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Fortest and Tree


Wise is the person who sees the forest
From its grandeur inspiration glean.
Wiser still the person who sees the tree;
When the tree is what needs seen.

May we then in living life
Be it pleasure, pain, or strife
Steadily that wisdom learn
Their differentially discern.


(Participant 58215)







 I2b1 Group Cherrybark Oak


Haplogroup Definition


I2b:  The I2b lineage likely has its roots in northern France. Today it is found most frequently within Viking / Scandinavian populations in Northwest Europe and extends at low frequencies into Central and Eastern Europe.

Haplogroup I2b* was found in the skeletal remains of Lichtenstein Cave, a Bronze Age archaeological site in central Germany associated with artifacts of the Urnfield culture [6]. Of the 19 males represented in the cave, 15 yielded the full 12 tested STR values, with twelve showing I2b*, one R1b, and two R1a. Of the 21 females in the cave, the majority were mtDNA H, with mtDNA U5b the runner-up. No radio-carbon dating was discussed and no metrics were assigned based on the adult remains, which are thought to be about 3000 years old. The small sample and their possible familial connections do not permit drawing conclusions regarding the overall contemporary population mixture. However, the cave lies at the center of the area predicted to be high in historical I2b population density based on statistical analysis of current population DNA

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Larry Dean Johnson


Mark Younger Johnson


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