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Patrick HERON, son of Andrew HERON and Mary GRAHAME , was born abt. 1690 in Mains of Larg. He married Ann VINING abt. 1710. He died 1752 in Anapolis Royal, Nova Scotia. Ann VINING, daughter of John VINING and Elizabeth , was born 1692. She died January 09, 1733 in St. Thomas Cemetery, Portsmouth.

Children of Patrick HERON and Ann VINING are:

1. Jane HERON, b. abt. 1709 See Robert SHAFTOE & Jane HERON OR John Vining READE & Jane HERON
2. John Vining HERON, b. March 25, 1713 See John Vining HERON & Sarah OR John Vining HERON & Frances (Elizabeth) LEEKE
3. Patrick HERON, b. September 14, 1720 See Patrick HERON & ?
4. Ann HERON, b. 1716 See John ELLIOTT & Ann HERON
5. Benjamin HERON, b. December 21, 1722 See Benjamin HERON & Mary HOWE OR Benjamin HERON & Alice MARSDEN
6. Charles HERON, b. December 10, 1724 See Charles HERON & Cecilia
7. Elizabeth HERON, b. December 09, 1719 See Rchard PARRY & Elizabeth HERON
8. Joan HERON, b. abt. 1709 See Male REID & Joan HERON
9. Mary HERON, b. March 14, 1726
10. Elizabeth HERON, b. 1717
11. William HERON, b. 1718 See William HERON & Mary OR William HERON & Elizabeth WYTHES
12. Andrew HERON, b. 1714 See Andrew HERON & Isabel MAXWELL OR Andrew HERON & Elizabeth HAY

Other Marriages for Patrick HERON:

Notes for Patrick HERON:

Second son, 'of Bargaly, kirkcudbrightshire'
1706 abt: When he was 16 years of age, Patrick HERON went to Londonwith his brother to learn commercial pursuits. Was enticed by his brother (William) in a frolic, while in London, to join a'Guineaman' (a slave ship) and went two voyages to the west coast ofAfrica. When stationed at Portsmouth, Hampshire, he marriedclandestinely, the daughter of a male REID, merchant and shipowner there.A reconciliation took place. (The marriage was probably annulled). Hisfather then purchased a lieutenancy for him in Lord Mark KERR's regiment.Later on became an officer in Brigadier Munden's Regiment.
1710: After his marriage to Ann VINING, settled at Vicar's Hill, about amile north of Lymington. It was there that all his known children wereborn; the last in 1726.
1711 April 20: Became a Captain, the year after his marriage to AnnVINING
1716: on the Burgess Roll of Portsmouth
1728: made a journey to Scotland in connection with his father'saffairs.
1732: Patrick HERON, Capt. left England, presumably for the Americas, toavoid payment of father's debts on Bargaly.
1737: Stationed at Canseau (Canso), Nova Scotia. In this year, he and aCaptain John Jephson were put under arrest and tried by court-martial.Both were acquitted.
1744 May 13: Surrendered the garrison at Canso, Nova Scotia to the French(q.v.). (Women and children may have been sent to Annapolis). HERON andhis troops were sent to Louisburg as prisoners
1744 September 22: HERON and his troops were sent to Boston, Mass.
1745: Appears in the manuscript Army List for 1745 as a Captain in Col.Phillip's Regiment, raised and stationed in (Annapolis Royal) NovaScotia.
Retired on half-pay
It is said that he married again and had a second family, all but two ofwhom were drowned at sea with their mother in returning to England afterthe father's death and that the survivors were a son, Robert, who becamea lieutenant in the navy and a daughter (name unknown) who married aMajor Moncrieff
1752: Died before his father. (McKerlie)

Notes for Ann VINING:

Notes for Mary HERON:

Youngest sister of Charles. Died unmarried. Died at Mr. ELLIOTT's in
Portsmouth where she lived for almost 44 years
Went to live at Penny Street (the ELLIOTTs) in 1745
Suffered from some kind of deformity
Died aged 63 years

Notes for Elizabeth HERON: