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The Branches of the Booth Family Tree

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The arrival of the Booth family in Australia

Unfortunately my Great Grandfather, Robert Booth, only entered Lancashire on any certificates he signed in Australia so it has not been possible to do any research on this name in England.

No information is available on Robert and Sarah in England. Birth dates, which cannot be verified in Australia,  have been taken from the family bible which is in the possession of my mother. The dates that can be verified have been correct, (information found on birth and death certificates which have been obtained), so I have assumed unverified dates are correct.


   The Port Phillip Settlement    Arriving in Port Phillip and conditions

Bounty Immigrants

Robert and Sarah and Port Phillip Arriving in Australia and whooping cough

  Robert Booth & Sarah Mellin   Pentridge to Sandon


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Compiled by Hilary Franklin (nee Booth), 2000