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Hinshaw Family Reunion held in Springfield June 22, 1941

Back row, left-to-right: Marie Hendrix, Tom Hendrix, Orville Matthews, Iris Hendrix, Jacque Yates, Mary Belle Shultz (Webb), Ruth Hinshaw, JR Wallace, Tom Wallace, Al Bindbeutel, Clyde Herbert Hinshaw, Ann Hinshaw, Dwight Shultz, Joan Matthews, Carolyn Hendrix, Harold Clyde Hinshaw.

Front Row, left-to-right: Carl Hendrix, JCK Hendrix, Dorothy Matthews, Florence Wallace, Edith Bindbeutel+Mary Yates, Mary Yates Hendrix, Thomas Hendrix, Enna Louise Hendrix Hinshaw Ruth Shultz, Mary Tommie Hendrix, Billy Hendrix, YB Hendrix.

In Front: Susan Bindbeutel, Doris Hendrix (Kelsey), Pete Bindbeutel.

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