Hillsborough County Courthouse

Hillsborough County

Hillsborough County, Florida Court House, Tampa, Florida cir. 1900

About this website and its history.

My name is Sheila Pitts Massie, I began researching my families genealogy in 2002, since then I have acquired numerous resources and tons of family information and decided I wanted to be able to share it. My family was mostly from Hillsborough or Polk County, Florida. The exception is my Pitts side, which are mostly in Georgia around Cordele, Ashburn and Arabi. I grew up with a strong love and admiration for my family, we were a very close knit family. I wanted a place that I could share information and reach anyone that was interested in history. I taught myself html and so here we are. I hope that this website helps you in your quest for your family history.

Hillsborough County.

Hillsborough County is located in West Central Florida and is a growing metropolis with sunny beaches, amusement parks and nature at its best. Florida was granted statehood in 1845 and on the 25 Jan 1834, the U.S. Legislative Council for the Territory of Florida approved organizing Hillsborough as it's 19th county, being created from Alachua and Monroe counties

Creating Hillsborough County.

"An Act to organize a county to be called Hillsborough, and for other purposes; approved 25th day of January, 1834. Section 1. Be it enacted by the governor and Legislative Council of the Territory of Florida, that the district of country bounded as follows, to-wit, on the north by Alachua County, a line running east and west from the Indian village of Toachatka, 40 miles from Tampa, east by Mosquito County, south by Monroe County, and west by the Gulf of Mexico, shall constitute a county to be called Hillsborough."

A Name

Hillsborough County takes its name from British Colonial Secretary of 1772, Lord Hillsborough. Between 1559 and 1819, Florida was under the rule of four nations; Spain, France, Great Britain and the United States. In 1821 the United States purchased Florida from Spain for $5 million.


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