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The Last Will and Testament of Benjamin Hinshaw

Last will and testament of Benjamin Hinshaw;
North Carolina Department of Archives and History, Division of Archives and Manuscripts; Original Wills, Surry County; microfilm #1579715 in the LDS FHL.

In the name of god amen
I Benjamin Hinshaw of the County of County
and state of northcalina do on this
18th the day of July 1829 being in
-- right make this my last will and
First I will and Beqeethe first to
my Beloved Wife all lands to as she please
with and the sock of Cattle and hogs she
also       all the houshold furiture to as
-- please to with       I will my
dauhte Rebca one dolla
and my daughter -- one dollar
and my -- Diaana
one dollar       Loranzo one dolla
my son William one dollar
my son James one dollar

Benjamin --haw
his mark

Ed Parker
Thomas Hickman
his mark

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