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The journey of Robert & Sarah Booth and their daughter Sarah Margaret

~ Arriving in Australia ~


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After a grueling and cramped journey of 15 weeks, Robert and his wife, Sarah, with their 15 month old daughter, Sarah Margaret, arrived at Port Phillip on the ship "England".

They had left their home, in Lancashire, for the new colony hoping to improve their living conditions and future. Even though the journey was far from easy, they had been promised that their new homeland would be better than living in the hard times that England was experiencing.

The shipping records indicate that Robert was a labourer and Sarah a housemaid, they were both 24 years old, could read and write, were Protestants and Lancashire was their native home.

The "England" had departed from Liverpool on 4th April, 1841 and arrived in Port Phillip on 17th July 1841. A ship of 939 tons, (small by today's standards), she carried 344 immigrants with 240 of them being Protestant and 104 being Roman Catholic.

Sarah Booth died on 14th August, 1841, only four weeks after arriving in the new colony and their daughter Sarah Margaret died on 31st August, 1841. They were both buried in the Parish of St James, Melbourne and there, are no details of the cause of their deaths on their Death Certificates

However, found in the Victorian Public Record Office Series 19 (Inward correspondence, Supt. Port Phillip, C.J. LaTrobe) unit/box no. 17, letter 41/1129, dated 6 Aug 1841, when Dr Paterson reported that from the "England", 4 women and 3 men, who were in need of medical treatment, had been placed in tents on arrival and one of these was Sarah Booth.

As the "England" had been quarantined after arriving, due to an outbreak of whooping cough having occurred during the voyage, it is fair to assume that both Sarah and her daughter, Sarah Margaret, died from this affliction.

There is little information available on the life of Robert after this tragedy between the years of 1841 to 1850, except that he appears on the 1856 Electoral Roll as 'Robert Booth - Little Eltham - Labourer - Freehold - Evelyn Div. (QIV)

He next appears on the records as marrying Sarah Mellin (yes, 2 Sarah's), in 1850


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