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Henry Patrick "Hank" Keenan Jr.1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10

M, b. 11 July 1910, d. 19 January 1974
Hank Keenan on his ranch 1968
     Henry Patrick "Hank" Keenan Jr. was born on 11 July 1910 at Fairmont, Marion Co, WV..5,11 He was the son of Henry "Harry" Patrick Keenan and Sarah Virginia Cunningham. He moved to California circa 1927. He married Ruth Elaine McInnes, daughter of William Kenneth McInnes, in 1928 at Alameda Co, CA..12 He was a clerk at an automobile garage in 1930 at Albany, CA.. He was a Forrest Guard in 1932 at Groveland, CA.. He and Ruth Elaine McInnes were divorced in June 1933 at Alameda Co, CA..13 He was a welder from 1934 to 1940 at Oakland, CA.. He married Julia Pauline Cerjak, daughter of Paul Cerjak and Julia Vukovich, on 5 July 1935 at Carson City, NV.. He was on Oakland Rifle Team in 1938.14 He and Julia Pauline Cerjak were divorced on 1 June 1946 at Alameda Co, CA..15 He moved to Mendocino County in 1952 and later lived on 40 acres in Redwood Valley. He was an avid hunter. He married June Juanita Kibbe before 1957. He and June Juanita Kibbe were divorced in 1957 at Mendocino Co, CA..16 He was an area distributor for Texaco Oil Co, for ten years. He married Lee Elaine Older circa 1959. He was a Captain in the Mendocino Co. Sheriff's Posse. He and Lee Elaine Older were divorced on 30 September 1965 at Mendocino Co, CA..17 He owned and operated Gill and Mac's Bar from 1967 until his death at Ukiah, CA..18 He married Audrey Louise East, daughter of William Joseph East and Maggie Callie Steenfoot, on 2 February 1968 at Minden, Douglas Co, NV..19,20 He died on 19 January 1974 at 821 Finne Road, Redwood Valley, Mendocino Co, CA., at age 63.18,21 He was buried at Ukiah Cemetery, Ukiah, CA..22


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