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Haplogroup I  -The I, I1, and I1a lineages are nearly completely restricted to northwestern Europe. These would most likely have been common within Viking populations. One lineage of this group extends down into central Europe. Haplogroup I dates to 23,000 years ago or longer. Lineages not in branches I1a, I1b or I1c are found distributed at low frequency throughout Europe  Group White Oak

Purple is my Cousin Joe Matlock’s Research

Maroon is connecting of Johnson surname researcher to A. Euell Johnson

Haplogroup I  -The I, I1, and I1a lineages are nearly completely restricted to northwestern Europe. These would most likely have been common within Viking populations. One lineage of this group extends down into central Europe. Haplogroup I dates to 23,000 years ago or longer. Lineages not in branches I1a, I1b or I1c are found distributed at low frequency throughout Europe Group Sessile Oak

Group Leader: Jeffery Johnson e-mail at:


Olive is the DNA LINE of Leonard Johnson and Todd Johnson

Haplogroup I2A -This subgroup of Haplogroup I is found within the Balkans countries at it's greatest frequency and diversity. These countries probably harbored this subset of Haplogroup I as a refuge during the Last Glacial Maximum. Group Norway Spruce

Group Leader is:


Lime is the Color assigned to this DNA GROUP OF JOHNSON RESEARCHERS and will be added to Current Files of Johnson and Allied Families in Faquier Co. Va. Halifax Co. Va. Pittsylvania Co. Granville Co. NC


Haplogroup R1b1   -Haplogroup R1b is the most common haplogroup in European populations. It is believed to have expanded throughout Europe as humans re-colonized after the last glacial maximum 10-12 thousand years ago. This lineage is also the haplogroup containing the Atlantic modal haplotype . Group Elm

Group Leaders is


Julian Bentley Johnson Jerry Johnson <> James Granville Johnson <> Judy: For William Thomas Johnson  <>Floyd Junior Johnson: Ronald K. Johnson<>



Gold is the Color for descendants of Colonel Richard Johnson

Lead researcher: Bonnie Flyhte e-mail is


Turquoise is the DNA of Jeffery Michael Johnson

Haplogroup E3a - Haplogroup E3a is an Africa lineage. It is currently hypothesized that this haplogroup dispersed south from northern Africa within the last 3,000 years, by the Bantu agricultural expansion. E3a is also the most common lineage among African Americans

Group Leader is


My Notes On This Group: The Roman Empire was the first to use troops all over the world they left blood groups ever where they went from Countries of Africa to England: The Roman Empire was one of the VAST spreading Empires in the World to first use troops of other Countries it conquered. The use of using other troops from Conquered Countries spread with each developing Empire.


Red is the County lines and Parish Lines: These lines can and will change people in a County or in a Parish. This is to serve as a Time line to show changes, in lines or in changes where families moved to from this area.


Teal is being used for Quaker dates, these are not the same as the Julian Calender for all the other information, these need to be transcribed to be used in a Julian Calender.


Quaker dates have not been translated Before the 1752 calendar change, the first month of the year was March. From: Mary E. Stewart  


In 1752 the new year began to be counted from Jan 1. Before that it ran from March 26-March 25, Julian Calender changed. So a date in July 1750 would be earlier in the same "year" as one in Feb 1750 (which once 1752 rolled around, would be thought of as the next year). From: Barbara Schenck


Rose Color is for Haplogroup R1b1   -Haplogroup R1b is the most common haplogroup in European populations. It is believed to have expanded throughout Europe as humans re-colonized after the last glacial maximum 10-12 thousand years ago. This lineage is also the haplogroup containing the Atlantic modal haplotype . Researchers matching this DNA ARE; James Russell Johnson, Samuel Frank Johnson, C. Thomas Johnson and Stephen Alexander Johnson

Group Leader is

Haplogroup E3b1a -  This lineage is estimated to have originated in north-eastern Africa about 23,000 years ago. Some of its branches exited Africa during the Paleolithic, and today it can be found in Europe, the Middle East, and north and east Africa: DNA Of Researcher Brett Johnson

Group Leader is


Haplogroup R1bi is the most common haplogroup in European populations. It is believed to have expanded throughout Europe as humans re colonized after the last glaciail maximum 10-13 thousand years ago. This lineage is also the haplogroups containing the Atlantic modal haplotype: Group is Aspen; Color is Light Orange Researchers are Jane Johnson Williams, James Johnson born Ca 1718 died 1785 Brunswick Co. Va.

Group Leader is


Haplo groups R1b-R1b1C is the most common haplogroup in European populations. It is believed to have expanded through out Europes as humans re colonized after the las glacial maximum 10-12 thousand years ago. This lineage is also the haplogroups containing the Atlantic modal haplotype. Group is Black Oak: Color is Brown: Researcher is Dean Johnston: Thomas Johnson reside Pits.Co Va 1776 moved to Washington Co.

Group Leader is


Plum Color is Haplo group I2b1 Group Cherrybark Oak I2b:  The I2b lineage likely has its roots in northern France. Today it is found most frequently within Viking / Scandinavian populations in Northwest Europe and extends at low frequencies into Central and Eastern Europe. Researchers: Daryl Keith Johnson, Larry Dean Johnson, Mark Younger Johnson

Group Leader: Valerie Johnson


These files come from numerous Johnson-Johnston-Johnstone-Jonson-Jonston researchers and Sent to Tony L. Johnson who compiled the information” Please share with Other researchers”


Report made by Tony L. Johnson a descendant of Hudson Johnson and Agness Johnson of Bartons Creek, Dickson Co. Tn, Big Creek Hawkins Co Tn and Buffalo Creek of Henry Co. Va.


The link to the Johnson/Johnston/Johnstone DNA Project is:

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The link to the J/J/J Research site is:

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1696 Bath Original county subdivided 1705

1705, Archdale from Bath became Craven County in 1712

Many of those who were free mulatto’s in Northampton County, Virginia, settled in Craven County, North Carolina. They were the Carter, Copes, Driggers, George, and Johnston families. They can be traced directly back to their seventeenth century Virginia ancestors. Those in the early eighteenth century lists of Northampton County, Virginia tithables who immigrated to North Carolina were the Allen and Roberts families

1712 Craven County renamed from Archdale Precinct of Bath County

1719 Craven County NC Early Tax List JACOB JOHNSON

1720 Craven County NC Early Tax List PETER JOHNSON


1720 Craven County NC Early Tax List RICHARD JOHNSON


1720 Craven County NC Early Tax List WILLIAM JOHNSON


1722 Carteret Co from Craven


1729 New Hanover County formed from Craven County


1733 April 3: At a Council held at the Council Chamber in Edenton the 3d day of April 
Anno Domini 1733. Present His Excellency George Burrington Esqr. Governour etc. The Honourable Nathl. Rice, Robt. Halton, John Bapta. Ashe, John Lovick, Edmd. Gale, William Owen Esqrs. Members of His Majestys Council.
Read the Petition of the Inhabitants of Craven Precinct in these Words 
To George Burrington Esqr. His Majestys Capt. General, Governour, 
Commander in chief of the Province of North Carolina.
Petition of Craven Precinct for Altering the Seat of Government
We the Gentlemen and Freeholders of Craven precinct on Neuse River think  our selves Extreemly happy under your wise and prudent Administration, the Good Orders and Peace we see now Established throughout this Province is the most convincing Proof of Your Excellencys Care and wisdom, and deserves the thanks and Gratefull Acknowlegement of all men in North 
That Your Excellency will always patiently hear and redress any thing amis we know by Experience, or have been well assured from others, Therefore with great Submission desire to acquaint Your Excellency that there is a Discourse among us that You design to remove the Seat of Government to the lower part of Cape Fear River which if done will prove a great Inconvenience and Charge to four parts of the Inhabitants out of five in this Colony.
We are sensible Edenton is for many reasons a very Inconvenient Place for the Seat of Government and almost as much may be said against the settling it on Cape Fear River.
Therefore we humbly desire and hope Your Excellency will take proper measures for fixing the Seat of Government near the Centre of the Province which we suppose is on the South side of Neuse River which will give a general Satisfaction to almost the whole Province and greatly promote the Speedy peopling the unsettled part of this Country, Increase the Kings Quitt Rents, and Encourage Trade and Industry, and be an Everlasting Demonstration of Governour Burringtons Kindness to the Inhabitants of North Carolina.
That you Sir may in health and happiness long govern this Province is the Prayers of Your Excellencys most humble and most obligated Servants.
Robt. Bond
Rice Price
John Gotling
James Gumley
John Berry
Robt. Bond
Richard Whither
John Moore
John Kelling
Jason Sonisborg
William Batskott
Thomas Lewis
John Jacob However
Benjamin Gidens
John Sasser
William Sasser
James Jaggers
Francis Dawson
Mitchell Downes
James Capes
Richard Russill
Seth Homes
Jacob However
John Biggs
Wm Webb
John Owens
Denice West
Oxford Besley
Richard Sherod
John Howard
Wm Hallford
Mark Hallford
Thomas Fulker
Benja Fulker
Wm Fulker
Samll Whithouse
William Brite
Wm Morgin
Robert Pittes
William Pites
John Odeel
Christopher Mashel
John Boown
Cadwalady Jones
Geo Whitaker
Joseph Nott
John West
John Mill
James Cohoon
John Wane
Robt Stanten
Anthony Moore
Richard Land
Arthur Bowers
John Bryan
George Hankil
Thomas Evans
Daniel Hickins
Daniel Shine
Joseph Edmondson
Martin Frank
Garrett Highman
Nicholas Hauper
Charles Hopton
Hew Banks
Valentine Powers
John Ackis
Benadictus Wendrick
John Wendrick
Gilbert Deaver
Job Kemp
Samuel Granbury
Thomas Sasser
John Perrey
Phillip Mors
Farfould Great
Carnelius Sullavant
Jno Andrews
William Hudson
Jacob Macky
Jno Williams
William Ford
Isaac Gould
Elis Jaquis
Richard Smith
Thomas Resnet
Thomas Brown
Thomas Johnson
James Race
Joseph Pitman
Edward Kellen
William Kellin
Thomas Hares
James Smiaden
James Hewis
Mark Farguson
John Coming
Rolen Macke
Robert Walston
Thomas Jones
William Dean
Isaac Bamton
John Morgain
Robert Ramsey
Thomas Hopkins
Thomas Mastier
Thomas Foks
Peter Duck
Peter Finicum
Robert Black
William Bosach
Sam Lovitt
Harmon Gaskins
Francis Hill
Edward Millon
Jacob Maskey
Adam Moore
James Barbour
Joshua Platt
John Beasley
Solomon Beasley
Natt Bexley
Geo Bould
David Dupins
John Walldrell
John Carter
Benja Hands
William Doins
James Eminis
Cornelius Loftin
Thomas Fiston
Peter Reel
William Norward
Howell Jones
John Hill
Michael Pickle
John Collins
Charles King
Martin Dennord
Jos Morwood
George Carnepy
John Warefill
Wendel Brery
James Smith
John Minply
Laurence Rely
Thomas Murphey
Mathew Resantovar
John Rouse
Thomas Norward
Vale Leike
William Beane
Jno Lettcher Miller
William Owins
William Johnson
Robert Jones
James Coales
Geo Lane
Michael Griffin
William Pound
Christian Isler
John Fouth
John Richards 
Jer Morfin
Richard Clarke
Frederick Morvy
Robt Rirkland
James Cokle
John Dept
Andrew Wallis
Peter Mollard
Freddk Esler
Henry Tucker
George Fisser
Charles Maret
William Askins
Jacob Joven
Jacob Grinder
Wm Loyall
Jacob Blilelor
James Starland
Ambros Ariss
Wm Bexley
Robt Mitchell
Battan Smith
Geo Slider
Patrick Vendil
John Ward
John Murphey
Frans Hunn
Wm Bexley
Jab Took
John Simons
William Nun
James Fenley
George Keith
Isaac Edridge
Danl Penfilt
Thomas Greaves
James Green
Jno Prescott
Thomas Hogg
James Cush
William Willson
John Powell
Walter Lane
William Griffin
Aaron Wood
Martin Frank
John Fomville
John Fomville Jr
Jacob Site
John Rogers
Christian Flowers
Brian Canady
Chris Sabbark
Jno Sabbark
William Thomas
William West
Florance Sulevant
Andrew Walls
Joh Pled
J Breght
Frans Street
Lenard Loften
Neal Mackoy
David George
Wm Bright
Wm Gray
Edmonson Mitchell
Wm Smith
Solomon Smith
John Slocomb
Evan Jones
Mathew Saine
Richd Manifield
Thos Smith
John Tucker
Simon Bright
Jno Monk
Samll Whitehorse
John Weom
Daniel Dumar
William Handcock
Wm Handcock Junior
Paul Phillips
Joseph Slocomb
John Caruthers
Nath Franklin
Isaac Pleasune
John Witherton
Owen Swileven
John Lovitt
Will Burmton
Randolph Lovitt
Thomas Rusull
Henry Estenling
William Prejent
Bryan Culling
Edward Culling
John Culling
Joseph Smith
Thomas Lewis
Daniel Smith
Henry Smith
Thos Pinson
John Williams
James Taylor
Earnest Pulls
Moses Tilman
Thomas Nelson
James Doesier
Source: The Colonial Records of North Carolina Second Series, Volume VII Records of the Executive Council 1664-1734 Pages 302-303



1734 Bladen formed from New Hanover County


1736 march 9: George the Second &c Know Ye &c That We &c have given to Fredrick Isler two hundred & Sixty acres of land lying in Craven County No. side of trent begining at a red oak in Martin Franks line near Rattle Snake branch then No. 120 po to a pine then No. 50 Wt. 140po: to a pine then So. 55 Wt. 160 po: to a white oak then So. 20 Et. 120 po: to a white oak then So. 70 Et. 136 po: to a red oak then streight to the first station To Hold &c Yielding &c four shillings 
proclamation money 9th March 1736
Gab: Johnston
Land Grant Book No. 9, Page 234, File No. 880

Notes: Gabriel Johnstson recorded the deed he appears to be the records clerk until 1749 or after  era.


1742 RICHARD JOHNSTON Early Tax List Craven County NC


1743 March 20: Francis Hill moved to this Court by Rich'd Love his Attorney that he be a__________ of his poverty  __  ______ to pay his taxes ordered ____ _______to be made on ...
In the action Robert Fitz Randolph Pltf agt Israel Baxter Deft   a Jury of
twelve good and lawfull men being duely selected and sworn withdrew in some
short time returned _____  Vesoiced in these words   we Find for the Pltf  L
44 with Cost    Thomas Nelson  Foreman
In the action Martin Frank Pltf agt Edwd Lewis Deft a Jury of twelve
good and lawfull men bing duely selected and sworn withdrew in some short
time returned  Verdict   Vesoiced in these words we find for the Pltf L 90
Thomas Nelson foreman
Court adjorned to tommorrow Morning ____________ Court met according to appointment
               | Samuel Johnston               |     Justices
Perfect   | Joseph Gamis                   |
               | Daniel Shins
               _____ Jonas
               of his proclamation Made
North Carolina  |               At a Court of Common Pleas and General  _________Craven County  |  Sessions Began and held at the Courthouse in New Bern this 2nd day of June annodom 1743
In the Case the King Pltf agt Israel Baxter Deft a Jury of twelve good and lawfull men being duely sworn withdrewn some short time  Returned these Verdict in these words  we find the Deft guilty

Rich Nixon Forman


1743 Feb 9:  2-412:, Comrs. of New Bern to John Doncan for 8 sh., 4 town lots, corner between Pollock Street and Eden Street, being lots 190, 191, 197 (199?) and 200, 2 acres; Doncan to build a house. Wit. Jas. Durham, Mallachi Johnson. (FHL film 18,639)


1743 Feb 9:   2-422: New Bern Comrs. to John Doncan, £3, 3 lots #81, 83, 84, in New Bern, beg. at corner between Pollock Street and Middle Street; wit. James Durham, Mallachi Johnson. (FHL film 18,639) (MAD: an inquest was held in Craven Co. NC on 6/24/1745 into the death of Keziah Duncan, wife of John Duncan; from "NC Gen. Society Journal" 1975)


1744 February 16:  Will of William Willson of Craven:  mentions slave Quash now living with William Barren.  Testator owns houses and lots in New Bern. 

Friend Captain Joseph Johnston mentioned. 

Wit:  John Lassiere (or Lapiere), Thomas Graves, and Martha Johnston. 

[Mary Wilson, widow of Col. William Willson, m. (2) Roger Moore of New Hanover County, Esquire.] 

Exr: Richard Nixon.  [William Wilson lived on Brice’s Creek, adjoining Thomas Smith.]

[Note: Thomas Graves was a son of Richard and Hannah Graves (see more about him under item dated 30 October 1765.  Thomas’s sister, Mary, married Richard Nixon.]


1744 June 9: William Burton, of Craven Co, NC, gave power of attorney to "trusty and loving friends" John Powell and Arthur Johnston to collect debts owed to him. Witnesses: _____ Smith, Mallachi Johnston. Recorded in Craven Co, NC Deed Book 2, page 419.


1746 Johnston County from Craven Co. NC


1746 Sep 15  Craven Co., NC Court Minutes, New Bern chd. Licence & bd. Made out. Mr. Arthr. Johnston moved the Court for a Licence to keep Ordy. At his dwellg. House in Newbern. Grtd. And he has given Secty. As the law prescribes George Norris & Saml. Griffis Securities.


16. Sep 1746 Craven Co., NC Court Minutes, New Bernchd. Licence & bd. Made out. Saml. Griffis moved the Court for a Licence to keep Ordy. At his dwellg. House in Newbern. Grtd. And he has given Secty. As the law prescribes George Norris & Arthr. Johnston Securities.


Notes: A Whiskey Maker: Hudson Johnson was a whiskey maker


1750 Anson County formed from Bladen Co.


1752, Orange from Bladen, Granville, and Johnston


1752 Sept and Oct: North Carolina Wills and Inventories
LDS fiche # 6051125
[This is extracted from a set of 7 microfiche at the local LDS Family History Center. ve]
Estate Inventory
Richard LOVETT dec'd Craven county
7 men:  Lamrick, Perro, Stepney, Dublin, Peter, Jackson, Casar
2 women:  Moll, Hannah,
4 children:  Essex, Nimrod, Perthena, Quash
money collected:
Samuel Ratcliff and others for Negro Dublin bon
Authur Johnston for Negro Essex
part sold at public vendue 21 Sept  and 2 Oct 1752
Negro Lemrick to John Kilbee
Negro Stepney to Charles Adams
Negro child to Charles Adams
Negro Casar to Edward Griffith
Negro woman and child to Terimy Veal
Negroes Peter and Moll to John Clatherall
Negro Boy Nimrod to Stephen Lee
Negro Peroe to Thomas Lovick
Negro Essex to Arthur Johnston
Negro Ralph to William Brice
Negro Jackson to George Kernegee
Negro Dublin sold at Johnston court
expenses:  freight of Negro Ralph from west Indies
charge and expense to Negro Dublin at Johnston county
Contributed by: (Virginia Ewing) 


1752 Abt: Hanna JOHNSTON born in Craven Co., North Carolina Death: 30 APR 1835 in Davidson Co., Tennessee she married William Roach Sr: born ABT 1743 in The North of Ireland


Catherine Roach (Cathy) b: 17 FEB 1790 in Onslow or New Hanover Co., North Carolina

Susanna Roach: BET 1791 AND 1794 in North Carolina Married: 5 AUG 1813 in Davidson Co., Tennessee  Depsey Jones born in NC

Hannah Roach

Elsa (elsey) Roach: : BET 1793 AND 1794 in Onslow or New Hanover Co., North Carolina

Sources Title: John Marshall Roach - Nashville, Tennessee Repository: Media: Book
Note: John Marshall Roach - Nashville, Tennessee. pp.9,19


1752 November 11:  Samuel Mackubins sr, planter to Moses Davis 130 acres on S side of Batchelders; begins at Edwd Bryan’s corner pine on Deep Branch near “the hurricane” pines belonging to Richard Johnson and includes all land on S side of creek belonging to McCubbins’ survey except gold and silver mines.  Wit:  William Barran and John Mackubin.  Craven County, NC, Deed Books 6, 7, 8 and 9 10, 1750-1758, Dr. A. B. Pruitt, 2005.


1753 Rowan County formed from Anson County.

1754 Jan 20  (Craven Co., NC) Edward HARBERT. Will. Jan 20 1754 May Court 1754; Sons: Edward and John; Four other children not named; Ex: Edward HARBERT (son); Witness: James Combs, Henry GIBBONS, William RIGSBY; CC: Sol. REW. (Abstracts of North Carolina Wills 1690-1760 by Grimes, Page 149

1754 Oct 10: list of the Gentleman Soldiers Comanded by Solomon Rew
Taken October 10th 1754 in New Bern Town Craven County



Solomon Rew, Capt.


Francis Fontaine Jun.(?)



Richard Daves, Sergt.

William Cumang

Nathaniel Searbrough

George Johnston, Do

Rich. M. Gugan

Robert Gilbert

James Durham, Do

Francis Codington

Wm. Cole

Jn. Fontin, Corporal

James Coore

Georg Carnegy

Levan Hale, Do

Stephen Meriman

Jn. Carnegy

Richd. Hall, Do

Edward Harbert

Jacob Carnegy

Thomas Morss, Do

Tho. Coleman

Edward Price

Charles Evat (?)

Jeremiah Lambert

Hugh Cooper

John Teer

Joseph Martin

John Murphy

John Rawlins

Hugh Fullerton

Peter Ramm (?)

Alexr. Nelson

James Wright

Adam Moore

Chas. Cogdell

Wm. Tetgmeier

Wm. Bartin Whitford

Robert Snead

Samuel Cole

Andrew Gray

Jon Norwood

John Norwood

W. <torn> nce

John Stephenson

John Loyd


Jn. Stephenson Taylor



<torn> Cox



John Briceon

James Parkinson

Michael Higgins

John Nelson

John Carrol

George Foy

Uriah West

Peregan Cox

Thomas Norwood

James Sears

Thoams Coore

Saml. McCubbin Jun.

Josiah Ridgway

Peter Sennott

William Cose

Samuel Lawson

George Lane

Bryan Calahan

Kitrell Mundine

John Starkey Jun.

William Barron Jun.

William Arthers

Saml. Cornell

Saml. Blackford

Benj. Morfort

Rip Van Dam

James Stevinson

Richd. Williamson

John Gray

Thomas Taylor

Wm. Mans Lipscomb

John Harris

John Morgan

William Chance

John Late

George Morgan

Wm. Norwood

Wm. Johnston

Marten Shepard

John Mead

James Griffin


John Lovett

Thomas Hall


John Lane

Samuel Hall


Wm. Tigley

Thomas Wright


Benj. Jordan

John Petters


Wm. Whittess (?) Jun.





(On reverse is states "Date Com. April 11th, 1753") Robert Dudley, Clerk


1753 October 15th  The List of the Company of Cason Brinson Sener

Christopher Dawson, Leutenant

Nathaniel Gabril

David Lewis, Insine

Emanuel Gabril

William Speight, Senden (?)

James Yulsher

Thomas Whitford, Senden (?)

Samuel Houer

Nicolas Purphy, Corporal

Solomon Grifin

John Morgen Corporal

Johnstone Drigers

William Williams

Caleb Drigers

Samuel Granbery


John Boyd


Joseph King Sener


Robert King


Martin Whitford

Casson Brinson Juner Clark

Joseph King Juner


John Hartly (crossed out)


Lorraney Blackey


Thomas Chutril


James Whiten


Thomas Speight


John Speight


William West


Frances Hill


Richard Hill


Samuel Roberds


Sollomon Edwards


Baley Hickman gone out of District


Thomas Edmanson


James Edmanson


John Cook gone out of District


William Daws


Mathew Martin


Roberd Burnay gone out of District


William Caten


John Caten


Volentine Hawkins gone out of District


Peter Harper


John Rusel


James Brinson


1754 Oct 15: North Carolina Craven County A List of Foot Company of <torn> Commanded by Capt. Thomas Graves by Commission baring date the Sixth of January 1751 for the district from the Lowerside of <torn> west creek to the town Bounds.


Joseph Harris, Lefttenant


James Herring

John Lane

John Fonvielle, Insign


Matthew Goodwine

John Taylor

Benjamin Griggin, Sargent


Matthew Mason

Richard Humphrey

Samuel Payne (?) Sargent


Benini Loftin

Wm. Humphrey

Jonathan Macfashon, Sergent


Edward Clerck

?? Fonvielle

Samuel Berry, Corporal


Thomas Stephens

John Bryant

Luke Russel, Corporal


John Taylor Jun

Samuel Griffis

William Trewhit

James Green Jun

Abrim Taylor

Howard MacRubin

Jabiz Mot

Samuel Griffin

John Cox

Azeriah Richason

John Yeats

Aws Powel

Thomas Hammond


James Caddel

William Wiggins

George Lane


John Jones

Wm. Brice Fonvielle



William Jones

Absolem Taylor



Fountain Lane

David Fonvielle



Nathan Ward

Joseph Sherrod

Richard Carleton


Joseph Pringle

Owin Dohety

Luke Russel


Ephraim Lane

Daniel Dohety

Wm. Varnelson


Daniel Wilson

John Carmach

Solomon Beasly


John Heath

Joseph Trewhit

Samuel Slade Jun


David Herring

Edward Cox

George Pope Jun


Tho. Coalman

George Lane

Ambros Fields


Cornelious Loftin

Samuel Berry

Moses Davis


Wm. Lambsdell

Elisha Cox

Richard Johnson


Joseph Price

Elisha Cox Jun

Thomas Rutter


Robert Taylor

William Stringer

Peter Handy


John Slade

John More

John De?


Wm. Sivell

George Metts

William Mecoy


Samuel Mackubins

Comme Men

Willis Mecoy


Joseph Hall Jun

Arthur Barronois

John Cooper


John Humphrey

Jacob Griffin

Francis Nunn


Benjamin Lane

Samuel Herring

John Arnet


A Treu List Taken the 15th of October 1754 by me Farnifold Green Clerk


1754 Oct 25: Capt. Lewis Bryan A List of the Company of foot from Mr. James Moockel ???? ???? on Marels Run  and upwards of ye county line between Craven and Johnston Counties


John Halingsworth

Francis Arnul

Jacob Johnson

Granbery Rouley (?)

Gara Johnson

George Charlton

William Peters

Harris Yooman

Benjamin Sanderson

Hezekiah Smith

Wabber Jones

Henry Gibons Sen

Tomos Gerald

Henry Gibons Jun

William Duberly

John Barber

Charles Smith

Joshua Brinkham

John Collings

Joseph Jackson

John Arnul

Joseph Lotchwork (?)

Aron Cocks

John Beasley

Abraham Peters

John Yoomen

Absalom Tuton

Joseph Booten

Anthony Whorrey

James Leigh

Andrew Johnson

John Minter

Auguston More

Jacob Johnson

Abraham Cock

James Taylor

Benjamin Beasly

John Bayon

Benjamin Cock

John Pringle

Benjamin Blount

John Anderson

Clermont Dyson

James Gallway

Charles Holingsworth

John Philips

Caleb Wigons

James Anderson

Linos Conon ?)

John Chapman

David Commings

Jeremiah Ronley

Edward Conon

James Vanpelt


John Batehet (?)

Jonas Griffon

William Lewis

Isaac Carter

William Barber

John Halle

Wm. Beasly

John Tount

Wm. Booten

James Harbert

Wm. Garald

John Griffin

Wm. Mickson

Joseph McKoal

Wm Leigh

Joseph Bryan

Wm Roath

Joseph Durham

Wm Bay

John Tayl,or

Wm. Butler

Mason Philips

Wm Rigbe

Peter Anderson

Wm. Johnson

Peter Low

Wm Bonoit

Robert Allen


Samuel Saterwhet


Solomon Peters


Samuel Rite


Samuel Branton


Thomas Phillips


Thomas Sutton


???? Taylor


Thomas More


Thomas Bass


Thomas ????


Thomas Yooman


Wm. Clark


Taken the 25th day of October 1754 Lewis Bryan My Commission is dated ano domini 1747

1754  Dec 5:  A List of the Company of the North Shore belonging to Capt. John Shine the Destrick from the head board creeek down to the <torn> of the River.


Capt. John Shine

William Whitty

John Oliver

Newmon Dun, Lieutenant

Thomas Everton

Francis Harmstrong

John Edmonson, Ensign

Furnefold Green Junr.

John Bets

William Vaughan, Clark

Titus Green

Wm. Bryant

Farnefold Green Sener, Sgt.

Samuel Passey

Samuel Lucus

Nickloas Harper, Sgt.

Wm. Rusell

Thomas Delamar

James Carraway, Sgt.

Farnefold Green

Thos. Brown

John Biggs, Corporal

Wm. Carraway Juner

John Fulsher

Joseph Edmonson, Corp.

Wm. Fulsher (?)

Henry Hovor

Selevens Justis, Corp.

Frances Bond

Thomas Shine

Charles Shnewolf, Corp

Frances Dawson Sener

Anonty Moor

John Vendrick

Frances Dawson Junor

Benjamen Hall

Benjamin Gutroy

John Moor

James Shine

Peter Vendrick

Jonas Eues (?)

David Edwards

John Brown

?? Johnson

John Good

James Steward

Samuel Harper

James Fulford

Thomas Littell

Jacob Jones

Richard Fulsher

Peter Hyman

Stepehen Moor

Daniel Vondrick

Mickell Hyman

Frances Delamar


John Carraway Sener

Thoams Carraway


Nathan Bun

Thomas Simmons


Isaac Hertherly

Isaac Simmons


John Frankling

Jacob Grinder


John Bedcoat

James Robarts


John Ackis

Jerey Johnson


James Conneway

Benjamin Dotey


The hole Company of men is 70
True List of Capt. John Shine Company taking by Wm. Vaughan, Clark, December the 5th 1754
The hole company is just 70 men
Capt. John Shine his Commission he had October the 9th day of the Year of our Lord 1753 (?) John Shine


In 1755 NC created five District Superior Courts throughout the state. The Salisbury District included the counties which are now Anson, Cabarrus, Davidson, Davie, Forsyth, Guilford, Iredell, Mecklenburg, Montgomery, Randolph, Richmond, Rockingham, Rowan, Stanly, Stokes, Surry, Union, and Yadkin Counties.


In 1755 NC created five District Superior Courts throughout the state. The Salisbury District included the counties which are now Anson, Cabarrus, Davidson, Davie, Forsyth, Guilford, Iredell, Mecklenburg, Montgomery, Randolph, Richmond, Rockingham, Rowan, Stanly, Stokes, Surry, Union, and Yadkin Counties.


1755 Jan A list of the Field Officers, Captains, and Subaltern <torn>
Regiment of Craven <torn>
Date of their Commissions, and the Number of Men in <torn>
Company, including Officers; which list when compleat, is to <torn>
Returned to his Excellency the Governor.

Date. 1755 January



No. of Men

Edward Griffith



Daniel Shine

Lt. Col.


Joseph Leech



John Shine



Newman Dunn



John Edmundson



John Isler



William Isler



Wm. Jones



Lewis Bryan









Cason Brinson



Chris. Dawson



David Lewis



Thomas Graves



Joseph Harris



John Fonvielle



Joseph Bryan



John Hill



John James



Abner Neale



James Hancock



Stephen Wallis



Frederick Jones for Sol. Rew Decd.









Arthur Johnston









<remainder of page is torn, next name might be J. Carruthers>



<Although not specified on the document , I feel quite certain that the C, L, and E stand for Captain, Lieutenant and Ensign respectively….JSR>


Abstracted from the Original at the North Carolina Archives by Joel S. Russell



l755 May l9 - p 26 -  John Snead and Jane his wife (or)  James Davis (ee) of New Bern - lot purchased by Snead of John Rutherford esq and Frances his
wife, sole executor of Will of Gabriel Johnson Book 9/l0 CRAVEN COUNTY, NC - DEEDS - Abstracts of Deed Books 8-10
1757 April 19, David Guard enlisted in Muster Roll of Captain Arthur Johnston's Company, Craven County, NC. (Clark, Murtie June; Colonial Soldiers of the South, 1732-1774; [1986]) A List of a Company warnd to the private Muster under Capt. Arthur Johnston the 5th day of March 1757 


Lieutenant Stephen Brice

2d Lieut. Acton Brice Basil Smith

Ensign Benj. Brockett

Serjeant John Taylor

Serjeant Richard Foscue James Smith

Serjeant John Kinsey

Jacob Taylor without arms

Ernest Granades

John Fredrick Merkert

David Gard

Thomas Smith without arms

Thomas ????

John Ives

George Keith Sen

George Nailor Keith

Samuel Smith

James Willis

Thomas Hibes

John Hibes

Joshua Taylor

Joseph Granade

John Smith

Benj. Sanderson

William Shepard Foster

William Gardner

John Pearce

James Taylor

James Smith

John Bembridge

Thomas Steven

William Bancks

Elihu Hall

Joseph Hall certirficate

John Norwood

Peter Smith certificate

John Dun

William Davis

George Lane

????? Berry

Albert Berry

Richard Hall

Francis Collins

James Keith

Richard D??

Newman Dun

Spancer Rogers

Harding Jones

Caleb Holder

Christopher Shilling

George Bar?????

James Smith

Richard Foscue

Benj. Foscue

William Dun

Tho Hibes

Andrew Wallis

John Smith Virginia appeared without arms

Solomon Smith

Thomas Bramly


1760 [Craven before Rev.] List of a Company of Foot upon the North Shorecommanded by Capt. James Shore

James Carrway, Lieut.
William Bryant, Ensine
William Vaughan, Clark
Salusuis Justis, Sargant
Charles Shaneywolf, Sargant
Frances Delamas, Sar.
Joseph Edmondson, Corporal
James Conway, Corporal
Thomas Delamas, Cor.
James Roberts
John Vonderick
John <unreadable>
John Franklin
Benjamni Gutnay
+ Peter Sendick X
Thomas ?tell
Peter Kimon (?)
Mickal Kimon (?)
Isaac Hertherly
Jonathan Hertherly
John Bedfoot
John Ackis
Furnifold Green Juner
Peter Green
<marked out, unreadable> X
William Fulfhar
Wm. Rusel
Francis Dawson Juner
Francis Bond
John More
Jonas Eives
Jacub Pound Sener
Eja. Johnston
Thomas Carrway Juner
Isaac Simmons
Percy Johston (Johnston)
John Fulfhar
Antonay Moor
John Good
Richard Fulfhar
Daniel Vandrick
Crist. (?) Dawson
Robart Burnet
Leass (?) Justis
Wm. Bedfeat
Valinetine Hukell
+ Thomas Marten X
Benjamon Bush
+ Arthur Carraway X
Thomas Nelson
William Carraway
Charles Resen
Crist. (?) Bowers
?eub Grinder
John Carraway
James Edmondson
Thomas Edmonson
+ John Berrey X
Joseph Johnston
Thomas Franklin
Lewes Brian
Garret Hinnon
+ Solomon Euseton X
Thomas Green
Abb. Johnston
John Johnston

Rolling More
Jacub Jones Juner
Joseph Hertherly
John Rusell X
John Green
??acks Fuflhar
John Brian
Jo<faded> Spig<faded>
Samuel Lu<faded>
Joseph Jus<faded>
James Carr<faded>
John Biggs<faded>
Fornoy Freen Sener
Nicklas Has<faded>
Wm. Lee
+ Richard Russell X
Benjaman Hall
John Millar

Called over and find the delinquent

<There is no explanation given on these pages for the '+" and the 'X'>

Abstracted from the Original at the North Carolina Archives by  Joel S. Russell


1760 June 13: Sale of estate of Mary Mackubins. Purchasers: W. Barran; Elexander Bogy; David Fonville; Edward Franck; Mary Johnson; Saml. Mackubins; Rebecca Morgan; Absalum Taylor


1760 Aug 22 August 1760:  William Barron bought 2 iron wedges, 1 'carpenders joynter', 1 plane, 1 old gun, 1 woman's 'gound' and 1 barrel, 1 tub at the sundries sale for Moses Davis.  Other buyers included Elick Bagey [Bogey]; William Bonn; David Fonvel; Edward Francks; Mary Johnson; Uriah Lamberson; Samuel Mackubin; Rebeckah Morgan; Widow Snead; William Snead; William Whitford 

1761 April 14: Born: Isaac Johnson S5645: NC Line and Privateer Service: Soldier was born 1761 April 14 in Craven Co. NC soldier lived in Onslow Co NC at enlistment and in 1800 moved to Davidson Co. Tn and he applied there 1832 Oct 25, in 1832 soldier mentioned a brother Charles Johnson who lived in Onslow Co. NC and in 1832 soldier’s sisters Rachel Johnson age abt 76 and Hannah Roach age about 80 lived in Davidson Co. Tn. Pg 1847 Abstracts of Rev. War Pension Files


ISAAC JOHNSON (Rev War Pension No. S5645), served in the North Carolina Line and as a Privateer, was born 14 Apr 1761 in Craven County, North Carolina, lived in Onslow Co NC at enlistment, and in 1800 moved to Davidson County, TN where he appl for his pension on 25 Oct 1832. In 1832, he mentioned a brother, Charles JOHNSON, who lived in Onslow Co NC and in 1832 his sisters, Rachel JOHNSON aged about 76, and Hannah ROACH, aged about 80, both lived in Davidson Co TN.

Isaac JOHNSON, born 14 Apr 1761, Craven County, North Carolina, m ca 1779, Onslow County, North Carolina, Mary BOYD. Isaac died 18 June 1839, was buried Cane Ridge Cemetery.* Bronze Marker placed by Stones River Daughters of the American Revolution on June 18, 1972: "ISAAC JOHNSON North Carolina Pvt. Continental Line Revolutionary War April 14 1761 June 18 1839." Isaac JOHNSON was appointed Captain of the Cumberland College Regiment of the Tennessee Militia by Govenor John Sevier May 7, 1810. He is listed in tax records of District 6, Davidson county 1816. Source: "Historic Cane Ridge and Its Families" By Mrs. Lillian Brown Johnson. page 171. (Submitted by Joyce A. Luna)

Joyce adds: The Cane Ridge Cumberland Presybterian Cemetery is on Old Hickory Blvd., in Davidson County. There is a Bronze marker placed by the Stones River DAR. Landmarks would be where Cane Ridge Road enters Old Hickory Blvd., the Church is slightly on a hill, cemetery in front close to the road, a driveway going toward the Church and the cemetery is on left of driveway. There is the old Cane Ridge School house on the corner of Cane Ridge Road and Old Hickory Blvd., it is now a Community center.

[Methodology: Spelling, punctuation and grammar have been corrected in some instances for ease of reading and to facilitate searches of the database. Also, the handwriting of the original scribes often lends itself to varying interpretations. Users of this database are urged to view the original on and to make their own decision as to how to decipher what the original scribe actually wrote. Blanks appearing in the transcripts reflect blanks in the original.]


 State of Tennessee, Davidson County


 On this 25th day of October 1832 Personally appeared in open Court Before William

Williams, Jesse Whorton and Enoch P. Connel Esquires Judges of the Court of Pleas and quarter sessions for the County of Davidson at Nashville now sitting Isaac Johnson a Resident of Davidson County State of Tennessee who was born in Craven County North Carolina on the 14th day of April 1761 who being first duly sworn according to Law doth on his oath make the following Declaration in order to obtain the Benefit of the act of Congress passed June 7 Day 1832 that he Entered the service of the United States as a volunteer for a bounty offered by the State of North Carolina and on the 10th day of March 1779 I was mustered into service at the Richland Chapel in Onslow County and was sworn to serve 3 months out of the State of North Carolina under the Command of Captain Jamieson and Lieutenant Josiah Warren and Daniel Glessen Ensign and Jonas Johnson Colonel and Major Dotey and Lowery and I think belonged to the first Regiment we then marched to Cross Creek or as it is now called Fayetteville there we joined Captain Charles Roaches Company from Craven County North Carolina we stayed in

Fayetteville one or 2 days and then marched to Charlotte where we joined Colonel McDowell's Regiment under General Butler we stayed in Charlotte about one week we then marched through the State of South Carolina for Georgia we crossed Savannah River at Augusta then marched down the River to Mobley's Ponds and joined General Lincoln and his Army several thousand strong at a saw mill where he was encamped there I saw the first British soldier that I ever saw they were prisoners to General Lincoln then he marched us across the Savannah River towards Charleston in South Carolina on marching several days and crossing Ashley River we then came to Bacon's Bridge where we had a small scrimmage with the Tories under McGirtee [sic, Daniel McGirt?] I was then taken ill with the Flux and was sent to the Hospital the Army marched on within about 5 miles of the British Army that was stationed on Stono I stayed about 2 weeks in the Hospital and wagons were sent to move about 100 of us to the Army and I did not Enter the Hospital again for I had like to have died there the Doctor gave me ointment to kill the itch and I was caught in Rain which came neigh killing the General Pulaski was sent with Colonel Johnson's Regiment below the British works where a part of the British was Burning two Large houses and Pulaski Endeavored to draw them out of the field into the woods where we were stationed by the roadside our men killed one Briton and took 1 a Prisoner of their sentinels this alarmed the British and they were soon under arms but would not venture out and we started the next morning about daybreak for our Camp the Friday before the Battle of Stono a part of the Regulars and two pieces of artillery and 3 man out of each Militia Company was sent on an Expedition which I was one to take 3 British vessels on their way up the River as was said to be after Negroes But on firing on a Barge that were ahead of these vessels they turned down the River again and we lost our Prizes and the Battle of Stono was Fought while I was on this Expedition and General Lincoln's Army returned again to their old Encampment 5 miles from the British where we camped I think 40 or 50 days in all the British moved off and we Militia were discharged of our 3 months out of the State of North Carolina I think I reached home about the 15 Day of August myself and two more men was sick John Burley and Enoch Master and Colonel Johnson sent Brother Charles Johnson and John Ramsey to assist us in getting home to Craven County and me to Onslow County North Carolina I think I served in this tour one month in North Carolina and 3 months out of the State -- again about the first day of January 1781 when the British was in Wilmington under Colonel Craig I again volunteered myself to serve 3 months under Captain Mathey Alberton Lieutenant Nathan Murray Ensign Enoch Thompson under

Major Smith & Colonel Grant and General Linenton [Linton or Lillington?] We were mustered into service at Colonel Rodeses [Rhodes?] in Onslow County North Carolina and camped at Moore Hill about one week and then marched up the Holle [Holly] Shetter [Shelter] Road to Rutherford's Mills1 where I was ordered to stay with Lieutenant Murray to thrash or shell corn and grind meal for the Army that went down to Blufords [Beaufort’s] Bridge where the Army was stationed until Corn Wallace [sic, Cornwallis] came down from Guilford Court House to Wilmington while we were at Beaufort’s Bridge the British under Colonel Craig came up to Beaufort’s Bridge and demanded a surrender of our works to this General Lillington refused to surrender but sent Colonel Brown to cross the River above and surprise the British and draw them off the Bridge Lillington failed to do his part as agreed to with Brown and Brown’s advance Guard was mostly killed or made Prisoners by the British Light horse several of the

British were killed and Robert Gressom [sic, Gresham?] took one of the British Light Horse a prisoner John Osborn [John Osborne] a young man and near neighbor of my was killed in this Battle at Beaufort's Bridge about 2 days after the Battle the British marched to Wilmington our Army stayed until Cornwallis came and we marched up to Rutherford's Mills again where we stayed about one week then we marched to Limestone Bridge in Duplin County there we stayed one or 2 weeks and then marched to Kingston [sic, Kinston] on Neuse River there we left our artillery and we were discharged by Colonel Grant at Kinston after having served out our 3 months -- Sometime in June the same year Captain Alberton and about 15 Militia and Captain John Mason of the Light Horse and 7 or 8 of his men went into Hollishetler Precoson [sic, Holly

Shelter Swamp]2



Rich Lands, 28th June, 81, 10 o'Clock A. M.

Sir: The Enemy are advancing this Morning from Rutherford's Mill, with about 800 Tories & Regulars you will please to March forward immediately with all the Horse and Foot you can Muster not a Moment is to be lost we shall rendezvous at Hines's where

I hope to have a large Force this Evening; every Thing will depend on your quick Dispatch.

I am Sir yr. hble Servt.

ALEX. LILLINGTON, B. G. [letter accessed 10/21/08  ]


2 One of our best supporters and friends, Patricia Forster, found a map in the North Carolina Archives which solves this mystery. She writes: . "What Isaac Johnson was referring to is spelled on the 1775 map as "Holly Schelter Precoson" or by its proper name today, "Holly Shelter Pocosin." A pocosin (an Algonquin word for evergreen shrub

bog) is a upland swamp formed by depressions. The Algonquins believed the depressions in the earth were caused by falling stars...strangely enough, modern scientists believe they were caused by falling meteorites. The Algonquins had it right!"

there we caught 11 Tories from Duplin County that had been to Wilmington

and was on their return home with 10 new British muskets we brought them out and sent them to Newbern [New Bern]-- I also Listed [enlisted] on board of the Privateer vessel called Black Joke [could be Black Jake] with 70 men For 6 weeks trip we sailed out of New River Inlet under the Command of Captain Gilbert Harrison & Lieutenant Bradley & James Estine and John Miles Gunner we sailed to the South of Charleston and on cruising in Winyaws Bay [Winyah Bay] near  to Georgetown in South Carolina we made a Prize of the British sloop of war Permudas[?] with only 8 men on board she had been unarmed and sent to the North to exchange Prisoners but had overstayed her time and we made a Prize of her for which I received a few dollars Prize money in these 2 last Routes I was engaged as above some over 6 weeks -- in the year of 1800 I moved from Onslow County North Carolina to Davidson County Tennessee where I yet live I have 2 sisters in Tennessee Rachel Johnson and Hannah Roach that knows of my Service in the Revolution War and Benajah Gray also he was a child at the time of my serving he well remembers of my being in the Revolution war with his Father James Gray I know of no person in Tennessee that was with me in the service of my Country I hereby Relinquish all claims whatever to a Pension or annuity Except the Present & declare that his name is not on the Pension Roll of the agency of any State sworn to and subscribed the day and date above in open court.

Test: S/ Henry Ewing, Clerk S/ Isaac Johnson, X his mark




[Guy McFadden and William H. Nance gave the standard supporting affidavit.]




[Rachel Johnson, 76, gave a supporting affidavit dated October 6, 1832.]


[Hannah Roach, 80, gave a supporting affidavit dated October 6, 1832.]


[Benajah Gray, 57, gave a supporting affidavit dated October 6, 1832.]




State of Tennessee Davidson County


Personally appeared before the Court of pleas & quarter sessions for the said County at their October sessions 1833 Isaac Johnson of said County who being duly sworn deposeth and saith that by reason of old age and the consequent loss of memory he cannot swear positively as to the precise length of his service but according to the best of his recollection he served not less than the periods mentioned here below and in the following Grades. First this deponent served from the 10th day of March 1779 4 months as a volunteer a Private in Captain Jamison's company as per declaration. The 2nd Tour this deponent served 3 months a Private and a volunteer in Captain Alberton's Company from the first of January 1781 and in June in the same year the deponent served 2 days under Captain Alberton and caught 11 Tories and the same year this deponent served 42 days as a volunteer and a private under Captain Harrison on board of the

Black Joke vessel a privateer in all the above Expeditions this deponent served not less than 8 months & 13 days as a private soldier to the best of his knowledge and belief possibly the right dates is not remembered but the above is as near as is now remembered and for which I claim a pension.


Sworn to and subscribed in open court October 24, 1833


Test: S/ Henry Ewing, Clerk S/ Isaac Johnson, X his mark


Southern Campaign American Revolution Pension Statements


Pension application of Isaac Johnson S5645 fn22NC


 Transcribed by Will Graves 10/20/08


Sister Rachel Johnson

Sister Hannah Roach

Benajah Gray son of James Gray

1765 May Information: Robert PALMER (by his attorney, Samuel JOHNSTON) has claimed that William RITCHIE owes him a debt, which PALMER has tried to collect and RITCHIE has refused to pay. PALMER brought suit in New Bern District Court, and RITCHIE did not appear, and did not make any defense. The court determined, therefore, that PALMER was entitled to damages from RITCHIE, but the amount is not known. A jury consisting of Constantine WHITFIELD, Frederick BECTON, John GARRARD, Thos. YIELDING, Joshua PEARCE, Danl. SIMMONS, Wm. DAVIS, Wm. WILTON, William FORT, John FRANKS, Benj.(?) COWPER, & John TYLLIMAN is appointed to 
determine the damages owed to PALMER, and award him 316 pounds, 19 shillings, & 9 pence. Date: May term 1765 Date of: Court record County: Craven 


1767 State Militia Military Collections Troop Returns 1755-1773
Officers for which Commissions are to Issue
Craven Regiment                                   Rank
 Joseph Leech                                    Colonel
 Rich'd Cogdell                                   Lieut Colonel
Thomas Greaves                               Major
Thos. H. Howe                Thos. Sitgreaves            Osborne Powell
Christr Neale                Samuel Masters
John Turner                  John Fonvaille Jun          Ephraim Lane
Joseph Bryan                 John Hill                   Wm Nelson
Arthur Johnson               Bezil Smith                 Joseph Hall (Mov'd)
Lewis Bryan                  Jacob Johnston              Joseph Bryan Junr
James Carraway               Wm Bryan                    Thomas Shine
Robert Orme                  Wm Wichliff                 Emanuel Simmons
Fredk Becton                 Levin Lane                  John Isler
David Lewis                  Wm Spaight                  Solomon Edwards (Dead)
Daniel Shine                 Mathew Stevenson            Joseph Kinsey
John Carruthers              David Wharton               Thos. DeLamar 


1767 June Court: John Smith, Wm Shepherd Foster, Alexander Gaston, John Vickers, Thos Smith, John Dunn, Richd Hickman, John Yeats, Benj. B. Sanders, Peter Bootz, Chas Johnson, Arthur Johnson, John Smith, John Knox, Thos Stevens, Benj Stevens, Wm Brockett, petitioners.  Order for Jas Davis, Esq. to lay off road from Trent Rd., over his mill across Neuse Rd over a large swamp.  Petitioners, who were laying road above mill and over Brice's Creek, were requested to vacate this road as petitioners could not support both roads

1768, 1769, 1770 - Craven Co NC Tithe Lists James Combs

Note: The appearance of James Combs in both 1754 and in 1768-70 negates any possibility that he was the James Combs of Rowan Co NC in 1768

1769 Craven County No Township Listed ARTHUR JOHNSTON

1769 Craven County NC No Township Listed CHARLES JOHNSTON

1770 Guilford County formed from Orange and Rowan County NC

wife SARAH - 100 acs NS  Swift Creek, Miery Branch;
son GEORGE land in core which I bought of George Nsingar ??; 
son JOSEPH land on Nuce; 
son JOHN - torn but on a Creek and he might have brought this land from 
son WILLIAM - land on Maule Run probably where he lived (torn);  
wife Negroes Nan, Dossey, Sellah;  
7 children  GEORGE, JOSEPH,  JOHN, MARY, SARAH,WILLIAM, ANN  as they come of age    EXEC loving brother (in law ?) BRYAN, READING BLOUNT, JOHN MAULE and my   (torn) JOSEPH BRYAN   WIT  MARY WORSLEY, JAMES CLARK
NOTE:  Some of the names of the executors came from the back

1770 July 27:  Information: Indictment against Charles JOHNSTON (shoemaker) for beating Daniel READY Date: 27 July 1770 County: Craven 

1770 Oct 1: Information: Indictment against Daniel REDD (shoemaker) for beating Charles JOHNSTON Date: 1 Oct 1770 County: Craven

1771 April 1 ~ Original Guilford County began administrative operations over the area that would eventually become Guilford, Randolph, and Rockingham counties.

1772 Oct  28 Book 20:  p 292 - 28 Oct l772 - Moses Allmand (or) Sarah Hall daughter (ee)  Negro girls Chloe and Bett - Sarah's husband was Elishu Hall and her children were Elizabeth, Ann and Allmand Hall - WIT Charles Johnston, John Kennedy Craven County, NC - Deeds - Abstracts of Deed Books 17-20 
1772 Nov 13:  Information: Summons for Barth ROOKE Jos. LEATH Jno JOHNSON Wm BRIMAGE Robt JEMISON Silvvester PINDLETON John WILLIAMS & Thos EMORY to testify aginst Ben GREENAWAY Date: 13 Nov 1772 (date of summons) County: Craven 
1773 The Will of George Kornegay, Sr. (Original found in Raleigh, NC) North
Carolina Craven County
I, George Kornegay of the county and provence aforesaid - planter - being
weak and low in body but in sound mind and memory, and considering the
uncertainty of this life, fo make and ordain and declare this my last will
and testament in manner and form following.  
First, it is my will and desire that my just debts and funeral expenses be paid by my Executors
hereafter named and my estate by them to be divided as follows: 
I give to my beloved wife Susannah one negro wench named Hanna and six cows and
calves and three sows and a young mare with the increase to be her property forever. I lend to my wife the use of a third part of my plantation during her natural life not to be rented nor leased nor hired nor sold for any term of time to any person out of my family.
Also I give to my wife the third part of my crop now standing for her support of my two children. I give my wife one linnen wheel and all the house hold goods which was her own before to be and remain her property, also my riding horse named Cromwell to her and her heirs and assigns
I give to my son Daniel three hundred and fifty acres of land joining my son David 's land mentioned in the deed of gift and Robert Orme's line to him and the said Daniel his heirs and assigns forever. I give to my son Daniel one mulatto girl named Pegg and one negro named
Anthoney to him the said Daniel his heirs and assigns forever. 
I give to my son Elijah three hundred acres of land lying in Dobbs County upon falling
creek on the southwest side of Thunder Swamp and one negro girl named Rachel and the increase of her the said Rachel to be equally shared and divided between my two sons named Daniel and Elijah when of age, which negroes are to be in my wife's care and use for the benefit
of schooling my said children if sufficent and that according to the conduct and judgement of my Executors hereafter named thence those Negroes to be the property of my two sons Daniel and Elijah then and their heirs and assigns forever. It is my will and desire that my Executors may and
shall purchase one negro wench out of my estate to the best advantage in everyway for the use and benefit of my two sons Daniel and Elijah to have an equal share in the increase when of age to them and their heirs and assigns forever. 
I give to my son Elijah six cows and calves with the increase to him and his heirs and assigns forever.
It is my desire that the cattle which I have given to my two sons Daniel and Elijah that my Executors may sell them and the money arising may be put to interest, which interest shall be for the benefit in raising and schooling my two sons Daniel and Elijah-- Keep the and make good the principle.
 I give and bequeath to my eldest son John Kornegay two hundred acres of land including the houses and a part of the plantation whereon I now live to be divided by a direct line from the river to the back line; and four hundred acres of land whereon my son John Now lives, it being part of my old patent, and three negroes named Tom, Will, and Ben, and fifty acres of land in the fork of the Beaver dam and all the cattle, horses and mares that is in his proper mark, or that hath been
called his own, and three ewes and a ram to him the said John Kornegay his heirs and assigns forever. 
I give to my son Jacob Kornegay all the land joining his line on the Southwest side of the Northeast branch in Duplin County, it being the land for which I have given him a deed containing six hundred and forty acres, and two negroes named Pompey and York now in his possession and all the cattle and horses that is in his mark or brand to him the said Jacob his heirs assigns forever. 
I give to my son George Kornegay one hundred and fifty acres of land in the fork of the Beaverdam on the Northeast in Duplin County, and fifty acres of land over Spring Branch toward Munts in Duplin County and two negroes named Boston and Pope and all the cattle and stock that is in his mark or brand to him his heirs and assigns forever, and also three hundred and fifty acres of land on the Horse Pen Branch in Duplin County to him the said George his heirs and assigns forever. 
I give to my son William Kornegay fifty acres of land lying on Buck Marsh and two negroes named
Jack and Prep and all the cattle and horses that is in his mark or brand to him his heirs and assigns forever. I give to my daughter Mary DeBruhl all the cattle and horses that is in her mark or brand to her and her heirs and assigns forever. 
I give to my sons John and David Kornegay the great distill which is now on my plantation for their use forever. 
I give to my son Joseph Kornegay five hundred acres of land in three patents on the
Northeast of the Cape Fear Joining Johnson's line and two negroes named Tonay and Peter and a part of my stock of cattle not willed before to be equallyh divided between my three sons Joseph, Abraham, and David and if the said Joseph does not return home within three years, that then my sons Abraham and David shall have the part of my son Joseph's to be equally
divided by my Executors to them the said Abraham and David to be their property and their heirs and assigns forever.
I desire that my vessel be sold at public vendue and the money ariing therefrom be equally divided between my two sons Daniel and Elijah for their use forever. I desire that the tar Kiln which is now standing may be finished in order for the tarr to be sold also the turpentine and
millstones and the remainder part of my cider may be sold by my Executors and the money arising therefrom to be equally divided between by two sons Daniel and Elijah and for the trouble and time that my sons Abraham and David with their negroes and horses shall be at in helping to burn the tarr kiln into tarr and the turpentine and millstones in order to be sold, they shall have all the brandy and cyder and the hides and leather made this present year, not excluding the Executors a share therein on the same account in assisting to sell and raise the money of the aforementioned tarr, turpentine and millstones for the use aforesaid. 
I give to my wife and two sons Daniel and Elijah all my horses not willed before to be divided equally by my Executors to them and their heirs and assigns forever. 
I give to my sons John and David my large canoe for their use forever. I give and bequeath to by sons Joseph, Abraham and David all my household goods of what nature or kindsoever within
oors or without, also all the horses, cattle and sheep not willed before to be equally divided between my sons Joseph, Abraham, and David and if my son Joseph doth not return within three years then his part shall be equally divided by my Executors between my sons Abraham and David to be their property to them their heirs and assigns forever. 
It is my will and desire that my sons John, Jacob and George may be and are appointed my trustees and guardians for my two sons Daniel and Elijah and that they may bind them by Indentures to some Tradesman according to the best of their judgment and the consent of my wife and according to law. 
And lastly I nominate and appoint my sons John, Jacob and George Kornegay my Executors of this my last will and testament  and do hereby utterly disallow,disanull, and make void all and every other will and wills legacys and bequeath heretofore made or done willed
bequeathed satisfying and confirming this and no other to be my last will and testament. In witness whereof I have hereunto sat my hand and seal this 21st Day of November 1773.
His /s/ George Kornegay
GK  Mark Signed,
sealed and published and declared by the said George Kornegay, Sen. as his
last will and testament in the presence of us. /a/ John Granady /a/ Morgan
Smlith Sanders /a/ Ruben RA Andrews Mark
The above last will and testament of George Kornegay was proved begore me
this 29 Day of November 1773 by the oath of John Granady, one of the
subscribing witnesses therto who swore that he was present and did see the
said Testator sign, seal, publish and declare the same to be and containing
the last will and testment and that at the time thereof he was of sound and
disposing mind and memory and John, Jacob and George Kornegay the Executors
therein named having qualified by thaking the oath of Executor agreeable to

law, it is ordered that letter testamentary issue there accordingly.

1774 October 27, Account of Sales of Sundry goods belonging to the estate of
Purchasers:  Joshua Fulcher, Ann Graves, Sidney Crispin, John Bryan, Thomas Shine, Benjamin Wallis, Charles Shanewolf, John Biggs, Nathaniel Carraway, Samson Leith, Dennard James, Agnes Green, John Nelson, Cpt. James Green, Thomas Pearson, William Carraway, Levi Dawson, Francis Dawson, Adam Wallis, Thoams Oliver, Capt. Tom Green, Matthew Wise,
Jesse Bryan, John Tillman, Thomas McLin, Adam Tooley, John Bryan, Henry Johnston, John Parkinson, Joseph Oliver, Joseph Edmondson, John Atherly, Richard Neale, Christian Bowers, John Green, Thomas Carraway, John Biggs, Southy Rew. Among items sold:  feather beds, boulster, rug, blankets, wheat fan, house (horse?) named Dover; black horse, red cow with a white back, white faced and white back steer, white steer with red ears, red heifer, branded
heifer with white face; horned cow and calf.  Large fat pied cow, small pied cow and yearling, black and white steer, hogs and shoats, the plantation rented to William Biggs, pair pot trammels, frying pan, canoe, hand mill & c. CLP 


1775  Jan 26: Bk 21, pg. 245  26: Joseph TAYLOR (by Constable) sold to Coleman JOHNSON; By virtue of act of Parliament for indebetness; Lands & tenements which were of Joseph TAYLOR the one of which at the suit of Robert ORME, Esq for the sum of 4 pds 13 shillings & the other at the suit of Tho. COLLINS for 4 pds 19 shillings. Required constable MORAN to sell house, negroes and certain pieces or parcels of land in posession of sd TAYLOR by virtue of a Tax base for a term of year granted to Orvin Weens by Thomas POLLACK, 100 acres known by the name of "Arringtons Place" on SS Trent subject yearly Rent of 20 shillings sold a public venue Collinson JOHNSON highest bidder to satisfy Robert ORMES 70 pds 18 shillings. Signed John MORAN, Constable. Wit: Robert GRIMES, John (H) WATERS, Robert ORME.

In order to obtain the benefit of the 3rd section of the Act of Congress on4 Jul 1836.
State of Georgia }County of Pike ) SS
On this sixteenth day of August in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty eight, personally appeared before me William Harris, oneof the Justices of the Inferior Court of the County and State aforesaid, ELIZABETH BULL, a resident of the County of Pike and State of Georgia, who being first duly sworn, according to law, doth, on her oath, make the
following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the provision madeby the Act of Congress passed 4 Jul 1836:
That she is the widow of Ambrose Bull, who was a private soldier in the Revolutionary War; that the said Ambrose Bull volunteered in Craven County in the State of North Carolina, and according to the best of her knowledge and belief in or about the month of March one thousand seven hundred and seventy nine, the day and the month she does not recollect; that he served
in a company commanded by Captain Roach, whose Christian name she believes was Charles or David, and left the service at the expiration of six months, the term for which he volunteered to serve. And that said company was attached to a regiment commanded by Colonel Jonas
Johnson; that her said husband resided in the County of Craven and the State of North Carolina when he entered the service as a volunteer, and marched from thence to some point in the State of South Carolina and on the march passed through the town of Kingston in the County of Lenoir in the State of North Carolina.
That she does not know or recollect that her said husband was in any
engagement or battle;
She further declares that she was married to the said Ambrose Bull in the
said County of Craven in the year seventeen hundred and seventy seven by a
Justice of the Peace, who furnished a Certificate of the said marriage
which was in her possession, but has been lost or mislaid within the last
six years.
That her husband, the aforesaid Ambrose Bull died in the month of March one
thousand seven hundred and eighty nine in the said County of Craven, where
he had previously resided, and that she has remained a widow ever since hat
period; that she has no documentary evidence to support her claim; that
she is unable from the lapse of time or death of individuals to obtain
testimony to prove the service of her said husband, but recollects that
FREDERICK JOHNSON and William Winham, who are now deceased served in
Captain Roach's Company with her said husband.
That she was born in the month of January seventeen hundred and fifty
three; is eighty five years of age and is laboring under bodily infirmities
incident to old age.
                                                 /s/ Elizabeth her mark Bull
Sworn to and subscribed on the day and year first written before me. 
                                                      /s/ William Harris, 
                                                      Justice of the Inferior Court.
A note concerning William Windham mentioned in the pension application of
Ambrose Bull. Craven County Court Minutes,p. 355 mentions an action by
Malachi Johnson as plaintiff and Samel Griffiss, Adm. Of estate of Wm
Windham, def. Verdict for deft. Thomas Nelson, foreman of Jury Also at
a later time John Duncan filed suit against Griffiss as Admr. Of Winham and
this time found for plaintiff. 

Notes: Above Shows Abrose Bull served from Craven County as did a Colonel Jonas Johnson and one Ferederick Johnson during the Rev. War.

1777 Burke County Formed from Rowan County

1778 Jones County from Craven County

1779 Rutherford Co. NC formed from Burke and Tryon

1779 Randolph County Formed from Guilford Co. NC

1779  Capt. Adam Tooley's District - Tax List
Pursuant to an Order of Court Appointing the Subscribers Assessors in the Districts of Capt. Adam Tooley & Capt. John Carney formerly by Capt. John Nelson met and do assess as follows (viz)
2nd Page
Thomas Bradshaw         Valued to          2374
Thomas Smith               Do              1440
John Knox                  Do              3300
John Bishop                Do   Quaker     3878
John Bishop & John Tuner Exr of            202
    Leonard Loftin 
John Taylor                                875
John Shapley  Poll Tax Married Man
Bryan Cavener                              535
Thomas Roe                                 3130
Thomas Roe Guardian to Sarah Acreman       217
John Winham   Poll Tax Married Man 
John Dunn Jr.              Do              455
Thomas Dunn                Do              490
Henry Sikes                Do              2976
Joseph Loftin              Do              9060
Francis Stewart            Do              316
Edward Murphey             Do              325
Edward Murphey             Do              640
   Adm for Elizabeth Ellis
Charles Jones              Do              3889
Odediah Allways            Do              682
Bazell Smith               Do              12195
640 Acres Land on Mount Pleasant in        3000 
   the care of Brazil Smith  
Thomas Roe Guardian to Leonard Acreman     810
Jacob Sykes                Do              3680
William Winn               Do              1105
George Perkins             Do              285
Roger Bradshaw             Do              495
John Ives                  Do              550
Peter Physioc              Do              4013   
Peter Physioc Exec of Luke Roe             120
Benjamin Toulson           Do              480
Abraham Jones  Poll Tax Married Man
Sarah Bootey                               380
Prichard Williams   Poll Tax Married Man
Morgan Smith Sanders   Poll Tax Married Man
William Handcock                           1670
Roger Handcock                             840
John Goodson Sangworthy   Poll Tax Married Man
Cason Styron                               333
John Foster   Poll Tax Married Man
Joshua Taylor                              245
Stephen Henry                              704
Edward Young   Single Man                  300
A Negroe Man belonging to Roger Jones in the possession of
  Edward Young not given in                700
Charles Johnston                           8533
Charles Johnston Guardian to Sarah Masters   1419
Charles Johnston   Do to Ann Masters       1116
Charles Johnston   Do to Joseph Masters    734
James Handcock Senr                        4012
William Dunn                               580
John Fookes                                480
Matthew Stevens                            200
John Hall                                  360
John Whitehead   Poll Tax Single Man
John Roe                                   2450
William Porter  Poll Tax Married Man
John Riggs                                 225
Joshua Burtenshell  Poll Tax Married Man
Perrin Almond                              5660
Perrin Almond Guardian to his Brothers     5000
   & Sisters  
William Jeasop      Quaker                 3450
Daniel Frazier   Poll Tax for Single Man  Quaker
Jeremiah Parsons                           1416
Richard Hickman                            587
William Stewart                            434
Bartholomew Howard    Quaker               11420
Joseph Horsends ??   Poll Tax Married Man
Thomas Parsons Junr                        162
Benjamin Cummings                          861
Humphrey Smith                             898
3rd Page   
Humphrey Smith Trustee for Richard         100
Stephen Hains                              278
Eli Nelson                                 290
Robert Young                               1900
Charles James                              1770
Charles James for Charles Rew              173
Solomon Northon                            433
Stephen Wallis                             932
James Cummings                             771
John Cummings   Poll Tax Single Man
John Pittman                               290
Benjamin Wallis                            690
John Martin   Poll Tax Married Man
Richard Neale                              2790
James Royal                                405
Thomas Nelson                              3585
Thomas Nelson  Guardian to Joseph Moss     920
Slocomb Forgerson                          3485
Slocomb Forgerson   Adm to James           2078
   Godfrey, Dec
Richard Martin Wallis                      3462
Francis Carraway                           930
James Sampson                              176
Daniel Royal                               173
Adam Forgerson                             687
John Parsons Senr                          660
Beverly Rew                                7649
Mary Bartlett                              2074
Samuel Oliver                              333
John Mason                                 402
John Parsons Junr                          217
William Biggs                              220
James Seavern                              750
John Bragg                                 2372
Richard Wade                               850
William Whitehouse                         255
Robert Wallis                              1240
John Rooks                                 150
John Stanton                               222
Jacob Copes  Poll Tax Married Man
Joseph Masters                             6398
Henry Johnson                              768
Francis Culley   Poll Tax Married Man
Thomas Frazier   Poll Tax Single Man  (Quaker)
Roger Jones                                11720
Roger Jones  Exor to John Walker           500
Evan Jones                                 567
Lovick Jones                               7140
William George                             196
Benjamin Mason                             2950 
1779 North Carolina Craven County, A List of the Assessments in the District 
No 3 for the Year of 1779 Returned by Benjamin Williams, James Pearce 
and James Perkins, Assessors
2nd Page
Thomas Speight                     1000               2790
Rachel Pitts                                           400
Rachel Hyman                                           100
William Hollis                      200                275
John Baker                          200                380
Isaac Hollis                         75                180
Lawrence Blakey                     200                271
Thomas Jordan                       400               1744
Joseph Simpkins                     150                350
Wm. Edgeington                                         136
Asa Bryan                                              652
Ann Brinson                        1342               4117
James Brinson                       700               2303
Jonathan Perkins                    160  Beaufort Co   836
Ann Green                                              103
Moses Caten                         100                155
George Carpenter                    660                790
John Vendrick                       400               2965
Thomas Cuthrell                     275                225
Samuel Hoover Senr                  350                562
Susannah Carraway                   390                314
Thomas Simmons                       50                110
Hezekiah Johnston                   345                375
Lucretia Price                      175                175
Avery Bowden                        200                100
Joseph Norten                       100                194
Cason Brinson                       130                344
Gideon Tingle                       335               3270
William Dixson                      100                704
Henry Hoover                        202                324
Jacob Jones                         250                200
Samuel Smyth                       2502              12710
Elizabeth Tingle                                     blank
John Burch                          150                132
Sarah Bryan                        1762              18120
Isaac Barrington                    333                478
Sarah Winfield                                         167
James Whiten                         37                167
Harmon Gaskins                      147                213
William Whitford                     50                184
Thomas Whitford                     250                202
James Arthur                        200                183
Judea Griffin                       264               1330 
Joseph Allen Joseph Bryan and Lewis Jones  assessors
1. William Adams              1608
2. Joel King                  1210
3. Thomas Gatlin              4494
4.  ??   Speirs ??? Senr       862
5.  Martha Cooper              786
6.  Jeremiah ??? Warren       1110
7.  Nathan Atherly            1052
8.  Stephen ??? Worsley       2332
9.  John Williams              442
10.  John Anderson Miller      811
11.  Charles James             430
12.  Benjamin Fillingim        751
13.  John Chapman             2562
14.  Isaac Kemp                578
15.  Margaret Fillingim        ???
16.  Jarvis Fillingim          829
17.  Thomas Pollard            626
18.  Joseph Letchworth        3233
19.  John Mitchell            6735
20.  John Bryan               3490
21.  John Butler               937
22.  Charles Roach            4910
23.  David Sutton              752
24.  Charles Marshall         2483
25.  Joseph James             1090
26.  Hannah Kemp              7533
27.  Samuel Fillingim         1458
28.  William Williams          910
29.  Jonas Anderson            450
30.  David Adams               590
31.  Joshua Kemp              1491
32.  William Lewis            1703
33.  Thomas Fornes             915
34.  Joel Willis               970
35.  Jacob Blount            53070
36.  Ann Harvey              10584
37.  Ann Blackledge           7020
38.  Elisha Baker              875
39.  Samuel Wiggins            650
40.  William Hare ??          1116
41.  Joseph Anderson           442
42.  Isaac Gardner            2030
43.  Edward Gatlin            6835
44.  Thomas Green             1158
45.  Eleanor Yeomans           637
46.  Shadrack Gatlin           935
47.  William Fipps            2019
48.  Weeks Chapman            2036
49.  Hardy Gatlin             5860
50.  John Smyth               2278
51.  John Dubberly            1111
52.  Jacob Phillips            726
53.  Arthur Butler             422
54.  William Smyth             514
55.  Levi Gatlin               490
56.  Jeremiah King            1375
57.  William Wherry           1253
58.  David Roach              1897
59.  Joseph Campbell          2003
60.  James Campbell           1764
61.  Anthony Wherry           7812
62.  Francis Roundtree        1712
63.  William Jarrel            440
64.  Isaac McKinney            608
65.  Charles Taylor            598
66.  John Nelson               802
67.  William Dubberly          134
68.  Elizar Nelson             792
69.  Willoughby Adams         2135
70.  John Hill                3203
71.  William Nelson           1025
72.  Jacob Johnston           6426
73.  John Fillingim            400
74.  Aaron Cox                1508
75.  Anthony Mills             775
76.  Micajah Partoick          833
77.  Rutha Fornes              698
78.  Thomas Slaughter          150
79.  Joseph Charlton           230
80.  John Pollard              354
81.  Peter Anderson            175
82.  Thomas Murphey            368
83.  John Anderson Senr        275
84.  Hardy Nelson              266
85.  Thomas Anderson           200
86.  Solomon Oliver            204
87.  Elizabeth Letchworth      150
88.  Robert Fillingim         1090
89.  George Nelson             257
90.  John Kurney               112
91.  Jacob Werrin              343
92.  William Butler            350
93.  William Winnum            320
94.  Richard Manken            290
95.  Nathan Hendricks          384
96.  Ezekiel Adams             370
97.  John Avery                186
98.  Jacob Jarral              192
99.  William Jarral Wicked     180
100.  Herrington Warren        124 
1781 May 19:  In the Name of God Amen. I Edward Gatlin of The State of North Carolina. Being Mortally wounded And knowing that All men must Die. Do Make This my Last will & Testament in Manner & Form Following.
Item. I give & bequeath unto my Son Levy Gatlin one Hundred Acres of Land,
One Negrow Boy Named Donas. To him & his Heirs or assigns for Ever.
Item. I do give bequeath unto my Son Shadrack Gatlin Salter(?), one negro
fellow Named named Sam. To him  & his heirs or assigns for Ever.
Item. I do give & bequeath to my Daughter Sarah Chapman one negro Girl named
Lew. To her and her heirs for Ever.
Item. I do give and bequeath unto my Sons Stephen Gatlin and Edward Gatlin
the Plantation where on I now live Containing Two Hundred & Fifty Acres to
be equally divided Between them after the Widowhood or Death of Their
Mother. To them and their heirs or assigns for Ever.
Item. I do give and bequeath unto my Son John Gatlin, one hundred & Fifty
Acres of Land Called the Piney(?) Island(?). To him & his heirs for Ever.
Item. I give & bequeath unto my four sons, five Hundred Acres of Piney(?)
Land to be equally divided Among them.
Item. I give and bequeath the Use of the plantation where on I now Live to
my Wife Elizabeth Gatlin During her life or widowhood.
Item. I give and bequeath the Remainder of my Estate to be Equally divided
Between my Wife Elizabeth Gatlin, my Four daughters, Esther Gatlin and
Elizabeth, Mary, Lewisery(?), and Edward, Stephen & John. To be drawn as
they Marry or come with Age.
I do hereby apointe my Brother James Gatlin, Esq'r. Executor, with my son
Stephen And Wife. And do hereby Acknowledge This To be my last will &
Testament. Disanuling all other Wills or Writing.
In Witness where of I have hereunto Set My hand & Seale This 19th of May
                                  E. G. -Seal
In Presents of Us.
John Allen
William Wenner(?) or Warren?
Jacob Johnson, Junr.
1781 June Craven County Court 
The last Will and Testament of Captain Edward Gatlin Deceased was duly
Proved in open Court by the Oath of William (Wenner or Warren), one of the
Subscribing Witnesses thereto, who Swore that he was present and did see the
Testator Sign, Seal, Publish and Declare the same to be and contain his last
Will and Testament. That at the time thereof he the testator was of sound
Disposing mind and memory. James Gatlin, Esquire, Executor therein named
Qualified as such. Ordered that Letters Testamentory issue accordingly.
Attest. Chris'r. N e a l e -C. C.
1782 Dec 14:  Francis Dawson,  will 1782
Heirs: Mother Elizabeth Dawson one negro man named Benjamin during her life 
then to brother William Dawson.
Brother Christopher land and plantation where mother lives after her 
decease, and if he die before age 21 to brother William. ³And if my brother 
William Dawson should never return then I give the lands and Plantationf 
Što be equally divided between my three sistersŠ
Sister Elizabeth Dawson land where mother lives (as above)
Sister Anne part of gum thicket (as above)
Sister Eunice part at place called Mrs. Forgifsons (as above)
Remainder of estate divided equally between all siblings named above.
Executors: ³Trusty friends² James Carney, Abner Neale, William Johnston and 
brother Christopher Dawson.
Written 17 February 1781
Jesse Bryan
Elies. Justice
Joseph Atherly
Probated 14 December 1782 
To all to whom these presents shall come, Greeting:  Know ye that we,  for and in consideration of the sum of fifty shillings, for every hundred acres, hereby granted, paid into our Treasury by JACOB JOHNSTON, have given and granted, and by these presents do give and grant unto the said JACOB JOHNSTON, a tract of land containing 240 acres, lying and being in our County of Craven, ...North side of Neuse River...North side of Swifts Creek...below John Bryans Edmund Pearces Roachs line of Reeding Blounts patent ... to 
the beginning.
As by the plat hereunto annexed doth appear together with all woods, waters, mines, minerals, hereditaments and appurtenances, to the said land belonging or appertaining.  
TO HOLD to the said JACOB JOHNSTON shall cause this grant to be registered in the Register office, of our said Craven County within Twelve months from the date hereof, otherwise the same shall be void and no effect.  
IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, we have caused our Great Seal to be hereunto 
Witness:  Alexander Martin, Governor, October 24, 1782.
Alex. Martin; J. Glasgow, Secretary
Registered this September 1, 1783, ... Chrisr. Neale, D. Register 

1783 May 20: ? George, born say 1760, married Casiah Johnston, Craven County bond with George Ransom bondsman

Casiah Johnston

George Ransom

To all to whom these presents shall come, Greeting:  Know ye that we, for and in consideration of the sum of fifty shillings, for every hundred acres, hereby granted, paid into our Treasury by RICHARD NIXON, have given and granted, and by these presents do give and grant unto 
the said RICHARD NIXON, a tract of land containing 200 acres, lying and being in our County of Craven, ... South side of Neuse River, East side of Batchelors Creek, ... land that Richard Blackledges bought of Richard Johnson, ... in Francis Fonvielles line, ... to the beginning.
As by the plat hereunto annexed doth appear together with all woods, waters, mines, minerals, hereditaments and appurtenances, to the said land belonging or appertaining.  
TO HOLD to the said RICHARD NIXON shall cause this grant to be registered in the Register office, of our said Craven County within Twelve months from the date hereof, otherwise the same shall be void and no effect.  
IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, we have caused our Great Seal to be hereunto 
Witness:  Alexander Martin, Governor, October 9, 1783.
                                   Alex.  Martin
J. Glasgow, Secretary

Registered September 1, 1784, Abner Neale, Register

1784-88  Thomas Johnston House of Commons  Representatives; Craven County, NC - State Assembly; 

1784 December 18—John Arnell, orphan aged 13 years the 9th July last, bound to Charles JOHNSON, shoemaker, as a cordwainer. Craven County Apprentice Bonds, 1748-1835:  First reel# G.028.2028002]


1784 December 18—James Moor, orphan aged 8 years, bound to Jacob JOHNSON as a seaman. Craven County Apprentice Bonds, 1748-1835:  First reel# G.028.2028002]



1785 Rockingham County Formed from Guilford Co. NC


To all to whom these presents shall come, Greeting:  Know ye that we,  for and in consideration of the sum of fifty shillings, for every hundred acres, hereby granted, paid into our Treasury by JACOB JOHNSON, have given and granted, and by these presents do give and grant unto 
the said JACOB JOHNSON a tract of land containing 200 acres, lying and being in our County of Craven, ... North side of Neuse River, in Cabin Branch Neck, ... Jacob Millers corner, ... Nelsons Corner tree, ...with Nelsons line, ... to the beginning.
As by the plat hereunto annexed doth appear together with all woods, waters, mines, minerals, hereditaments and appurtenances, to the said land belonging or appertaining.  
TO HOLD to the said JACOB JOHNSON shall cause this grant to be registered in the Register office, of our said Craven County within Twelve months from the date hereof, otherwise the same shall be void and no effect.  
IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, we have caused our Great Seal to be hereunto 
Witness:  Richard Caswell, Governor, September 21, 1785.
Alex. Martin 

W. Williams, D. Registers (no date listed


1788 Iredell County Formed from Rowan County

1788 Johnson Bryan, born Feb. 14, 1788; died July 12, 1856 CRAVEN COUNTY, NC - CEMETERIES - Bryan Cemetery 
Elizabeth Clemens, wife of Johnson Bryan, born April 10, 1789; 
died Apr. 6, 1834
Johnson H. son of Johnson and Elizabeth Bryan, born May 27, 1824; 
died Sept. 8, 1884. 
1788 August 15, Married Edward Nelson, Sr., born 1763 in Craven, NC; died July 11, 1839 in Blount Co., AL; married Winifred Johnson August 15, 1788 in Craven, NC. 
Winifred Johnson


Winifred Johnson, born Abt. 1768 in NC; died March 07, 1829 in SC; married Edward Nelson, Sr. August 15, 1788 in Craven, NC. Parents Jacob Johnson and Sallie Pearce

1790  census North Carolina Craven County Newbern District 
Neale, Daniel,                  1,0,0,0,0
Wallace, Richard M,                    1,2,3,0,3
Nelson, Thomas,                        1,5,1,0,8
Wallace, Benjamin,              1,3,5,0,0
Mason, Joseph,                  1,1,1,0,0
Masters, Thomas,                1,2,3,0,0
Holley, Richard,                              1,1,2,0,0
Harper, Robert,                 1,0,0,0,0
Smith, Benjamin,                1,0,0,0,0
Smith, Humphrey,                1,8,1,0,0
Messick, Hopkins,               1,1,2,0,0
Bragg, William,                 1,2,5,0,0
Hamilton, John jr,              1,0,0,0,0
Hamilton, John sr,              2,3,2,0,11
Sampson, Avin,                  1,2,1,0,0
Allison, William,               1,2,2,0,3
Wallace, Robert,                3,4,3,0,0
Pitman, Joseph,                        1,0,0,0,0
Wilkinson, Richard,             1,1,2,0,0
Jones, James,                   1,1,3,0,2
Wright, John,                   1,0,2,0,0
Nelson, J S,                    1,0,0,0,0
Tigner, Thomas,                 1,0,4,0,0
Nelson, Elias N,                1,0,2,0,0
Clark, Beverin,                 1,1,3,0,2
Cook, Zaphirah,                 1,3,4,0,0
Smith, Daniel,                  1,1,2,0,0
Biggs, William jr,              1,0,3,0,0
Biggs, William sr,              1,1,3,0,0
Boyd, William,                  1,1,1,0,0
Carraway, Edward,               1,3,1,0,2
Sparrow, Henry,                 1,2,2,0,4
Chance, Richard,                1,1,1,0,0
Smith, Joseph,                  1,1,1,0,0
Whitus, Samuel,                        1,0,2,0,0
Cutrall, John,                  1,1,2,0,2
Moss, Joseph,                   1,0,0,0,0
Hamilton, Michael,              1,0,1,0,0
Godfrey, Sarah,                 1,0,3,0,0
McHains, Stephen,               3,0,4,0,0
Wallace, Archibald,             1,0,2,0,0
Sparrow, Paul,                  1,3,5,0,9
Quinney, Stephen,               1,1,2,0,0
Gilbert, William,                            1,0,3,0,0
Williams, Samuel,               1,1,3,0,0
Jones, John,                    1,0,0,0,0
Whitus, Reuben,                        1,0,0,0,0
Wallace, Benjamin jr,                  1,0,0,0,0
Cooks, Samuel,                  1,2,4,0,4
Houston, James,                        1,0,0,0,0
Houston, Francis,               1,0,4,0,4
Merona, J O,                    1,0,0,0,0
James, Isaac,                   1,0,1,0,0
James, Richard,                        1,1,1,0,0
soapp, Israel,                  1,0,1,0,0
Guard, Joshua,                  1,2,3,0,0
West, Gabriel,                  1,0,0,0,0
Jones, William,                 1,0,0,0,0
Barnes, Thomas,                        2,1,3,0,0
Ferguson, Adam,                        2,1,4,0,0
Leverin, John,                  1,0,0,0,0
Parsons, John,                  2,0,2,1,0
James, Hovington,               1,0,0,0,0
Burney, Joseph,                        1,0,0,0,0
Day, John,                                   1,3,3,0,0
Walker, Mark,                   1,0,0,0,0
Cullen, Nehemiah,               2,0,1,0,2
Jackson, Daniel,                1,0,0,0,0
Masters, Enoch,                        1,1,2,0,1
Pitman, Southy,                        1,0,0,0,0
Summons, John,                         2,1,2,0,0
Hamilton, James,                1,0,1,0,0
Wade, Richard,                  3,1,3,1,0
Pitman, Obadiah,                1,0,1,0,0
Rew, Southy I,                  1,0,2,0,2
Bryan, Elizabeth,               1,0,2,0,7
Wilkenson, David,               4,2,2,0,1
Lovick, Richard sr,             3,1,4,0,4
Carter, Abel,                   0,0,0,7,0
George, William,                0,0,0,10,0
Mitchel, Benjamin,              0,0,0,3,0
Simmons, Samuel,                0,0,0,5,1
Godet, Peter,                   0,0,0,1,0
Gregory, John,                  0,0,0,2,0
Godet, John,                    0,0,0,2,0
Dukes, Peter,                   1,3,2,0,0
Ostean, Reuben,                        1,1,2,0,0
Parsons, Thomas,                2,0,2,0,0
Priestley, Amy,                 0,5,3,0,0
Stanton, John,                  1,0,4,0,0
Cottle, William,                              1,2,3,0,0
Johnston, Henry,                2,2,2,0,2
Hill, Peter,                                 2,1,4,0,0
Mason, John,                    1,0,5,0,0
Freebody, John,                 4,0,0,0,4
Cooke, Thomas,                         1,1,2,0,5
Thomas, John,                   1,4,2,0,0
Thomas, Abner,                  1,0,0,0,0
Collins, Alice,                 0,1,3,0,3
Jones, Lovick,                  1,3,3,0,13
Benners, John,                  3,7,7,0,85
Carney, John,                   2,2,4,0,13
Pritchard, Edward,              1,0,1,0,6
Dew, Joseph,                    1,2,8,0,0
Howard, Horton,                 1,1,0,0,26
Jones, Roger sr,                3,4,1,0,18
Chance, Esther,                        0,0,2,0,0
Rothburn, Jacob,                1,0,2,0,0
Carter, Joshua,                              0,0,0,4,0
Wilson, Thomas,                        1,0,0,3,0
Neale, Elizabeth,               1,0,4,0,1
Copes, Jacob,                   0,0,0,16,0
James, Charity,                 0,1,4,0,9
Jones, James sr,                1,2,5,0,7
Wallace, Stephen,               2,3,2,0,1
Blair, Moses,                   1,1,3,0,0
Dixon, George,                  2,1,3,0,0
Pitman, John,                   1,1,0,0,0
Finnikin, James,                1,1,3,0,0
Thomas,                         1,0,4,0,0
Wallace, Robin jr,              1,0,5,0,0
Thomas, Reuben,                        1,1,2,0,0
Steward, Andrew,                2,2,1,0,0
Cummins, Lurenah,                          0,0,2,0,0
Turner, Frederick,                       1,1,2,0,2
Samson, James,                  2,1,2,0,0
Casey, Thomas,                  1,4,3,0,0
Bragg, Solomon,                 1,2,3,0,1
Hall, Simon,                            2,2,5,0,4
Bragg, John,                              2,2,6,0,9
Godet, Ann,                              0,0,6,0,0
Neale, Philip,                              1,2,3,0,6
Rew, Southy,                                3,4,4,0,13
Wilson, David,                               1,1,3,0,0
Wilson, Ephraim,                            1,0,1,0,0
Morris, Dinah,                               0,1,2,0,0
Shapley, Mary,                              0,2,2,0,0
Moor, Deborah,                               0,0,0,3,0
Williams, John,                               1,0,1,0,0
Crew, Thomas,                                 1,0,2,0,2
Spaight, Richard D,                          1,0,3,0,71
Simpson, John,                             2,0,0,0,8
Frilick, Joseph,                         1,0,0,0,0
Smith, Nathan,                                3,0,1,1,25
Lindsey, Elizabeth,                     0,1,4,1,2
Young, Richard,                         1,0,0,0,0
Bartlett, William,                      1,0,0,1,0
Ellis, Richard,                         1,0,0,0,6
Kennedy, John,                          1,0,0,0,6
Stephenson, James,                             1,0,0,0,0
Tomlinson, Thomas,                      1,0,1,0,4
Donald, Robert,                         1,0,2,0,7
Simonton, Sarah,                        0,1,2,0,0
Ellis, James,                           1,0,4,0,7
Scranton, John,                         1,0,4,0,5
McAuslan, Alexander,                           1,0,1,0,3
Macken, Henry,                          1,0,3,0,2
Jenkins, John,                          1,1,0,0,1
Pendleton, Sylvester sr,                2,0,3,1,2
Ferrill, Elizabeth,                     1,0,2,1,1
McKinley, James,                        6,0,0,0,6
Tinker, Stephen,                        1,1,4,0,7
Forker, John,                           1,0,2,0,1
Good, William,                          1,1,1,0,10
Saunders, Mary,                                1,1,4,1,5
Smallwood, John,                        2,1,1,0,5
Davis, Thomas,                          1,0,2,1,0
Moor, Dinah,                            0,0,0,3,0
Mackey, Isaac,                          2,0,0,2,2
Inloes, Abram,                          1,0,0,1,1
Inloes, Anthony,                        4,0,0,0,0
Low, William,                           1,0,3,0,0
Ramsey, John,                           2,1,2,0,0
Kellum, James,                          1,0,0,0,0
Levingston, Henry,                      1,2,3,0,0
Levingsaton, Samuel,                           1,0,1,0,0
White, Cato,                            0,0,0,7,0
Black, Letitia,                         0,0,0,3,0
Barrington, James,                      2,2,4,0,0
Ambrose, David,                                1,1,1,0,1
McQuinn, Thomas,                        2,1,2,0,0
Stringer, Doll,                         0,0,0,4,0
Stringer, Thomas,                       0,0,0,2,0
Kelly, Joseph,                          0,0,0,2,0
Bryan, John C,                          1,2,4,0,8
Custis, Thomas,                                1,1,3,0,0
Sealey, Martha,                         0,0,4,0,3
Hatfield, Robert,                                     2,0,2,0,2
Dunn, Samuel,                           2,0,0,0,4
Ventures, Michael,                      2,0,2,0,0
Wade, Joseph,                           1,0,4,0,2
Taylor, Mary,                           0,1,2,0,0
Smuch, William,                                1,0,3,0,0
Pendleton, Sylvester jr,                1,3,1,0,1
Potter, Edward,                         2,0,2,1,0
Anthony, William,                       1,2,2,0,2
Gilespie, Lydia,                                     0,0,2,0,1
St Leger, De                            1,0,3,0,1
Goodhue,Samuel,                                1,0,4,0,1
Hill, Ann,                                           0,0,3,0,0
Little, James,                          2,2,3,0,2
West, Stephen,                          1,1,1,0,6
Gainer, William,                                    1,0,3,0,1
Johnston, Francis,                      1,1,1,0,0
Scarborough, Nathaniel,                        1,0,0,0,0
Landmeyer, Frederick,                          3,1,0,0,2
Tisdale, Nathan,                        1,0,1,0,1
Harris, John,                           0,0,1,6,3
Gerock, Samuel,                                1,1,1,0,7
Morrison, John,                         3,2,2,0,1
Justice, Rebecca,                       0,1,2,0,11
Harriot, James,                         1,2,4,0,0
Turner, Philip,                         1,2,3,0,7
Chapman, Samuel,                        1,1,3,0,3
Durand, Ann,                            0,2,4,0,1
Cheek, Thomas L,                        1,3,2,0,1
McAlpin, Margaret,                      0,0,3,0,1
Halling, Solomon,                       1,0,3,0,5
Trippe, William,                                    3,2,3,0,1
Martin, Francis Xavier,                        2,0,0,0,1
Chaponella, Joseph,                     1,0,0,1,2
Stephens, Mary,                                0,2,2,0,1
Dugnie, Alexander,                      2,1,1,0,5
Purss, Henry,                           1,0,3,0,7
Ellis, George,                          1,0,0,0,0
Thomson, Justice,                       1,0,0,0,0
Carney, James,                          3,1,4,1,7
Johnston, William,                      1,2,2,0,6
Hunley, Richard,                        1,0,2,0,8
Mitchel, William,                       1,0,1,1,2
Hawley, William,                        3,1,2,0,7
Devereux, John,                                3,0,1,0,3
Hunt, Robert,                           1,0,2,0,2
Hardy, Margaret,                        0,2,2,0,2
Wining, John,                           1,0,0,0,0
Creusy, Jonathan,                       1,0,0,0,0
Urquhart, John,                         3,1,2,0,1
Tagert, Joseph,                         5,0,0,0,1
Kean, Edward,                           1,0,0,0,1
McMains, James,                                2,3,2,0,4
Parker, John,                           2,1,1,0,0
Savano, Lewis,                          1,0,1,0,1
Graham, Robert,                                1,0,2,0,1
Terry, David,                           1,0,4,0,0
Gooding, Samuel,                        1,1,1,0,0
Brightman, James,                       1,0,2,0,2
Steele, Thomas,                                1,0,2,0,0
Haslen, Elizabeth,                      0,0,4,0,17
Stewart, Alexander,                     1,0,1,0,2
Haslen, Thomas,                                2,1,1,0,9
Stringer, Minge,                                    0,0,0,2,0
Myers, Jacob,                           1,0,0,1,0
Moor, Jenny,                            0,0,0,2,0
McCafferty, James,                      2,0,3,0,6
Barrington, John,                       2,0,3,1,3
Dudley, William,                        1,0,3,1,5
Bagnall, Benjamin,                      1,0,2,0,0
Gibbs, William,                         1,1,0,0,4
Smith, John Frink,                      1,2,4,0,16
Guion, Isaac,                           2,2,5,0,7
Macgrath, John,                         1,2,3,0,1
Duffy, George,                          2,0,5,0,2
Henry, William,                         1,1,1,0,17
Haines, Henry Pendergras,                     1,0,0,1,1
Sears, Ann,                                         1,1,3,0,0
Cooke, Ann,                             2,2,3,0,4
Gill, Catherine,                                    0,0,6,0,3
Sitgreaves, John,                       1,1,1,1,23
Pasteur, Edward,                        1,1,3,0,9
Sitgreaves, John,                       0,0,3,0,2
Bryan, John,                            1,0,1,0,1
Conner, John,                           2,0,0,1,0
Moor, Drucilla,                         0,0,0,1,1
Craddock, John,                                1,2,3,0,5
Rhodes, Malicah,                        1,0,1,0,0
Tisdale, William,                       1,1,3,0,3
Powers, Jerry,                          0,0,0,5,0
Fulford, Sarah,                         0,0,3,0,2
Coor, James,                            1,0,2,0,9
Slade, William,                         1,1,4,0,7
Dailey, Thomas,                                2,0,1,0,0
Burney, sarah,                          0,4,2,0,2
Cox, Thomas,                            2,1,2,0,11
Heath, Mary,                            0,1,4,1,10
Williams, John,                         1,1,2,1,3
Russel, Ann,                            0,0,0,1,1
McLure, William,                        1,2,1,0,27
Cole, Jane,                                          0,0,1,0,0
Coleman, Samuel,                        1,0,2,0,0
Palmer, Philip,                         1,1,2,0,0
Stanley, James,                                1,1,3,0,0
Turner, Thomas,                                2,4,2,0,77
Hist, George,                           1,0,3,0,0
Lewis, William,                         1,0,0,0,0
Williams, William,                      1,0,0,0,0
Delonay, John,                          1,0,1,0,1
Woods, Benjamin,                        1,0,0,0,0
Bryan, Jesse,                           1,3,5,1,20
Leech, Joseph,                          2,0,1,0,15
McDowal, James,                                2,2,2,0,1
Witherspoon, David,                     1,1,6,0,113
Muckleroy, Thomas,                             0,0,0,3,0
Edgar, William,                         1,2,1,2,0
Teer, William,                          1,1,3,0,0
Field, Rachel,                          0,3,1,0,0
Alexander, Enoch,                       1,3,2,0,5
Hyde, Luther,                           1,1,4,0,1
Willie, Abel,                           1,0,1,0,0
Thomson, James,                                2,0,0,0,0
Hanson, William,                        1,0,1,0,1
Stewart, James,                                1,1,0,0,11
Grim, Philip,                           1,0,0,0,0
Allen, John,                                       0,0,0,4,2
DeBastighe*, Marquis,                          1,0,1,0,1
Linn, Velant,                           2,1,3,0,0
Henrion, Peter,                         3,0,0,0,2
Thomague, ---,                          1,0,0,0,2
Rich, Rebecca,                          1,1,2,0,1
Dorsey, Walter,                         1,0,2,2,1
Shepard, William,                       1,0,0,0,4
Tomlinson, Elizabeth,                          0,0,1,0,0
Manning, Pierce,                        1,0,0,0,1
Lawrence, William,                      1,0,0,0,0
York, James,                            0,0,0,1,0
Hurley, John,                           3,1,2,0,0
Poddy, Hannah,                          0,0,3,0,0
Cupps, William,                         1,0,2,0,0
Harvey, John,                           1,1,0,0,2
Forbes, Richard,                        1,1,2,1,6
Vultius, George,                        1,0,2,0,2
Chuyler, John,                          1,0,0,0,0
Lawrence, William,                      2,0,3,0,4
Gaston, Margaret,                       0,1,3,0,30
Lewis, Abby,                            0,0,0,4,0
Trigler, Richard,                                   2,2,1,0,0
Montague, Jane,                                1,1,4,0,0
Marshall, Mary,                         0,0,3,0,2
Carthy, Daniel,                         1,0,0,0,1
Tinker, Edward,                         4,3,6,0,4
Hobday, John,                           1,1,2,0,2
Clark, Joseph,                          1,1,3,0,9
Pudril, Richard,                                     1,0,1,0,0
Butler, Temperance,                     1,0,2,0,0
Biggleston, Ann C,                      0,0,1,0,2
Wbber, Ann,                             2,0,1,0,7
Mansfield, John,                        1,3,3,0,0
Dowdin, William,                        2,0,0,0,0
Oliver, Joseph,                         1,3,2,0,14
McAlep, Archibald,                      1,0,0,0,0
Cain, Alexander,                        1,0,0,0,0
Hart, Mary,                                         0,2,2,0,3
Adams, Mary,                            0,0,3,0,4
Johnston, Esther,                       1,1,2,0,15
Ducksworth, Mary,                       0,1,3,0,0
Hannis, William,                        1,1,4,1,7
Cohun, John,                            2,2,2,0,0
Stephenson, Stephen,                           1,1,2,0,1
Fairfield, Reuben,                      3,0,0,0,0
Lowthorp, Francis,                      6,1,3,1,11
Cogdell, Lydia,                         0,0,2,0,4
Vall, Sarah,                                          0,0,3,0,22
Green, Margaret,                        0,0,2,0,1
Bruce, James,                           1,2,2,0,1
Gooding, Nancy,                                0,0,1,0,0
Calaven, Hannah,                        0,0,2,0,0
Dick, Merion,                           0,0,2,0,0
Buxton, Jarvis,                         1,0,3,2,2
Collins, Matthew,                       1,1,2,0,0
Hudrell, Daniel,                                   1,0,0,0,0
Green, John,                            1,1,1,0,11
Paxton, William,                        2,0,1,0,4
Clements, Frederick,                           1,0,1,0,1
Tolman, Phobe,                          0,0,1,0,1
Shute, Joseph,                          1,1,1,0,7
Pearson, Thomas Wheelwright,                    1,0,0,0,2
Tinker, Euphamy,                        0,0,3,0,1
Cook, Silas,                            1,2,1,0,1
Reading, Jeremiah,                      1,0,0,0,2
Cutting, Leonard,                       2,1,1,0,2
Sandy, James,                           1,3,5,0,2
daves, John,                            1,1,4,0,23
Bowers, Saul,                           0,0,0,3,0
Potter, sarah,                          0,0,2,0,0
Wrinsford, Mary,                        0,0,3,0,1
Snead, Wilson,                          1,1,2,0,1
Barry, John,                            1,0,0,0,0
Arnold, Margaret,                       0,0,1,0,0
Ambrose, Nancy,                                0,0,1,0,0
Cosway, Abigail,                        0,1,1,0,0
Cutting, James,                         1,0,0,0,0
Reed, Elizabeth,                        0,1,2,0,0
Almond, John,                           1,0,0,0,0
Moore, William,                         1,0,0,0,3
Griffin, Moses,                         1,0,0,0,2
Dunn, William,                          3,3,2,0,2
Parsons, Jeremiah,                      2,3,3,0,4
Ives, William,                          1,1,5,0,0
Dunn, Stephen,                          1,1,3,0,2
Ives, John,                                         2,2,3,0,0
Stephens, Matthew,                      1,3,3,0,0
Row, Benjamin,                          1,1,3,0,3
Henry, David,                           1,3,3,0,0
Taylor, John,                           1,1,2,0,0
Anderson, William,                      1,0,2,0,5
Always, Obadiah,                        4,1,4,2,0
Austin, Thomas,                                1,1,2,0,1
Bailey, John,                           1,1,2,0,4
Bishop, John,                           2,0,3,0,1
Bradshaw, Thomas,                              2,2,3,0,2
Booty, Nicholas,                        2,0,3,0,0
Blanks, John,                           1,2,2,0,14
Blnum, Arthur,                          1,1,3,0,0
Dunn, John,                                       1,0,1,0,0
DavisWilliam,                           1,0,2,0,12
Davis, James,                           2,0,2,0,12
Ellis, Michael,                         1,0,2,0,0
Evans, Thomas,                          1,0,1,0,4
Ervin, James,                           1,0,0,0,0
Flibus, Archibald,                      1,0,3,0,1
Foye, Frederick,                        2,2,1,0,29
Fooks, John,                            1,3,1,0,1
Fooks, Joseph,                          1,0,1,0,0
Foster, Bazel,                          1,0,3,0,0
Foster, Philemon,                       1,2,2,0,0
Fosque, Richard,                        1,1,1,0,0
Fosque, Luke,                           1,1,3,0,0
Fulsher, Levy,                          1,1,1,0,10
Holland, Joseph,                        1,0,0,0,0
Givin, Rolin,                                   1,0,0,0,0
Knox, John,                                        1,0,2,0,12
Holland, Philimon,                      1,0,0,0,0
Holland, William,                       1,0,0,0,1
Foster, William S,                      1,0,1,0,10
Hampton, Thomas,                        1,3,2,0,0
Hampton, William,                       1,1,3,0,1
Hancock, Roger,                                1,0,0,1,0
Hancock, Evan,                          1,0,0,6,0
Heath, John,                            2,1,1,0,0
Ives, Hardy,                                        1,0,5,0,0
Ives, Thomas P,                         1,1,3,0,1
Jones, James,                           1,0,0,0,0
Jones, Roger,                           1,2,1,1,5
Johnston, Robert,                       1,2,2,0,0
Jones, Evan,                            1,0,2,1,6
Kincey, William,                        1,3,1,0,0
Lovick, George,                         1,0,1,1,18
Lovick, Thomas,                                1,0,0,0,12
Murphy, Edward,                                1,2,3,1,0
Morgan, Edward,                                2,0,1,0,0
Merchant, Christopher,                         1,1,1,0,0
Potter, James,                          1,1,1,0,2
Potter, Thomas,                         2,0,4,0,0
Potter, John,                           1,0,0,0,0
Parsons, Thomas,                        1,1,3,0,2
Physic, Peter,                          3,2,4,0,11
Moor, Margaret,                         0,0,0,5,0
Smith, Richard,                         3,1,1,0,0
Norwood, Fanny,                                0,1,2,0,0
Smith, Thomas,                          1,2,4,0,0
Smith, Malica,                          1,1,1,0,0
Smith, Jesse,                           2,0,2,0,0
Edmundson, Bryan,                       1,0,0,0,0
Tolsin, John,                           1,2,3,0,0
Tolsin, Benjamin,                       1,0,3,0,0
Tolsin, Thomas,                         1,0,1,0,0
Tolsin, George,                         1,0,0,0,0
Tolsin, Benjamin,                       1,0,2,0,0
Thomsin, Thomas,                        1,1,5,0,1
Whitehead, John,                        1,0,0,0,0
Whitehead, James,                       1,2,1,0,0
Whitehead, George,                      1,2,2,0,0
Williams, Richard,                      1,1,7,0,0
Winn, William,                          1,1,4,0,6
Upton, Major,                           1,0,2,0,0
Yates, John B,                          4,1,3,0,0
Jones, Moses,                           1,0,0,0,0
Collins, Shadrach,                      1,0,0,0,0
Jones, Bartholomew,                            1,0,2,0,0
Hancock, John,                          1,0,2,0,1
Boin, William,                          1,3,2,0,0
Taylor, John,                           3,2,3,0,1
Brittain, Catherine,                    0,5,3,0,2
Turner, John,                           1,0,1,0,3
Sykes, Jacob,                           1,3,3,0,1
Cobin, Daniel,                          1,0,0,0,0
Pitman, John,                           3,1,2,0,0
Tooley, Adam,                           2,0,1,1,9
Henry, Stephen,                                1,1,1,0,0
Caviner, Bryan,                         2,0,1,0,0
Dunn, Elizabeth,                        0,0,1,0,2
Hickman, Richard,                       1,2,4,0,0
Hickman, Thomas,                        1,0,0,0,1
Fisher, Elizabeth,                      0,2,2,0,0
Caviner, Sarah,                         0,0,3,0,0
Ogilaby, John,                          1,0,1,0,0
Fosque, Elias,                          0,2,2,0,1
Chambers, Lavinia,                      0,1,2,0,0
Reasonover, Elizabeth,                         0,0,3,0,0
Carter, Isaac,                          0,0,0,5,0
Perkins, Isaac,                         0,0,0,2,0
Dove, William,                          0,0,0,9,0
Perkins, George,                        0,0,0,4,0
Dove, Pompey,                           0,0,0,1,0
Dove, Nelly,                                        0,0,0,2,0
Heath, William,                         2,1,6,0,0
Styron, Samuel,                                2,1,2,0,0
Jones, Charles,                         2,4,3,0,2
Wolfe, Hannah,                          0,0,1,0,0
Holton, Jesse,                          1,2,2,1,1
Moss, Joseph,                           1,1,1,0,0
Hampton, Mary,                          1,0,3,0,0
Givin, Henry,                           2,0,5,0,0
Dowdy, Richard,                                1,2,6,0,0
Rieves, Courtney,                       2,4,2,0,0
Hall, Rachel,                           0,0,3,0,0
Taylor, Absalom,                        1,1,3,0,0
Singleton, Spyers,                      1,2,5,0,18
Lofton, Joseph,                         1,0,1,0,12
Bishop, James,                          1,1,5,0,0
Bishop, Joseph,                         1,3,1,0,2
Jessup, Isaac,                          0,0,0,11,0
Hamilton, James,                        3,1,3,1,3
Foster, John,                           2,2,4,0,0
Davis, Thomas,                          1,0,0,0,0
Jones, Lewis,                           1,3,3,0,10
Bryan, Edward,                          1,0,2,0,12
Dubberly, Saccor,                       2,1,3,0,5
Dabberly, John,                         1,2,4,0,0
Anderson, Thomas,                       1,0,1,0,0
Oliver, Solomon,                        2,1,5,0,0
James, John,                            1,0,4,0,0
James, Charles,                                1,0,0,0,0
Dubberly, William,                      1,2,1,0,0
Felingims, Robert,                      2,3,3,0,0
Anderson, Jonas,                        1,4,3,0,0
Roundtree, Moses,                       1,3,2,0,1
Atherby, John,                          3,4,6,0,0
Green, Thomas,                          2,0,4,0,1
Mitchel, Elizabeth,                     3,2,6,0,9
Anderson, John,                                2,1,2,0,0
Phips, William,                         2,1,3,0,1
Marshal, Charles,                       1,0,7,0,8
King, Mary,                                        1,4,3,0,2
Willis, Francis,                                   1,3,4,0,2
James, Sarah,                           1,3,2,0,0
Anderson, Peter,                        4,0,2,0,0
Murphy, William,                        4,1,6,0,5
Cannon, Edward,                                3,1,2,0,0
Cooper, Martha,                         0,2,8,0,0
Jarrel, William,                                     1,1,2,0,0
Smith, William,                         1,0,2,0,0
Harris, Stephen,                        1,0,2,0,6
Smith, John,                            1,1,2,0,0
Tootie, Phoebe,                         2,0,4,0,0
West, John,                             1,1,2,1,10
Duncan, Thomas,                                1,0,0,0,0
Morning, William H,                     1,0,1,0,0
Willis, John,                           1,1,1,0,2
Causway, Philip,                        2,1,1,0,1
Bull, Micaja,                           1,0,1,0,0
Tyre, Jesse,                            1,1,6,0,0
Tant, Thomas,                           1,1,2,0,0
Chanon, Moses,                                 1,0,0,0,0
Palmer, Jacob,                          1,2,1,0,0
Philingham, Samuel,                            1,3,3,0,1
Mitchel, William,                       1,1,2,0,0
Gwartney, John,                                1,0,1,0,0
Cooper, James,                          1,4,2,0,0
Lane, Isaac,                            1,1,1,0,0
Philingim, John,                                     3,4,3,0,1
Phips, Joseph,                          1,1,1,0,0
Worth, Thomas,                          3,1,7,0,0
Philips, Jacob,                         1,2,5,0,0
Warren, Jacob,                          1,4,4,0,1
Hafford, Malicah,                       1,3,4,0,0
James, Jeremiah,                        1,1,3,0,3
Palmer, Elijah,                         1,1,3,0,0
Allen, John,                                        1,1,3,0,27
Tyre, Major,                                         1,1,1,0,0
Gaskins, Harmon,                        2,4,3,0,0
Taylor, Charles,                                    1,5,4,0,0
Taylor, Jesse,                          1,0,0,0,0
Flilingim, Benjamin,                    1,1,5,0,0
Charlton, George,                       2,1,4,0,0
Averite, John,                          1,3,5,0,0
Butler, Charles,                                    1,0,4,0,0
McIntosh, James,                        2,0,2,0,0
Kemp, Isaac,                            1,2,2,0,0
Anderson, Thomas,                       1,3,6,0,0
Curtis, Thomas,                         1,1,5,0,3
Gatlin, Shadrach,                       1,2,3,0,3
Butler, Arthur,                         1,2,4,0,0
Allen, John,                                        2,3,5,0,1
Charlton, William,                      1,1,1,0,0
Jarrell, Lewis,                         1,0,3,0,0
Smith, William,                         1,0,0,0,0
Smith, James,                           1,0,4,0,0
Cox, Joseph,                            1,3,1,0,0
Green, Thomas,                          1,2,1,0,18
Herritage, William,                     1,4,2,0,28
Lovick, William,                                 2,0,0,0,12
Hollaway, John,                         4,2,3,0,6
Johnston, William,                      1,0,1,0,0
Lambert, Moses,                                2,1,5,0,1
Cl--sute, Thomas,                       1,1,5,0,3
Harris, John,                           3,1,3,0,11
Hays, William,                          1,1,2,0,0
Arnold, Elizabeth,                      0,0,1,0,0
Metchel, Sarah,                         0,2,2,0,0
Hagins, Frazer,                         0,2,1,0,0
King, Mary,                                          0,0,2,0,0
Gatlin, James,                          1,2,3,0,13
Lewis, William,                         1,0,4,0,1
Spyers, John jr,                                     1,1,2,0,0
Spyers, John sr,                        1,0,2,0,0
Warren, Jeremiah,                       3,1,4,0,0
Hendrix, Nathan,                        1,4,2,0,1
Lawley,William,                         1,2,5,0,0
Bright, Stockwell,                      1,0,0,0,13
Winnum, Sarah,                                 0,0,3,0,0
Bright, John,                           1,2,1,0,0
Warren, Henry,                          1,2,3,0,0
Wiggins, Samuel,                        2,2,4,0,3
McAfity, James,                                2,3,6,0,24
Palmer, Joseph,                                4,0,4,0,12
Johnston, Jacob,                        1,0,3,0,0
Richardson, William,                           1,0,3,0,0
Bryan, Daniel,                          1,0,0,0,0
Gatlin, Hardy,                          1,0,3,0,14
Arnold, Moses,                          1,4,2,0,4
Arnold, Aaron,                          1,1,2,0,54
Iyes, James,                            1,0,2,0,0
Willis,Neomy,                           0,2,3,0,1
Thomas, Evan,                           1,1,4,0,0
Whitford, Thomas,                       1,2,5,0,1
Gatlin, John sr,                                     1,3,5,0,0
Asque, James,                           2,0,2,0,0
Hypock, John jr,                        1,1,1,0,0
Evernton, John,                         1,0,0,0,0
Evernton, Ezekiel,                      1,4,1,0,0
Gatlin, John jr,                                      1,0,0,0,0
Arthur, Joseph,                         1,2,1,0,0
Evernton, William,                      1,1,6,0,0
King, Harrington,                       1,0,0,0,0
King, William,                          1,0,2,0,0
Gaskins, John,                          1,0,0,0,0
Hypock, Arthur,                         1,2,4,0,0
Hypock, Peter,                          1,4,3,0,0
Pierce, Mary,                           1,4,3,0,0
Hill, Richard,                          1,0,2,0,1
Rowe, Elizabeth,                        0,0,2,0,0
Rowe, John,                             1,0,0,0,0
Rowe, Edmund,                           1,0,0,0,0
Whitford, Richard,                      1,4,2,0,1
Stilly, Stephen,                                   1,0,0,0,0
Stilly, Ishmael,                                     1,1,1,0,0
Willis, Caleb,                          1,5,4,0,1
Willis, Richard,                                     1,1,4,0,4
Willis, Joshua,                         1,3,7,0,0
Hill, Francis,                          1,0,0,0,0
Warren, Abram,                          1,1,2,0,1
Willis, James sr,                       1,1,4,0,5
Cuttrell, Amos,                         2,3,3,0,0
Norton, Tomsey,                                              0,2,3,0,0
Hill, William,                          2,2,2,0,0
Williams, Charles,                      1,1,3,0,8
Willis, James jr,                                  1,6,2,0,0
Fruit, Henry,                           2,2,2,0,0
Hellis, James,                          2,2,3,0,1
Rowe, James,                            1,3,5,0,0
Parsons, Hillary,                       1,2,4,0,5
Wain, William,                          2,2,3,0,0
Gatlen, William,                                 2,0,4,2,0
Tingle, Solomon,                        2,1,3,0,0
Barrington, Richard,                    1,1,3,0,0
Gaskins, William,                       2,3,3,0,4
Rowe, Thomas,                           1,0,0,0,0
Gaskins, Thomas,                        1,0,1,0,5
Willis, Joseph,                         1,4,1,0,1
Chandler, Henry R,                      1,0,0,0,0
Surles, Ann,                            0,0,3,0,1
Gatlen, Pierce,                         1,0,0,0,0
Morgan, John,                           1,1,5,0,0
Whitford, David,                                 3,1,3,0,0
Arthur, William,                                   1,0,1,0,0
Rigby, Thomas,                          1,0,2,0,0
Rigby, Hugh,                            3,0,1,0,0
Stilly, Fountain,                                   1,3,6,0,0
Arthur, John,                           1,1,2,0,0
King, Joseph,                           1,1,2,0,0
Ipock, Jacob,                           2,2,3,0,0
Kerman, Michael,                        2,1,2,1,8
Hall, David,                                       1,1,3,0,0
Dunn, Elizabeth,                        0,2,1,0,0
Warrin, Abram jr,                       1,1,5,0,1
Hall, Jane,                                          0,1,2,0,0
Willis, Samuel,                         2,2,1,0,7
Hypock, John sr,                        1,4,3,0,0
Carney, Elizabeth,                      1,1,3,0,0
Calaway, Mary,                          0,1,1,0,0
Hypock, Samuel,                                1,1,2,0,0
Gaskins,James,                                 1,0,3,0,0
Hawkins, Willowby,                      1,1,2,0,0
West, Daniel,                           1,2,3,0,4
Cormack, John jr,                       1,0,2,0,0
Fruit, Levy,                                          1,2,5,0,0
Jones, William,                         3,1,4,0,3
Jones, Thomas,                          3,0,1,0,0
Carlton, Elizabeth,                     2,3,4,0,0
Clark, William,                         1,0,3,0,0
Kent, Levy,                                           1,0,2,0,0
West, William,                          2,2,3,0,0
Russel, Malicah,                        1,2,4,0,3
West, Levy,                                           1,0,1,0,1
Heath, James,                           1,1,2,0,0
Heath, Christopher,                     2,0,3,0,3
Heath, Richard,                         1,1,2,0,0
Doherty, William,                       1,1,2,0,0
Heath, Stephen,                                2,4,2,0,0
Heath, Rigdon,                          1,0,2,0,1
Moye, Elijah,                           1,1,3,0,0
Griffin, William,                                    1,3,2,0,0
Lewis, Frederic,                                     1,2,4,0,0
Tyre, Ann,                                            1,1,1,0,4
Prevat, Sarah,                          1,1,5,0,0
Smith, Sarah,                           0,2,2,0,1
Carlton, Fereby,                                   0,2,1,0,0
Watson, Richard,                        1,2,4,0,0
Watson, Neal sr,                        3,0,2,0,6
Rheam, Jacob,                           2,5,4,0,24
Watson, Neal jr,                        1,0,3,0,0
Kilpatrick, Wary,                       1,3,3,0,11
Watson, Benjamin,                       1,2,2,0,0
Bryan, Isaac,                           2,6,0,1,18
Cox, Hezekiah,                          1,0,3,0,0
Lane, William,                          1,2,2,0,0
Lambert, Samuel,                        3,1,2,0,0
Griffin, Benjamin,                      1,2,4,0,1
West, Elizabeth,                        0,3,3,0,0
Prier, David,                           2,0,3,1,0
Philips, Rose,                          0,1,1,0,0
Bryan, David,                           2,4,4,0,0
Cormack, John,                          1,3,2,0,0
Heath, Henry,                           2,3,4,0,0
Sherrod, Joseph,                        1,0,7,0,0
Kent, Samuel,                           1,1,2,0,1
Kent, Margaret,                         0,1,2,0,0
Lofton, Shadrack,                       1,1,3,0,8
Broadway, Jesse,                        1,0,3,0,0
Williams, Tolbert,                      1,1,4,0,1
West, John,                             3,0,4,0,2
Tyre, Lewis,                            1,1,2,0,1
Heath, John,                            1,2,4,0,0
Broadway, James,                        1,0,3,0,0
Cormack, Joab,                          1,1,3,0,0
Arnold, James,                          1,0,0,0,0
Doherty, Daniel,                                     1,0,1,0,5
Carlton, Richard,                       1,1,2,0,0
Cox, John,                                           2,1,1,0,10
Cox, Ann,                                            0,0,2,0,1
West, John,                             1,0,2,0,1
Gibbs, Richard,                         3,0,2,0,1
Heath, Henry,                           1,0,0,0,0
Dogerty, Owen,                          3,2,4,0,0
Whittington, Solomon,                          1,1,4,0,0
Heath, Reuben,                          1,0,1,0,0
Wadsworth, Jonathan,                           1,2,4,0,2
Wadsworth, William,                            1,0,2,0,1
Mits, Frederic,                         1,3,3,0,0
Rogers, William,                        2,1,5,0,4
Wise, John,                                          1,2,3,0,0
Cormack, Solomon,                       1,2,6,0,0
Lambert, Ann,                           0,0,2,0,0
Morris, Thomas,                                1,2,4,0,9
Jackson, Mary,                          0,1,3,0,0
Gilstrap, James,                        1,0,0,0,0
Ebins, Elizabeth,                       1,0,1,0,0
Tyre, Thomas,                           1,1,3,0,1
Coleman, Thomas,                        1,2,4,0,7
Allen, Joseph,                          2,4,6,0,19
MacLevain, Francis,                     1,0,1,0,9
Fish, Thomas,                           3,3,7,0,2
Browning, Hannah,                       0,0,3,0,0
Kennedy, John,                          1,1,4,0,0
Davis, Brisgow,                         2,0,2,0,0
Clark, Isaac,                           1,2,3,0,0
Bentley, William,                       1,1,4,0,0
Peters, Elizabeth,                      1,1,5,0,0
Philips, Thomas jr,                     1,4,5,0,8
Arthur, Lawson,                         1,0,3,0,0
Blount, Reading,                        1,0,3,0,2
Sears, John,                            2,0,0,0,2
Davis, John,                            1,2,1,0,0
Davis, Lawson,                          1,4,6,0,0
Smith, John,                            1,1,4,0,0
Philips, John,                          2,3,3,0,16
Wiggins, John,                          1,3,4,0,0
Moor, William,                          1,2,3,0,1
Kittrell, Jethro,                                 1,0,0,0,0
Kittrell, Joseph,                                    1,0,0,0,0
Harrison, Joseph,                       1,3,3,0,0
Trife, Ebenezer,                                     1,2,3,0,0
Hardison, James,                        2,1,4,0,0
Roundtree, William,                     1,3,2,0,1
Philip, Thomas sr,                      2,2,5,0,0
Roundtree, Francis sr,                         2,0,1,0,1
Friszell, Jonathan,                     1,1,7,0,11
Hutchins, Edward,                       1,1,3,0,1
Clark, Edward,                          2,0,2,0,0
Coleman, James,                                1,2,2,0,1
Dotson, Benjamin,                       1,0,0,0,0
King, Brittain,                         1,1,5,0,2
Jones, Walter,                          2,0,1,0,2
Spiva, Moses,                           1,5,4,0,0
Holland, James,                         1,0,0,0,0
Dwans, John,                            1,3,3,0,0
Clark, David,                           1,0,0,0,0
Jones, William,                         1,2,4,0,2
Jones, Thomas,                          1,0,0,0,6
Jordan, William,                                      3,1,2,0,0
Pool, James,                            1,3,1,0,0
Philips, Richard,                       1,2,1,0,0
Coker, Hardy,                           1,3,2,0,0
Roundtree, Francis jr,                         1,0,0,0,0
Warnum, John,                           1,3,2,0,0
Kitrell, Jonathan,                      1,3,7,0,0
Williams, Ann,                          0,2,3,0,4
Philips, James,                         1,3,2,0,0
Moor, James,                            1,1,3,0,0
Jones, Thomas,                          1,0,0,0,0
Jones, Richard,                         1,0,1,0,2
Wheathington, Robert,                          2,5,4,0,2
Branton, Samuel,                        2,2,3,0,1
Wheathington, Ambrose,                         1,0,0,0,0
Lines, William,                         1,0,2,0,1
Stanley, Ephraim,                       1,0,2,0,1
Bryan, John,                            1,0,1,0,14
Bryan, William,                         1,1,1,0,11
Lewis, Elisha,                          1,2,4,0,0
Lewis, Mary,                            1,0,3,0,0
Nelson, Rebecca,                        1,0,1,0,0
Roach, Charles,                         3,3,3,0,8
Tire, John,                                          1,0,5,0,0
Mills, Anthony,                         1,1,3,0,0
Pollard, Thomas,                        1,1,3,0,0
Butler, John,                           1,4,4,0,0
Ottison, Malicah,                       1,0,3,0,0
Phillingim, Jarvis,                     1,2,3,0,1
Hartley, Joseph,                        2,2,3,0,2
Nelson, George,                                1,4,3,0,0
Hill, John,                                           1,2,5,0,3
Nelson, William,                        2,0,3,0,0
Pierce, David,                          1,1,2,0,6
Bryan, Lewis,                           1,0,2,0,19
Nelson, John,                           3,0,1,0,0
Harrington, Jonathan,                          1,2,4,0,0
Nelson, Edward,                                1,0,3,0,1
Nelson, Levi,                           1,1,2,0,0
Chapman, Jesse,                                1,2,3,0,2
Kennedy, William,                       1,0,0,0,0
Ball, Elizabeth,                                      0,2,4,0,2
Campbell, Joseph,                       3,2,3,0,2
James, Joseph,                          2,3,4,0,0
Worsley, Stephen,                       3,3,3,0,5
Johnston, Charles,                      1,2,2,0,0
Bond, John,                                       2,1,3,0,0
Allen, Walter,                          1,2,2,0,5
Williams, William,                      2,0,1,0,0
Williams, Solomon,                      1,0,0,0,0
Lancaster, Benjamin,                           2,2,3,0,0
Chapman, Freelove,                      0,0,1,0,5
Laughinghouse, Richard Ripley,                 1,2,1,0,0
Clark, James,                           1,4,4,0,1
Johnston, Frederic,                     1,0,1,0,5
Williams, John,                         1,0,2,0,0
James, Jeremiah,                        1,0,2,0,0
Pollard, Frederic,                      1,3,1,0,0
Bryan, Darby,                           1,1,4,0,0
Winnum, Stephen,                        1,1,2,0,0
Tant, William,                          1,0,3,0,0
King, Joel,                                         3,0,7,0,0
Hays, William,                          3,3,5,0,0
Willis, Isaac,                          1,0,2,0,0
Denmark, James,                                1,0,1,0,0
Fornes, Thomas,                                1,1,2,0,2
Mills, John,                                         1,1,3,0,0
Chapman, Weeks,                                1,3,6,0,6
Mills, Anthony,                         4,2,6,0,0
McKinney, Isaac,                        1,0,4,0,8
Warren, Horsington,                     1,3,3,0,0
Taylor, John,                           1,2,3,0,0
Williams, Benjamin,                     1,1,4,0,0
Otterson, Caleb,                        2,0,4,0,0
Pierce, Benjamin,                       1,1,2,0,4
Harris, John,                           3,1,3,0,11
Hays, William,                          1,1,2,0,0
Arnold, Elizabeth,                      0,0,1,0,0
Mitchel, Sarah,                         0,2,2,0,0
Hagins, Frazer,                         0,2,1,0,0
King, Mary,                                        0,0,2,0,0
Gatlin, James,                          1,2,3,0,13
Lewis, William,                         1,0,4,0,1
Spyers, John jr,                                    1,1,2,0,0
Spyers, John sr,                        1,0,2,0,0
Warren, Jeremiah,                       3,1,4,0,0
Hendrix, Nathan,                        1,4,2,0,1
Lawley, William,                        1,2,5,0,0
Bright, Stockwell,                      1,0,0,0,13
Winnum, Sarah,                                 0,0,3,0,0
Bright, John,                           1,2,1,0,0
Warren, Henry,                          1,2,3,0,0
Wiggins, Samuel,                        2,2,4,0,1
McAfity, James,                                2,2,2,0,3
Palmer, Joseph,                                2,3,6,0,24
Johnston, Jacob,                        4,0,4,0,12
Richardson, William,                           1,0,3,0,0
Bryan, Daniel,                          1,0,0,0,0
Gatlen, Hardy,                          1,0,3,0,14
Arnold, Moses,                          1,4,2,0,4
Arnold, Aaron,                          1,1,2,0,54
Iyes, James,                            1,0,2,0,0
Willis, Neomy,                          0,2,3,0,1
Thomas, Evan,                           1,1,4,0,0
Whitford, Thomas,                       1,2,5,0,1
Gatlin, John sr,                                     1,3,5,0,0
Asque, James,                           2,0,2,0,0
Hypock, John jr,                        1,1,1,0,0
Evernton, John,                         1,0,0,0,0
Evernton, Ezekiel,                      1,4,1,0,0
Gatlin, John jr,                                     1,0,0,0,0
Arthur, Joseph,                         1,0,3,0,0
Evernton, William,                      1,2,1,0,0
King, Harrington,                       1,1,6,0,0
King, William,                          1,0,0,0,0
Gaskins, John,                          1,0,2,0,0
Hypock, Arthur,                         1,0,0,0,0
Hypock, Peter,                          1,2,4,0,0
Pierce, Mary,                           1,4,3,0,0
Hill, Richard,                          1,0,2,0,1
Rowe, Elizabeth,                        0,0,2,0,0
Rowe, John,                             1,0,0,0,0
Rowe, Edmund,                           1,0,0,0,0
Whitford, Richard,                      1,4,2,0,1
Stilly, Stephen,                                 1,0,0,0,0
Stilly, Ishmael,                                    1,1,1,0,0
Willis, Caleb,                          1,5,4,0,1
Willis, Richard,                                   1,1,4,0,4
Willis, Joshua,                         1,3,7,0,0
Hill, Francis,                          1,0,0,0,0
Warren, Abram,                          1,1,2,0,1
Willis, James sr,                       1,1,4,0,5
Cottrell, Amos,                         2,3,3,0,0
Norton, Tomsey,                                0,2,3,0,0
Hill, William,                          2,2,2,00
Williams, Charles,                      1,1,3,0,8
Willis, James jr,                                  1,6,2,0,0
Fruit, Henry,                           2,2,2,0,0
Hellis, James,                          2,2,3,0,1
Rowe, James,                            1,3,5,0,0
Parsons, Hilary,                                 1,2,4,0,5
Wain, William,                          2,2,3,0,0
Gatlen, William,                                 2,0,4,2,0
Tingle, Solomon,                        2,1,3,0,0
Barrington, Richard,                    1,1,3,0,0
Gaskins, William,                       2,3,3,0,4
Rowe, Thomas,                           1,0,0,0,0
Gaskins, Thomas,                        1,0,1,0,5
Willis, Joseph,                         1,4,1,0,1
Chandler, Herny R,                      1,0,0,0,0
Surles, Ann,                            0,0,3,0,1
Gatlen, Pierce,                         1,0,0,0,0
Morgan, John,                           1,1,5,0,0
Whitford, David,                                 3,1,3,0,0
Arthur, William,                                  1,0,1,0,0
Rigby, Thomas,                          1,0,2,0,0
Rigby, Hugh,                            3,0,1,0,0
Stilly, Fountain,                                1,3,6,0,0
Arthur, John,                           1,1,2,0,0
King, Joseph,                           1,1,2,0,0
Ipock, Jacob,                           2,2,3,0,0
Kerman, Michael,                        2,1,2,1,8
Hall, David,                                       1,1,3,0,0
Dunn, Elizabeth,                        0,2,1,0,0
Warrin, Abram jr,                       1,1,5,0,1
Hall, Jane,                                           0,1,2,0,0
Willis, Samuel,                         2,2,1,0,7
Hypock, John jr,                        1,4,3,0,0
Carney, Elizabeth,                      1,1,3,0,0
Calaway, Mary,                          0,1,1,0,0
Hypock, Samuel,                 1,1,2,0,0
Gaskins, James,                 1,0,3,0,0
Willis, Thomas,                         2,2,4,0,2
Willis, Ephraim,                                      1,1,3,0,1
Thomas, John sr,                        2,2,1,0,0
Sneed, Zadiac,                          1,2,3,0,0
Thomas, John,                           1,0,0,0,0
Rice, James,                            1,0,3,0,12
Reel, Peter,                                         1,0,1,0,0
Reel, James,                            3,1,3,0,4
Harris, Sarah,                          0,1,2,0,0
Surles, William,                                    1,2,2,0,3
Gatlen, Joshua,                         1,1,3,0,0
Pierce, Ephraim,                        1,0,2,0,1
Toler, Caleb,                           1,1,2,0,0
Gaskins, Fisher,                        1,3,1,0,0
Toler, William,                         1,0,0,0,4
Rowe, Joshua,                           1,1,6,0,3
Pierce, James,                          1,1,1,0,0
Parrington, Isaac,                      1,0,3,0,0
Toler, James,                           1,0,0,0,3
Dunn, John D,                           2,2,5,0,5
Whitford, John,                         2,2,4,0,0
Bexley, Simon,                          3,1,4,0,0
Gaskins, Joseph,                        1,3,2,0,22
Burch, John,                            2,2,2,0,1
Smith, Samuel,                          4,2,1,0,0
Hill, Levi,                                        1,1,2,0,0
Gallins, John,                          1,3,2,0,2
Gatlen, Elizabeth,                      0,1,2,0,0
Barnet, Mary,                           0,0,2,0,0
Clark, William,                         1,3,2,0,3
Hill, Jane,                                        0,1,2,0,8
Werst, daniel,                          2,0,6,0,13
Dixon, William,                                    1,3,5,0,4
Dawson, Levi,                           1,2,8,0,2
Bedscot, John sr,                       1,1,0,0,0
Bedscot, John jr,                       1,1,2,0,1
Edgington, William,                     1,1,2,0,1
Lane, John,                                       1,1,3,0,0
Brinson, Benjamin,                      1,2,1,0,3
Caton, Solomon,                                2,1,0,0,0
Barnard, Jesse,                         1,1,2,0,0
Scot, John,                                        2,2,5,0,0
Daw, James,                             1,0,2,0,0
Tingle, Hugh,                           1,0,3,0,0
Caton, William,                         1,5,2,0,0
Gatlin, William,                                    1,0,1,0,1
Lee, John,                                        1,1,2,0,0
Rice, Evan,                                      2,0,2,0,0
Whitford, William,                      1,1,7,0,1
Holton, George,                         1,3,3,0,0
Richmond, Jacob W,                             1,0,0,0,0
West, David,                            1,2,3,0,0
Cox, Hinson,                            3,2,2,0,0
Tingle, Gideon,                         2,0,1,0,1
Brinson, Cason,                         1,5,2,0,0
Caton, Moses,                           2,2,3,0,0
Daw, William,                           1,0,2,0,0
Gabriel, Nathaniel,                     2,0,1,0,0
Price, James,                           2,2,6,0,0
Bexley, William,                        1,1,2,0,0
Tingle, James,                          1,1,2,0,0
Holton, Thomas,                                1,1,2,0,0
Cutrell, David,                         2,0,3,0,0
Murphy, Sarah,                          1,0,3,0,0
Purify, Thomas,                         2,0,3,0,2
Rice, John,                                           1,1,2,0,0
Smow, James,                            2,1,4,0,0
Vendrick, James,                        2,0,3,0,0
Daw, John,                                           2,1,2,0,0
Dixon, William,                         2,2,1,0,1
Holton, Barry,                          1,0,0,0,0
Gardner, Francis,                       1,1,2,0,0
Arnold, John,                           1,0,3,0,7
Caton, John,                            2,1,2,0,0
Holton, Jesse,                          1,1,1,0,0
Simkins, John,                          1,0,3,0,0
Vendric, Rebecca,                       0,0,3,0,0
Spikes, Thomas,                                1,1,5,0,8
Brinson, James,                                1,0,2,0,4
Tindon, Ruel,                           1,2,1,0,0
Brinson, Joseph,                        1,1,4,0,1
Dixon, Elijah,                          1,2,2,0,0
Harper, Abram,                          2,2,5,0,0
Simkins, James,                                1,1,2,0,0
Tire, William,                          1,2,4,0,3
West, Elizabeth,                        0,0,3,0,0
Wells, Samuel,                          1,2,4,0,0
Harris, Sarah,                          0,2,2,0,0
Fell, John,                                       3,0,1,0,1
Rumley, Mary,                           0,1,2,0,4
Vendrick, Francis,                      1,0,5,0,0
Daw, John sr,                           1,1,2,0,0
Jordon, Thomas,                         1,0,2,0,8
Hoover, William,                        2,1,3,0,0
Gabriel, John,                          1,1,1,0,7
Mecans, James,                                 2,0,0,0,0
Mott, Abram,                            1,0,0,0,0
Baker, John,                            1,0,1,0,0
Brinson, Matthew,                       2,2,2,0,0
Brothers, Mary,                         0,0,4,0,0
Banks, Peter,                           1,3,1,0,0
Cuttrell, Rhodes,                       1,2,4,0,0
Daw, John jr,                           1,0,0,0,0
Blakey, Lawrence,                       3,2,3,0,0
Price, Lucretia,                                1,2,2,0,0
Brinson, Daniel,                                             1,0,1,0,1
Brinson, James,                                1,2,3,0,0
Sparrow, Samuel,                        3,4,2,0,5
Hall, Thomas,                           1,0,1,0,1
Bowdon, Avery,                          2,1,2,0,0
Manley, James,                          0,0,0,1,0
Gathen, David,                          2,1,3,0,0
West, John,                             1,1,4,0,4
Spikes, William sr,                     2,0,1,0,9
Blakey, William,                        1,0,0,0,0
Dilemar, Francis,                       1,3,3,0,5
Dilemar, Francis sr,                    1,2,2,0,8
Dilemar, Francis jr,                    1,2,3,0,4
Bond, Francis,                          3,1,3,0,0
Carraway, Nathan,                       2,4,4,0,2
Sparrow, Thomas,                        1,4,3,0,5
Dawson, John,                           1,1,1,0,11
Parish, John,                           1,0,2,0,0
Hall, Oliver,                                         1,0,3,0,5
Carraway, James,                        1,0,2,0,0
Ives, Thomas,                           1,1,2,0,0
Lewis,Mason,                            1,0,4,0,0
Ives, William,                          1,4,2,0,0
Parish, Zadiac,                         1,0,3,0,0
Simmons, James,                                1,4,4,0,0
Morris, Abram,                          1,1,2,0,0
Simmons, William,                       1,1,3,0,0
Clayton, William,                       2,3,4,0,0
Good, Joseph,                           1,4,3,1,1
Moor, Jesse,                            2,0,2,0,8
Cary, Richard,                          1,1,3,0,0
Cary, Nicholas,                         2,2,2,0,0
Thomas, John,                           1,2,3,0,5
Creakman, Southy,                       1,1,5,0,0
Fulsher, Ephraim,                       2,2,4,1,2
Carraway, William,                      2,1,1,0,3
Carraway, Joseph,                       2,2,3,0,7
Carraway, Thomas,                       1,0,1,0,2
Carraway, John,                         1,2,2,0,2
Nelson, Joseph,                         1,2,2,0,10
Dilmar, Thomas,                                1,1,1,0,3
Biggs, John,                            2,1,5,0,4
Paul, Robert,                           1,1,1,0,0
Green, Joseph,                          4,2,4,0,0
Ballance, Benjamin,                     3,5,3,0,1
Ballance, Joshua,                       1,0,1,0,0
Lester, Jesse,                          2,1,1,0,3
Munford, Jesse,                         2,2,2,0,0
Banks, John,                            1,0,7,0,0
Shine, William,                         1,2,3,0,8
Wallace, William,                       3,4,2,0,1
Parish, George,                         2,0,5,0,0
Fulsher, Joshua,                        1,0,3,0,16
Fulsher, Elizabeth,                     0,0,1,0,3
Carter, Jenny,                          0,0,0,1,0
Waw, Amos,                              1,0,3,1,5
Carraway, Sarah,                        2,0,2,0,0
Clayton, Mary,                          0,0,2,0,2
Good, Mary,                             0,0,1,0,2
Dawson, Elizabeth,                      0,0,4,0,5
Brothers, Robert,                       3,0,1,0,0
Gilgo, Mary,                            0,0,2,0,0
Owens, James,                           1,3,3,0,0
Hudson, Sarah,                          0,1,2,0,0
Miller, Enoch,                          1,1,0,0,0
Holland, Spear,                         1,2,2,0,0
Smith, William,                         1,0,3,0,1
Spelman, Asa,                           0,0,0,5,0
Spelman, David,                                0,0,0,1,0
Tolsin, Benjamin,                       1,5,5,0,3
Tilman, Henry,                          6,1,7,0,11
Fulsher, Jesse,                         1,3,4,0,10
Carruthers, Alexander,                         2,0,0,0,1
Brooks, William,                        1,1,1,0,3
Lewis, Nathan,                          2,3,5,0,0
Morris, Nathan,                         1,2,1,0,0
Brothers, David,                                      1,0,3,0,0
York, Thomas,                           1,0,2,0,6
Clayton, Thomas,                        3,1,3,0,6
Squires, Amos,                          2,4,1,0,0
Harris, William,                                      1,0,1,0,0
Riggs, Shadrack,                        1,2,4,0,0
Lewis, Joseph,                          2,3,3,0,0
Wright, John,                           1,2,3,0,0
Lewis, Joshua,                          1,2,3,0,0
Harris, James,                          1,1,2,0,0
Lewis, John,                            1,0,2,0,0
Lewis, Jacob,                           1,1,3,0,3
Tilman, John,                           1,0,0,0,0
Riggs, David,                           1,2,3,0,0
Baterman, Hopkins,                      1,3,4,0,3
Diggers, Johnston,                      0,0,0,4,0
Martin, John,                           1,0,1,0,1
Wharton, James,                                2,0,1,0,7
Martin, David,                          1,1,2,0,0
Lewis, Major,                           1,2,3,0,0
Wilcox, John,                           1,0,0,0,0
Harrison, Samuel,                       3,0,3,0,0
Rice, Gideon,                           2,6,3,0,0
Slobuck, Nathaniel,                     1,4,3,0,0
Morris, Aaron,                          1,0,2,0,0
Carruthers, Clayton,                    1,1,2,0,4
McOtier, Hezekiah,                      4,1,6,0,0
Wharton, William,                       1,1,1,0,2
Pitman, Joseph,                                2,4,2,0,0
Wharton, David,                         1,0,0,0,1
Veal, Elijah,                           1,1,4,0,0
Phips, Nathan,                          1,4,4,0,0
Brooks, Joseph,                                1,2,?,0,0
Morris, Thomas,                                1,0,1,0,0
Harper, Peter,                          1,0,0,0,0
Brickhouse, Jedediah,                          1,1,3,0,0
Ives, John,                                           1,5,1,0,0
Howard, Thomas,                                1,0,0,0,0
Mews, Caleb,                            1,0,1,0,0
Dilemar, Dempson,                       1,1,3,0,2
Fulsher, Cason,                         1,3,1,0,2
Tingle, Joseph sr,                      3,1,3,0,5
Martin, Mary,                           1,0,2,0,0
Willis, Jeremiah,                       1,3,6,0,0
Mews, James,                            1,2,2,0,0
Riggs, Mary,                            1,0,1,0,0
Tingle, Joseph jr,                      1,2,2,0,0
Clark, John,                                       1,0,1,0,0
Kirk, Roger,                                      1,1,2,0,0
Hammontree, Griffin,                           2,3,1,0,0
Carraway, Joshua,                       1,1,1,0,1
Muse, John,                             2,3,2,0,0
Howering, Jesse,                        1,2,4,0,0
Clark, John sr,                         3,4,2,0,0
Simmons, Nathan,                        1,0,1,0,0
Squires, Jeremiah,                      1,0,3,0,0
Hewit, William,                         1,0,0,0,0
Lindsey, Joshua sr,                     0,0,0,4,0
Wheaton, John,                          1,3,4,0,0
Sermons, Ephraim,                       1,0,2,0,0
Willis, Thomas,                         1,1,3,0,0
Holland, Martha,                        0,0,2,0,0
Carruthers, John,                       2,2,1,0,9
Rigs, Miller,                                        1,2,4,0,0
Lewis, Jacob sr,                        1,0,2,0,0
Wheelton, Levin,                        1,1,5,0,0
Paul, John,                                         2,3,2,0,0
Brooks, Elizabeth,                      1,0,1,0,2
Wilcocks, James,                        2,0,2,0,0
Morris, John,                           1,1,2,0,1
Bond, Sarah,                            0,0,1,2,1
Macbay, Abel,                           1,1,4,0,0
Paul, George,                           1,0,1,0,0
Bryan, Needham,                                1,1,4,0,0
Wilcox, William,                        1,2,2,0,1
Veal, Elizabeth,                                    0,1,4,0,0
Rice, Rebecca,                          0,1,5,0,0
Rigs, sarah,                            0,3,6,0,2
Roach, James,                           1,0,0,0,0
Avery, John,                            1,0,6,1,0
Hammontree, Hardy,                             1,0,0,0,0
Johnston, Ann,                          0,0,0,2,0
Lindsey, Mary,                          0,0,0,3,0
Griggers, Elizabeth,                    0,0,0,5,0
Tilman, John,                           2,0,6,1,12
Draper, Sarah,                          0,0,1,0,8
Harper, John,                           1,0,1,0,0
Lewis, David,                           1,0,3,0,7
Williams,Thomas,                        1,0,1,0,28
Jones, Humphry,                                1,1,3,0,35
Fonvielle, John,                                     1,2,2,0,22
McCrohon, Mary,                                0,1,3,0,16
Nixon, Richard,                         3,0,5,0,19
Neale, Abner,                           1,1,2,0,20
Blackledge, William,                           1,0,0,0,1
Cheney, Mary,                           1,0,3,0,1
Kennedy, George,                        1,0,1,0,2
Collier, Thomas,                        2,3,5,0,15
Saunders, Charles,                      2,0,7,0,4
williams, Benjamin,                     1,0,1,0,92
Blount, Wilson,                         1,0,2,0,45
Rlichard, John,                         1,0,2,0,0
Wilkes, Humphrey,                       1,0,2,0,0
Conner, Sarah,                          0,0,3,0,2
Jump, William,                          1,2,4,0,0
Taylor, Abraham sr,                     2,2,1,0,0
Williams, Benjamin sr,                         5,2,3,0,0
Bradshaw, Mary,                                0,2,3,0,0
Yates, Daniel,                          2,1,3,0,0
Moor, John,                                          0,0,0,12,0
Hunter, Catherine,                      1,0,2,0,0
Stephenson, Silas S,                           2,2,3,0,20
Herritage, John B,                      1,0,0,0,3
Pearson, John,                          3,1,2,0,0
Bogue, Benijah,                         1,0,2,0,0
Stanley, Wright,                        1,2,2,0,31
Carter, James,                          1,1,0,1,0
Carter, Joseph,                         2,1,4,1,5
Carter, William,                                      2,0,0,1,2
Kelleham, Barsheba,                            0,1,2,0,0
Black, Letitia,                         0,0,0,3,0
Lewis, Jesse,                           1,3,3,0,4
Gooding, Bardin,                        1,0,3,0,0
Bogue, Dixon,                           1,0,0,0,0
Sevils, William,                                      1,1,2,0,0
Sevils, James,                          1,0,7,0,0
Perkins, Edmund,                        1,4,2,1,9
Dickson, Edmund,                        1,0,1,0,0
Wheathrington, James,                          1,3,1,0,0
Fonvielle, Richard,                     1,0,0,0,3
Tooley, William,                                    1,1,1,1,6
Clark, John,                                         2,3,2,0,13
Hilbert, Leonard,                       1,1,2,0,0
Green, William,                         1,1,2,0,2
Stafford, Mary,                         1,0,2,0,0
Lambert, John,                          1,1,5,0,1
Keef, Edmund,                           1,2,3,0,0
Fonvielle, William B,                          2,0,2,0,11
Charlot, John,                          1,2,4,0,4
Green, Joseph,                          1,3,2,0,0
Richardson, Andrew,                            2,0,1,0,3
Taylor, Abram jr,                       1,2,6,0,0
Bogey, Alexander,                       1,0,1,0,0
Johnston, Richard,                      1,0,0,0,0
Wilks, Matthew,                                1,2,1,0,0
Smith, Arthur,                          1,1,7,0,1
Williams, Stephen,                      1,0,2,0,1
Harrison, James,                        1,0,1,0,0
Grenade, Benjamin,                      1,0,0,0,2
Davis, Thomas,                          1,1,6,0,0
Smith, John,                            1,1,2,1,1
McKubbins, Samuel,                             1,0,0,0,0
Sanders, James,                                2,2,3,0,2
Fonvielle, Thomas G,                           1,0,0,0,5
Lane, George,                           1,2,1,1,1
Moor, John,                                          1,1,1,0,5
Wheathrington, Thomas,                  1,1,1,0,0
Barnet, Ashley,                         1,2,2,0,0
Mitchell, Alexander,                    1,2,1,0,1
Moor, Jesse,                            0,0,0,3,0
Sanderson, Esther,                      0,1,2,0,0
Ranson, Isaac,                          0,0,0,7,0
Moor, Simeon,                           0,0,0,1,0
Ranson, George,                                0,0,0,5,0
Moor, John,                                          0,0,0,2,0
Brown, Samuel,                          0,0,0,4,0
Harris, Thomas,                         0,0,0,10,0
Moor, Abraham,                          0,0,0,1,0
Morgan, James,                          0,0,0,1,0
Spelman, Aaron,                                0,0,0,3,0
Mosley,                                 0,0,0,3,0
Davis, Michael,                         0,0,0,1,0
Moor, Susannah,                                0,0,0,3,0
Dickson, Levin,                         1,0,1,1,1
Copeland, Cato,                         0,0,0,1,0
Jack (Old),                                           0,0,0,2,0
Lewis, Thomas,                          0,0,0,7,0
Wilson, Thomas,                                1,0,0,0,0
Wilson, James,                          1,1,1,0,13
Stafford, Lodon,                                      1,0,1,0,0
here ends Craven cty
1790 July 20: Vol. 2 Will Book A, Page 224 Will of Andrew Bell
In the name of God, Amen. I, Andrew Bell of Craven County, in the province of North Carolina, being in my perfect senses, and calling to mind the first state of man, do make and ordain this my last will and testament in manner  and form as follows, viz: I recommend my soul into the hands of the Almighty God that gave it me; and my body to the earth from whence it came. 
Item, I give and bequeath unto my two daughters, twenty shillings apiece, for them and their heirs forever. 
Item, I give and bequeath unto my two grandsons John Johnston and George Cooper, one ewe and lamb apiece, for them and their heirs forever. 
Also my will and desire is that all my household goods and cattle and sheep to be equally divided between my beloved wife and the rest of my children, viz, Church, Lovitt, Joseph, Esther, Elizabeth, Mary and William Bell, at my decease. 
Item, I give and bequeath unto my son Lovitt, all my cooper, carpenter and joiner tools; and also a lot of land lying at the southwest landing in Norfolk County, in Virginia, to him, his heirs and assigns forever. 
Also my will and desire is that my son Lovitt, should take Anthony Cavitt, a mulatto boy, and to learn him in the coopers trade. 
Also my will and desire is that all the Negroes that I got by my father Joseph Bell, 
shall be divided according to his will. 
Also my will and desire is that my wife Elizabeth Bell shall have Quaco, a Negro man, during her natural life, and then to be returned without charge or expense, between Lovitt, Joseph, Esther, Elizabeth, Mary, and William Bell, at their mothers death, for them, their heirs and assigns forever. 
If my son Church Bell should not come home in five years, his part to be taken and divided between the six young children, for them, their heirs and assigns forever. 
Also my will and desire is that my plantation tools, horses and hogs, to be for the use of my wife and family at my decease. 
Lastly, I nominate and appoint my son Lovitt, and Elizabeth, my beloved wife, Executors of this my last will and testament, revoking and making void all other will or wills by me heretofore made. Also my desire is that my Executors, or any of them, to receive all such owing debt, and to pay 
all my just debts, so holding and making this my last will and testament. In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 28th day of July 
Test: Evan Jones; Roger Hancock; Evan Hancock
Andrew Bell
Will was proven in open court at the September term of 1790 by the oath of  Roger Hancock, with Lovitt Bell qualifying as Executors. Samuel Chapman, Clerk 
1790 Sept 13:—Shadrach Driggers, alias Shadrach Johnston, orphan aged [blank], bound to John Avery as a carpenter. 
1790 Nov 3: Information: Appearance bond for William MITCHELL with bondsmen James CARNEY and William JOHNSTON to appear and answer charge of trespass with force & arms of Isaac GUION. Date: 3 Nov 1790Date of: Bond County: Craven 
1790 Nov 3: Information: Appearance bond for James MCAFFERTY with bondsmen William MITCHELL  and William JOHNSTON to appear and answer charge of trespass with force and arms  of Isaac GUION. Date: 3 Nov 1790 Date of: Bond County: Craven
1791 Feb 1: Married Catherine Bains  "Catcy" Born: 06-JAN-1772 Chowan Co. North Carolina
Spouse: Joshua Johnson, Jr  Married: Chowan Co. North Carolina
They had the following children:
Child: Charles Johnson                      
Charles was born 12-OCT-1793 and died 12-NOV-1794.
Child: Mary Johnson                         
Mary was born on 21-FEB-1796 in Chowan Co, North Carolina.
Catherine Bains  "Catcy"
George Bains  'Baptist minister           
        Born: 26-JAN-1741 Chowan Co, North Carolina
        Died: 19-MAY-1802 Edenton, Chowan Co, North Carolina
        Father: George Bains                   \
        Mother: Jane ??                              
Spouse: Mary Creecy                                  
        Married: 28-MAY-1769
        Born: 28-JAN-1749 Edenton, Chowan Co, North Carolina
        Father: Levi Creecy,Jr                     
George Bains was a Baptist minister, surveyor and planter.
Curiously, his nickname was "Blackbeard".
George served as a militiaman, North Carolina, Revolutionary War.
The executors of George Bains will were his son James Bains
and Lemuel Creecy. The witnesses were Thomas Miers, John Nixon,
and Delight Burkett. 
1791 Oct 2: State vs. David ADAMS: Indictment for murder 1792 Information: Report of inquisition taken at home of John MILLS upon view of body of Anthony MILLS junior. Jury of inquisition finds that David ADAMS (at his home) assaulted and beat MILLS so that he died instantaneously. Jury: Wm. HENRY, Jonathon HEMINTON, Jos. HARTLEY, Fred. JOHNSON, John WILLIAMS, Jac. JOHNSON, JP, JOHN nelson, THOMAS [X] PEN? (torn), Harrisinton NARRIN, George NELSON, Caleb [X] OTTERSON, Malachi OTTERSON, Solloman 
[X] WILLIAMSDate: 2 Oct 1791/6 Oct 1791Date of: Event/Inquisition County: Craven


1792 march 16: Bk 33, pg 263 - John TAYLOR purchased form William PAXTON - Lot # 279 on Middle Street in town of New Bern formerly owned by William & Mary JOHNSTON dated 16 March 1792.  Signed William PAXTON.  Wit: F. WEVVER?, Thos MASLEN/MASDEN 


1792 Dec 14: Bk 32, pg 98, John TAYLOR sold to Michael ARONS   50 acres
for 15 pounds. South side of Neuse River, East side of Brices Creek. Beginning
in the great branch of a gum running with a line of marked trees to John
Lecher MILLERS back line, thence with the sd. MILLERS back line to the great
branch, thence the various courses of the great branch, thence to the
beginning. Land part of patent by John Lutcher MILLER. Witnesses: Thomas P.



Dec¹d, Returned to Craven County Court, 
1 pr. Shears, a goose, prep board and notch board - to William Kanedy 3.1.6
9 needles to Jacob Johnston       --.1.--
1 Coat to Joseph Palmer       --.8.--
1 Coat to Joseph Phipps       --.17.--
1 Coat to Herman Hite (Hile?)      2.1.--
1 Great Coat, Joseph Palmer       1.5.6
1 Pair Breeches, Joseph Phipps      --.5.--
1 pair Corduroy Breeches to Same      1.7.--
1 Do (ditto) Ankern (?) Do Do      --.15.--
1 Waistcoat, Arthur Butler       1.1.--
1 Do (ditto), Joseph Palmer       --.5.--
1 Do (ditto), Do Do       --9.6
1 Do (ditto), Do Do       --12.6
1 Do (ditto), Do Do       --17.6
1 pair Drawers, Jacob Johnson, Jr.      --.3.--
1 Do (ditto), Joseph Palmer       --.3.--
1 Do (ditto), Jacob Johnson       --.3.--
1 pair Stockings Do (ditto)       --1.--
1 Do (ditto) Ann Johnson       --1.--
1 Shurt, Arthur Butler        --.15--
1 Do (ditto) Do Do        --.15--
1 do (ditto) Jacob Johnson       1.4.6
1 hat, Joseph Palmer        --.4.--
1 do (ditto) Arthur Butler       --.4.--
1 Pocket Handkchf, Jacob Johnson, Jun¹r.     --3.--
1 do (ditto) Do, Ann Johnson      --10.6.
1 pair shoe buckles, Joseph Phipps      --.6.--
1 pair silver Do. (ditto), Jacob Johnson, Sen¹r.    --.15.--
1 pair of knee buckles, Jos¹h Phipps      --2.6--
1 pair silver buttons, Jacob Johnson, Sen¹r.     --.3.--
3 snuff boxes, Jacob Johnson, Sen¹r.      --1.--
1 prayer book, Anne Johnson       --.6.--
1 Bible, Susanna Johnson       --.6.--
1 Pocket Book, Jacob Johnson, Sen¹r.     --.2--
(unknown two words)    19.5.6
Account Sales of
John Berry¹s (Taylor)
Estate. Return¹d
March Term 1793
by Jacob Johnson, Adm¹r.
Note: Another inventory sheet that was attached to the above spelled 
John Berry¹s name as John BARRIE; the same administrator, J. Johnson, 
attested to the estate.

1796 Jul 01 (Craven Co NC) New Bern Post Office July 1, 1796. List of letters remaining in Post Office at New Bern. John Joseph COMBES ("Abstracts from the North Carolina Gazette of New Bern, NC 1791-1798, Vol II" by Raymond Parker Fouts) Notes: See John Joseph Combs records in Chowan Co NC

1796 November 13 Original in Craven County Deed Book 32 - p 777
Mary Bright of Lenoir County on the one part to John Daves of the Town of Newbern in Craven County - 20 pounds - my 1/4th of the undivided lot of land in the town of Newbern known in the plan by No 203 lying on broad Street and - next word not readable - street formerly Eden Street - the whole of the aforesaid lot being owned by Mrs. Henry, Mrs. Johnston, Mrs. Ellis and 
Mary appears to have signed
WIT  Wm. Henry and James Bright
To Craven Court March Term 1797 on the oath of William Henry Esq.  Saml 
Chapman, Clk 
1797 JOSEPH BRYAN Estate  Administrators bond Jacob Johnson & George BryanAmt.: £100,000 Securities John Fonville, William Carmody
Date:  14 March 1781

1798 June State of North Carolina Craven County Court June Term 1798
Ordered, that Stephen Harris, Frederick Lane and Jacob Johnston Junr' Audit the Accounts of James Gatlin and John Gatlin Executors ** of Thomas Gatlin, dec'd. and make return thereof to the next County Court.  Attest.      Sam'l. C. Chapman CC

In Obediance to An Order Issued from the County Court of Craven at June Term 1798 hereunto annexed, We the Subscribers have audetted the Accounts of James Gatlin & John Gatlin with the Estate of Thomas Gatlin Decest and find them to amount to Nine Hundred an Two pounds Nineteen Shilling & 4d. and find the Credit due said Estate to amount to Eight Hundred and Sixty nine pounds Eighteen Shillings & 1d. which leaves a ballance Due to said Executors of Thirty three pounds one shilling an 3d. as it stands stated above. Given under our hands this 1st of September 1798. 
Stephen Harris  Jacob Johnston, junr.
1798 Sept 2: Information: 1) Transcript of an indictment found in Craven Co. court, June term, 1798 against Francis WEBBER for an assault on Henry BETTNER. 2) 
WEBBER then appeared in county court, represented by his attorney Benjamin WOODS, and pleads Not Guilty. 
A jury consisting of Edward KEAN, Nathan TISDALE, John GREEN, William TRIPPER, Richard FONVILLE, Roger JONES, Abner PASTEUR, John ALLWAY, John DEVEREUX, James Reed EMORY, William ATTMORE, & William JOHNSON was called, but one of the jurors failed to answer, so the case was continued Πtill next term. 
3) At the next term, the following jury was called: Roger JONES, Thomas HYMAN, William GARDNER, Willis MOURNING, Isaac WINGATE, Peter PHYSIOC, David GATLING, Charles HATCH, Alexander CARRUTHERS, Richard BARRINGTON, James REEL Junr., & Thos. HALL This jury found WEBBER not guilty, 
Benja. H. MARTIN, atty for the state appealed. This was granted, and WEBBER 
entered into bond with Benjamin WOOD and William TIGNER,, bondsmen. Henry  BETTNER also entered into bond with Thomas BADGER & James CARNEY as bondsmen. Date: 2nd Mon Sept 1798 (2nd term) Date of: Verdict
County: Craven 
1798 Sept 19: Information: Summons for Thomas COX, John FOX, James CARNEY, & William JOHNSTON to appear and testify against Francis WEBBER Date: 19 Sept 1798 Date of: Summons County: Craven
1799 March 10: Bk 33, pg 403 Isaac TAYLOR purchased from State of N.C. By
virtue of John H Council Bryan, William Johnston, Lewis Bryan & James Coner
Commissioners appointed to sell palace lotts in New Bern for use of the State
--?? At Raleigh 1798 - lot #618 on George St at Richard Dobbs Spaights corner.
Wit: Bryan Whitfield, Edward Kean. 
1800 March 19: Information: Summons for Jacob JOHNSTON, Ephraim STANLY, & Frederick FOY to appear and testify on behalf of John SMALLWOOD, J C BRYAN & others. (Back: State vs. John Council BRYAN and others).Date: 19 Mar 1800 Date of: Summons County: Craven
1800 July: Information: Indictment of Starratt BURNS for theft of a bay gelding from Esther JOHNSON. Date: 20 Jan 1793/July term 1800 Date of: Event/Indictment County: Craven 
1801  Sept 14: Information: Report on inquest into the death of Sam, Negro slave of Wm. G. BERRY. Members of jury are: John C. BRYAN, foreman, James TOOLEY, Lewis FONVILLE, Wm. FULSHIRE, Wm. TIGNOR, Wm. JOHNSTON, Alexander DUGUID, Wm. TYRE, Joseph LOFTIN, Wm. GASKINS, Chas SANDERS junr., Wm. SMITH, Sacher DUBERLY, Joseph DOWDEE, James POTTER, Tucker WALDEN, Wm. ANTHONY. 
They find that William G. BERRY and wife Sarah, using a whip and other unknown weapons, gave Sam wounds on his back and sides, particularly a mortal wound on his right side. Date: 14 Sept 1801 Date of: Event County: Craven 
1803 Aug 13: Information: Appearance bond for John SNEAD, William SNEAD, & Adam BANTZ with bondsmen John James PASTEUR, William JOHNSTON, & William TIGNOR to appear and answer a charge of assault and riot on the night of 12th of August. Charge made by Joseph BELL. Date: 13 Aug 1803Date of: Bond County: Craven 
1804 July 24: Information: Summons for William JOHNSTON to appear immediately and testify against Jeremiah MASTIN. Date: 24 Jul 1804 Date of: Summons County: Craven

1807 Feb. 23, Miss  Johnson, to John Wright, Feb., Rowan county. R. R. . Geneology York


1807 Oct. 1, Betsey Johnson, to W. A. K. Falkener of 'Warrenton, Sept. 24, Warrenton. R. R. Geneology York


1809 July 6: Johnson, Miss to W. Watson, Jly. 1, Halifax. R. R. Jly. 6, 1809 
1809 December 13, NOTICE Pursuant to an Order of Craven County Court, December Term, 1809,will be sold at the Court House in Newbern, on Saturday the 27th of January next on a credit of six and twelve months, a tract of land containing three hundred and twenty acres, situate in Craven County and lying on Brices Creek, the property of Arthur Johnston, a lunatic. A complete title will be given and bonds with approved security required by the Guardians.
Esther Johnston }
Joseph Masters  } Guardians
Source: Newbern Herald - January 8, 1810 
Notes: Craven Superior Court of Law October Term, 1810
Arthur Johnston by his Guardians Elizabeth Johnston and Joseph Masters
Petition for the Sale of Land
In pursuance of an order made in the above cause of last Term, WILL BE SOLD,  at the Court-House in Newbern on Saturday the 16th of March next the PLANTATION owned by Arthur Johnston lying in Craven County and on Brices-Creek  and joining the plantation of General Hatch containing 320 acres more or less. It will be sold on a credit of 6, 12 and 18 months, in equal payments, with interest from the date, to be secured by bond with approved surities. A good  title will be made to the purchaser and any person disposed to purchase may obtain any further information he may desire relative to the premises by application to the subscriber W.C. Stanly.
Elizabeth Johnston }
Joseph Masters     } Guardians February 3, 1811 
1809-1810: Suit of Jones v. Thomas, James Beard of Beards Creek, Francis Dawson the third, died possessed of all the lands represented by this plan, which is devised to his three sisters, Eliza, who married Francis Delamar; Anne, who 
married Seldon Jasper, Eunice, who married 1st Matthew Neale and since, Roger Jones. 
Names mentioned in file:  Isaac Hollis, G. Abraham Vendrick, James Hoover, 
Seldon Delamar, John Thomas, Thomas Jocelin, William Johnston, John Biggs, 
John Banks, 1809-1810.  (Record filed Clerks Loose Papers, Craven County, NC) 
1810 April 17: Groom: Henry Johnston, Jr ; Bride: Nancy Nancy; Bond Date: 17 Apr 1810 Bond #: 000027498 Level Info: North Carolina Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868 Image Num: 000640 County: Craven Record #: 02 191 Bondsman: Philip N 
Neal Witness: J G Stanly, Clerk of Court 
1810  June 11, - Mary Guard Estate - Administrators Bond: James Smith, James 
Cottle & James Jones.  Names of people purchasing items at the Estate Sale, 
June 1810:  Ja~ Smith, John Mason, Daniel Nelson, Henry Johnston, John 
Cummings, Jas. Smith, Elijah George, Elizabeth Burns, Wm Whitehurst, Sarah 
Stanton, Nancy Martin, Ja~ Cottle, Lennon Whitehurst, Rich~ Smith, John 
Grisley?, Tho~ Johnston, Rich~ Lewis, Joshua Guard, Job Smith, Zabeder Rawls, Sam~ Oliver, Jn~ S. Nelson, Wiley Nelson, Wm Godett, 
1811  Dec 2: GEORGE BRYAN SR
 son FREDERICK BRYAN all my lands NWS Old Mill Branch, all  lands purchased of MOSES TAYLOR and 100 acs on Flat Swamp; 
son GEORGE BRYAN - land on SW side of Mill Branch and 100 acs - can't read; 
sons JOHN BRYAN and JOHNSON BRYAN land on ES of Nuce - land that fell to me by death of my brother JOSEPH this land opposite the ferry; 
son JOHN 100 acs, NS Nuce below WILLIAM JONES and CHARLES JONES;  
grandson FREDERICK BRYAN - 2 Negroes; 
daughter SARAH HOLLOWAY $10.00; 
daughter NANCY CLIFTON $10.00; 
heirs of SARAH HOLLOWAY - 2 Negroes Phillis and Sidney; 
rest of estate to be divided between FREDERICK, GEORGE, JOHN, JOHNSON and my daughter  MOLSEY 
BRYAN and the heirs of NANCY CLIFTON, her oldest son FREDERICK CLIFTON;  
son to be execu -  WIT ABRAHAM TAYLOR,  ? HUMPHREY 
this appears to be GEORGE Sr. - GEORGE AND JOHNSTON BRYAN were executors  
and stated this estate was of great value  
GEORGE had a will and devised to sons FREDERICK, GEORGE, JOHN, and JOHNSTON several tracts of land  
he also had a lot in New Bern - lot #399.  
GEORGE also had other children, MOLSY who has since died instate without issue; SARAH the wife of JAMES HOLLOWELL who has since died leaving JOHN, BRYAN, MARY, and WINIFRED 
HOLLOWELL her children; 
and NANCY CLIFTON who is also dead leaving RACHEL, and ELISA CLIFTON her children.  GEORGE never gave anything to his daughters - the petitioners, JOHN, BRYAN, MARY, and WINNIFRED HOLLOWAY  by their father, and JAMES, RICHARD and ELIZABETH CLIFTON also by JAMES HOLLOWAY - want proceed of the sell of the lot in New Bern.
NOTE:  The names of Nancy Bryan Clifton are not clear from the above. 
1811 March 8  Died Capt. William Johnson, Mar. 8, Raleigh Register newspaper, March 21, 1811 
Notes: 21 Mar 1811 The Star Died At Newbern on the 8th inst. very suddenly, Capt. William Johnston in the 48th  year of his age
1813 Jan 9: Penelope Hardy m. FREDERICK JOHNSON b c1790 Craven, NC d. Jun 1818 Craven, NC. I have he was the s/o FREDERICK JOHNSON poss d. New Bern, NC and that Frederick Johnson the elder was s/o JACOB JOHNSON. Would you have further information on these families? Helen Austin 

1813 June 14Elijah Dove, a boy of color aged 5 years next March 13, bound to John Johnson as a cooper. Apprentice Bonds for Free People of Color in Craven County, North Carolina (1769-1820)

1813 June 14James Dove, a boy of color aged 8 years next May, bound to John Johnson as a cooper. Apprentice Bonds for Free People of Color in Craven County, North Carolina (1769-1820)

1815 LEWIS BRYAN - also in Will Book C p 96
faded and mostly not readable - land on Swift Creek  
think a son JOHN  
illegimate son PATRICK MAUL son of SALLY JOHNSON all my land NS Nuce known as Ephraim's Quarter; 
daughter CLARISSA daughter of SALLY JOHNSTON; 
all children were children of SALLY - appears to have had a number of  Negroes
NOTE:  A better list of names can be found in the estate records.  The one 
word clearly visible in the will is the word illegimate.  It appears these 
children went by the Bryan name
Did not have time to read this in the will books but it did include 2 lots 
in New Bern
From Sue
Lewis Bryan (1815) This will lists 4 children, John, Patrick Maul, Clarissa, and Joseph. As Martha says, the will is faded, but the one thing that stands out is that each of these children is listed separately as "my illegitmate son (or daughter), the child of Sally Johnson." This is not just one reference, but repeated ones. There are no wife or other children listed. This will was written in 1814 and probated in 1815. The interesting thing is that Lewis's wife, Sarah, sued for her dower rights after his death, and there's a marriage bond for Lewis Bryan and Sally Johnston from 1803. Now, a marriage bond doesn't necessarily mean that a marriage took place, and the lack of one doesn't mean that mean a marriage didn't take place, but this is a confusing picture. From this will, it certainly doesn't look like Lewis had a wife or legitimate children. This Lewis was the son of Joseph Bryan and Sarah Maul. I'm wondering if it's possible that he m. Sally Johnson AFTER the children were born, and that that would still make them illegitimate. Nowadays, a child can be "legitimized" by a petition that states that the biological parents have now married. The 
birth certificate is then amended to look like they were m. at the time of the birth. In the days before birth certificates, I'm not sure what happened. At any rate, it appears that they were clearly accepted by Lewis's family, based on a court petition in the estate record where Lewis's sisters protested the appointment of Samuel Street as their guardian. I also wonder what Samuel Street had to do with anything. I don't think he was related to the Bryans, but I wonder if he was related to Sally Johnson. Maybe there was "bad blood" between the families? Is there another 
novel in this? 

1815 June 13:Bill Johnson, a boy of color aged 13 years, bound to Samuel Whitney as a blacksmith Apprentice Bonds for Free People of Color in Craven County, North Carolina (1769-1820)

1816 March  2 FREDERICK BRYAN  - also in Will Book
this will is badly faded in places  - wife Negroes Virgil, Suck, Bill and Diane; beloved wife MASA - land, stock, corn, meat etc; 
beloved brother JOHNSON BRYAN all lands; 
sister MOLSEY BRYAN, Negro; 
brother JOHN  M. BRYAN - Negro.  

1816 march 21: Born Mary H. Johnson, wife of Frederick Bryan born March 21, 1816; died Sept. 4, 1892 CRAVEN COUNTY, NC - CEMETERIES - Bryan Cemetery 
1816 August 17   FREDERICK BRYAN Sale by THOMAS GOODING, exec - - purchasers among others were MARY BRYAN, JOHNSTON BRYAN 
Property divided to widow and Kin - widow received 4 Negroes - Virgil, Suck, Bill, and Daniel. JOHN M. BRYAN received Aaron

MARY BRYAN received 1 Negroe girl Aymy ?

Administrator:  John Cobb
Bond amount: £15,000
Securities: Durant Hatch & Jeremiah Lofton
Date: 9 September 1817
Estate Sale
Buyers: Mrs. Bryan, Joseph Bryan, John Cobb,
Amount: $4128.69
Date:29 Oct 1817
Widow's dower
Name of widow: Mary
Date petitioned: September 1817 States died same month, day is blank
Division of estate:
Heirs: Joseph Bryan (son), John Bryan Cobb, infant of John Cobb next friend 
and Ann Cobb deceased. [i.e., Joseph B and Ann Cobb were children of 
deceased, Ann is dead, and John Bryan Cobb, her son, is her heir.]
Date: September 1817
Description of property for division: upon Swifts Creek and upon Neuse 
River and of one lot in Newbern at the corner of Broad & Craven Streets.
Negroes listed in estate:
Lot 1                                  Lot 2
Old Frank aged 60 $150                 Adry  23 $400
Mimy wife of Frank 48 $150             Lewis & Maulsy, twins aged 11/2 $200
Hetty 20 $400                          Liller 4 $150
Slade, Hetty1s child 2 1/2 $125        Harriett 6 $225
Creary 30 $300                         Nicey 8 $300
Wade 12 $350                           David 49 $275
Bill 7 $250                            Tony (Johnson) 30 $600
Mary crippled (no value)               Levi 38 $450            
Jack 20 $600                           Moses 17 $575
Nathan 18 $600                         Fred 16 $475
Frank 14 $475                          Old Tom 70 (no value) 
Joe High 34 $475
Old Judy (no value)
Lot 3
Rachel 22 $400
Churchill 3 $150
Stephen 5 $200
Maria 7 $240
Dick 9 $300
Purney 40 $250
Tom 28 $600
David 20 $600
Furney 17 $550
Tony (Allen) 40 $150
Lucy 60 (no value)
America $400
p 138 - JOHN M. BRYAN - adm of MARY BRYAN, dec -heirs of NANCY PHEFTER ?, 

1817 September 9—Anselana Johnston, an orphan aged 3 years, bound to Reuben Calloway as a spinster.

1818 August 5. Mrs. Mary Johnston BURIALS IN Christ Episcopal Church, New Bern, NC 


1818 Aug 5: MALSEY BRYAN Estate Petition for division: John Bryan administrator Heirs George, John, John, Rachel & Nancy Clifton by their Guardian George Bryan, John, Bryan, Mary, & Winnifred Holloway by their father James Holloway.
Mary, commonly called Maulsy Bryan died about 6 Apr  last [i.e., 1818] 
considerable personal estate consisting of 12 or 13 Negroes, 4 or 5 of 
which however the widow of the late Stephen Harris is entitled to a life 
Request that the Negroes be divided into 5 equal parts:
1 part for John, Bryan, Mary, & Winnifred Holloway the children of Sarah a 
sister of Mary1 part for Rachel & Elizabeth Clifton the children of Ann another sister of 
Mary3 parts for George, John, & Johnston Bryan the only 3 brothers of Mary 
living at her death or who left issue living at her death. June term 1818
Division of slaves:
Name:           Left to:                        
Arch            George Bryan
Abigail         Johnston Bryan
Dave            Johnston Bryan
Daize           John M Bryan
Zilph           John M Bryan
Jemima          John M Bryan
Ephraim         heirs of Sarah Holloway
Hannah          heirs of Nancy Clifton
Ann             heirs of Nancy Clifton
Date: 5 Aug 1818 
1818  September 14—John Godette, an orphan aged 19 years, bound to Abraham JOHNSON as a shoemaker. 
1820 Free Colored" Heads of Household in the 1820 North Carolina Census,
Abraham Johnston, 2101-1101 Craven County page 67
Mary Johnston, 1-01 Craven County page 77
1820 April 9th. George Johnson Hobbs, son of George & Elizabeth Hobbs, born June 11th, 1819, sponsors father & mother. Christ Episcopal Church, New Bern, NC
 Register of Baptisms, Burials, and Marriages
1821 August 5th. At Grace Chapel, Pitt Co., Mrs. Pamela Johnson, adult, sponsors Wm. Pugh, Mrs. M. Pugh & Mrs. Patrick  Christ Episcopal Church, New Bern, NC Register of Baptisms, Burials, and Marriages

1822 Davidson County formed from Rowan County

1823  Sept 26: Born Jane B. wife of Johnson H. Bryan, born Sept. 26, 1823; died June 5, 1867 


1824  November 8—Zachariah JOHNSON, an orphan aged 6 years, bound to Reuben Callaway as a cooper


1824  November 8—Lydia M. JOHNSON, an orphan aged 2 years, bound to Reuben Callaway as a spinster.


1826 May 8—Wiley JOHNSON, an orphan aged 10 years, bound to Abram JOHNSON [also Jonson] as a cooper


1827 November 12—JOHNSON Linzy [also Lindsay], an orphan aged 5 years, bound to Samuel S. Simpson as a farmer.
l830 Jan 22 David K. Roach (or) James Roach of Putnam Co, Ga (ee) -  ? acs for $500 - land of father Charles Roach dec -(a lot on him in Craven Co library)  adj Johnson, Butler, NS Swift Creek BOOK 48 p 324 CRAVEN COUNTY DEEDS 
l830 Feb 25 - William Hardy (or) James M. Roach (ee) -  ? acs for ? dollars - Craven, NS Palmetto Swamp, Richard Hart, Wolfpit Branch, Johnson - William signed by Mark pg 342 BOOK 48 CRAVEN COUNTY DEEDS
1830 October 15th. J. Johnson of Alabama, died 14th. PARISH REGISTER ENTRIES Christ Episcopal Church, New Bern, NC 
1832  Bk 49, pg 413. - Abraham Taylor sold to Johnston Bryan 
1832 Aug 21: Born Sara A., wife of Enoch H. Lane, daughter of Johnson H. Bryan,  born Aug. 21, 1832; died July 4, 1900. 
1832 November—"The Grand Jury report that there is a window in the Passage of the Dungeon of the Jail which is so much decayed that it is unsafe & requires immediate attention & that the Glass in two of the windows are very much Broken & the Boxes on the Sinks are broken & makes the rooms offensive & that he walls of the Jail are dirty & require WHITE washing.
 The Grand Jury report that they have knowledge of two orphans Arnett & Cason JOHNSON whom their mother is not able to support & that there is danger of their suffering & that Guilford Gatlin one of the present Jury is willing to take them they being bound to him. Foreman, Southy Rew." 
1832 November 12—Jesse JOHNSON, an orphan aged 15 years, bound to David Hollis as a farmer.
1832 Nov 16—Arnett JOHNSON, an orphan aged 17 years, bound to Guilford Gatlin as a farmer.
1832 Nov 17—Cason JOHNSON, an orphan aged 15 years, bound to Guilford Gatlin as a farmer

1833 Yancey County formed from Buncombe and Burke


1834 Nov 10:Polly JOHNSON, an orphan aged 17 years, bound to Donum Montford as a spinster. [A bond signed by Donum Montford and Alexander H. Stanly indicated Polly JOHNSON is a free girl of color.]


1834 Nov 10 Abbey JOHNSON, an orphan aged 12 years, bound to Donum Montford as a spinster. [A bond signed by Donum Montford and Alexander H. Stanly indicated Abbey JOHNSON is a free girl of color.]


1834 Nov 10 —Richard JOHNSON, an orphan aged 11 years, bound to Donum Montford as a plasterer. [A bond signed by Donum Montford and Alexander H. Stanly indicated Richard JOHNSON is a free boy of color.]


1835 May 11—Arnett JOHNSON, an orphan aged 20 years, bound to Jesse E. Hoover as a farmer.

1835 Sept 11: State of North Carolina Craven County
Know all men by these presents That we Sally Johnston Widow of the late Thos 
Johnston decd. and James H. Johnston and Margaret E. Johnston, both heirs at 
law of the said Thos. Johnston decd. hath this day recd from Richd P. Oliver 
Adminr of sd Thos. Johnston Our full distributive Shares of the Estate fo 
the decd and we do hereby for Ourselves our heirs Executors Administrators, 
etc quit Claim and release the said Richard P Oliver Administrator as 
aforesd. from all or any of our Claims or any part or parts thereof - and do 
also release sd Oliver from any liability of the law, or upon his bond Given 
as Adm. of sd Johnston.
In Witness Whereof we have hereto set our hands and seals this 11th day of 
September 1835.
signed Sealed and
Acknowledged in presence
of Abner Neale
Signed  Sarah Johnston, James H Johnston, Margaret E. Johnson
transcribed from the original located at NCDAH, CR 028.508.79, Thomas 

Johnston Folder

1836 Davie County Formed From Rowan County


1839 May 7—"This may certify that I Sally Lewis a free woman of color request the court of Please and Quarter Sessions of Craven County to bind my daughter Elizabeth a free girl of color to Capt. Jacob JOHNSON and his wife Rebecca JOHNSON until she is eighteen years old to Learn the Seamstress Trade. The said girl is a Eleven years old the 27th December 1839... Attest: Hardy Whitford, Sally x Lewis." Written on the back of the note is "The Court binds the girl to the age of 21 twenty years according to law."


1839 May 14—Elizabeth Lewis, a free girl of color aged 11 years, bound to Jacob JOHNSON as a spinster

1841 Caldwell County Formed from Burke and Wilkes County NC

1841 Cleveland County Formed from Rutherford and Lincoln Co. NC 

1842 McDowell County formed from Burke and Rutherford Co. NC

1842 June 30th married Jacob W. Johnson to Miss Elizabeth Mason, of
 Newbern, at her father's house. F. M. Hubbard, Minister of Christ Church 

1847 Alexander County Formed from Iredell, Caldwell, and Wilkes

1847 Sept. 26th. Levin, son of Levin & __ Johnson, col'd, sponsors, the

father & mother Christ Episcopal Church, New Bern, NC Register of Baptisms, Burials, and Marriages

1855 Polk County Formed from Rutherford and Henderson Co. NC

1856 April 18: Born: Mary Lane, daughter of Johnson H. and Jane Bryan, born April 18, 1856; died Aug. 31, 1919

1861 Mitchell County formed from Burke, Caldwell, McDowell, Watauga and Yancey

1872 Pamlico Co.  from Beaufort and Craven