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Dear Group,


This month I would like to tell you that I am planning to send out an updated Gedcom early in 2011.  At this time, I am not able to determine when I will have it updated to an extent that I am ready to send it


So, with this new release, I want to remind everybody of several things:


1.      If you have any new, changed or updated information you would like to include in the new file, please send it to me.


2.      I always appreciate any firm documentation that you are willing to share.  This includes census records, vital statistics, legal records, etc.


3.      Unless you have informed me of information you have entered in your  copy of the earlier Gedcom, I do not have that information, so it will not appear in the updated version.


Remember, I would love to have the names of any unidentified Johnson names in your records.  I will post them on the following month’s newsletter to the group.  Perhaps somebody else in the group will recognize that name.


Do you know of anybody else searching your particular Johnson line?  Might they be interested in a DNA test?


Since September 2009, we have added three new members:  Bobby G. Johnson (Kit # 158508) in October 2009: Jane Johnson Williams (Kit # 84683) in October 2009, and Rich Johnson (Kit # 183489) in October 2010.  Two for one here, as Rich’s cousin, Liz Johnson Van Keuren, also does family research.  Does anybody know any new possibilities for our group?


Also, for anybody who uses a Mac, the new Family Tree Maker for Mac is available.  I saw it at an Office Depot for $99.00, and the price includes 6 months of Ancestry.  I suspect one may find the program without the Ancestry subscription for less money.


Excerise your Right


November 2, 2010

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