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Robert West came to America from England at the age of eight years on the ship Crown Milligo. He arrived at Baltimore, Maryland, and was among the first settlers along the Susquehanna and Hundred Run Rivers. This area eventually became Harford County. There is a well known ford on the Susquehanna River where a ferry was located at Bald Friar. This is on the “plantation” known as Maiden’s Mount.


In the early 1700’s there was a dispute between Maryland and Pennsylvania over the boundary line. Minutes of the Provincial Council of Pennsylvania record on August 18, 1723, Governor Reith of Pennsylvania said, “I intend to be upon the plantation of Robert West called Maiden’s Mount in Baltimore County, commonly known as Bald Friar on Monday, September 9, in order to take observations.” Whether the meeting took place is not known. This dividing line was later known as the Mason and Dixon Line.


Harford County, Maryland was first discovered in 1608 by Captain John Smith of the Virginia Colony (the same John Smith of the Pocahontas legend). He made a fairly accurate map of the upper country and its islands and shores. On this map, he designated many places whose names are still in use today. The island now called Poole's, he named Powell's Isles after Nathaniel Powell in his crew. He named Willowbye's River (today's Bush River) after the town in which he was born and in honor of his friend, Lord Wollowby. Smith proceeded northward from the Bush River, passing what is known today as Spesutia Island and Havre de Grace, and into the Susquehanna River. He traveled up the Susquehanna to a stream flowing from the northeast, which is believed to be Deer Creek.


The first settlement in the region was made by a young Englishman, Edward Palmer in approximately 1622. Having heard about the Smith exploration, Palmer decided to establish a fur trading post in a spot where he could trade with the Indian trappers to the north. This location, at the mouth of the Susquehanna, was also accessible by water to other trading posts on the Bay and rivers to the south. The name was changed to Garrett Island, in honor of the president of the B & O Railroad, John W. Garrett, in 1885.


One of the first permanent settlements in the county was on Poole's Island, which was granted to Captain Robert Norris in 1659. About 1649, Col. Utie came from Virginia to explore the upper bay region and find a place to settle. In 1658, Bearson's Island, located a few hundred yards south of Havre de Grace, was granted to Nathaniel Utie. He changed the name to Spesutie, using the latin Spes-Utie, meaning Utie's Hope. The spelling was later changed to Spesutia as it is known today.


Harford County had its beginnings as a part of Baltimore County, which was created in 1659 and included the territory of Baltimore, Harford, and Cecil counties. The first county seat, the town of Old Baltimore situated on the east bank of Bush River in what is now Aberdeen Proving Ground, was authorized in 1674. In 1712, the county seat was moved to Gunpowder Town, located at Joppa on the east side of the Little Gunpowder where Joppatowne now stands. In 1768, after many difficulties in Joppa, including a smallpox epidemic, the county seat was moved to Baltimore.


Harford was not organized into a county until 1774. At that time the present territory was fairly well settled. The population, including blacks, amounted to thirteen thousand people. Roads had been laid out, bridges made, churches built and our progenitors lived in a peaceful and well-governed section as citizens of Baltimore County.


The Act of the General Assembly of 1773, called for the division of Baltimore County and for the erecting of a new one by the name of Harford. The boundaries of the county were established as follows:


"That...all that part of Baltimore county which is included within the bounds following, to wit: Beginning at the mouth of the little falls of Gunpowder river, and running with the said falls to the fountain head, and from thence north to the temporary line of this province, and thence with the temporary line to Susquehanna river, thence with Susquehanna to Chesapeake bay, and thence with the said bay, including Spesutia and Pool's Islands, to the mouth of the Gunpowder river, and thence up the said river to the beginning aforesaid, shall be and is hereby erected into a new county, by the name of Harford county."


The first court for the new county was held on March 22, 1774 at Harford Town, or Bush, located at what is now the junction of Route 7 and Route 136. In 1775, the citizens of Harford county passed The Bush Declaration, becoming the first organized body of men in the country to proclaim independence from Britain.


After the Revolution, in 1782, an election was held to move the County Seat to Bel Air, where it remains to this day.


Robert’s grandson JAMES BENJAMIN WEST moved to South Carolina where he married SARAH BRASHEAR. Her parents are not known but there is good speculation she was the daughter of WILLIAM BRASHEAR. A William Basher/Brashier was in Baltimore County, Maryland, in 1699 when he was taxed on property on the north side of Gunpowder Hundred River.


In the 1730s pioneers began to settle in the so-called middle country of South Carolina. In the 1750s settlement began in the Piedmont region between the Fall Line and the mountains. Various European groups were represented in the middle country and upcountry, including Germans, Welsh, Swiss, and Scots-Irish. Some of these settlers came directly from Europe and others from American colonies such as Pennsylvania, Virginia, and North Carolina. By 1775 these backcountry settlers constituted about half of the province's white population. The Wests and Brashears were perhaps part of this migration. It may have been through the influence of the Quakers and Methodist that inspired them to move southward.


James and Sarah’s son, Isaac West, was born in South Carolina and apparently moved with his parents to Hardin County, Kentucky, where he married MARTHA (PATSY) MEEKS, in 1811. Patsey was the daughter of PRIDDY MEEKS. The Meeks family had migrated from Virginia to South Carolina. Her uncle and aunt were instrumental in the Underground Railroad about 1800. They were responsible transporting and freeing 107 slaves.


Isaac was killed by Indians in 1813 leaving Patsy with an infant son, WILLIAM SHELTON WEST. Patsy remarried and moved with her husband and other family members to Shawneetown, Illinois. Again she was widowed . She married a third time and moved to Missouri. Isaac’s parents were also killed by Indians later in 1820.


WILLIAM SHELTON WEST studied medicine under a Dr. Posey and moved with him to Cape Girardeau County, Missouri where he married LUCRETIA McGUIRE, daughter of WILLIAM McGUIRE, a state senator. William and Lucretia moved to Chariton County, Missouri, where he practiced medicine as well as farming. The town Westville was named after him. It is near what is now Keytesville, Missouri.



William and Lucretia’s son, SILAS WRIGHT WEST, moved to Utah territory where he married MARIE ANTOINETTE HAIGHT, daughter of ISAAC and ELIZA ANN (PRICE) HAIGHT. Their daughter was my grandmother, MARIE ANTOINETTE, one of thirteen children.



Silas Wright West


Haight Family



Descendants of Robert WEST



Generation No. 1


1. ROBERT WEST was born in England in 1669. He was "transported" to Baltimore County, Maryland in 1677 at the age of eight years by Thomas Applewaite who was commander of the ship Crown Milligo. Also on the same ship were Edward, Elizabeth, and Mary West, ages unknown. Robert was among the first to settle land in upper Harford County west of the Susquehanna River. In 1722 the frontier settlements extended from the mouth of Deer Creek northward to the Maryland line. Robert was a “Planter” meaning basically a farmer and land owner.


In 1695 Robert was taxed on property on the north side GUNPOWDER HUNDRED. In 1704 he purchased 400 acres known as Maiden’s Mount and on November 01, 1710, he purchased 500 acres known as Westwood located between Peddler's Run and the mouth of Broad Creek. In 1750 Robert owned 37 1/2 acres known as LONG ACRE.


Robert married SARAH SPINKS November 10, 1695, in Baltimore County, Maryland, daughter of Roger Spinks. Her mother’s maiden name may have been HEMPSTEAD as she and her brother Enoch are named in Mrs. Hempstead’s will dated December 1690. She also received 50 acres from Robert Gates in 1695, Baltimore County, Maryland. Sarah was born about 1670 in St. George’s Parish, Baltimore County, Maryland.


The Wests were of the Protestant faith, belonging to the St. George’s Parish in Baltimore/Harford County.


Robert West was witness to the will of THOMAS MORGAN 1 Mar 1697, Baltimore County, Maryland.


Robert died in 1747 in Harford County, Maryland.


Children of ROBERT WEST and SARAH SPINKS are:

2. i. SARAH WEST, b. October 24, 1701, Baltimore Co., MD

ii. CONSTANTIA WEST, b. April 24, 1703, Baltimore Co., MD; m. JOB BARNES, October 11, 1722, St. George's Parish, Baltimore Co., MD.

3. iii. ROBERT WEST, b. November 06, 1706, Baltimore Co., MD; d. Bef. 1776.

iv. PRISCILLA WEST, b. March 28, 1709; d. August 03, 1787, Baltimore Co., MD; m. THOMAS EADS.

Richard Wilson's book on West states her husband was JOSHUA WOOD, md. 15 Apr 1729, St. George's Parish, MD. Also has her death date as 22 Sept 1739.

4. v. JOHN WEST, b. December 29, 1711, Baltimore Co, Md; d. Baltimore Co, Md.

5. vi. JONATHAN WEST, b. June 28, 1714, Baltimore Co., MD; d. SC.

vii. MARY WEST, b. April 28, 1716.

viii. SUSANNA WEST, b. March 06, 1716/17.

6. ix. ENOCH WEST, b. May 17, 1721, Baltimore Co, Md.



Generation No. 2


2. SARAH WEST (ROBERT) was born on October 24, 1701 in Baltimore County, Maryland. Sarah gave birth on March 28, 1721 to an illegitimate child whom she claimed was the son of a servant of her father. She later had another child on December 17, 1723, Daniel Gay, who she claimed was the son of John Gay. These children have been listed in her father’s household.


Sarah married JOHN COOK on December 30, 1736 in Baltimore County, Maryland, and had four children.


Children of SARAH WEST and JOHN COOK are:

iii. MARY COOK, b. March 13, 1724/25.

iv. PRISCILLA COOK, b. March 27, 1730.

v. ROBERT COOK, b. August 15, 1732.

vi. JOHN COOK, b. December 08, 1734.


3. ROBERT WEST (ROBERT) was born on November 06, 1706 in Baltimore County, Maryland. He married JOHANNA GASH January 22, 1730 in St. George's Parish, Baltimore County, Maryland, daughter of THOMAS GASH. His death date may be confused with that of his son, Robert. There is no record on Robert in the 1776 state census so it can be speculated he died before that year.


Children of ROBERT WEST and JOHANNA GASH are:

i. THOMAS WEST, b. June 13, 1732.

ii. ROBERT WEST, b. March 05, 1734, Baltimore Co, Md; d. February 21, 1827, Lincoln Co., NC; m. (1) ELIZABETH ANN UNKN, 1760, Baltimore Co., MD.; d. Bef. 1780; m. (2) ELIZABETH (BETSY), January 01, 1780, Lincoln Co., NC

iii. SARAH WEST, b. March 23, 1735, Baltimore Co, Md; d. October 15, 1738, Baltimore Co, Md.

iv. JOHANNA WEST, b. March 10, 1739/40.

v. JONATHAN WEST, b. July 14, 1740.

vi. SARAH WEST, b. April 05, 1743, Baltimore Co, Md; d. November 10, 1744, Baltimore Co, Md.

vii. SARAH WEST, b. November 10, 1744, Harford Co., MD.

viii. JOHN WEST, b. February 18, 1745, Harford Co., MD.

ix. MICHAEL WEST, b. May 01, 1749, Harford Co., MD.


4. JOHN WEST (ROBERT) was born on December 29, 1711 in Baltimore County, Maryland. He married SUSANNAH OZBOURNE January 26, 1730 in St Georges Parish, Baltimore County, Maryland. Susannah was born on December 29, 1711.



i. MARGARET WEST, b. March 24, 1733/34.

ii. JOHN WEST, b. March 26, 1737.

iii. MARGARET WEST, b. February 11, 1740/41.

iv. DAVID WEST, b. June 08, 1745.

v. JAMES WEST, b. January 24, 1745/46.

vi. ISAAC WEST, b. April 01, 1750.

vii. JACOB WEST, b. January 13, 1750/51.

viii. MARTHA WEST, b. November 04, 1754.

ix. SUSANNA WEST, b. August 06, 1756.

x. WILLIAM WEST, b. October 24, 1757.


5. JONATHAN WEST (ROBERT) was born June 28, 1714 in Baltimore County, Maryland. He married HANNAH ALLENDER about 1748 in Maryland. Hannah was born 1723 in Baltimore County, Maryland, where it is presumed her parents were among the first settlers.



7. i. JAMES BENJAMIN3 WEST, b. January 07, 1747/48, Greenville Co., SC; d. Abt. 1820, Hart Co.,KY.

ii. SARAH WEST, m. JOHN EADS, February 26, 1790, Botetourt Co., VA.



6. ENOCH WEST (ROBERT) was born on May 17, 1721 in Baltimore County, Maryland. He married a woman by the first name ELIZABETH. Her last name is unknown. They were married in St. George's Parish, Baltimore County, Maryland. Elizabeth was born 1733. In1742 Enoch was conveyed 75 acres known as DANIEL'S NEGLECT. He owned 37 1/2 ac of this land.


Children of ENOCH WEST and ELIZABETH are:

i. ENOCH WEST, b. 1766.

ii. WILLIAM WEST, b. 1769.



Generation No. 3


7. JAMES BENJAMIN WEST (JONATHAN, ROBERT) was born on January 07, 1747, in Greenville County, South Carolina. He married SARAH BRASHEAR about 1780 in Greenville County, South Carolina. Sara was born January 03, 1757 in Chester County, South Carolina. Her parentage has not been proven but it is good speculation her father was WILLIAM BRASHER. James and Sarah owned a lot of land in Greenville. James served as private in the Revolutionary War. The family moved to Kentucky in 1806 and received property near Cane Creek near what is presently Cub Run. James and Sarah were killed by Indians in 1820.


Children of JAMES WEST and SARAH BRASHEAR are:



8. iii. ANNE WEST, b. October 11, 1784, Greenville Co., SC; d. March 25, 1861, Hart Co., KY.

9. iv. ISAAC WEST, b. 1785, Greenville,SC; d. 1813, Hardin,KY,

10. v. SARAH WEST, b. 1788, SC; d. 1866, Hart Co., KY.

vi. HANNAH WEST, b. 1790, SC; d. 1849, Richland Co., ILL; m. ABRAHAM PEEBLES, April 05, 1808, Hardin,KY; b. June 17, 1787, Lancaster Co., SC; d. 1824, Hart Co., KY.

When Abraham died he left a family of nine children with one on the way. Buried near Priceville, KY; Hannah went to Richland Co., ILL. One son remained in KY.

vii. THOMAS WEST, b. 1791; m. ELEANOR SELF, October 03, 1817, KY.

(Dwayne Holman has birthdate as 1798.)

11. viii. ISABELLA WEST, b. Abt. 1792.

12. ix. JOHN (JONATHAN) WEST, b. 1793, Greenville Co., SC.

x. WILLIAM WEST, b. 1795; m. ORPHA JONES, July 01, 1815.

xi. JAMES WEST, b. 1796; m. SARAH WATKINS, July 14, 1817, KY.

xii. JACOB WEST, b. 1818.



Generation No. 4


8. ANNE WEST (JAMES BENJAMIN, JONATHAN, ROBERT) was born October 11, 1784 in Greenville Co., SC, and died March 25, 1861 in Hart Co., KY. She married ROBERT A REAMES January 08, 1808. Anne is buried in Reame's Chapel Cemetery, Hart Co., KY


Robert was a wealthy plantation owner. He owned many slaves but lost his wealth during civil war and went broke.





9. ISAAC WEST (JAMES BENJAMIN, JONATHAN, ROBERT) was born 1785 in Greenville, SC., and died 1813 in Hardin Co., KY. He married PATSEY/MARTHA MEEKS August 08, 1811 in , Hardin Co., KY. She was born 1786 in Surry Co., NC, and died March 03, 1853 in Chariton Co., MO.


Patsey married three times. Following Isaac’s death within 3 years of marriage, leaving her with an infant son she then married JONATHAN STOUT in 1817. Jonathan died about 1823, leaving her with three stepchildren and two children of her own having had a child by Jonathan.


Patsey's third husband was Rev. JOSEPH RILEY who had ten children by a previous marriage(s). Patsey was widowed again in 1832 with several children by the age of 40. She died at age of 67 yrs.



13. i. WILLIAM SHELTON5 WEST, b. May 29, 1812, Hardin Co, KY; d. May 02, 1885, Chariton Co., MO.


10. SARAH WEST (JAMES BENJAMIN, JONATHAN, ROBERT) was born 1788 in SC, and died 1866 in Hart Co., KY. She married JEREMIAH JAGGERS April 20, 1808 in Hardin Co., KY, son of DANIEL JAGGERS and HESTER HITCHCOCK. He was born July 19, 1772 in Chester Co., SC, and died September 20, 1854 in Hart Co., KY. Jeremiah died in 1854, leaving 5 children. His wife required constant care, two dau. unmd. Jeremiah's son assumed responsibility for mother and sisters.



14. i. JEREMIAH S. JAGGERS, b. July 12, 1818; d. September 08, 1900.



iv. Daughter

v. Daughter


11. ISABELLA WEST (JAMES BENJAMIN, JONATHAN, ROBERT) was born Abt. 1792. She married LEVI JAGGERS May 07, 1813.



i. REBECCA5 JAGGERS, b. 1826; m. WILLIAM HENRY WEST; b. Abt. 1829.


12. JOHN (JONATHAN) WEST (JAMES BENJAMIN, JONATHAN, ROBERT) was born 1793 in Greenville Co., SC. He married NANCY ROGERS October 14, 1815 in Hardin Co., KY, daughter of JESSE ROGERS . She was born 1793 in VA, and died 1876.

(A JOHN WEST md. Mrs. NANCY MCLEAN 14 Oct 1815 )


Believed to part of full blooded Cherokee Indian, related to Tiana Rogers, wife of Sam Houston.

Pitter's Cherokee Trails-Tianna Rodgers-Daughter of Captian John Rodgers



Children of JOHN WEST and NANCY ROGERS are:


ii. JAMES B. WEST, b. 1817; m. HULDA LOGSDON.

15. iii. JESSE GREEN WEST, b. 1818, KY; d. 1899, KY.

16. iv. JOHN R. WEST, b. 1821.

v. THOMAS WEST, b. 1827; m. SALLY SHACKLEFORD; b. 1834, VA.

Thomas is not listed on 1850 Census for Barren Co., KY but his wife is listed as 42 yrs.


vi. WILLIAM HENRY WEST, b. Abt. 1829; m. REBECCA JAGGERS; b. 1826.

vii. ROBERT R. WEST, b. April 07, 1831, KY.

viii. MARY ANN WEST, b. 1832.

ix. NANCY D. WEST, b. 1836; d. Abt. 1900; m. JOHN L. LOGSDON, 1850, Barren Co., KY.1850 census for Barren Co., KY show Nancy and Robert and mother living with Sally Shackleford. Sally Shackleford was married to Nancy's nephew Thomas West. Nancy is believed to be part of full blooded Cherokee Indian. Her mother may have been Cherokee. Resided with Robert A. Reams in the 1860 Census for Hart Co., KY.



Generation No. 5


13. WILLIAM SHELTON WEST (ISAAC, JAMES BENJAMIN, JONATHAN, ROBERT) was born May 29, 1812 in, Hardin Co., KY; and died May 02, 1885 in Chariton Co., MO. He married (1) LUCRETIA MCGUIRE February 24, 1842 in Jackson, Cape Girardeau Co., MO. She was born 1824 in Cape Girardeau Co., MO., and died 1855 in Chariton Co, MO. He married (2) MAHULDA ANN HAIGLER Abt. 1855 in Chariton Co., MO. She was born 1834 in VA, and died September 21, 1914 in Westville, Chariton Co., MO.


William’s father died when William was an infant. His mother remarried and the family moved to Shawneetown, ILL. William studied under Dr, POSEY to become a physician. In 1839 William moved to Cape Girardeau Co. (Jackson) MO. (prob. followed Dr. Posey to set up medical practice; most likely met 1st wife in Jackson) He later moved to Chariton Co. MO. Three of his five children by 1st wife died young. William was a physician & farmer.



i. ISAAC WILLIAM WEST, b. July 11, 1845,Ill; d. February 05, 1858, Chariton Co.,MO.

17. ii. SILAS WRIGHT WEST, b. December 10, 1846, Chariton Co., MO; d. September 30, 1918, Salt Lake City, UT.

iii. SUSAN MARTHA WEST, b. 1849, Ill; d. September 08, 1861, Chariton Co., MO.

iv. JAMES WILLIS WEST, b. 1852, ,Chariton,MO,USA; d. 1879, Chariton Co., MO.

v. ELIZABETH WEST, b. 1855, Chariton Co., MO; m. ELISH EARL.




vii. JESSE WEST, b. Westville, Chariton Co.,MO.

viii. THOMAS BELL WEST, b. April 01, 1857, ,Chariton,MO; d. April 23, 1878, Chariton Co., MO; Burial: Bell Cem.,Marceline,Linn,MO

18. ix. CHARLES OWEN WEST, b. May 08, 1871, Westville, Chariton Co., MO; d.MO.


14. JEREMIAH S. JAGGERS (SARAH WEST, JAMES BENJAMIN, JONATHAN, ROBERT) was born July 12, 1818, and died September 08, 1900. He married MARY ANN ASHBAUGH. She was born October 14, 1821 in OH, and died December 02, 1898 in Cub Run, Hart Co, KY.Large land owner.Burial: Jaggers Cemetery, Hart Co., KY



19. i. NIMROD PORTER JAGGERS, b. December 11, 1858; d. 1894, Cub Run, Hart Co, KY.


15. JESSE GREEN WEST (JOHN (JONATHAN), JAMES BENJAMIN, JONATHAN, ROBERT) was born 1818 in KY, and died 1899 in KY. He married MOURNING LOGSDON. She was born 1829 in KY, and died 1861 in KY.

Birth date may be ten years off as she would have been 13 when she gave birth to first child.



i. LUCINDA6 WEST, b. 1841, KY; d. 1854.

20. ii. NANCY ANN WEST, b. 1842, KY; d. 1898.

iii. MARY WEST, b. 1844, KY.

21. iv. SARA WEST, b. 1844, KY.

v. ALBERT WEST, b. 1847, KY.

vi. VIGINIA WEST, b. 1849, KY.

vii. LUVINE WEST, b. 1851, KY.

viii. ELIZABETH WEST, b. 1853, KY; d. 1936; m. WILLIAM CARROLL SCOTT; b. 1849; d. 1918.

ix. PATSEY WEST, b. 1855, KY; d. 1917; m. CALVIN POWELL DORSEY; b. 1852; d. 1936.

x. AMANDA WEST, b. 1857.

xi. DAU WEST, b. 1857.


16. JOHN R. WEST (JOHN (JONATHAN), JAMES BENJAMIN, JONATHAN, ROBERT) was born 1821. He married (1) SARAH E. JAGGERS. She was born in TN, and died November 1877 in Hart Co., KY. He married (2) NANCY A. LOGSDON.



22. i. THOMAS JEFFERSON WEST, d. Hart Co., KY.



Generation No. 6


17. SILAS WRIGHT WEST (WILLIAM SHELTON, ISAAC, JAMES BENJAMIN, JONATHAN, ROBERT) was born December 10, 1846 in, Chariton Co., MO., and died September 30, 1918 in Salt Lake City, UT.


Silas left Missouri at the age of sixteen after he witnessed a murder one night in the bunk house. Supposedly to escape danger from the murderers he slipped out before anyone could discover him and signed up as a "night herder" on a cattle drive to Montana where he worked as hoist engineer in a mine. He returned to his home in Missouri after the Civil War. Sy West's life was full of business ventures that took him as far away as the Phillipine Islands and Mexico.


In eastern Nevada he met up with an elderly bachelor in Pioche, Nevada, by the name of Herbert Huston. Huston was ill with rheumatism, living alone in a cabin and dependent upon the kindness of others to bring him supplies and any help he might need. Silas must have been able to offer some medical assistance since his father was a doctor. His generosity was repaid by Huston going into partnership with Sy in the mining town of Silver Reef, Utah, where he supplied the capital while Sy took the management of a livery stable, feed yard, and general store. The livery stable kept for sale or rent teams, wagons, buggies, harnesses, and saddles. The firm of Huston and West became well known throughout Utah and Nevada.


Sy West was also elected justice of the peace in Silver Reef. He later raised sheep in southern Utah. It was during this period, 1876-1893, he met and married MARIE ANTOINETTE HAIGHT, daughter of ISAAC CHAUNCY and ELIZA ANN (PRICE) HAIGHT, on 17 August 1878 in St. George, Utah, after "courting" for a year.


Marie Antoinette was born in Tocquerville, Utah, on 9 August 1861. She claimed that had she known of the age difference of almost fifteen years she would not have married Silas. She and Silas had ten children. According to her memoirs dictated to her daughter, her life was not boring.


In 1893 Silas moved his family to Salt Lake City where he built a home at 112 No. State Street. He became interested in various mines. He went into partnership with C.W. Watson and opened the West Iron Mining Co. near Palisades, Nevada.


On December 22, 1894 Silas sailed for the Philippines and Hawaii with a young attorney by the name of Pearl O. Lyman. They invested in land for a wharf and sugar cane along with a lot for house near Hilo. When he returned to Salt Lake City Sy decided it was not a good venture and sold his share, taking a loss of $300.


After the 1906 earthquake in San Francisco Silas invested in a brick factory with the intent of helping to rebuild the city. The unions could produce and sell the bricks cheaper than Sy could make them. He sold his interests in the brick plant, taking a loss of $75,000


Silas again embarked upon another venture in hopes of regaining his losses in San Francisco when he went to Mexico where he bought an interest in a mine and a rubber ranch at Tampico. He had his share signed under his partner's name who in turn sold the land for $25,000. Due to the rising revolution Sy was advised to leave Mexico immediately with the agreement he would be paid by Mr. Austin once they both arrived back in the United States. Mr. Austin never arrived. It is believed he was killed enroute on a train the Mexican rebels had captured. Sy hired two detectives to find Mr. Austin and his wife. Nothing has ever been found on him or his wife.


Sy moved the family back their home in Salt Lake City in 1909. It was on yet another "venture" that brought Sy to his death. In 1917 he took a long trip by automobile in southern Utah with a couple of other men, checking out another business venture. They became stranded on the desert at night. Sy remained in the car while the others went in search of help. The shock of cold and his age caused Sy to suffer "nervous prostration" which had him bedridden for eleven months before he eventually died on 30 September 1918 in Salt Lake City


Haight Family


Children of SILAS WEST and MARIE HAIGHT are:

i. LUCRETIA ANN7 WEST, b. April 04, 1881, Silver Reef, UT; d. August 25, 1965, Los Angeles, CA.; m. CHARLES EDWIN MURDOCK, August 01, 1906, Salt Lake City, UT; b. November 17, 1883, Logansport, Cass Co., IN; d. October 02, 1972, Elsinore, Riverside Co., CA.

ii. WILLIAM SHELTON WEST, b. January 28, 1883, Silver Reef,,UT; d. October 09, 1888, UT.

iii. SILAS WEST, b. April 19, 1885, Silver Reef,,UT; d. 1960, Salt Lake City, UT,

iv. MARIE ANTOINETTE WEST, b. September 23, 1887, St. George, UT; d. November 29, 1975, San Francisco, CA; m. HUBERT HEATON HITCHCOCK, August 19, 1914, Salt Lake City, UT; b. February 17, 1888, Syracuse, NY; d. November 22, 1968, San Francisco, CA.


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v. ARCHIBALD JAMES WEST, b. August 16, 1889, Silver Reef,,UT; d. August 21, 1966, Lafayette, CA; m. REHAN SPENCER, September 16, 1914, Salt Lake City, UT; b. UT. Rehan Spencer was the granddaughter of Brigham Young.

vi. CHARLES ANTHONY WEST, b. March 15, 1892, Silver Reef,,UT; d. February 15, 1967, Salt Lake City, UT; m. ALLIE GOWANS, 1928, SLC, UT.

vii. LEROY CHAUNCY WEST, b. September 07, 1894, Salt Lake City, UT; d. January 24, 1897, Salt Lake City, UT.



viii. WILLIS HOUSTON WEST, b. November 26, 1896, Salt Lake City, UT; d. November 16, 1961, Burlingame, CA; m. GLADYS FREEMAN, May 06, 1928.

ix. HORTENSE WEST, b. December 25, 1899, Salt Lake City,,UT; d. February 04, 1971, Hillsborough, CA, m. GEORGE WESLEY WILLIAMS, June 06, 1923; b. Salt Lake City, UT; d. 1985, Hillsborough, CA.


18. CHARLES OWEN WEST (WILLIAM SHELTON, ISAAC, JAMES BENJAMIN, JONATHAN, ROBERT) was born May 08, 1871 in Westville, Chariton Co., MO, and died in MO. He married ALTA MABEL SEARS June 1920 in Chariton Co., MO.


Children of CHARLES WEST and ALTA SEARS are:

i. EMMA WEST, b. October 24, 1921.



19. NIMROD PORTER JAGGERS (JEREMIAH S., SARAH4 WEST, JAMES BENJAMIN, JONATHAN, ROBERT) was born December 11, 1858, and died 1894 in Cub Run, Hart Co, KY. He married SARAH FRANCES WADDELL, daughter of NATHAN WADDELL. She was born 1860 in Hart Co., KY, and died January 04, 1936 in Cub Run, Hart Co, KY.



i. RICHARD ELMER JAGGERS, b. February 06, 1891, Hart Co., KY; d. October 15, 1972, Richmond, KY.


20. NANCY ANN WEST (JESSE GREEN, JOHN (JONATHAN), JAMES BENJAMIN, JONATHAN, ROBERT) was born 1842 in KY, and died 1898. She married GEORGE MANION. He was born 1835, and died 1907.










22. THOMAS JEFFERSON WEST (JOHN R., JOHN (JONATHAN), JAMES BENJAMIN, JONATHAN, ROBERT) died in Hart Co., KY. He married (1) LOUISA WILTSHIRE November 20, 1861. She died 1875 in Richland Co., ILL. He married (2) FRANCIS H. SMITH November 06, 1877. She was born 1859 in Green Co., KY. Thomas enlisted in Munsfordsville, KY Union Army (1861); served in Co. I 26th Regiment Infantry (1864) Was shot in left breast and stayed in hospital almost a year at Nashville, TN.





iii. LULA WEST, b. 1869.

iv. SON WEST, b. 1875.


Children of THOMAS WEST and FRANCIS SMITH are:

v. THOMAS7 WEST, b. 1879.

vi. LILLIE MYRTLE WEST, b. 1880; m. WILLIAM RAND KINNEY; d. 1932, Hart Co., KY. William died of Typhoid fever.






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5. Frances Dorsey


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