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 Norway SpruceN1c1



Group Norway Spruce is named for the Forest Finns, who were an important Nordic cultural group.  Our group migrated from Finland into Sweden ca 1600.  Some of these families immigrated to the New Sweden colony in America  on the lower Delaware River between 1638-1656.


Haplogroup Definition


Haplogroup N1c1 is approximately 10,000 years old and has higher average frequency in Northern Europe than in Siberia, reaching frequencies of approximately 60% among Finns and approximately 40% among Latvians and Lithuanians.





Group Leader: Debra Johnson



Edward William Johnson


Harry Johnson


Per Halvard Pramhus


Raymond Johnson


Richard Emory Johnson


Donald Eugene Johnson


Ingemar Engstrom




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Group Norway Spruce’s Pedigrees






YDNA & has been submitted from 2 descendants of William P Johnson b. 1784 NC, 2 descendants of John Johnson b. 1820 KY & 1 descendant of Robert Geo. Jno. Johnson b. 1824 OH - There are matches on 67 markers.  The Haplogroup is N1C1 of Finnish origin.  Autosomal DNA has also been done on 2 of these Johnson families.

There are 2 other very interesting matches, both being of the surname "Vaissinen" in Sweden.  They descend from the "Forest Finns of Finland" who moved to Varmland Sweden.  Spellings changed from Finnish to Swedish. The roots of these men are from 2 different brothers of a father (surname Vaissinen) b. abt 1620.

There was a  migration from Sweden in the 1600's. The 1st ship left Sweden in 1638 &  the last ship arrived in 1656, with many in between.   Most of these immigrants were of Finnish descent.  Several of the Vaissinen neighbors in Varmland were on route to New Sweden, a Colony in America along the Delaware including States of DE, West NJ, PA & MD.  Names were then changed to English spellings.  There were migrations West & South, merging with Dutch and mostly English families.

So the current question is the American ancestry of the 3 matching Johnsons & who is the common ancestor who connects with the Vaissinen family.


The sources below include history in Finland, Sweden & America- naming patterns, maps, associated families, church records, ships & passengers……

Some examples of surnames are: Johnson, Anderson, Thompson, Morton, Clement, Stedham, Erickson, Paulson, Cocks, Cox, Peterson, Parker, Justice,King, Keen, Stark, Coleman, Hanson……


Delaware Finns

Swedish Colonial Society

New Sweden   


Settlement at Elk Landing Maryland

Elk Landing MD Timeline

Finnish American

Family Names

Forest Finn DNA

N1c1 Haplogroup Y-DNA Project - Y-DNA SNP

Finland/Swedish Sources:

Earliest "Vaissinen" Male found so far from Finland

Finnish immigration to central Sweden


Note: the neighboring Clement Family from this settlement who left for America- more information can be found from group 10 on the Clement DNA site "The Clements of Cecil MD"






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