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New Perspectives on James Johnson, the Elder,

Of Goochland County, Virginia

By Bonnie Flythe (



James Johnson, son of Michael Johnson (1670-1719), was referred to in all of the records of the late 1700s in Goochland County, Virginia as James Johnson, the Elder.  That practice will continue here to help to distinguish from the other James Johnsons living in the county at that time.  The repeated use of certain given names such as James, William, Daniel and Benjamin by the Johnson men of Goochland County makes any discussion of them difficult.  Care must be taken to avoid combining them and any additional information, which the reader may wish to contribute, will be very welcome.

James Johnson, the Elder, was probably born before 1697.  This is an estimate based on the date of his first known land grant:

July 12, 1718.  Patent by James Johnson for 400 acres for 40 shillings, Henrico Co., north side of James River.  Bounded by Cha. Evans, John Johnson, JosephWoodson & Benj. Woodson. (Foley, Vol.I, p. 55)

A James Johnson along with John Johnson presented the inventory of Michael Johnson to the court in Henrico County in 1719.

Aug. 22, 1719.  Inventory of Michael Johnson.  Value 63/9/6 by George Payne, William Hodges, Robert Adams.  Presented by John & James Johnson and recorded 5 Oct. 1719. (Weisiger, p. 166)  

James was probably married and beginning a family at least by 1730, but he identity of his wife is not known.  The birthdates of his grandchildren seem to indicate roughly when he and his wife began their own family.  The births of these children occurred before the Rev. Douglas began to keep the St. James-Northam Parish Register.

A James Johnson was witness to the will of James Turner in 1731(Henley, p.5).  He was also a witness to the 1735 will of Henry Turner (Henley, p.6).  The Turners were neighbors, but this may also indicate some sort of kinship.  If so, the nature of it is not known.

In 1739, He also obtained another patent recorded for Albemarle County.  This was in an area that later became Fluvanna County:

Mar. 26, 1739 James Johnson... 400a Goochland Co., on the branches of the Bird Creek, adj. Abraham Venables, Thomas Banes and Hanover Co. Line Paid 40 shill. (Patent Book #17, p. 260)

This seems to be James last land acquisition.  He owned a total of 800 acres.  

An interesting, but unexplained document appears in records in 1747.  The will of John Hix mentions, among others, "my grandson, James Johnson Hix"( Henley, p.31)  Like the Turner wills, this indicates a possible kinship to James Johnson, the Elder, but the nature of the relationship is not known.


In 1754, John Johnson, son of Michael Johnson, wrote his will.  In it he appointed his “brother James” an executor.


James himself died intestate and providing proof for the identities of his children, as described in the Michael Johnson article by Harold Johnson, requires jumping ahead in the chronology of the 1700s & 1800s. The following document clarifies this:

 Nov. 20, 1801. To the representatives of Mary Turner, late wife of BartholomewTurner & sister of Isham Johnson, decd. one seventh part of the personal estate (appears by account of the sales produced) 16 pounds 12 shillings and 4 pence farthing.  To the representatives of Drury Johnson, decd., James Johnson, decd., David Johnson, Decd. and Sarah Sampson, Decd. late wife of Stephen Sampson and to Benjamin Johnson or his representatives each one seventh part- also to the claimants under the will (acknowledged) of Agnes Johnson decd. who appears to have departed this life since the death of the said Isham Johnson (notwithstanding that she may have died without marriage or issue) one seventh part also to wit the sum first mentioned above. Rec. June 21, 1802 (DB#18, p.  )

This confirms the identities of all of James Johnson's sons who survived to adulthood and provides the names of three of his daughters Isham Johnson was identified as a son of James Johnson in an undated deed of gift:

James Johnson the Elder "for divers good causes & considerations…..for the love & natural affection I bear unto my son Isham Johnson," one tract of land 115 acres, by patent July 12, 1718.  Bounded by John Haws, James Cocke, & David Johnson's line. Wit.: Matthew Vaughan,  William Price, John Wade.  Signed: James Johnson. Rec.: April 19, 1768 (DB#9, p.140)

Isham’s heirs were his brothers and sisters or, if they were deceased, their heirs. James Johnson, the Elder, had eight children; James, Drury, Agnes, Mary, Sarah, Isham, David, and Benjamin.

The deeds of Albemarle and Fluvanna Counties give some further evidence as to the identity of James oldest sons.  In 1767, the following deed appeared in the records of Albemarle Co.:

James Johnson the Elder of St. James Northam & Goochland to Thomas Pleasants of same for 50 pounds, 200 acres in Albemarle on branches of Byrd Creek.  of 400 acres granted James Johnson by patent adj. James Johnson, Junr., Christopher Shepherd, Stephen Thomas Banks & the line dividing the counties of Louisa & Albemarle.  Signed: James Johnson.  Wit: John (x) Shepherd, Alexander Toney, Bishop (x) Toney, James Johnson.  Prob. May 12, 1767 (DB#4, p.329.) 

This deed shows that James has divided his western patent and apparently given of it to his son James Johnson, Jr.  Thomas Pleasants was an owner of extensive tracts of land & James the Elder may have been selling his land to him because of financial pressures.  Ten years later, Jacob Johnson, a son of Drury Johnson & grandson of James the Elder, bought this land back, but the neighbor living on the other half was a David Johnson, Jr.

1777- - Thomas Pleasants sells to Jacob Johnson 200a on branches of Byrd Cr. 1/2 of patent adj. David Johnson, Jr. (Flu. DB#1, p. )

No deeds from James the Elder to James Johnson, Jr. or from James Johnson, Jr. to David Johnson, Jr. were recorded in Albemarle or Fluvanna Counties, but the transfer obviously occurred.


Other deeds of gift were recorded in Goochland County & further prove the identities of James the Elder’s other sons:

Oct. 15, 1765.  James Johnson the Elder of Goochland, "for divers good causes, but more especially for the love and natural affection I bear unto my son David Johnson", land on branches of Geneto Creek, 115 acres "being one third of 345 acres granted unto me by ….. patent date______ and day ______."  Bounded by Joseph Watkins & John Guerrant it being the southerly corner. Wit: Joseph Pleasants Amos + Ladd. Signed:  James Johnson. Rec.: Oct. 15, 1765 (DB#9, p 8)

The last deed of gift was signed in 1769 when James the Elder was at least 72 years old or older:

June 19, 1769.  James Johnson the Elder "for love and natural affection to my son  Benjamin Johnson", 115 acres on branches of Genetoe Creek patented July 12, 1718 "adjoining land of son Isham unto whom I have formerly given same, David  Johnson, Joseph Watkins, James Cocke." Wit: Isham Johnson, David Johnson, Jacob Johnson, Wm. W. Woodall, Bartholomew ( X ) Turner.  Signed:  James Johnson. Rec.: Aug. 21, 1769. (DB#9, p. 220)

James Johnson the Elder died after the time of the 1769 deed, but when this happened is not known.  Nor is the fate of his wife or wives known with certainty.  However, the Rev. Douglas recorded the funeral of “old James wife” on Feb. 26, 1775 (Jones, 339).  He left many children and a discussion of each of these children follows.

The children of James Johnson the Elder and his wife

I. Drury Johnson (

Drury appears to be the oldest or among the oldest of the children.  He married Hannah Clark on Oct. 15, 1751 (Douglas, p.28)  Their children were: Jacob (b.1752), Jeanie (b. 1754), Elijah (b. 1756), Ann (b.1758), Clayborne (b.1760), Mary (b.1764), Sarah (b.1765), James (b.1768), Benjamin (b.1771), and Isham (b.1773).

Drury does not appear in many court records & in particular he does not seem to have purchased or sold any land.  However, in The August Court 1771, Alexander McCaul and John Payne sued him in separate suits for debt and David Johnson appeared in court to act as surety for Drury in both cases. (OB#12, p.49, 54)  Drury was called into court again in Feb. of 1773 on the petition of Nathaniel Bowe, but did not appear.


Hannah Clark Johnson was widowed by 1784, when she married a John

Bradshaw (DB#14, 64)


Children of Drury Johnson and Hannah Clark Johnson Bradshaw

v     1. Jacob (1752-Nov. 28, 1814)

m. Sarah Knowling, 1775

Oct. 20, 1777.  Fluvanna County.  From Thomas Pleasants of the Parish of St.James-Northam and County of Goochland, to Jacob Johnson of same, for 81 pounds 12 shillings and 6 pence, one certain tract of land of 200 acres in Fluvanna on the   branches of Byrd Cr., being one half of 400 acres patented to James Johnson the Elder of Goochland County, and by him conveyed to said Thomas Pleasants by deed, and adjoining the lands of David Johnson, Jr. (who is in possession of the other 200 acres), Christopher Sheperd, Thomas Banks, and the line dividing the counties of Louisa and Fluvanna.  Signed- Tho: Pleasants.  Wit: Isham Johnson, Thomas Oliver, Edward McBride, Abram Parrish (Abraham Parish), David Nowlen (Nowling), Turner Clarke, Clab (X his mark ) Johnson.  Rec.: Nov.4, 1779 (TLC, p. 26)

v     2.  Jean (1754-    )

            m. James Cocke, Oct. 30, 1773

     1. Elizabeth (Feb. 3, 1775-    )

v     3.  Elijah (1756-   )


v     4.  Ann  (1758-    )

v     5.  Clayborne (1760-  Howard Co., Mo.   )

m. Ann Johnson, dau of David Johnson, Jan. 14, 1788

m.  Elizabeth Sims, 1794

v     6.  Mary (1764-     )

v     7.  Sarah (1765-     )

v     8.  James (1768-    )

v     9.  Benjamin (1771-    )

v     10.  Isham (1773-   )

m. Nancy Ricks,

II. James Johnson, Jr.

James Johnson married Rachel Hadden on Dec. 15, 1755 (Jones, 28).  She was a daughter of Anthony Haden and Margaret Douglas. The Douglas Register described James Johnson as “of St. Paul’s” which was in Hanover County.  James may have been working there when he met Rachel.  James and Rachel had the birth of two children recorded in the Douglas Register.  Ann was born on Nov.29, 1760 and Mary was born April 19, 1763 (Jones, 226).  There were apparently more children, but the documentation of their births is not available.

After 1755, James and Rachel may have moved to the part of Albemarle County that later became Fluvanna. They probably lived on their half of James the Elder’s western patent purchased in 1739.  James Johnson the Elder describes one half of the patent land as being occupied by James Johnson, Jr. when he sold the other half.  In addition, the son may have witnessed the father’s deed.

James Johnson the Elder of St. James Northam & Goochland to Thomas Pleasants of same for 50 pounds, 200 acres in Albemarle on branches of Byrd Creek.  of 400 acres granted James Johnson by patent adj. James Johnson, Junr., Christopher Shepherd, Stephen Thomas Banks & the line dividing the counties of Louisa & Albemarle.  Signed: James Johnson.  Wit: John (x) Shepherd, Alexander Toney, Bishop (x) Toney, James Johnson.  Prob. May 12, 1767 (Alb.DB#4, p.329)

 In 1760, Anthony Haden signed a deed of gift of slaves to his daughter Rachel Johnson of Albemarle. 

Undated.  Anthony Haden of Hanover to “well beloved dau. Rachel Johnson wife of James Johnson of Albemarle county, two negro girls Sara & Isabel & their future increase .... for her life...& then to heirs of her body”.  Wit: Philip Webber, jnr.  Signed: Anthony Haden.  Rec: June 17, 1760 (DB#8, pg. 94)


According to a Chancery Court Case filed in 1799 by David Johnson over the estate of Isham Johnson, a James Johnson died in 1773 and left children: a son David and two daughters.  This is confirmed by an entry in the Goochland Co. Order Book#12:

August Court, 1773.  Johnson’s Guardian.  Isham Johnson comes into court & undertakes the guardianship to the Orphan children of James Johnson, Jr. Dec. Benjamin Johnson entering himself security for same. (OB#12, p.___)

In the Chancery Case, David, Jr. stated that he had signed contracts in 1779 & 1780.  One was with his sister (unnamed) and the other with his sister’s husband (unnamed). No other heirs were named.  Previous research seemed to indicate that James Johnson, son of James the Elder was married to Mildred Mims, but the documentation does not support that belief.  James and Mildred sold 200 acres of land in the eastern part of Goochland that was probably left to them by John Johnson and Mary Pledge Johnson.  They also had at least nine children, but the guardianship mentioned in the Chancery Case and the 1773 Court order lists only three children. In addition, there is no provable connection between James and Mildred and any land inherited from James Johnson.

James and Rachel Haden Johnson had a son David as well as daughters Ann and Mary. 

Children of James Johnson, Jr. and Rachel Haden Johnson

v     1. David Johnson. (ca. 1756-   )

                        m. Nancy Bowles,

This son is probably the David Johnson, Jr. of the 1777 Fluvanna County deed. On April 13, 1789, David Johnson, Jr. purchased 66 acres from Isham Johnson.

DB#15, pg. 221.  April 13, 1789.  Isham Johnson sells to David Johnson, Jr. for 40 pounds, land-66 acres.  Bounded by Joseph Watkins, David Johnson, Sr., John Guerrant, & Thomas Watkins “to be laid off to the south end of my land”.  Wit: James Turner, Wm. Underwood, William Johnson.  Signed: Isham Johnson. Proved & rec.: April 20, 1789

The David Johnson, Sr. mentioned as a neighbor in this deed was brother of James Johnson, Jr. and uncle of David Johnson, Jr. The Chancery Court Case states that David Johnson, Jr. lived with and worked for Isham Johnson in Goochland.


A year later David Johnson, Jr. purchased 180 acres of land "on Beaverdam Creek" from Joseph and Anna Lewis.

Sept. 20, 1790.  Joseph Lewis and Anna his wife sell to David Johnson, jr. for 160 pounds, 180 acres on Beaverdam Creek.  Bounded by Wm. Ronald, road leading to Goochland courthouse, along the Hanover road, John Lewis, Joseph Pollard’s corner, Meadow Creek, Wm. Hay’s corner, & Wm Gray’s line.  Wit: Thomas Royster, Jno. Guerrant, Wm Royster, jr., Joseph Watkins.  Signed: Joseph Lewis, Anne Lewis (DB#15, pg.460)

According to Williams in Marriages of Goochland County, Virginia he married Nancy Bowles Dec. 16, 1790. (Williams, p. 47) They sold the 66 acres purchased by David, Jr. in 1789 to a William Johnson.

March 12, 1792.  David Johnson, Jr. And wife Nancy to William Johnson for 80 pounds, 66 acres of land purchased from Isham Johnson April 1789 (much of reel unreadable).  Bounded by ----- Watkins, David Johnson, Sr., John Guerrant, Thos. Watkins “taken off the south end of a greater dividend of land to the said Isham......”  Wit: Reuben Turner, Charles Turner, John Brown (?).  Rec: March 18, 1793.  Dower relinq.: April 15, 1793 (DB#16, pg. 175)

In the 1799 Chancery Court Case, David Johnson said that in 1779 and 1780, he signed two contracts, one with his sister and another with his sister’s husband.  For unspecified consideration, the two sisters signed away their right to sue Isham Johnson for mishandling their father’s estate.

In 1797, David Johnson the Younger purchased the other half of the Fluvanna patent and through that purchase, became the owner of all 400 acres of his grandfather’s original patent.

At some point, David and Nancy moved to Fluvanna County probably to the land that was the original James Johnson the Elder patent.  They sold the Goochland land in 1804.

Jan. 25, 1804.  David Johnson & Nancy his wife of Fluvanna County sell to John Guerrant, jr. of Goochland for 250 pounds, land on waters of Beaverdam Creek.  Bounded by John Markham, William Ronalds, ________ Road, Jno Guerrant, jr., formerly line of John Lewis, dec., Joseph Pollard, meadow Branch, John Markham’s corner, Meadow Creek, Beaverdam Creek, 2– acres (?torn page).  Wit: Robert P. Guerrant, Charles Hopkins, John Guerrant Minor.  Signed: David Johnson, Nancy Johnson.  Rec: Jan. 25, 1804  (DB#19, pg. 1)

v     2.  Ann (1760-     )

The contract signed by David Johnson with his unmarried sister was probably with this Ann.  A Nancy Johnson and William Johnson testified at the 1799 Chancery Court Case and this Nancy may have been the sister.  A Nancy Johnson married William Johnson in 1781 and Benjamin Johnson was surety.  Nancy Johnson was also a witness to the 1798 will of Agnes Johnson in Louisa Co. along with William Johnson.

Ann or Nancy Johnson, daughter of James and Mildred Mims was born in ________ & was much to young to be signing a contract about 1780.

v     3. Mary (1763-    )

Mary married John Price in 1779. 

July 31, 1779.  John Price and Mary Johnson, whose guardian is Isham Johnson.  Sur. David Johnson, Jr.. Wit: Walthall Burton, James Johnson, Samuel Price, David Johnson and Benjamin Johnson. (Williams, p.79)

Her husband was probably the person who signed a contract with her brother David Johnson in 1780.  John & Mary Price both testified for the 1799 court case.  She lived with her husband in Louisa County until about 1808.  For part of that time, Agnes Johnson, Mary’s aunt, lived with them after the death of Isham Johnson. She had previously lived in Goochland with her brother Isham and nephew David Johnson, Jr. Agnes Johnson left a bequest in her 1798 will to John Price who was also appointed executor.  

Mary and John Price moved to Logan County, Kentucky.  

III. Sarah Johnson (b. ca. 1732-bef. 1801)

Sarah married Stephen Sampson, son of Stephen Sampson and Mary Woodson, on Sept. 20, 1753 in Goochland Co. (Jones, p. 5) Their children were Sarah (b. 1757), Elizabeth (b.1759), Ann (b.1763), Judith (b.1761), William (b.1765), Jean (b. 1768), Stephen (b.1769), James Johnson (1772), and Martha (b.1773).(Jones, p.290)  They are untraced.


IV.    David Johnson ( 1742-bef. Dec. 16, 1799)

David married Lucy Ellis of Henrico County in April 13, 1762 in Goochland Co. (Jones, p.28) They were the parents of Sarah (b.1763), Ann (b.1764), William (b.1767), Susannah (b.1769), James (b.1772), Lucy (b.1774), David (b.1777), and Betty Ware (b.1783). (Jones, p.224).


It is interesting that David Johnson was visited by the tax enumerator on the same day as Isham and David, Jr. in 1787.  This implies that they were neighbors.  This David, jr. could not be son of David and Lucy because in 1787 that son was only 10 years old and not a head of household.  David Johnson, Jr., son of James Johnson, Jr. was living with his uncle Isham at the time of the tax collectors visit according to the 1799 Chancery Case. 

As previously mentioned, David Johnson, Sr. was administrator of his brother Isham's estate, but David himself was dead by Dec. 16, 1799 when the court ordered an appraisal of his estate. (DB#18, p. 16-18) William Johnson was appointed his administrator.  Another Johnson dies without a will!  In 1802, a "friendly" suit was filed in Chancery Court by the heirs and David's land, 131 acres on the Genetoe, was sold by Daniel Guerrant, Daniel Johnson and Joseph Watkins.(DB#18, p.436)

    The contents of the actual suit have not been examined and there may be more useful information to be found there. An 1802 court summons required the presence of William, David, James, Lucy, Suckey, and Betty Johnson.  It seems that by this date Sarah and Ann may have died.  It should be noted that the Rev. Douglas conducted David Johnson's child's funeral on May 29, 1773. (Jones, p. 339) 


Children of David Johnson and Lucy Ellis Johnson

v     1. Sarah (1763-   )

v     2. Ann (1764-    )

    m. Clayborne Johnson, 1788.  Clayborne Johnson married Elizabeth Sims

in1794 so Ann had died before that date.

v     3.  William Johnson (1767-bef. 1822)

The son William, born Dec. 11, 1767, married Sarah Toler, daughter of George Toler and possibly Fannie Bourne in Goochland Co. on Dec. 29, 1798. (Williams, p. 49)  In 1797, this son William "leased" a plantation bounded by Toler and also slaves for 10 years from George Hudson, but by 1804 William was selling this land so must have purchased it.  In 1806, William Johnson sells to Eliza Carroll "for love and affection" and 6 shillings, two feather beds, two chests, etc.  William Toler was a witness. (DB#19, p. 519)  Could this be Betty Ware Johnson, his sister?  It should also be noted that this William Johnson is referred to as (C) in some of these documents.  The reason for this is not known.


According to the 1822 will of George Toler, William and Sally were the parents of Fannie, David F., Betsy, George and Jane Johnson.  Sometime between 1812 and 1822, William Johnson died without leaving a will. 

      1. Fannie (   )

Fannie married Richard Cocke before 1849 according to the Chancery Case filed ________ and they had at least one child, Johnson Cocke.

      2. David F. ( 1805-    )

David married Susan Elizabeth Parrish, daughter of Booker Smith Parrish and Martha T. Gilliam on Dec. 17, 1827. David and Susan moved to Cumberland co. about 1831 and lived there at least until the Civil War began.  Their children were William B., George Robert, Marion, Napoleon B., and Littleton Johnson.  George Robert, my ancestor, was in the Confederate Cavalry, survived the War, married and became the father of twelve children.  My grandmother, Mary Elizabeth Johnson, was one of these children. 

      3. Betsey (b. ca. 1809-    )

She married Dabney Glass on ___________.

      4. George ( 1811-   )

Untraced here.

      5. Jane (b. ca. 1812-     )

Jane married __________ Mahanes.  The widowed Sally Toler Johnson lived with this daughter & her husband.

v     4.  Susannah (1769-   )

Susannah Johnson married Thomas Smith in 1793.  He was son of George Smith and Caroline Tribue.  His brother married Lucy Johnson, Susannah’s sister.

v     5.  James (1772- aft. 1802)

v     6.  Lucy (1774-    )

Lucy married Anthony Smith in Dec. 22, 1796.  They eventually moved to Alabama.

v     7.  David (1777-aft. 1802)

v     8.  Betty Ware (1783- aft. 1802)


V. Mary Johnson ( 1742-bef. 1801)

She married Bartholomew Turner in 1763 in Goochland Co. (Jones, p. 47)  They were the parents of James (1765), Charles (1766), Reuben (1768), Henry (1770), John (1773), Pleasants (1774) and William (1777).  


VI. Agnes Johnson

Agnes appears to have died in Louisa County.  There is the will of an Agnes Johnson, dated Dec. 11, 1798, which left bequests to Jacob Johnson's daughter Agnes and to a John Price. The witnesses were David Johnson, William Johnson and Nancy Johnson.  It was recorded Jan. 14, 1799. 

Agnes Johnson, daughter of James Johnson the Elder, never married nor had children.  According to the 1799 Chancery Case, Agnes lived with her brother Isham and David Johnson, Jr.  She does appear once on the Personal Property Tax list in _________ a year after Isham’s death.  Her nephew Jacob, Drury Johnson's son,  had a daughter Agnes. In addition, on July 31, 1779, a marriage bond in Goochland Co. records the future marriage of John Price and Mary Johnson.  Mary's guardian was Isham Johnson; David Johnson, Jr. was surety and James Johnson, David Johnson and Benjamin Johnson among others were witnesses. (Williams, p. 79)

VII. Isham

It seems that Isham never married or possibly that his wife died before him.  He died intestate and the division of his estate conformed to intestacy laws in the state of Virginia at that time. This division has been abstracted previously in order to illuminate the life of James the Elder and his children. At any rate, Isham did not have any surviving children.

In 1798, a sale as well as the division of the estate of Isham Johnson was reported to the court. (DB#17, p.202-204)  David Johnson was appointed administrator.  Purchasers at the sale included David Johnson, Sr., Jacob Johnson, Wm. Johnson (son David) and Agnes Johnson among others. 

VIII. Benjamin Johnson, (b. ca. 1745-    )

Benjamin son of James the Elder, was alive in 1801 when his brother Isham's property was divided.  He had married Martha Hughes in 1766. (Jones, p. 223) They were the parents of Thomas (b.1767), Jean (b.1768), Mary (b.1770), Ffrances Anderson (b. 1772), Benjamin (b.1774), Isham (b.1776), and Charity (b.1782). (Jones, p. 223-4)  It is interesting that in 1784, Benjamin Johnson sold to Joseph Watkins 131 acres "excepting the burying ground" in Goochland co. on the branches of Genetoe Creek. (DB#14, p. 33) This is the same amount of land sold in the settling of the "friendly" suit brought by David Johnson's heirs.  This Benjamin may be the Benjamin who died in Goochland Co. in 1813.

 This summary of one Goochland County Johnson line is obviously incomplete and may contain errors.  Conclusions, however, are based on as much documentation as possible and any additional information and suggestions would be very much appreciated.

     A descent chart for James the Elder is attached with the hope that it may help clarify the preceding narrative.

Jan. 13, 2004


Descent Chart of James Johnson the Elder:


James Johnson the Elder (bef.1697-aft. 1769 Gooch.Co.)

  m. _________ (  -d.1775 G.Co.)

1.      James (b.bef.1730- ca.1773G.Co.)

m. Rachel Haden

    a.  David

m. Nancy Bowles, 1790    

    b.  Ann

     c.  Mary

2.      Drury (b. bef. 1731- bef.1784 G.Co.)

m.     Hannah Clark, Oct. 15, 1751

a.       Jacob (1752-1814)

m. Sarah Knowling, Dec. 25, 1775

b.      Jeanie (1754-  )

c.       Elijah (1756-  )

d.      Ann (1758-  )

e.       Clayborne (1760-  )

m.  Anna Johnson

m.  Elizabeth Sims

f.        Mary (1764-  )

m.       William Bradshaw?, 1790

g.       Sarah (1765-  )

h.       James (1768-  )

i.         Benjamin (1771- )

j.        Isham (1773-  )

m.  Nancy Ricks

3.      Sarah (b.bef. 1742-bef.1802)

m.     Stephen Sampson, Sept. 20, 1753

a.       Sarah (1757-  )  untraced

b.      Elizabeth (1759-  )  untraced

c.       Ann (1763-  )  untraced

d.      Judith (1761-  ) untraced

e.       William (1765-  ) untraced

f.        Jean (1768-  )  untraced

g.       Stephen (1769-  )  untraced

h.       James Johnson (1772-  )  untraced

i.         Martha (1773-  )  untraced

4.      Mary (b.bef. 1742-by 1802)

m.     Bartholomew Turner, 1763

a.        James (1765-  )  untraced

b.        Charles (1766-  )  untraced

c.        Reuben (1768-  )  untraced

d.        Henry (1770-  )  untraced

e.        John (1773-  )  untraced

f.          Pleasants (1774-  )  untraced

g.        William (1777-  )  untraced

5.      David (b.bef.1742- d.c.1800 G.Co.)

m.     Lucy Ellis, April 13, 1762

a.        Sarah (1763-  ) 

b.        Ann (1764-  )

m. Clayborne Johnson (see Drury Johnson)

c.        William (1767-bef. 1822 G. Co.0

m.     Sally Toler, 1798 G.Co.

1.      Betsy (c.1799-  )

m.     Dabney Glass, bef. 1822  untraced

2.      David F. (c.1801-1870 G.Co.)

m.     Susan Elizabeth Parrish, 1827

a.        William B. (1831-  )  untraced

b.      George Robert (1834-1906 Chesterfield Co.Va.)

c.       Marion (1837-  ) untraced

d.      Napoleon B. (1838-  )  untraced

e.       Littleton (1841-   )  untraced 

                           d.  Susannah  (1767-  )

                        m.  Thomas Smith, 1793

                        e.  James (1772-  )  untraced

                        f.  Lucy  (1774-  ) 

m.      Anthony Smith,

                        g. David  (1777-  )  untraced

                        h. Betty Ware (1783-  )  untraced

6.      Benjamin (c.1747-aft.1802 G.Co.)

m.     Martha Hughes

a.       Thomas (1767-  )  untraced

b.      Jean  (1768-  )  untraced

m.     Benjamin Hughson, 1787

c.       Mary (1770-  )  untraced

d.      Ffrances Anderson (1772-  )

e.       Benjamin (1774-  )  untraced

f.        Isham (1776-  )

g.       Charity (1782-  )

      7.   Agnes (    -c. 1802 Louisa Co.)

 8.   Isham  (  -c. 1798 G.Co.)


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