture 55 pounds for 100 acres, W side of Haw River, part of a larger tract containing 550 acres Granted to John Pitman by Deed dated 15 Mar 1756, conveyed by deed from said Pitman to Mordecai Gwin, and willed by Mordecai Gwin to Alexander Gwin & James Gwin, bounded Haw River
Wit: Charles Wood, Junr, Jurat, James McClang   

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