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Name Martin HERBST18
Birth 2 November 1838, Obereschach, Baden, Germany61
Death 7 December 1913, Duelm, Benton Co., MN62
Burial 9 December 1913, Duelm, Benton Co., MN62
Occupation Employed By A Freight Train Company In IN; Farmed In MN And Was Also The Town Clerk63,64
Cause of death Chronic Myocarditis Caused By Pulmonary Congestion62
Immigration 15 Feb 185365
Mother Katharina SPECK
1 Caroline Ann BALDER18
Birth 10 March 1854, Peterwitz, Silesia, Prussia36
Death 15 February 1918, Foley, Benton Co., MN64
Burial Duelm, Benton Co., MN64
Immigration On 20 Apr 1870 Left Hamburg On The Saxonia And Arrived In New York On 6 May 187064
Father Carl F. BALDER (1820-1897)
Mother Maria RATTER (1820-1895)
Marriage 28 December 1871, Duelm, Benton Co., MN64
Children Joseph Charles (1872-1949)
Charles Joseph (1874-1945)
Albert F. (1877-1915)
Adolph Robert (1880-1957)
Clara Theresa (1883-1965)
William Joseph (1886-1959)
Alma Mary (1892-1975)
Notes for Martin HERBST
Martin was an illegitimate child of Katharina Speck. Because of his illigetimate status he had little chance or owning land or making a good life for himself. Therefore, he immigrated at the age of 15 with his uncle, Michael Speck on 15th of Feb 1853.66 He arrived in the United States on the 23 of April 1853.67

"Martin Herbst, a native of Baden, Germany, was born on the 1st of November, 1844. At the age of nine years, he came with his uncle to America. Was engaged in farming in the state of Indiana, until the year 1865, when he came to St. Cloud. Here he was employed by the Freight Company, in drawing supplies for the frontier forts, until 1871, when he came to Glendorado Township, Benton County, and took a claim. The year following, he purchased the farm on which he now lives. Since 1875, he has been Town Clerk. Was married on the 28th of December, 1871, to Miss Caroline Balder. They have four children: Joseph C., Charles J., Albert F., and Adolphus R." -- from "History of the Upper Mississippi Valley," St. George Township (1881), p. 66

Martin had red hair and blue eyes and a somewhat squat build. He was a very patient, temperate man when he grew up. He was self-taught, because he had no schooling to speak of, and was even a bit of a scholar. He was respected in his community for his integrity and wisdom. He spoke the`low German` of his southern Germany and may have had some skill speaking Polish. He was almost like a father confessor. People came to discuss with him their personal problems. He was quite astute also on financial matters. He was someone people would go to for advice on their farm finances. He strongly believed in the importance of education, although he himself had little formal schooling. He even served on the local school board (there was a multigrade white school house in Duelm). Most people, like my Grandma Alma, ended their schooling after 8th grade to get a job or work on the farm.69

In the 1905 Minnesota State Census it noted that Martin owned his farm free of mortgage, had his `own income`, and was `working on hisown account`. I interpret that to mean that he was doing OK financially by 1905. Not rich maybe but not beholden to anyone. I also found an 1880 farm produce census, which lists all kinds of of information about Martin`s farm. He didn`t have much tillable acreage, but he owned a lot of acres for the era. Their farm had the following values and produce according to an 1880 agricultural census: Acres: 14 tilled, 10 in meadow and grazing, 160 in woodland and forest, 56 in unimproved fields Values: land, fences, buildings-$1,000; implements and machinery-$10; livestock-$200 Produce Value: value of all farm production sold or consumed in1879-$100 Butter produced in 1879: 100 pounds Crops and Acreage in 1879: 2 acres oats-50 bushels, 2 acres Indiancorn-40 bushels, 10 acres wheat-120 bushels, ? acre Irishpotatoes-40 bushels Livestock: 4 oxen, 4 milk cows, 3 calves, 1 sheep, 1 lamb.69
Notes for Martin & Caroline Ann (Family)
Married by Father Joseph Buh and witnesses were Caroline's brother, Charles Balder, and Magdalena Megis.64
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