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El Meta Bond College of Oklahoma

El Meta Christian College
Christian Standard
March 20, 1897

Located at Minco, Indian Territory, at the cost of about $8,000, which amountwas raised by the church at Minco, to whom the college belongs. But little, very little help has been received from any other source.Ten acres of land, well located, are set aside for the College, and enclosed. In the southeast corner of the lot is a splendid chapel. Miss Meta Chestnut, from NorthCarolina, has been instrumental in the growth of interest in the education of the coming man and woman of our country. From ten to twenty-five poor children are in school free of charge each year. The boarding department is good. There are no other than subscription schools for the white children; no school system in our country; no public funds for white children so that they are, many of them, growing up in poverty and ignorance. What we want is for the churches of Christ, as well as individuals to give $200 to this department of our work, and so provide for twenty children in school for a year. I know of no better investment of time and means than this for the glory of God and the good of mankind.

Atoka, Indian Territory. R. W. Officer


Picture from the estate of Oscar Morse, Yuma, Arizona

Originally printed in Oklahoma Chronicles Vol. XXXIII, pgs 183-192

(partial article focusing on funding for Indian Schools)

In 1915-16, the contract was not renewed because of a ruling by the comptroller of the treasury which read: "The tribal funds of the Choctaws and Chickasaws for the maintenance of mission or private schools during the fiscal year, 1916, is unauthorized".

It affected four Catholic Indian Schools (Antlers, Ardmore, Chickasha and Purcell) and four private schools (old Goodland School, Hugo; El Meta Bond College, Minco, Oklahoma; Presbyterian College, Durant; and the Murray State School of Agriculture, Tishomingo). At that time (1915) Congressman C. D. Carter of Ardmore declared that the new ruling "will deprive of school facilities from 1000 to 1600 Indian children." By one stroke of the pen the four above institutions and mission schools were permanently deprived of the $12.50 a month for board and tuition for each boarding pupil which the Government paid out of the "Educational Funds" of the Choctaw and Chickasaw Nations, to be used for tribal and other schools. The intolerant rebuff and set-back of education in those two nations seriously affected the maintenance and progress of the institutions named above, for a number of years.

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