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A Gathering of Researchers


On October 22-23, 2004 several Higginbotham surname researchers descended upon Amherst Co., VA to present an old book to the Amherst Co., VA Museum, visit the Higginbotham Academy, Poplar Grove Estate, the Old Higginbotham Cemetery and search for the millstone from Moses Higginbotham's mill.


Among the attendees were:

Earl and Nena Higginbotham, two of the foremost researchers of the Higginbotham surname and authors of "Higginbotham Descendants of Moses and Frances (Kyle)".

Thomas Miley Higginbotham, who presented the book printed in 1791 and used by George Washington Higginbotham, who taught in New Glasgow during that time frame.  Tom is also in the process of writing a book about Higginbotham's who served in the Civil War.

William Dan Christian, researcher of the African-American line of the Higginbotham's.

Roscoe and Linda Higginbotham, researchers from Woodbridge, VA.

William Morris Higginbotham, researcher from Charleston, WV.

David Hoffman, researcher from Chantilly, VA.

Carl and Margaret Higginbotham, brother and sister-in-law of Earl.

Steve Higginbotham, step-brother of Tom.


The weekend was thoroughly enjoyable and, except for the fact that the old millstone had been stolen from it's home on the property of Moses, was highly successful and enlightening.  Many stories and relationships were shared by all who attended.

Hopefully this initial meeting will bear fruit by establishing a reunion in the near future for east coast Higginbotham's.


Presentation at Amherst Co., VA Museum

Front row:

Tom Higginbotham, Steve Higginbotham, William Dan Christian.

Second row:

Earl & Nena Higginbotham, Linda & Roscoe Higginbotham

Back row:

David Hoffman, Margaret & Carl Higginbotham, Bill Higginbotham


Poplar Grove Estate

Front row:

Tom & Steve Higginbotham

Second row:

Earl & Carl Higginbotham

Back row:

Roscoe & Bill Higginbotham, William Dan Christian & David Hoffman


It took 5 of us to reach around this Hemlock at Poplar Grove. 

This is reported to be the largest Hemlock in the state of Virginia.