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Melba Heron 1940-1970

Welcome to the Heron, Johnson, Mullins, and Powell family tree. Interested in our families genealogy? Download a GED file to get started which goes back to 1764. The Heron family tree is not as large but enough to get you started. Audie Powell Johnson, our Grandmother, spent many years researching the Mullins and Powell families which is the largest files. Her legacy has inspired many to continue their own personal search and to remember those that have become family history including my Mother, Melba Joyce Heron who will always be in our hearts.

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Willie LaVaughn Heron

Vaughn & Ettrice Heron, Daughter Dovie Heron

Christopher Koonce & Martha Williams

Elizabeth DeMoss Heron Bailey, sons Rube Heron & Oscar Bailey, granddaughter Jessie Sullivan

Elizabeth's sister Mattie Demoss Mitchell & Thomas S. Mitchell

Page Cemetery

Lawrence Charles "Larry" Bell, niece Mariah's marriage

Heron Message Boards: Page 1, Page 2, Page 3

James W. "Jim" Johnson

Ervin and Eva Lee Johnson (brother/sister James W. Johnson)

Johnson Message Board

DeMoss Message Board : Page 1 , Page 2(interesting) , Page 3

Joni Turner Wright

 Uncle Velle

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