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Some Baptisms at St Sylvester's RC Church Liverpool L5

Compiled by Andrew Evans

Copyright Andrew Evans 2007

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Bell Patrick August 24th, 1920 August 29th, 1920 William Elizabeth Shirley

Shirley, Joseph

Dodd, Theresa
Davies Ellen October 1st, 1916 October 8th, 1916 William Rose Anne Donnelly Donnelly, Matthew Donnelly, Catherine
Davies Rose Anne May 29th, 1919 June 11th, 1919 William Rose Anne Donnelly - Melia, Mary
Davies Julia January 1st, 1922 January 17th, 1922 William Rose Anne Donnelly - Melia, Mary
Davies John Matthew April 4th, 1924 April 11th, 1924 William Rose Anne Donnelly -


Doyle Robert February 12th, 1918 February 18th, 1918 Martin Elizabeth Shirley - unclear
Doyle Joseph December 29th, 1921 January 2nd, 1922 Martin Elizabeth Shirley - O'Neill, Ann
Shirley Mary Elizabeth May 4th, 1876 May 7th, 1876 Robert Elizabeth Elden - Duffy, Mary
Shirley John September 28th, 1879 October 15th, 1879 Robert Elizabeth Elden - unclear
Shirley Elizabeth March 22nd, 1881 April 11th, 1881 Robert Elizabeth Elden - Chambers, Mary
Shirley James August 8th, 1888 August 21st, 1888 Robert Elizabeth Elden - Culshaw, Mary
Shirley Joseph July 31st, 1895 August 3rd, 1895 Robert Elizabeth Elden - Cummings, Agnes
Shirley Elizabeth June 25th, 1899 June 29th, 1899 John Anne Flaherty - Cox, Margaret
Shirley Robert September 16th, 1900 September 20th, 1900 John Anne Flaherty - Connor, Anne
Shirley John May 6th, 1902 May 14th, 1902 John Anne Flaherty - Shirley, Anne
Shirley Winifrede April 26th, 1904 May 5th, 1904 John Anne Flaherty - McGrath, Helen
Shirley Mary October 24th, 1905 November 7th, 1905 John Anne Flaherty - Shirley, Elizabeth
Shirley Anne November 9th, 1908 November 19th, 1908 John Anne Flaherty - Flaherty, Mary
Shirley Bridget February 16th, 1912 March 4th, 1912 John Anne Flaherty - Flaherty, Bridget
Shirley Catherine May 5th, 1915 May 8th, 1915 John Anne Flaherty - Shirley, Elizabeth
Shirley Joseph October 14th, 1918 October 16th, 1918 John Anne Flaherty - Shirley, Elizabeth
Shirley John May 10th, 1921 May 13th, 1921 John Anne Flaherty - Shirley, Winifrede
Shirley Bernard November 18th, 1922 November 23rd, 1922 John Anne Flaherty - Driscoll, Catherine
Shirley Robert September 29th, 1909 October 2nd, 1909 James Anne Meehan - Meehan, Mary
Shirley Mary July 21st, 1913 July 22nd, 1913 James Anne Meehan - Burke, Ann
Shirley John August 9th, 1920 August 11th, 1920 James Anne Meehan - Shirley, Elizabeth
Shirley Thomas September 25th, 1922 September 30th, 1922 James Anne Meehan - McIntyre, Margaret Ann
Shirley Lawrence December 11th, 1924 December 15th, 1924 James Anne Meehan - McIntyre, Margaret
Shirley Joseph July 15th, 1918 July 22nd, 1918 Joseph Margaret Threlfall - Shirley, Elizabeth
Shirley Robert November 24th, 1919 December 1st, 1919 Joseph Margaret Threlfall - Threlfall, Margaret
Shirley Thomas Christopher December 25th, 1920 January 1st, 1921 Joseph Margaret Threlfall - Doyle, Elizabeth
Shirley John January 13th, 1923 January 20th, 1923 Joseph Margaret Threlfall - O'Neill, Ann
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