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Name: B. Budde Lennon <>
Date: 2006-05-28
I find one family surname on your lists that is one of mine. That is HOFF. It would be my grandmothers maiden name. Her father's name was: John Hoff. But I only know they are from Germany. I do not know where in Germany. They settled in Iowa. If you have any information on the Hoff line, I would be interested. Thank you

Name: Linda VanOrden <>
Date: 2006-05-06
You have a wonderful website. I was wondering if you have any of the following people in your family tree?
Franz Jakob Wurth born 1793 in Stein am Kocher
Franz Valentin Wurth born?
Maria Walburga Wurth born Stein am Kocher Jan 19, 1824
Ida Helena Fecht born Stein am Kocher April 25, 1845
Thank you


Name: Kuhn Oliver <>
Date: 2006-04-23
My name is Oliver Kuhn. I live in Stein a.K. (Baden Württemberg) in Germany.
When I was surfing at the world wide web, I found your homepage between the sides of Stein a.K.
I was very interested in it and when I read your family history, I found my own surname listed on your link "surnames in my family tree".
I wanna notify, that at the moment my father, myself and finally my two sons are the only ones, which take this surname in Stein a.K.
I believe we could have the same ancestors, because i read the name Rochus Kuhn at one of your lists. He is also listed in my family history. I knew he married Anna M. Freiberger at the 9th of July 1697.
If you are interested in more informations about me and my family (ancestors), I would be happy to hear from you!

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Oliver Kuhn


Name: Braischt <>
Date: 2006-02-16
I too am looking for my German ancestors. Some of the names are Brecht, Pfaff and Gackenheimer. I am curious about the Wuerttemberg region. Wish I had more information for you.

Date: 2006-01-30
Kinda neat that my last name is on here.. Maybe we are related some how.... :)

Name: Richard C. Lambert <>
Date: 2006-01-09
My brother Jim has been in touch with you I believe. My great grandmother Magdalena Mall was from Stein am Kocher. This past May my wife, Theresa, along with my tante Teresa and brother Jim and his frau visited Stein. We were entertained by Professor Strasser and his wife, as well as Markus Mall and his family. We loved every minute. I now have quite an appetite to learn more of my German ancestors (Roser, Baumann, Volz.)



Name: Petra <>
Date: 2005-10-05
Hello Mary Ann.
Thanks to your great Home Page I found many anchestors like Schindler,Hirn,Walz ,ect.I didnt even make a connection to Kuppenheim before.But without Udo I would'nt even found this Page.
regards Petra


Name: Gail Deck <>
Date: 2005-09-03
Sept 3, 2005

I visited your web site last year and wrote you at that time. I am sure that I am related to the Berta Holfelder listed on your site.

Since last year I have retired and am gearing up for the hunt!

I have found some links to the Jutt and possibly Jungling (w/an umlaut U) family in Kuppenheim. I have located a Pedigree Resource File for Holfelder and Jungling on and have the name and address of Markus J. Jungling in Kuppenheim. I am going to contact him and see if we are researching the same line. Do you happen to know him? I am sure we all tie in together here somewhere.

Thanks for the beautiful web site you maintain.


Gail Deck
Minden, Nevada


Name: Kathleen Depies <>
Date: 2005-08-11
I am looking for an old friend. His name is
Hans Adolf Alfred Friedrich Karl Eiermann. His last known address was in Germany durng the ealy 1980's.
You have a beautiful and informative family history, thank you for sharing it.


Name: Jim Taylor <>
Date: 2005-08-02
Thank you again for the information to contact the Generallandesarchiv in Karlsruhe to help in my research for Mathias Dorer.

Name: Royn Chadwick <>
Date: 2005-06-23
I noticed the name Seitz in your line. I also have Seitz/Sitz Anscestors from Germany to PA to NC/TN/AL.
Surnames linked to Seitz.
Thanks Roy Chadwick.


Name: Udo Strickfaden <>
Date: 2005-03-19
Hallo Mary-Ann,
nach langer Unterbrechung bin ich wieder einmal auf den Webseiten über Deine Ahnenforschung gelandet. Es lohnt sich immer wieder, in diese Seiten reinzuschauen. Ich habe darin eine Menge nützlicher Informationen gefunden, die mich zu neuen Nachforschungen angeregt haben. Ich werde deshalb für mein Vorhaben in nächster Zeit persönlichen Kontakt mit Dir aufnehmen.
Liebe Grüße


Name: K Warth <>
Date: 2005-03-19
I am undertaking a world wide one-name study of the surname Warth and variants, my data includes some of the names given on your web site, perhaps we can compare data?


K. Warth


Name: Richard Baker <>
Date: 2005-03-15

Wanted to say thank you for the excellent lisiting you provide on US military stations in England during WWII. I use the site frequently and refer many to it. Excellent content and good presentation. Thanks.


Name: Michelle Nardone <>
Date: 2005-03-02
I have been researching a Feist family who emigrated to Rochester, NY, maybe around 1849, possibly as early as 1843. He is my g-g-grandfather. His name was George Feist(born around 1827, Baden, Germany) and married to a Barbara Baetzel. Their children were Magdelena, Michael, George, Anna, Catherine, Mary, Christoph, and Barbara.

Does anyone know anything about this family. I am interested in trying to figure out what area in Baden they may have come from. I see that someone else has written there were many emigrants to Rochester from Kuppenheim, so I thought there may be a connection.



Name: Dale G. Kramer <>
Date: 2005-02-28
I found my wifes greatgrandfather Anton Hertweck and her great great grandfather Konrad Hertweck and great great grandmother Katharina Keller through your Kuppenheim Emigration to Rochester, Monroe County, New York. However, I am unable to find out who Konrads parents were. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. In your records I see that a lot of residents of Kuppenheim settled here. I am also looking for info on Elizabeth Moser, who Anton married in Rochester. I know there were Mosers living in Baden

Name: Kurt Hahn <>
Date: 2005-02-11
My GGGrandmother Elisabethe WALZ born 8/18/1826 married Gottlieb Gminder 5/25/1850 in Reutlingen. She is believed to be the daughter of Johann Jakob Walz and Marie Katherine Faiss.Would be most appreciate of any help with my Walz or Faiss ancestry.

Kurt Hahn
222 Alexandria Drive
Healdsburg, Ca 95448-3423

707-433-6430 phone 707-431-0905 fax email


Name: Jane Brown <>
Date: 2005-01-30
Am searching for info on Leopold TROST and his first wife, Amalia (VOGEL? NAGEL), who emigrrated to the US prior to 1860-61.

Much information on this site!!! Thanks!


Name: Ada Hubbard <>
Date: 2005-01-26
My great grandparents, Wilhem and Franziska Fettig Kambeitz, came from Steinmauern in 1852.

Name: Bill Craves <>
Date: 2004-06-13
Thanks for all of the great information on the Körner family. Between you and Nick I have gained a great deal of insight into our family origins.

Name: Connie Taylor <>
Date: 2004-04-30
Thank you so much for helping me with my Stoeffler family.

Name: Don Patrie <>
Date: 2004-03-07
Just found out today my ancestor JOHANN GEORG PETRI was born in Unterschefflenz on 24 Feb. 1842. I had no idea where Unterschefflenz was located until I found your site.

Thank you for being there!

If you know anyone in the area with that surname, please ask them to contact me.

Again, danke!

Don Patrie, Palm Bay, Florida, USA


Name: Don Patrie <>
Date: 2004-03-07
Just found out today my ancestor JOHANN GEORG PETRI was born in Unterschefflenz on 24 Feb. 1842. I had no idea where Unterschefflenz was located until I found your site.

Thank you for being there!

If you know anyone in the area with that surname, please ask them to contact me.

Again, danke!

Don Patrie, Palm Bay, Florida, USA


Name: Günther Assenheimer <>
Date: 2004-02-07
A wonderfule site. You did a great job.

Name: John <>
Date: 2003-11-19
Enjoyed my visit--my genealogy interests are at

Name: Kathleen <>
Date: 2003-10-15
Excellent & informative web-site!
Thank you.


Name: Vanessa <>
Date: 2003-09-14
Hello, you have a very great side. Im Vanessa 16years old and iam searching for my dad, all informations that i have are in my homepage. Please take a minute and read it, maybe you can help me! Here is my url:

Name: Klaus Meyer <>
Date: 2003-09-09
Sie haben prächtige Arbeit geleistet und eine wunderschöne Seite!
Ein Anreiz für jeden, der dies sieht!
Klaus Meyer


Name: Malcolm Dodd <>
Date: 2003-06-29
I would also be thrilled to hear from you if you have found a connection between your ancestors and mine!

Well I think I have al last after 20 years found mine - its still a secret but I think it could be Sgt Leo Edward Neagle, son of Leo Snr, son of Charles Nagle and Bridget Fleming Germans from Russia.


Name: Gregory Eschelweck <>
Date: 2003-05-30
I noticed an Eschelweck in your tree. I am a Eschelweck in Green Bay WI. My grandfather,Thomas August Eschelweck, came here from Germany in the early 1900's.

Name: Colleen <>
Date: 2003-01-13
Looking for further information on the family of Aloys Kastner and Hedwig Walz. I believe their son Theodor is my great great grandfather.
Thank you.


Name: none <>
Date: 2003-01-02
nice website

Name: Henry Kaspar <>
Date: 2002-12-19
Interesting Site.
I believe I found my G Grandfathers name list Niclolas Fettig listed.I there an address that I could write to see if I could get more info. on this family.I think that most of the Fettigs and Nolds lived in the area.

Henry Kaspar


Name: Gerd Meckes <>
Date: 2002-12-06
Ich bin auf der Suche nach Informationen übre die Familie Meckes.
Meine vorfahren kommen direkt aus Gundelsheim/Tiefenbach. Die Familie ist sehr wesentlich vertreten in den Orten Neudenau, Neckarsulm, Stein und Dahenfeld. Was können Sie mir berichten?
Ich würde gerne mit Ihnen meine Informationen teilen soweit Sie für Sie interessant sind.

Viele Grüsse aus Sneek
Provincie Fryslân


Name: Sylvia <>
Date: 2002-11-29
Thank you for the information on LDS filmed churchbooks.
It was also the reason why I came to this site - and I realy enjoyed the visit. You've done a great job in collecting all this information and arrange it so nicely!


Name: Andreas Hock <>
Date: 2002-11-28
Habe einfach mal meinen Namen bei Google eingegeben,und schon bin ich auf diese Seiten gekommen.
Schöne Grüße aus Schwarzenbek.

Name: Marc Mosthav <>
Date: 2002-11-22

I strongly believe we do have some kind of connection as my father (Franz Mosthav) is from Oedheim am Kocher. Also, my aunts surname was Kuehner, which seems to be a second connection ;-)



Name: Beth (Knappenberger) Rachas <>
Date: 2002-11-17
My Godness.. what a wonderful site.. Thank you for doing so much for your family.. You really have done such a Beautiful job on this site and your research .. Wow!! Great job... Beth :)

Name: Susan Alwardt <>
Date: 2002-11-04
We were in Germany last year for the Christmas markets and went to the one in Neckarsulm. My cousin's husband is from your town. His name is Bernd Fischer.

I am really looking for the e-mail address of someone that owns/works at the Eisen-Heck.

Very nice website!!

Name: eric klosz <>
Date: 2002-10-29
My mother, Rita Engert, was born in Neckarsulm in 1929 and immigrated to the United States in 1952, and met my father in New York.

Name: Ed Gravley <>
Date: 2002-10-21
Very nice web pages. I am researching the Fettig Surname. My grandmother's parents were Joseph Fettig b. abt. 1844 in Strassburg, Saratoff, South Russia, d. in South Russia - and Barbara Mack (Moch) b. September 29, 1842, in Strassburg, Saratoff, South Russia, d. September 08, 1916, Strasburg, Emmons County, North Dakota. Their children were: Martin b. Abt. 1864 - Agatha b. Abt. 1865 - Johanna b. January 14, 1865/66 - Catherine b. Abt. 1870 - Genevieve b. August 15, 1874 - Bergetta b. Abt. 1875 - Marianne (my gradmother) b. November 13, 1882 - Anton b. June 22, 1885. Do any of these names ring a bell?

Name: Jerry Voeller <>
Date: 2002-10-15
I have enjoyed visiting the site; you have done a marvelous job.

I was searching for common surnames and found one, Kaiser. My great grandmother (maternal side) was one Christine Kaiser, daughter of Rudolph Kaiser and Elizabeth Zerr. She was born in 1850 in Franzfeld, South Russia. I don't have any information on her parents. Your site lists Kaisers at Obergriesheim. Is that in Baden or Wurttemberg? Is there a Kaiser family in particular that you have information on regarding their emmigration to South Russia? Any information would be welcome.

Thank you again for the invitation to visit your site. I will be reviewing it in more detail as well as to check on updates etc.

Jerry Voeller


Name: debbie dillenberger <>
Date: 2002-10-13
My husbands father and grandfather came from Germany but do not know where abouts. They are both dead. I am looking for family members but am having a hard time because I do not have any information on their family. I know they came to the United States approx. 1960. My husband remembers hearing a story that his grandfather, grandmother and father were on a train in Germany when it was bombed. His grandmother died. We do know that his grandfather's name was Karl Dillenberger and also my husbands name was Karl. After the grandmothers death they came to the United States. I know that they lived in New Jersey. I also think Karl was their only child. If you have any informantion I would appreciate it Thank you debbie dillenberger
29 Hickey rd
Au Sable Forks NY 12912

Name: Marianne Doxey <>
Date: 2002-09-10
My great-grandfather Clemons Feist and his brother Johann are the sons of Johannes Feist and the grandsons of Johannes Feist and Philippina Arth. Grandfather Johannes immigrated from Kuppenheim to Strassburg, South Russia in 1809 and married Philippina Arth (Sayler) from the village of Selz. I think he was the son of Bernhard and the brother of Nickolaus who also immigrated in 1808 and 1809. - Marianne Doxey

Name: Dale Winkelspecht <>
Date: 2002-08-29

I am related to many of the families listed on this site...including the Vogt, Roesser, and Muller families from Stein Am Kocher......I did a lot of research a while back and traced the Winkelspcht family back to the 1600's in Stein am Kocher. In fact I discovered that just about every Winkelspecht living in America can be traced to a common ancestor who emigrated to America in 1849 from Stein am Kocher-- named Franziska Winkelspecht (nee Muller).....I didn't see what your family name was on this site I don't know if we are related.


Name: Arthur J. Walz Jr. <AEWlz@AOL.COM>
Date: 2002-08-14
Mary-Ann, Very nice job in designing your website. Easy to move around and extremely interesting.

Name: müller ralf <mü>
Date: 2002-08-07
hallo ich komme aus stein am kocher und finde deine seite
echt nicht schlecht schöne bilder von stein.


Name: Leah Frederick <>
Date: 2002-08-01
Guten Tag! I have recently discovered that my grandmother's grandfather received his first communiion at the Pfarrkirche of Oetigheim. His name was Johannes Kuhn (with the umlaut), or Kuehn (he changed it when he emigrated to America). I believe the year he was in Oetigheim was between 1850 and 1860. I will be traveling through Oetigheim during the last week of August. Any hints as far as places to see or stay?

Regards from your cousin(?),

Leah Frederick


Name: Claire Shickles <>
Date: 2002-07-18
I really liked your web-site. It was interesting to note that you had a Schickles as one of your ancestors.
I have relatives that lived in the Steinsfeld and Kaysweyer districts in the early 1800's. They came to USA between 1832 and 1840. I still have a lot of researce to do!

Thanks very much
Claire Shickles
Mauckport Indiana 47142


Name: Katherine (Mary) Hlavac <>
Date: 2002-07-14
I thoroughly enjoyed touring your site. What a beautiful piece of art and history you have created. I hope to do likewise with my ancestors, Marÿ from Alsace Lorraine, Hurd from unsure at this time, Rebel from Baden and Hlavac from Bohemia. I have been working on Marÿ forever, 10 years....I am completely addicted to finding the wonderful bits and pieces of my ancestors and recreating their history for our families. Again, I marvel at your work....great job!

I continue to search for my ancestors, Marÿ/Mary/Merry who reigned from Sufflenheim and emigrated to Pittsburgh, PA. I have gone back 8 generations to about 1725 with Joseph Marÿ and Marie Anne Hold/Nold. They married in about 1750. Seem to be stuck.

Again, thank you for your generosity and sharing of your site.

Katie Hlavac
St. Cloud MN


Name: Ann Miller <>
Date: 2002-07-06


Name: Joseph V. Lambert <>
Date: 2002-07-01
I am a descendent of the Mall and Roeser families. My great grandmother was Magdalena Mall of Stein am Kocher. I think that her mother's name was Roeser.

Please let me know if you have any information. We will be visiting in May 2002.



Name: Robert and Deananne Surratt <>
Date: 2002-06-16
Nice website Mary-Ann. I Think I came across it a long time ago but did not browse it. These are great tools for researching and it is fortunate that their are folks out there like you who do this. Keep up the great work.

Name: Patricia Pratt <>
Date: 2002-05-18
made it at last .Ienjoyed looking at all your beatiful photos,it is so nice to have parts of your past at your fingertips . what a tribute ,well done !

Name: Laurie Dempster <>
Date: 2002-04-30
Hi Mary Ann,
I came across your website before I posted my message about Hoffmanns on the BW mail list. You have done a great job on your site. Hope to see more information on the Mosbach and Schefflenz area. Good luck,
Laurie Dempster


Name: Lorena <>
Date: 2002-04-13
A great web page. Lots to see. I would be interested if you have
any Knorrs from Gochsen, Baden.
My ancestor was Jakob Knorr b 1816. Immigration application made at Necksarlumm, from village of Gochsen. Some of the
family believe that his parents were Jacob Knorr and Louisa
Zeimir. Any help would be appreciated......Lorena


Name: marie <>
Date: 2002-04-05
Much enjoyed browsing your very efficient site. Unfortunately none of my names showed up. Looking for Fehrenbachs from Baden.

Name: sharon <>
Date: 2002-02-28
Hi there! I have enjoyed you site.
Am searching for Bingels, especially William and Albert Bingel and Mary Rausch who emmigrated from around 1865 to 1869.


Name: Walt Peterman <>
Date: 2002-02-13

Mary-Ann; You are doing a nice job with your web page. House reminds me of some of the Victorian houses I have seen. Keep up the good work. walt


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