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The Herrick Family Association is researching in several areas to fill out the family tree and to discover our roots in England. Members conduct research on their on and as part of a group at annual meetings. This year's annual meeting is based in Albany, NY. The group will be dividing into smaller groups looking at all the local material we can find. A small group has returned from a research trip to England is to search for clues about Henry Herrick and his origin -- his parents and siblings, family line, occupation, and relationships in England and the likely reason he immigrated to New England.

Y-chromosome DNA Project

Results of the Herrick Family Association's Y-chromosome DNA Project can be viewed at:

More detailed information is provided to participants including the name of each participant, grouped by second generation ancestor (e.g., Ephraim of Beverly, Joseph of Salem, etc.).

Information about joining the Project can be obtained at the web site listed above, or by going to and searching for the Herrick surname project.

Members of the Ephraim line are well documented. We are especially looking for members of the other male lines to participate.