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Hezekiah was a Revolutionary Soldier - he was a musician in Old N.C. Line of Continental Army, 5th Regt., William's Company. (DAR index).
The fact that he was a musician (probably a drummer) suggests he was too young to be a regular soldier.Hezekiah Nobles served Capt. William's Co K, 5th Reg., NC Militia during Am. Revolution. (Source: Pierces' Register DAR) Hezekiah Nobles #90174 enlisted 5 May 1776 for 2 1/2 years, Pvt. Sept. 77, discharged Oct. 78 .
-A warrent for 228 acres of land was issued for services in war on 3 Dec. 1796. #4068 drawn by H. Nobles - North Carolina Sec. of State-in Militia along with Thomas, Levi, Philemon mostly from Newbern Dist.

Nobles shown on 1790 Census, Edgefield County, South Carolina:

Henry - 2 males under 16, 1 over 16, 5 females
Hezekiah - 1 male under 16, 1 male over 16, 1 female
Josiah - 1 male under 16, 1 male over 16, 4 females
Leond - 1 male under 16, 1 male over 16, 6 females
Lewis - 1 male under 16, 3 males over 16, 3 females
Mark - 4 / 2 / 3
William - 2 / 1 / 6
Zeph - 3 / 1 / 2

1800 Census, Edgefield County:

Hezekiah is on page 133 with 4M under 10, 1M over 45, 2F under 10, 1F 26-45
David Nicholson 1M over 45, 1F under 10, 2F 16-25, 2F 26-45
Hezekiah is on the 1810 census as follows:
2M 10-16, 2M 16-26, 1M over 45, 3F under 10, 2F 10-16, 1F over 45
Hezekiah is on the 1820 census as follows:
1M over 45, 2F 10-16, 2F 16-26, 1F over 45
Hezekiah does not appear on 1830 or later.


In putting together the research on the Nobles, there were two factors that stood out. The first was that there were many children,particulary in the early days that were named after people in the Bible, and the second was that there were many twins born. This website is a work in process and is always under constant change. If you find error or would like to comment or add material, please contact me at the e-maill address below. I would also appreciate you registering after viewing the site.

I would like to dedicate this website to Dora Jean Duncan Nobles, and all the relatives and friends that did research and helped to put this information together.

Dora Jean Duncan Nobles

Hezekiah was born around 1762 in Pitts Co. North Carolina according to the DAR. He was married on February 1786 in S.C. to Alice Elly Nicholson, daughter of David Nicholson and Rhoda Whitehead. They had eight children, all born in S.C. Even though there is a large concentration of Nobles in the Pitt Co. North Carolina area, no one has ever been able to directly link Hezekiah to those Nobles.

1. John Nobles b: 28 DEC 1790 in South Carolina
2. Mark Nobles b: ABT 1788 in South Carolina
3. Elizabeth Nobles b: ABT 1792 in Edgefield County, South
4. Luke Nobles b: 27 MAR 1796 in Edgefield county, South
5. Sarah Nobles b: ABT 1798 in Edgefield Co. S.C.
6. Rhoda Nobles b: 30 MAR 1807 in South Carolina
7. Mary Nobles b: ABT 1794 in Edgefield County, South
8. Harriet Amanda Nobles b: ABT 1802

This website will deal mainly with their son, John Nobles, b. 28 Dec. 1790 in S.C. and died abt. 12 March 1855 near Magnolia, Pike County Ala. John was married on 23 June 1836 in Talbot County Georgia to Feraba Paraby Haygood. They had three childred, George W., Eliza Ann and James Monroe, all born in S.C.

At this point, the descendants of Hezekiah will go in different directions. The descendants of James Monroe are detailed in a book called "The Winding Trail of Nobles" by Betty Jean Weems Neathery, which traces the generations of James Monroe Nobles. She did this with much assistance from Bill Bailey. I would like to thank Beth Collins for her help in getting me a copy of this book.

George W. Nobles, b. in Edgefield Co. S.C. 1812 and died after 1880 in Ala. George was married on 23 June 1836 in Talbot Co. Georgia to Emiline DeLoach.They had eleven children. At this point, the descendants will again go in different directions. I Robert Nobles Minsky, am a descendant of John Simon, son of George W., but the generation line of Jasper Pennington, also a son of George W. JASPER Nobles's Generation has been included with the help and research supplied by Jack R. Nobles

John Simon Nobles,b. 9 July 1842 in Ala. and died 16 May 1880. He was married on 2 January 1873 to Sara Catherine Johnson in WhiteHall, Grimes Co. Texas. John Simon & Sara. When John Simon moved to Texas he left a lot of brothers and sisters in Alabama, many of which still reside there today, but this was the beginning of Hezekiah's descendants in the Grimes Co. Texas area.

John Simon and Sara had three children, James Thomas James Thomas Nobles, William Edmond Ed Nobles, and John Solomon John Solomon. The descendants from there three men have spread far and wide across Texas. If you will go to this next link, you will be able to see if you or any of your family are listed. Surnames of Hezekiah Nobles's Ancestors


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Surnames of Hezekiah Nobles's Ancestors

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