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 R1b1b2g Group Pond Cypress



Haplogroup Definition


Haplogroup R1b: is the most common haplogroup in European populations. It is believed to have expanded throughout Europe as humans re-colonized after the last glacial maximum 10-12 thousand years ago. This lineage is also the haplogroup containing the Atlantic modal haplotype




Group Leader: Ernest Knoxie Johnson


Group Members

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Ernest Knoxie Johnson


B. Grant Johnson


Darren James Johnson


Hiram Keith Johnson


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Group Pond Cypress’ Pedigrees





 Introduction by Ernest Johnson, Group Leader


Greetings… Welcome to Pond Cypress,

Ernest Knoxie Johnson and Grant Johnson match perfectly on 25 markers. Grant and Ernest were born and raised in the Chesterfield County/Darlington County area of SC, but were unknown to each other until the DNA project. Ernest’s common ancestor Noel Johnson/ton moved from Johnston County NC to Chesterfield County SC in 1803. Grant’s common ancestor William Johnson moved to Chesterfield County from Johnston County NC between the 1810 and 1820 censuses. There were two known early lines of Johnson/ton that settled in Johnston County NC in the 1750s. One line descended from William Johnson/ton of the Isle of Wight Va. This line is documented by the late Coy K Johnson and Hugh B Johnston in a book called “William Johnston of the Isle of Wight and his Descendants”. It was believe Noel Johnson was the son of Joel Johnston who was a descendant of the William Johnston of the Isle of Wight Va. But it is now suspected that there were two Noel Johnsons. One being the son of Joel Johnston, but the other Noel Johnson (Ernest’s ggg grandfather ) is now suspected to be from the Sylvanus Johnson line or some unknown line through a William Johnson.  The other early line, Sylvanus Johnson,  descended from a Henry Johnson of  Lancaster/Amelia County Va.  Sylvanus  moved to Johnston County in the early 1750s. There was a William Johnston, who was a son of Sylvanus Johnston, who Grant and I may have descended from.  Ernest and Grant are trying to establish the exact relationship between our common ancestors Noel Johnson and William Johnson. This will hopeful verify the direction of our lineage back up the line since our lineage downward is proven. Ernest is working on both the genealogy side and the deep ancestry side of his DNA test results.  Ernest has been confirmed R1b1b2g (U106) in his deepclade test by FTDNA . He belongs to the U106 project sponsored by FTDNA, Scottish Clans and Ireland dna projects as well as the National Geographic project. Through the input of his markers in the Sorenson DNA project he discovered a 25/25 match with an unknown Johnson with ancestors listed in Illinois (William E Johnson b 1871) and Tennessee (James Irvin Johnson b 1844 with his father recorded as being born in Ga.). He is making an effort to locate this Johnson match. Grant is presently working with the landowner in Cedar Creek area of Chesterfield County SC to restore the gravesites of his ggg grandfather William Johnson and children. He has recovered some tombstones buried by the prior owner of the property. The present owner has agreed to set aside the area as the cemetery of Grant’s common ancestor.  Ernest and Grant will continue making attempts to recruit Johnsons in the areas of their research as well as others showing an interest.


Hot spots of research: Chesterfield County and Darlington County SC; Johnston County and Surrounding counties, and all locations where early Johnson families of Johnston County NC migrated .  There is also a unknown perfect match in exceed of 40 markers in the Mid-West found in the SMGY data base.

Special thanks to Mark Valsame, NC state genealogist and the foremost authority on the early families of western Johnston County NC. Without his help we would not be as far along in our research efforts.


 Haplogroup: R1b

 Subclade: R1b1b2g: The R1b1bg2 (formerly R1b1c9) subclade is defined by U106 (also S21 ) and appears to be about in over 25% of R1b. This group has a maximum in Frisia (the Netherlands), but also in northern Germany, and is about 70% of the  Scandvania  R1b population. In general, it is makes up 25%  R1b haplogroup . The U106 subclade may have originated towards the end of the last ice age, or perhaps more or less 7000 BC, possibly in the northern European mainland.

The distribution of S21 is shown in orange, along with the rest of R1b in pale yellow.
S21 is most common in the Germanic areas of the North European plain and also in England. The frequency drops dramatically south of the Alps. The much rarer S29 group is shown in brown: confined almost totally to the Germanic-speaking areas.

YDNA Haplogroup R1b-U106/S21+ Research Group

(A discussion group researchers might find interesting, especially if they are R1b1b2g)



Johnston County NC:

More Info Coming soon:


Census Records

Court Minutes

State Census of North Carolina 1784-1787

Court Minutes 1767-1777

Johnston Co., NC - Head of Households 1784-1787

Court Minutes 1793-1797

Johnston Co., NC – 1st Census, 1790

Court Minutes 1808-1811

Johnston Co., NC – 1800 U.S. Census





Deeds/Estate Records





Estate Records

Will 001

Estate Records 001

Will 002

Estate Records 002

Will 003

Estate Records 003

Will 004

Estate Records 004

Will 005

Estate Records 005

Will 02

Estate Records 006

Will 3

Estate Records 007


Estate Records 008



Tax Lists



Taxables List

Early Johnston County Map

Taxables List 001


Taxables List 002





Chesterfield County SC:



Service Records




Alexander H. Johnson Civil War


Alexander H. Johnson Civil War 1


Jesse L. Johnson


Jesse L. Johnson 2


William J. Johnson Civil War 1


William J. Johnson Civil War 2














Misc. Files

Misc. Files

Old Johnson Picture

Noel sc Land Deed

Old Johnson Picture Information

Desc. Of Shadrack Johnston of SC











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