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From: "Johnson, Bob" <>

Date: March 17, 2008 1:49:53 PM EDT

To: Sherrie Boone <>

Subject: RE: Illinois Johnson Photo's




This my Grandfather MATT (son of William, son of Elijah in Oak Ridge TN) and Kate Block wedding picture (1918).


The good looking one in the background in the group of four is my Dad.  He is probably 21ish at that point probably in the 1940ís (WWII))

 Alongside is his sister Lois(still alive in State of Washington).


You know there is a 5- 8 year difference between his sister who is older and him,

but that means if he was 21 in say 1942 then he was born 1921 which Iím thinking he was born 1925,

so how old was he when he enlisted?!


Iíve got records I donít remember, but now Iím curious.


More to follow