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Dedicated To

It  is only fitting I dedicate Historic Cemeteries of Nevada County to my beautiful friend, Judy.    It was the last week of May 2000, I was crawling in the dirt, with the ants, sneezing with the dust in my nose, and swatting the mosquitoes as I tried to take a picture of a 3" x 5" metal marker for this lady from Oregon.  Little did I know this exercise in laying in the dirt trying to get just the right angle with the camera would be the beginning of this website.

Memorial Day will always have a special meaning for me as it was the beginning of a beautiful long distance friendship, full of fun, encouragement and inspiration. 


Special Recognition


These pages are a testimony of all the hard work put forth by Gary Plunkett and his meager crew at the Nevada County Cemetery District.  They have made great progress in improving the Historic Cemeteries of Nevada County.

We owe Gary and his crew a great vote of thanks for all they have done.


In Memory


June 10, 2002, I lost my best friend, my love, my husband, Justin.  Our life was a beautiful love affair and I cherish all the wonderful memories. We can thank him for all the help he gave me at the cemeteries with the transcriptions, cleaning of stones, holding or blocking a light source whenever necessary and taking me out to the far reaches of those little cemeteries like Graniteville.  Of course, his encouragement to purchase a digital camera after he saw the bill for all the rolls of film after our first photo session at Pine Grove Cemetery, was priceless!

I do miss him so.   Karen



Thank you to Beverly for all her help.  You are a priceless jewel!