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HISTORY The first edition of the Herrick Genealogical Register, HGR, was compiled and published in 1846 by General Jedediah HERRICK, of Hampden, Penobscot County, Maine. He was descended from Joseph of Salem, the fifth known son of Henerie HERICKE & Editha LASKIN. Jedediah was born 08 January 1780 at Lewiston, Maine and died 19 October 1849 at Hampden, Maine.

The second edition of the HGR was compiled and published in 1885 by Dr. Lucius Carroll HERRICK, of Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio. He was descended from Ephraim of Beverly, the third known son of Henerie HERICKE and Editha LASKIN. Lucius Carroll was born 02 September 1840 at West Randolph, Vermont and died 30 April 1903 at Columbus, Ohio.

The 1846 and 1885 editions of the HGR each claim that Henerie HERICKE, Henry of Salem, was the fifth son of Sir William HEYRICKE of London and Leicestershire, England. However, Jedediah stated the following in the 1846 edition and Lucius Carroll repeated it in the 1885 edition:

"The evidence of the identity of our Henry of Salem with the fifth son of Sir William Herrick, is, to be sure, rather circumstantial than direct, and some of it of a negative, rather than of a positive character. It is still quite conclusive and satisfactory as evidence of this kind, and at this distance of time, can be hoped to be found."

In March of 1998 a partial transcript of an article titled, "The Alleged Ancestry of Henry Herrick of Salem," was discovered by Virgil C. HERRICK. He sent a copy of it to Richard L. HERRICK. The article was reportedly published 50 years earlier in The American Genealogist, TAG. The partial transcript strongly implied that Henry of Salem was not the fifth son of Sir William HEYRICKE. During August 1998 a copy of the specific article that was published on pages 96-98, volume 14, number 2, October 1937, TAG was found. At the same time a Bio titled, "Henry Herrick," pages 910-914, volume II, The Great Migration Begins, NEHGS, 1995, was obtained.

Both articles state clearly and positively that there were two men named Henry HERRICK that immigrated to America during the early 1600s. The first man was Henry of Salem who arrived at Salem, MA by late July 1629. The second man was Henry of Virginia who the HFA later documented was in York County, Virginia by at least 17 March 1641. A second document stated that Henry of Virginia, and his wife Ann, were transported to Virginia for 100 acres of land as evidenced by a certificate dated during September 1642 in Elizabeth City County, Virginia, and executed there by the signature of Henry "Hen" HEYRICKE during September 1643.

Research began in earnest at that point to see if there were other records in Virginia that would confirm the presence of Henry of Virginia in that Colony. After three years of cooperative research by five researchers a draft report of their findings clearly placed the fifth son of Sir William HEYRICKE, Henry "Hen" HEYRICKE, in Virginia from as early as March 17, 1641 to as late as 1658 to 1659. No evidence has yet been discovered as to when Henry "Hen" HEYRICKE and his wife, Ann, died, where they died, or if they had any issue that survived them, either in Virginia or in England. The exact lineage of Henry "Hen" HEYRICKE of Virginia seems to be clear, but the findings indicate that the ancestors of Henerie HERICKE of Salem are not known to date. Research by the HFA is ongoing to determine the ancestry of Henry of Salem and includes research to learn the ancestry of Ann ___HEYRICKE, the wife of Henry of Virginia.

A copy of the latest draft of said report is available on request to the HFA. The document will be sent as an attachment to an e-mail message or via the U. S. Postal Service, whichever method that is desired. The attachment will be a Word 2000 document of the <.doc> file format. If the recipient cannot open that format a text only version of the <.txt> file format will be sent, which Windows can open without a word processor. Please specify which version you want if you request it by attachment to an e-mail message. Send your request to If you want a copy by surface mail please include your mailing address.

The report has a bibliography of nearly 70 references, which includes the sources of the copies of three signatures of Henerie HERICKE, Henry of Salem, that do not match five copies of the signature of Henry "Hen" HEYRICKE, Henry of Virginia. Copies of the signatures are not in the report. They will be included in the third edition of the HGR..

The cooperative and shared research by the HFA found many irregularities, mistakes, and omissions in and between the 1846 & 1885 HGRs. The HFA uses contemporary methods to compare, confirm and document its research. During the preparation of the draft report it became clear that a third edition of the HGR was needed to correct irregularities, mistakes and errors of omission and to add new information about subsequent generations of HERRICK and Allied families that have arisen since 1885 when the second edition was published. A team was formed with the goal of creating the Herrick Family Association, HFA to accomplish this multi-faceted task. The HFA was formed as a non-profit Corporation in the State of Minnesota and was announced to the public on November 01, 2001. The HFA is compiling the third edition of the HGR. Publication is expected to be by mid to late 2006. The HFA held its first annual meeting in Salem, MA during August 2002. The second annual meeting was held during August 2003 at Ft. Wayne, IN. The third annual meeting of the HFA is scheduled for 23-26 September 2004 at Washington, DC..