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Alexander HERON, son of Peter HERON and Elizabeth (Betsay) MCCULLOCH , was born abt. 1855 in Mochrum or Kirkinner, Wigtownshire. He married Mary MCCLYMONT . Mary MCCLYMONT was born abt. 1856 in Sorbie, Wigtownshire.

Children of Alexander HERON and Mary MCCLYMONT are:

1. Peter HERON, b. abt. 1890 See Peter HERON & Martha NICOLSON
2. Alexander HERON, b. March 01, 1886 See Alexander HERON & Elizabeth (Lizzie) BOYD
3. Isabella HERON, b. abt. 1880 See James MCFEE & Isabella HERON
4. Mary HERON, b. abt. 1876 See John KERR & Mary HERON
5. Elizabeth McClure? HERON, b. abt. 1879 See John SHILLAN & Elizabeth McClure? HERON
6. James HERON, b. August 17, 1895

Notes for Alexander HERON:

1861: at Airyhassen; aged 6 years old.
1881: at Crook, Kirkinner, Wigtownshire; married aged 26; head; Ag Lab

Notes for Mary MCCLYMONT:

!1881: At Crook, Kirkinner, Wigtownshire; married; aged 25; born Sorbie,Wigtown; wife.
May have in Sorbie abt 1886 - 1890.
1891-92: believed to be at Westmains and Kirkland; widow; name Mrs. MaryHERON.
1892-93: believed to be at Stewarton, Kirkinner, Wigtownshire; widow;named Mrs. Mary HERON
26 April 1917; in Kirkinner Parish when her son enlisted in the CEF; awidow

Notes for James HERON:

!31 January 1916: enlisted in Canadian Expeditionary Force; Regimental #:838699; born 17 August 1895, Wigtown, Scotland; s/o Alex Heron, RavannaON. (Source:

Sources for James HERON: