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Mission Statement

The mission of the Herrick Family Association, HFA, consists of at least the following

Primary Mission Statement

1. The primary mission of the HFA is to provide a forum for individuals interested in accessing, contributing and participating in Herrick family research including Henry of Salem, Henerie Hericke and other Herrick family descendants

Major Research Activities of the HFA

2. To conduct research to confirm the ancestry of Henry of Salem, Henerie Hericke, by using research into the ancestors in England, expanding our basic historical knowledge and to share information with English Herricks.

3. To continue research to establish Unclassified HGR3 people to Classified.

4. To pursue our Viking heritage by conduction DNA studies to link the Herricks to Scandinavian ancestors, by continued use of our online project

Information Sharing Activities of the HFA

5. Hold annual meetings of the HFA with members and non-members.

6. Maintain a Home Page Web Site for the HFA.

7. To continue to market the HGR3 to genealogical societies, libraries and organizations, then to establish other forms of circulating the HGR3 using the Web and CD's.

8. To continue to build a network using the Roots Web HERRICK-L & -D lists.