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Fortest and Tree


Wise is the person who sees the forest
From its grandeur inspiration glean.
Wiser still the person who sees the tree;
When the tree is what needs seen.

May we then in living life
Be it pleasure, pain, or strife
Steadily that wisdom learn
Their differentially discern.


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 Group Sugar Maple



Haplogroup G


Haplogroup G has an overall low frequency in most populations but is widely distributed within many ethnic groups of the Old World in Europe, northern and western Asia, northern Africa, the Middle East, India, Sri Lanka and Malaysia.

Various estimated dates and locations have been proposed for the origin of Haplogroup G. The National Geographic Society places haplogroup G origins in the Middle East 30,000 years ago and presumes that people carrying the haplogroup took part in the spread of the Neolithic[2]. Two scholarly papers have also suggested an origin in the Middle East, while differing on the date. Semino et al. (2000) suggested 17,000 years ago. Cinnioglu et al. (2004) suggested the mutation took place only 9,500 years ago.

The oldest skeleton confirmed by ancient DNA testing as carrying haplogroup G was found at the Neolithic cemetery of Derenburg Meerenstieg II, north central Germany, with burial artifacts belonging to the Linear Pottery culture, known in German as Linearbandkeramik (LBK). This skeleton could not be dated by radiocarbon dating, but other skeletons there were dated to between 5,100 and 6,100 years old. The most detailed SNP mutation identified was S126 (L30), which defines G2a3. G2a was found in 20 out of 22 samples of ancient Y-DNA from Treilles, the type-site of a Late Neolithic group of farmers in the South of France, dated around 3000 BCE. Two skeletons carrying haplogroup G2a were found in a high-status burial at Ergolding in present-day Bavaria, southern Germany, of the Merovingiandynasty period.





Group Leader: Linda Thank


Group Members

Kit Numbers


William McKinnley Johnson


Ray Johnson


Norvan Lee Johnson


Richard M. Johnson


Thomas Wayne Ohison


John Robert Van Hise


Alan A. Anderson


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Group Sugar Maple Pedigrees





William Johnson, ca 1730 NJ, to ca 1809 KY

Okie Johnson(s) of Hampshire Co. VA

Abraham Johnson(s) of Hampshire Co. VA



Joseph Johnson d aft Dec 12 1809

Thomas Johnson d. bef April 11 1811

William Johnson, res Hampshire, Va. d. 1794

1809 Will of John Johnson, Sr.

1788 Will of Okey Johnson, res. Hampshire, VA

1815 Will of Okey Johnson, res. Hampshire, VA

Johnson of Hampshire Estates





South Branch of the Potomac

Early Settlerís of the Patterson Creek Valley

Hampshire and a West Virginia History




Hampshire Co. VA Court Survey

Rutan & Johnson, Patterson Creek

Hampshire Co., Map 1754

Hampshire, VA Land Paper Documents (Transcribed)

Page 1 - Patterson Creek Lot Images 1747-1793

Page 2 - Patterson Creek Lot Images 1747-1793

Hampshire County map 1754

1748 REASNER Nicholas Deed



Court Records




New Jersey Connections

Drake Ė Connection

Dr. Daniel Drake

JOHNSON Volume 1 Archives Calendar of Wills

JOHNSON Volume 2 Archives Calendar of Wills

WillsJOHNSON Thomas d 1694 New Jersey

JOHNSON and etal plus New Jersey family notes



New York Connections

Patent of the Town of FLATBUSH



Kentucky Connections




Revolutionary War Records

Abraham Johnson, d. Indiana Pension #S16427

Jacob Johns(t)on, Hunterdon New Jersey- WP793





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