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Haplogroup I  -The I, I1, and I1a lineages are nearly completely restricted to northwestern Europe. These would most likely have been common within Viking populations. One lineage of this group extends down into central Europe. Haplogroup I dates to 23,000 years ago or longer. Lineages not in branches I1a, I1b or I1c are found distributed at low frequency throughout Europe  Group White Oak

Purple is my Cousin Joe Matlock’s Research

Haplogroup I  -The I, I1, and I1a lineages are nearly completely restricted to northwestern Europe. These would most likely have been common within Viking populations. One lineage of this group extends down into central Europe. Haplogroup I dates to 23,000 years ago or longer. Lineages not in branches I1a, I1b or I1c are found distributed at low frequency throughout Europe Group Sessile Oak  Maroon is the assigned color: Researchers are Avin Euell Johnson: John Kenneth Johnston: Terry Merrell Johnson: Dean Allen Johnson: Richard Johnson: Michael Lee Johnson: John Raines Johnson: Eugene F. Johnson: Robert Leonard Johnson: William Jefferson Johnson: Richard Karl Johnson: Robert Hugh Johnston: Jeffery M. Johnstone: David Keith Johnston: Lorne Alvin Johnston: William Bradley Maurice Johnston: Clifford Alexander Johnston: Richard William Johnston: Joseph Duant Johnston: George Edward Johnston: Philip Sherman Johnston: Oliver Renaud Johnston: David F. Johnston: E.D.L. Johnston: Robert Edward Johnston: Robert J. Johnston: Nancy Breidenthal

Group Leader: Jeffery Johnson e-mail at:


Olive is the DNA LINE of Leonard Johnson and Todd Johnson

Haplogroup I2A -This subgroup of Haplogroup I is found within the Balkans countries at it's greatest frequency and diversity. These countries probably harbored this subset of Haplogroup I as a refuge during the Last Glacial Maximum. Group Norway Spruce

Group Leader is:


Lime is the Color assigned to this DNA GROUP OF JOHNSON RESEARCHERS and will be added to Current Files of Johnson and Allied Families in Faquier Co. Va. Halifax Co. Va. Pittsylvania Co. Granville Co. NC


Haplogroup R1b1   -Haplogroup R1b is the most common haplogroup in European populations. It is believed to have expanded throughout Europe as humans re-colonized after the last glacial maximum 10-12 thousand years ago. This lineage is also the haplogroup containing the Atlantic modal haplotype . Group Elm

Julian Bentley Johnson Jerry Johnson <> James Granville Johnson <> Judy: For William Thomas Johnson  <>Floyd Junior Johnson: Ronald K. Johnson<>

Group Leaders is



Gold is the Color for descendants of Colonel Richard Johnson

Lead researcher: Bonnie Flyhte e-mail is


Turquoise is the DNA of Jeffery Michael Johnson

Haplogroup E3a - Haplogroup E3a is an Africa lineage. It is currently hypothesized that this haplogroup dispersed south from northern Africa within the last 3,000 years, by the Bantu agricultural expansion. E3a is also the most common lineage among African Americans

Group Leader is


My Notes On This Group: The Roman Empire was the first to use troops all over the world they left blood groups ever where they went from Countries of Africa to England: The Roman Empire was one of the VAST spreading Empires in the World to first use troops of other Countries it conquered. The use of using other troops from Conquered Countries spread with each developing Empire.


Red is the County lines and Parish Lines: These lines can and will change people in a County or in a Parish. This is to serve as a Time line to show changes, in lines or in changes where families moved to from this area.


Teal is being used for Quaker dates, these are not the same as the Julian Calender for all the other information, these need to be transcribed to be used in a Julian Calender.


Quaker dates have not been translated Before the 1752 calendar change, the first month of the year was March. From: Mary E. Stewart  


In 1752 the new year began to be counted from Jan 1. Before that it ran from March 26-March 25, Julian Calender changed. So a date in July 1750 would be earlier in the same "year" as one in Feb 1750 (which once 1752 rolled around, would be thought of as the next year). From: Barbara Schenck


Rose Color is for Haplogroup R1b1   -Haplogroup R1b is the most common haplogroup in European populations. It is believed to have expanded throughout Europe as humans re-colonized after the last glacial maximum 10-12 thousand years ago. This lineage is also the haplogroup containing the Atlantic modal haplotype . Researchers matching this DNA ARE; James Russell Johnson, Samuel Frank Johnson, C. Thomas Johnson and Stephen Alexander Johnson

Group Leader is

Haplogroup E1b1b1: This lineage is estimated to have originated in north-eastern Africa about 23,000 years ago. Some of its branches exited Africa during the Paleolithic, and today it can be found in Europe, the Middle East, and north and east Africa. Lines of LBJ coming off Samuel E. Johnson Descendants. Researchers are David F. Johnson, Brett Kerry Johnson: Orange Color:


Haplogroup R1bi is the most common haplogroup in European populations. It is believed to have expanded throughout Europe as humans re colonized after the last glaciail maximum 10-13 thousand years ago. This lineage is also the haplogroups containing the Atlantic modal haplotype: Group is Aspen; Color is Light Orange Researchers are Jane Johnson Williams, James Johnson born Ca 1718 died 1785 Brunswick Co. Va.

Group Leader is


Haplo groups R1b-R1b1C is the most common haplogroup in European populations. It is believed to have expanded through out Europes as humans re colonized after the las glacial maximum 10-12 thousand years ago. This lineage is also the haplogroups containing the Atlantic modal haplotype. Group is Black Oak: Color is Brown: Researcher is Dean Johnston: Thomas Johnson reside Pits.Co Va 1776 moved to Washington Co.

Group Leader is


Plum Color is Haplo group I2b1 Group Cherrybark Oak I2b:  The I2b lineage likely has its roots in northern France. Today it is found most frequently within Viking / Scandinavian populations in Northwest Europe and extends at low frequencies into Central and Eastern Europe. Researchers: Daryl Keith Johnson, Larry Dean Johnson, Mark Younger Johnson

Group Leader: Valerie Johnson


These files come from numerous Johnson-Johnston-Johnstone-Jonson-Jonston researchers and Sent to Tony L. Johnson who compiled the information” Please share with Other researchers”


Report made by Tony L. Johnson a descendant of Hudson Johnson and Agness Johnson of Bartons Creek, Dickson Co. Tn, Big Creek Hawkins Co Tn and Buffalo Creek of Henry Co. Va.


The link to the Johnson/Johnston/Johnstone DNA Project is:

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1744 May Thomas Archer, labourer, when he bought 200 acres near Chinkapin Neck for "the sum of one whole years work already paid" [DB F:526], and on 6 July 1750 he paid 100 pounds for a further 340 acres adjoining Thomas Johnson [DB G:395]. This land was located in the southeast corner of present-day Hertford County near the Bertie County line.


Thomas Archer

Chinkapin Neck

Thomas Johnson





Hertford County





1773 ERA moved to Caswell Co: JAMES JOHNSON (Pension R5607) served in the NC Line, was born 10 May 1759 "about 8 miles from Murfreesborough" [Hertford Co? ] NC near the VA line and at age of 14 [abt 1773] moved to Caswell Co, NC and lived there 3 or 4 yrs after the War, then to Lawrence Co, "Laurens" SC for 10 yrs, then to Pendleton Co, SC for 9 yrs, then to Buncombe Co, NC for 7 yrs, then to what is now Fentress Co, TN and he applied there 28 Jan 1833. He died 30 Mar 1838, and his widow, Delilah, applied 24 Oct 1838 Roane Co, TN. She was born 21 Jul 1767 in Bute Co, NC, and they had married about the middle of Jan 1783 in Granville Co, NC and she stated she lived near the Granville and Caswell Co, lines for 6 yrs prior to her marriage with sol. He died in Roane Co, TN, and his youngest child was James JOHNSON who made an affidavit 24 Oct 1838 in Roane Co, TN, age 29 on 4 Apr 1838, and stated he had married 23 Apr 1829 and also that he was James Sr.'s 9th child.

The "State Census of NC, 1784-1787," Register, pp. 44-56, Granville Co. shows: "A list of number of Inhabitants in Abraham Plain's District, taken by Samuel Smith, J.P., Aug. 7, 1786." Pg. 1, 05 Jacob MITCHELL; 07 William OWEN, Junr; 12 William ALEN; 16 William FRAISYIER; 17 John RAVEN; 18 James JOHNSON 1-4-4-5-10.

See also Rejected-Suspended Pensions, Section III, which states that the application of Delilah Johnson, widow of James JOHNSON, was rejected as she was not a widow under the Act




1806 May married 1st Richard Johnston to Martha Wheeler

 7 Feb 1788 New Brunswick - 19 Nov 1856 Murfreesboro NC married 1817 2nd William P Morgan
 married 1824 3rd James Worrell


Richard Johnston

Martha Wheeler

William P Morgan

James Worrell


1806 Dec 28: Born Rev. Samuel Iredell Johnston died 12 Aug 1865 (grad. UNC 1826) married 23 Sept 1829 Margaret A Burgwin 1 Nov 1811 - 16 Oct 1886 daughter of George William Bush Bergwin


a. James Cathcart Johnston Jr 12 Jan 1834 - 21 Dec 1888 Hochheim, Dewitt Co  TX
"He was named for his father's first cousin, the master of Hayes and owner of vast estates throughout the Albemarle region.  The younger Johnston styled himself James Cathcart Johnston, Jr. and lived at Hayes with his elder
relation until their rupture early in the Civil War. The elder Johnston made a new will in 1863 completely disinheriting his relatives and leaving everything to three friends and business partners. Dr. Max R. Williams of Western Carolina University wrote a two-part series "The Johnston Will Case: A Clash of Titans" for the North Carolina Historical Review in 1990." (six children all rem to TX)
married 3 Jul 1958 Katherine [Katie] Harris Warren 18 July 1840 - 22 Feb 1889 
           i. Sallie Annie Johnston
           ii. Katherine [Kate] Warren Johnston
           iii. Frances [Fannie] Christian Johnston
           iv. William Warren Johnston

b. Mariah Nash Johnston 1836 - 1907
            married Rev. Francis W. Hilliard 1830 MA  -
                    in 1861 Rector of Grace Church, Plymouth
             He was the rector of the Chapel of the Cross in Chapel Hill during the War.
He received the honorary degree of master of arts at the Commencement of 1864 UNC  
            i. Frances Hilliard ca 1857 -
            ii. Margaret Hilliard 1859 –

c. Elizabeth Cotten Johnston 22 Feb 1838 - 29 June 1879 Paris, France
            married Dr. Edward Warren of Edenton
             i. Elizabeth Cotten Warren d. ca 1910 Paris, France
            ii. Inis Warren
                married Frank Bizzell
                      1. Frank Bizzel
                      2. Mary Bizzell

d. George Burgwyn Johnston 1840 - 1863/4
                 health ruined in Civil War (grad UNC 1855)
            married Nannie Johnson dau of Dr. Charles E Johnson

e. Gabriel Iredell Johnston 1842 - 1902 (Episcopalian Minister)
 UNC  Commencement of 1893:  Doctor of Divinity awarded to Gabriel Johnston, a native of North Carolina, Rector of a Parish in Canada. "It was resolved to confer the degree of A.B. on the surviving members of the War Classes, 1862 to 1868, inclusive.  The following received diplomas at the Commencement of 1911"   Class of 1863: Gabriel Johnston
          married Alice Killaly died 1926
           i. Mary Carmen Johnston 1876 -
                married William Vicars Mencke
                      1. Ruth Mencke
                          married Robert Hutchinson
          ii. Margaret Johnston 1878 -
              married Harry W McCoombe
                    1911 census - he is a barrister living on Dorothy St, Welland, Ontario
                       1. Hudson W McCoombe Oct 1906 -
                       2. Gabriel J McCoombe Oct 1909 -
         iii. Emma Killaly Johnston 1880 -
                married William H Bailey
                       1. Alice Bailey
                       2. William Bailey
          iv. Kathleen Johnston 1882 -
           v. George Johnston 1888 - 1913
          vi. Iredell Killaly Johnston 1888 - 1953
                  married Helen Clarissa Richardson 1896 - 1990
                       1. Helen Mary Johnston 1924 - 1988
                            married Hugh Grant Harper 1924 -
                                 family info from their daughter Helen
                       2. Frances Austin Johnston 1927 -
                            married Rolland Lewis Jerry  - died March 2002
f.  Helen Scrymoure Johnston 1844 - 
                   (rem. to Wilcox Co, AL 1869)
            married 8 Feb 1869 John D. Perry ca 1843 - ca 1871
g. John Johnston 1846 - 1877
             married Ida Lytle nfi

h. Samuel Iredell Johnston 1848 - 1850/60 d. y.
 i.  Iredell Johnston 1850 -  dsp
 j.  Frances [Fannie] Ann Johnston 31 March 1858 - 1907
            married John Daniel Parker Monroe, NC -
            i. John Johnston Parker 1885 - 1958
                       lawyer and judge a Federal judge in Charlotte
                        served on the Nuremburg War Crimes Tribunal
                 married 1910 Maria Burgwin Maffitt
                        1. Francis Iredell Parker


1807  Godwin Cottens- son-in-law John S Johnston died leaving dau. Elizabeth a widow with two children

Elizabeth Betsy Cotton was married to John Scrymoure Johnson

ca 1804 - first grandchild Sallie Johnston was born.

1806 - grandsons Samuel Iredell Johnston and Godwin Cotten Moore were born at Mulberry Grove.


Elizabeth Williams 18 Oct 1751-5 Jan 1789 married 1767 John Johnston 1733-1791 their son  is John Scrymoure Johnston


Elizabeth Cotten called Betsy was born ca 1780 the first child of Godwin Cotten & Sarah Brown of Mulberry Grove. She married twice. She married first John Scrymoure Johnston of Bertie Co, a nephew of Governor Sam. Johnston. John S Johnston died at Mulberry Grove in 1807 leaving two children Sallie Ann & Samuel Iredell Johnston.
Betsy married second Cornelius Moore of Rich Square, NC. There were two more children twins Cornelius & Cornelia (Cornelia died young when she was about eight).  
Harriett Moore and Isaac Carter Moore were Cornelius’s children by his first wife.


COUSIN LINE IS Thomas Blount Whitmel died 20 Sept 1798 Halifax Co
 served in the Continental Line 20 Nov 1776 - 14 May 1779
 married 1779 Ann Smith 1759 - 1839
Dickson Co, TN
she was the daughter of Drew Smith of
Halifax Co

Thomas Blount Whitmel removed to Dickson Co TN
 married 1806 Elizabeth Norfleet


Godwin Cottens-


1807 Feb 11  - ca 1870 Richard Wheeler Johnston

Richard Wheeler Johnston
Guardianships- James Worrell appointed guardian to Richard W. Johnston "Lunatic" Secs: John W. Southall and Wm. B. Wynns. Dr. Godwin C. Moore testified in court against John W. Southall and James Worrell that Johnston was sane and the court agreed


James Worrell

John W. Southall

Wm. B. Wynns

Dr. Godwin C. Moore


1808 Oct 31 Julia Munro Johnston - 11 Sept 1835 married  1 Nov. 1825 John Wesley  Southall 28 July 1797 - July 1873 Tues, 1 Nov 1825 in Buckhorn Chapel, Hertford Co NC


Julia Munro Johnston


1825 Nov 1: married Julia Munro Johnston 31 Oct 1808 - 11 Sept 1835  John Wesley Southall 28 July 1797 - July 1873Tues, 1 Nov 1825 in Buckhorn Chapel, Hertford Co NC


1829 May 29: Born Hon. Jesse Johnson Yeates died 5 Sept 1892 Washington City

Jesse Johnson Yeates

 4 July 1851 -the speaker of the celebration in Harrellsville was Jesse J Yeates, who at the time was in charge of the male academy in the village.  [Moore-HSHC]
    "a Representative from
North Carolina; born near Murfreesboro, Hertford County, N.C., May 29, 1829; attended private schools and Emory and Henry College, Emory, Va.; studied law; was admitted to the bar in 1855 and commenced practice in Murfreesboro; prosecuting attorney of Hertford County 1855-1860; member of the State house of commons 1860-1862; solicitor of the first judicial district 1860-1866; served in the Confederate Army as captain and major of the Thirty-first North Carolina Infantry during the Civil War; member of the Governor's council during Governor Worth's administration; declined appointment by Governor Holden as judge of the first judicial district in 1868; delegate to the Democratic State convention in 1871; member of the State constitutional convention in 1871; elected as a Democrat to the Forty-fourth and Forty-fifth Congresses (March 4, 1875-March 3, 1879); successfully contested the election of Joseph J. Martin to the Forty-sixth Congress and served from January 29 to March 3, 1881; declined to be a candidate ... in 1880; resumed the practice of his profession in Washington, D.C., and died there on September 5, 1892; interment in Glenwood Cemetery."  Congressional Directory


1839 Nov Will of Godwin Cotten Hertford County NC
In the name of God Amen I Godwin Cotten calling to mind the mortality of my body & knowing it is appointed for man to die and being of a sound mind and desposing memory have ordained and Constituted this my last will & Testament.
I give my body to the Earth to be decently buried at the discretion of my Executor & my soul to God who gave it believing in the Resurrection Son Jesus Christ will raise my body again at the Last day

Item. I lend unto my beloved wife Sally Cotten during her life the following negroes Willis Tom & Peter also two work horses one yoke of Oxen one cart & wheels three Cows & calves four sows & pigs five Ewes & Lambs three feather Beds & furniture one dozen Setting chairs my same plantation whereon I now live during her life

Item I give my wife Sally Cotten one half of my farming utensils such as ploughs & axes also one half of my crop of corn fodder & wheat also half of my kitchen furniture such as pots tubs pans &c

Item I give unto my daughter Elizabeth Moore one negro woman named Charlott with her three children widow Mary dau of Mary and all the issue of Charlott from the date of this will to her and her heirs forever.

Item I lend unto my daughter Elizabeth Moore one negro boy named Robbin also one negro girl named Sylvia during her life

Item I lend unto my Daughter Elizabeth Moore two negro named Abbe & Lidia also one negro man named Isaac during her life

Item I give unto Sally Ann Johnston after her Mother's death the two negro women Sylvia & Malvina to her & her heirs forever.

Item I give unto Samuel I Johnston after his Mother's death the negro man named Isaac to him and his heirs forever also one boy named Robbin

Item I give unto my Daughter Esther Jones one negro woman ----- to her & her heirs forever also one tract of Land Called C. . . . . . ..

Item I give unto my Grandson Godwin C Moore after his Grandmother's death the land upon where on I now live with the negro Sam also one desk & book case standing in the front room also two looking glasses in Mid Room to him and his heirs forever it is my will & desire that Godwin C Moore live with his Grandmother work the Land & support her while she lives

Item I give unto my Granddaughter Emeline Fletcher one negro man Dempar to her & her heirs forever

Item I give unto my Granddaughter Sally Matilda Moore after her Grandmother's death the negro named Willis to her & her heirs forever

Item I give unto my grandchildren the Moores & the Johnstons all the money that appears to be owing to me for schooling & except a note in books given by Godwin C Moore to James Atkinson two hundred dollars

Item it is my will & desire that all the remainder of my Estate that I have not given away or lent be sold that my negroes Ben Ally Cate and after my just debts is paid if there should be any remainder that the money be equally divided between my wife & my two daughters Elizabeth Moore & Esther Jones

Item I nominate and appoint my two Grandsons Godwin C Moore & Samuel I Johnson my Executors to this my last will & Testament given under my hand & seal this 18th day of Febr 1829.
witness: Godwin Cotten (seal)
Benj A Parker,

Godwin Cotten Junr,

John Brown

Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions State of North Carolina November Term 1830 Hertford County
This last will & Testament of Godwin Cotten decd was in open Court proved by the oath of Benj A Parker & John Brown two of the subscribing Witnesses thereto & ordered to be recorded At the same time Godwin C Moore & Samuel I Johnson the Executors appointed were duly qualified as such and . . .. . .


Godwin C Moore

James Atkinson

Benj A Parker,

John Brown


1832 May: Will of Sally Cotten Hertford County NC
In the name of God Amen I Sally Cotten knowing that I shall in the course of time die but being at this time of a sound and disposing mind do make publish and declare this to bo my last Will & Testament.

Item 1st I Give and bequeath to my grandson Godwin C Moore all of my goods chattles negroes and the Growing Crop except such as I shall hereafter despose of.

Item 2nd I Give and bequeath to my grand daughter Sally M Moore one Bed and its furniture and one Cow and Calf.

Item 3rd I Give and bequeath to my Grandson Samuel Iredell Johnston and bed and its furniture and a cow & calf.

Item 4th I do hereby constitute and appoint my Grandson Godwin C Moore My Sole executor. Witness my hand and seal this the 5th of May 1832 Sally Cotten
Mary Eliza Brown Martha Wootton

State of North Carolina Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions Hertford County February Term 1833
The within Last Will & Testament of Sarah Cotten dec was exhibited in open Court and proved by the oath of Mary Eliza Brown one of the subscribing Witnesses there to & ordered to be Recorded At the Same time Godwin C Moore the Executor therein was duly . . .


Mary Eliza Brown

Martha Wootton

1837 August Court Extracts of Daniel Southalls Estate Inventory and Accounts from:  Record of Accounts, Inventories & Sales of Estates, Hertford Co., NC, 1835-1837,

Gilliam Johnson note due: 11 Feb 1828 desperate

J D Johnson note due 23 Apr 1820 desperate

James Johnson note due 6 Dec 1816

Icanah Johnson note due 28 Apr 1823

Joseph Johnson note due 6 Jan 1821

"Judgment vs Jas R Johnson" 24 May 1829

George Johnson note due 8 Sep 1828

Jas Johnson note due 1 Nov 1828