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Hackney Cemetery Records

Hackney Cemetery is located in Hillsborough County, Florida at 11020 Riverview Drive. Hackney is a fairly large cemetery and is well maintained. The old section of this cemetery is not as well maintained as the newer sections but is not in bad shape. There are several Civil War Veterans buried in Hackney and some Woodsmen of the World members also. This cemetery is in the process of being transcribed and photographed.

This is a work in progress and will be added to as more photographs are taken.

Gardner P. and Hazel D. Adams
Hazel D. Adams
Gardner P. Adams
Minnie Rose Adema
Margaret W. Albritton
William M. and Ludie A. Alderman
Mary Louise Alexander
Charles D. Alsobrook
Earl N. Alsobrook
Florence M. Alsobrook
Vera C. Anderson
Dorothy Bugbee Barnes
George C. Barnes
George W. and Susan Caroline Barnes
Dewey H. Barnes
John Barrett
Bauming Headstone
Ralph Bauming
Welly Bauming
Edgar E. Bishop
Hattie B. Bishop
Grace Pegler Blackburn
Thomas Blackburn
Pasco S. Blake, photo 1, Woodsman of the World Headstone
Pasco S. Blake, photo 2, Woodsman of the World Headstone
Sophia L. Blake
Roy Leddon Bolesta
Elizabeth Tucker Bowhea
Thos J. Braxton
Alfred T. Brophy
Jennie Brophy
Mary Elizabeth Brown
Two infants of J. R. and Jane Bryan
Two infants of J. R. and Jane Bryan
Emma D. Bryan
John F. Bryan
Willie Bryan
John H. Bryan
Benson D. Buzbee
Bethel Clayton Buzbee Sr.
Capitola C.Buzbee
Christine M. Buzbee
Edith M. Buzbee Yeargin and James Guy Buzbee
Elbert L. Buzbee
Elbert L. and Levada T. Buzbee
Elbert O. Buzbee
Elbert O. Buzbee
James Guy Buzbee
James Monroe Buzbee
James Monroe Buzbee
James Guy and Willa Mae Buzbee
Levada T. Buzbee
Lillian F. Morrison Buzbee
Lillian F. Morrison Buzbee
Nancy E. Buzbee
O. P. Buzbee
Willa Mae Buzbee
William O. and Nancy E. Buzbee
William O. Buzbee
Edith M. Buzbee Yeargin
Carrie Belle Yerby
Cread J. Yerby Sr.
Theodore F. Young
Allie B. Wood
John P. and Allie B. Wood
John P. Wood
Shirley Caldwell Wragg
Lesley Williams
William O. Williams
Wilbur Wimbish Jr.
Leroy and Maude Wiswell
Henry Williams
Charles J. Williams
Charlotte Sharp Williams
Daniel Howard Williams
Eric Lesley Williams
Lloyd E. Whitt
Lloyd E. and Maude V. Whitt
Maude V. Whitt
Wilma Lois Whitt

Hackney cemetery has been undergrounding a major change, thanks to Florence Sikes. She has devoted her time and energy into seeing to it that this cemetery is maintained and also that the road into Hackney has been paved. This cemetery holds some of the most prominent citizens that helped found and build our community to what it is today. A great thanks is owed to Florence Sikes and people like her who hold our treasured past so dear to their hearts. Thanks, Florence.

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